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Slumber Party Crasher

by Dr. Destructo

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© Copyright 2014 - Dr. Destructo - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; M/f+; bond; sheet; wrap; cocoon; belts; ether; drug; chairtie; gag; saranwrap; tape; tease; tickle; revenge; cons/nc; X

Author’s Note: This story is inspired by the sitcoms “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts of Life”.

“Are you sure you can handle this, Kimberly?” said Mr. Drummond cautiously. He was off for a two day business trip next week, and the idea of leaving his daughter Kimberly home alone while having a slumber party was becoming an increasing concern.

“Dad, I’m 18 after all,” stated Kimberly. “Willis will be gone for that baseball tournament and Arnold’s going to be at Dudley’s house while you’re gone. Adelaide will be around, though.”

Mr. Drummond recalled the last time Kimberly had a slumber party, resulting in a massive pillow fight with feathers and stuffing all over the floor while Willis and Arnold got sick from eating nothing but junk food. However, that was about four years ago, and Phillip Drummond watched his daughter grow up and mature before his eyes.

“Who exactly do you plan to invite?” asked Mr. Drummond.

“Just my closest friends from Eastland Academy,” said Kimberly. “Sue Ann Weaver, Cindy Webster, and Nancy Olson.”

“Okay, Kimberly,” agreed Mr. Drummond. “You can have your slumber party.”

A week later everything was set in motion. Mr. Drummond got picked up in the company car and left for the airport, Willis was away for his baseball tournament, Arnold was over his best friend Dudley’s house, and Adelaide Brubaker, their beloved housekeeper, was finishing up preparing assorted snacks and foods for the arrival of Kimberly’s friends. The doorbell rang, and Kimberly happily greeted her friends as they entered: the studious blonde haired, blue-eyed, Sue Ann Weaver, the athletically tomboyish Cindy Webster with her pale blue eyes and long, somewhat wild, blonde hair, and the attractive brunette Nancy Olson.

“Hi, Kimberly!” greeted Sue Ann as she, Cindy, and Nancy exchanged hugs.

“It’s great to see you all again,” said Kimberly. “How’s Mrs. Garrett?”

“Stressed, it seems,” answered Nancy. “Mr. Parker’s always has some type of catering project for her and she’s been babysitting Blair, Tootie, Natalie, and some other girl named Jo all year around, it seems.”

“You’re kidding,” said Kimberly.

“No, it’s true,” added Cindy. “They’re all working in the cafeteria to work off some massive debt they incurred within the first month of school. It’s kind of like probation at Eastland.”

“Blair Warner doing manual labor?!” laughed Kimberly. “I would pay money to see that.”

“She even had a blister on her finger once,” said Sue Ann. “She’d never seen one before.”

Nancy, Sue Ann, Cindy, and Kimberly all laughed. 

The four friends relaxed, played music, watched a little TV, and talked about boys. As the hour started to draw late, they each went to change into their sleeping attire. Kimberly wore a simple pink chemise that showed plenty of leg, Sue Ann wore an oversized t-shirt, Nancy had on a maroon pajama shirt and matching slacks, and Cindy wore a small t-shirt and navy-blue boxer shorts.

They continued talking about the excitement of starting college within the coming months, graduation, and other topics when suddenly, Adelaide came rushing out of the kitchen worried beyond belief. Adelaide was quickly putting her coat on and checking for her car keys.

“Adelaide, what’s wrong?” asked Kimberly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, girls,” said Adelaide. “I just got a call from my apartment manager and apparently the water main broke. He called here at my work number and needs me back at my place to assess any damage.”

“That’s awful,” said Sue Ann.

“I think it’ll be all right,” replied Adelaide. “He’s pretty good about reimbursing the tenants for damages that occur. But I got to go… are you girls going to be okay while I’m gone? I promised Mr. Drummond and…”

“It’s no problem at all, Adelaide,” said Kimberly proudly, standing next to her friends. “We have everything under control.”

“Okay… thanks,” said Adelaide abruptly, darting out the door and down the hall.

“HOLD THE ELEVATOR!” exclaimed Adelaide. A man with a large backpack held the elevator door open, allowing Adelaide to enter.

“Thank you, young man,” said Adelaide. “Sometimes it takes forever for the elevator to reach the penthouse.”

“No problem at all, ma’am,” responded the man, accidentally bumping her when she entered the elevator. “Sorry about that… working late?”

“Something like that,” answered Adelaide. “I’m the housekeeper for the Drummond residence on the penthouse floor… although right now the only ones there is his daughter Kimberly and her friends for a slumber party.”

“Really? How interesting,” said the man, getting off on the next floor while Adelaide continued down to the ground floor, getting into her small, modest car and headed home to check on any damage that occurred.

Meanwhile, the man opened up his backpack and did a quick inventory: rope, duct tape, a small bottle of ether, and some white handkerchiefs; plenty for what he needed as he headed up the stairs towards the penthouse. More importantly, he had the house key he pick-pocketed from Adelaide’s purse when he “accidentally” bumped her in the elevator.

In the Drummonds’ penthouse, Sue Ann was the first to retire for the night, stretching out and falling fast asleep while Kimberly, Nancy, and Cindy were staying up a little bit longer.

It was then, that Nancy and Cindy decided let Kimberly in on their plan to play a joke on Sue Ann of a binding nature.

“You’re kidding,” said Kimberly. “Won’t she wake up if we try to do it?”

“Sue Ann? No way,” answered Cindy. “The fire alarm could be going off and she’d still be asleep.”

“Well, what’re we waiting for?” giggled Kimberly. “Let’s do it.”

“Lead on,” said Nancy.

Kimberly, Cindy, and Nancy made their way into Kimberly’s room, where Sue Ann unsuspectingly lay asleep on top of her sleeping bag. Nancy opened her bag and pulled out some silk scarves, while Kimberly and Cindy laid out a large bed sheet next to her. Kimberly could barely contain her giggling.

“Shhh,” insisted Cindy.

Sue Ann shifted herself while sleeping and was now laying face down, making it even easier for Nancy as she carefully knelt down and gently picked up Sue Ann’s wrists to place them behind her back, then tied them together with one of the silk scarves. Nancy then went to work on Sue Ann’s legs, tying her ankles together, followed by her knees with another two silk scarves.

Cindy and Kimberly then slid the king sized bed sheet next to the edge of Sue Ann, folding the edges so that the end was at her neck. Nancy smiled and then began gently rolling Sue Ann in the large sheet, wrapping her up in the makeshift cocoon with only her head protruding out.

Surprisingly, the rolling motion, however subtle, was just enough to awaken Sue Ann. Sue Ann’s eyes lit up in shock, finding herself wrapped up tight and unable to move.

“SURPRISE!” exclaimed Kimberly, Nancy, and Cindy in unison.

“WHAT THE…?!” yelled Sue Ann, momentarily struggling but finding herself unable to move. “I CAN’T MOVE… I can’t believe this…! I’m wrapped up like a mummy!”

“Yep,” laughed Cindy. “Impressed?”

“Hardly,” stated Sue Ann. “Now untie me this instant.”

“Not with that attitude,” replied Nancy. “Kimberly, do you have any belts?”

“But of course,” answered Kimberly mischievously.

“What do you think you’re doing?” demanded Sue Ann, seeing Kimberly open her closet and hand various leather belts to Nancy and Cindy.

“What’s it look like?” offered Cindy, cinching a belt around the sheet cocoon. “We’re making sure you don’t get out until we say so.”

“NO…! STOP IT!” yelled Sue Ann, kicking and squirming as Kimberly, Nancy, and Cindy began wrapping and buckling the belts around her cocoon. Sue Ann’s eyes grew wide as her restraining situation worsened for her, while Kimberly, Nancy, and Cindy couldn’t help but laugh at tying up Sue Ann even more.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” commented Cindy.

“Hey, come on, let me out of this,” asked Sue Ann, momentarily kicking and finding the numerous belts keeping her in the sheet cocoon.

Unknown to the four of them, the man from the elevator opened the door with the stolen key he took from Adelaide and put on his ski-mask. Scanning around the immediate area and looking at the sheer opulence, the burglar knew he hit the jackpot; all he had to do to now was to find where the valuables were.

Of course, there was the small matter of the young ladies at the slumber party.

“LET ME GO!!!” screamed Sue Ann, who was visibly irritated at being bound and wrapped up in a giant sheet. Sue Ann was sweating, and couldn’t get her hands or legs free at all. Sue Ann thrashed and kicked, which was quickly subdued when Kimberly and Nancy sat on her.

“I think I’m the mood for a snack,” said Cindy. “You two want anything?”

“None for me, thanks,” said Kimberly.

“Same here,” added Nancy.

“And would you like anything, Sue Ann?” asked Cindy humorously. “I know you’re a little tied up at the moment, but if you ask me nicely, I’ll be willing to feed it to you slowly.”

“How about a big pair of scissors to cut me out of this?” retorted Sue Ann sarcastically.

“Um, no,” stated Cindy, leaving the room.

Cindy walked down the stairs but never made it to the kitchen, for as she cleared the stairway the burglar struck from behind, lunging at her from Mr. Drummond’s private study room. The burglar covered her nose and mouth with a cloth soaked with ether, having near instantaneous effects on Cindy as her eyes rolled back and eyelids fluttered. Cindy was semi-conscious when the burglar picked her up and carried her into the dining area, placing her in one of the chairs and tied her hands behind the chair at her wrists with rope. The burglar then tied her ankles together and cleave-gagged her with a handkerchief.

“Come on, Kimberly, Nancy, enough is enough,” insisted Sue Ann, who was now propped in the sitting position against Kimberly’s bed with Nancy straddled over her. “Untie me.”

“Why? You look so cute wrapped up like this,” said Nancy. “Don’t you agree, Kimberly?”

“Absolutely,” said Kimberly.

“When I get out of this, I’m going to get you three back so badly…” threatened Sue Ann.

“Oh, hush, Sue Ann,” said Kimberly, wrapping a scarf to cleave-gag her. “You’re such a stick in the mud, sometimes.”

“NNNNRRRGGHHHH!!!!” protested Sue Ann, biting down on the scarf with her eyes angrily glaring at Kimberly and Nancy.

“What’s taking Cindy so long to get back?” commented Nancy.

“Maybe she went to the bathroom, also,” said Kimberly. “And fell in; Arnold’s always leaving the toilet seat up.”

Nancy laughed and said, “I’ll go see what’s taking her so long.”

Nancy walked down the stairs and came upon Cindy bound, gagged, and slumped in one of the dining room chairs. She was still out cold, and the sight made Nancy frozen in shock. Before Nancy could do anything the burglar had struck again, covering her nose and mouth with another ether-soaked cloth.

“MMMPPPHHH!!!” cried out the muffled Nancy, thrashing about before succumbing to the ether’s effects. Nancy’s eyelids drifted and fluttered at an irregular rate as she drifted out but her brief struggles were enough to knock the bottle of ether out of his pocket, breaking when it hit the floor.

“Darn,” thought the burglar, carrying the slumped Nancy in his arms. The burglar dragged the semi-conscious and placed her in another dining room chair. Pulling out a roll of duct tape, the burglar bound each of Nancy’s wrists to the arm rests followed by binding her ankles together with tape. The burglar then tore a couple of pieces off and placed them over Nancy’s mouth to gag her.

Upstairs in her bedroom, Kimberly was still having fun with the cocooned Sue Ann, completely unaware of the intruder or of what had happened to Cindy and Nancy. Sue Ann’s normally pleasant demeanor was quite adamant, glaring at Kimberly for what they did to her.

“Well, if you’re going to be like that, Sue Ann, maybe you’ll have to remain like that until morning,” suggested Kimberly humorously.

“MMMMRRRGHHH!!!” protested Sue Ann, kicking and thrashing about again in her sheet and belt wrapped cocoon but was having no success in getting loose.

When her door opened, and Kimberly was expecting the return of Cindy and Nancy. Instead, however, it was the ski-masked burglar.

“Omigod, who’re you?” gasped Kimberly. Sue Ann’s protests suddenly fell silent with fear.

“Just a passing burglar,” said the burglar calmly. “I have your other two friends bound downstairs and it seems you were kind enough to take care of your friend for me. Now, if none of us want any trouble, so if you’d be so kind as to follow my simple instructions.”

“W-what are they?” asked Kimberly nervously.

“Simply turn around, and then place your hands behind your back, please,” said the burglar politely. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

Downstairs, Cindy and Nancy had awoken, with their eyes lit up in shock, finding each other bound and gagged to chairs. Cindy and Nancy instantly began kicking the struggling, fighting to get loose and wondered who did they to them and if Kimberly was all right, and were starting to regret tying up Sue Ann earlier.

“Ouch!” exclaimed Kimberly as the burglar finishing tying her wrists behind her back.

“It’ll be all right,” said the burglar, positioning Kimberly on her bed. The still cocoon Sue Ann looked on helplessly as the burglar tied Kimberly’s ankles together with rope, seeing Kimberly wince from the ropes tightening. The burglar then pulled out what looked like a 100 foot coil of rope.

“What’s that for?” blurted out Kimberly.

“Something extra special for you,” said the burglar.

For the next fifteen minutes the burglar tightly wrapped and wound the 100 feet of rope around Kimberly’s slender body, starting from around her chest area and worked his way down to her ankles. Pulling and cinching every few inches, the burglar mercilessly bound Kimberly like a makeshift rope mummy. The tight ropes extenuated Kimberly’s petite breasts, making her erect nipples visibly protrude through her pink nightie.

“What’re you doing to me?” winced Kimberly. “I can’t move…!”

“Welcome to my world,” thought Sue Ann sarcastically.

The burglar said nothing, but finished tying the last of the knots, admiring his own rope-work as Kimberly lay there, bound and wrapped ankle to shoulder with rope.

“UNGH!” grunted Kimberly. “You’re not going to find anything…. all of our money’s in banks and we don’t have any jewelry…!”

The burglar then picked up one of Nancy’s extra scarves, gagging Kimberly with it.

“While a part of me believes you, I’ll check it out myself,” said the burglar. “But first, I’d better check on your friends before going to work.”

Downstairs, Cindy and Nancy bucked and kicked, with neither of them getting loose… at first. Cindy’s eyes lit up as she almost had her hands free, only to be grabbed from behind the chair by the burglar.

“So, you’re the athletic escape artist, aren’t you?” commented the burglar, holding the gagged Cindy in place. Cindy kicked frantically but couldn’t get free. “If you want your other three bound friends to remain in one piece, you’ll do what I say… agree?”

Cindy looked at Nancy’s fearful eyes and reluctantly nodded ‘yes’.

“Good,” said the burglar. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

The burglar pulled Cindy off the chair and re-tied her hands behind her back before picking her up and taking her to the kitchen. From there he stood her in the corner and found a roll of clear plastic wrap and uncoiled the first section, placing it against Cindy’s side and began unwinding the roll and wrapping it around her torso at first. Cindy’s blue eyes lit up in horror as it got even harder to move and hotter as the burglar continued binding her in the clear plastic wrap, starting from her shoulders, then around her chest to pin her arms to her body, then her waist, her thighs, and then finally her shins and ankles.

“A good start,” said the burglar.

“NNNRRRGGHH!!!” protested Cindy.

“Now for the finishing touch,” said the burglar, pulling out a roll of duct tape. The already cocooned Cindy watched helplessly as the burglar wrapped the duct tape over the plastic wrap, firmly and mercilessly mummifying her strong, athletic body. Before long Cindy was a silver, duct tape cocoon from around her armpit level down to her ankles. The burglar then picked her up and brought her past Nancy, seeing her friend now mummified in tape.

“You’re next,” commented the burglar before bringing Cindy up the stairs and into Kimberly’s room, placing on the floor next to the still struggling Sue Ann. Kimberly looked on from her bed bound in a cocoon of rope, kicking and struggling but still couldn’t get loose.

For the next several minutes Kimberly, Sue Ann, and Cindy struggled frantically trying to escape their bonds, but were having no success whatsoever. The bedroom door opened again, with the burglar bringing in Nancy, who was now mummified in gray duct tape as well from armpit to ankle and placed her on the floor next to Cindy.

“Now, I can get to work,” said the burglar, leaving the room to search the Drummond household.

Kimberly, Sue Ann, Cindy, and Nancy bucked, squirmed, and fought but couldn’t get free of their restraints. The ropes held Kimberly arms, legs, and torso tightly, Sue Ann still couldn’t work her hands free of the scarf Nancy used to tie them together, much less attempt to work herself out of the several layers of the bed sheet cocoon and the belts, and Cindy and Nancy were sweating profusely from the duct tape cocoons. Unfortunately, none of them could get remotely loose.

None of them were sure how long the burglar was gone, but it didn’t seem all that long when he returned.

“Well, you were right,” stated the burglar. “Your Dad is quite smart, keeping only petty cash on hand and everything else in banks, and what jewelry I found were a couple of brass family heirlooms and your Dad’s class ring, hardly anything on the fencing market.”

Kimberly responded with a smarmy, “I told you so,” __expression on her face.

“But that’s not to say this hasn’t been fun, or that there isn’t one last thing I can do before leaving,” said the burglar, sauntering over to Sue Ann. “I wasn’t the one who bound you… did the other three do that to you?”

The gagged Sue Ann looked up and nodded ‘yes’.

“Well, I can tell you for a fact that your three friends aren’t getting out unless you let them,” explained the burglar while undoing the belts and slightly loosening the sheet. “Have a good night.”

“NNNNGGHHH!!!” screamed the gagged Kimberly, Cindy, and Nancy as the burglar walked out, seeing Sue Ann struggle even more with renewed vigor. It wasn’t long before Sue Ann worked herself out of the sheet cocoon, allowing herself to slide her arms underneath her legs to bring them in front of her. Sue Ann removed the scarf gag at last and pulled the knot free with her teeth, freeing her wrists and then untied her ankles. Sue Ann stood up and stretched out, checking the clock.

“It’s about time,” said Sue Ann, looking at the still mummified Kimberly, Cindy, and Nancy. “You three had me tied up for almost two hours! Now, what am I going to do with you three?”

“MMMMPPHHH!!! UNTTTIII SSSS!!!!!” pleaded the three in unison.

“Untie you? You know, normally I’d said yes, absolutely, but after what happened, I’m thinking, not just yet,” answered Sue Ann, kneeling down and playfully tickled Nancy and Cindy’s exposed bare feet.

Kimberly had managed to work the scarf gag out of her mouth.

“Come on, Sue Ann, what we did was a joke… this is real… you need to call the police!” said Kimberly.

“Oh, don’t worry, Kimberly, I’ll call the police, too,” answered Sue Ann. “But there’s nothing stating that I can’t get back at you three first.”

“What… what do you’re going to do?” said Kimberly.

Sue Ann sauntered over to Kimberly and grabbed her bound ankles and began mercilessly tickling her feet. Kimberly immediately shrieked and thrashed about, wildly laughed but couldn’t get away. Sue Ann tickled Kimberly until she saw tears streaming from her eyes, then went to work on tickling Nancy, and then finally Cindy. Sue Ann would continue doing this for several more minutes as payback for what they did to her earlier, realizing that eventually, she’d call the police and untie her friends.

“But not yet,” thought Sue Ann mischievously. “Not yet.”


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