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Smart Duct Tape 3

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2007 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; mum; duct tape; cocoon; encased; nc; X

As we left off, Officer Lacey has taken the modified device home, and woke up to find herself trapped in her home, defenseless, facing a maniacal machine….

Lacey continued inspecting her house as carefully as possible. She had no idea that the machine had set her house up in such a way to redirect and slow her down for her eventual capture.

She was starting to get very nervous, seeing her house made up like some kind of Duct Tape nightmare. She tried to find her phone but could not find it, so she tried to back track, and was able to see into another room, and all that was on the desk where her other phone was, was a large pile of Duct Tape!

She continued slowly down what she was fearing more and more as a trap. There was simply nowhere else she could go.

She continued through the kitchen, and found all of the drawers and cupboards taped shut. No way to get a knife, or even a pan for defending herself. This machine had thought of everything! If only she could get out into the garage, she could activate the Automatic Garage Door Opener, and escape. It was either that or follow the pathway down the basement stairs, and she did not want to do that!

She walked over by the door leading out to the garage, and started ripping at the tape and was able to quickly get it open part way. She squeezed out into the garage, and found that tape had been placed in such a way she could not get back into the house without getting caught up in it. And she hit the door openers button, and found that the wires leading to the button had been cut. She couldn’t open it!

The Machine was watching her enter the garage. It had secreted itself in one corner on the far side of the garage. It was impressed with the fact that this prey seemed quite intelligent and had tried to escape this way. It had tried to disquise the fact that it was out here itself.

The target was moving closer, likely to try and manually open the door…. It would strike soon!

The doctors were puzzled. Sharna would only be quiet and subdued when wrapped in tape. They simply couldn’t leave her to scream excitedly all day and night, even if she was in the padded room or not. Until she could be dealt with better, all they could do was simply give her what she wanted until others, more able to care for her could be brought in. The only trouble was trying to get her subdued enough…

Lacey continued moving through the garage, trying to make her way around all the boxes and such strewn around the garage. “I really need to clean this mess up! If I ever get out of this I will.” She said to herself. The machine was watching her from the dark corner she was approaching. Closer… Closer… Closer…

The doctors had to subdue her, but knew that they couldn’t keep Sharna knocked out all the time. She was so upset, either she was still out of control or knocked out! There was no real in-between. No one there was capable of the Major Psycho-therapy that she seemed to require. So, some would have to be called in.

It was decided that until the doctor called in could arrive in 2 days, she should be made as comfortable, but aware as possible. She was fitted after she was knocked out (took 2 nurses and 4 orderlies to inject her) with a catheter, and an IV, then wrapped in a sheet as tight as possible without cutting off circulation or her breathing and she was wrapped in surgical tape as close to what she came in with. 

She was laid on a bed, and strapped down. A gag with a breathing tube had been put in her mouth to cut out her speaking, but with the safety margin the machine never left her with. She could breathe easily, was completely wrapped, and strapped down in a locked room, with her bodily functions and feeding taken care of. She was ready for the wait for the doctor. 

The machine watched her come very close. It had many arms ready with tape dispensers, and holding arms at the ready as well. Just 2 more seconds at this rate….

She was almost to the door! If she could get it open, she’d be free of this nightmare, and have her colleagues come in and destroy this maniacal machine!

“AAAHHHH… mmmmppphpfgggg…” She started to yell as the machine grabbed her and shoved something in her mouth to gag her. The machine quickly started wrapping her moving form as quickly as possible, at many levels. There were 7 rolls at different levels going around her squirming form! In seconds she was wrapped as well as Sharna had been, just the other day.



It picked up Lacey and pushed her squirming body in between the wall studs in the garage wall, and using tape secured her there. It then began taping everything in the house down, closed, ETC. It then went back to Lacey’s still squirming form and releasing it from the wall, carried her to a trash can, and after cutting a hole in the lid for her head, placed her body in the can, and using the polymer material base it made from turning plastic garbage bags into a powdery substance, it started to pour it in as a liquid polymer and formed it up around her, to the base of her nose, leaving only the breathing tube sticking out of it. It then placed the lid over the top, and taped it down tightly. 

Lacey would not be getting out of this anytime soon, and as she struggled, the polymer began hardening, making her into a hard cocoon. She was getting excited, and overwhelmingly scared all at once. 

What would the machine do to her? What would it do with anyone who came looking for her, if one came at all?




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