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Smart Duct Tape 4

by TekTaper

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© Copyright 2003 - TekTaper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; mum; duct tape; cocoon; cons; X

Brief Synopsis:
The machine had moved on to step 4, to make contact with the one who made it, and what to do with its captive Officer Lacey. Back at the hospital Sharna had had a catheter, an IV, and was wrapped up and gagged, but thanks to a new, and very dumb, doctor she escaped. 

As we continue: The machine moved on to step 4. To make contact with the one who made it. The machine went to the policewoman's computer and hooked up to it via the USB and Network jacks, and then it turned the computer on. The DT9000 set its onboard clock to the time in the computer, then it logged on to the Internet to update its programming, and to find out what to do with its captive Officer Lacey.

Meanwhile back at the psychiatric ward: Sharna had been screaming about the DT9000 only being a trial period and that she must pay $600.00 to get it working again. She kept screaming that she wanted to be tied up again by the machine. The doctors on staff have been going out of their minds trying to figure out what was up with her and what she was going on about. So the doctors had her knocked out and fitted with a catheter and an IV. Then they wrapped her in a sheet as tight as they could. Then used a gag to keep her from speaking and locked her in a room, but the new doctor on first shift had a nurse give her an injection with a sleep agent, He then had the nurses remove all the surgical tape and wrappings from her body, then clean her up, and give her a sponge bath. Then he had the nurses dress her in hospital pajamas and put her in a regular room with no restraints. He felt he could get her to tell him what had happened to her and what was up with the tape if only she could wake up in a normal room. 

Back at Officer Lacey's home: As the machine connected to the Internet it entered a secret web address that allowed it login to the main computer databank of Dynamic Labs and access the information stored there. The machine ascertained that the person it was looking for was no longer employed at this facility. So the machine downloaded the hidden updates and the new web address for the one who had programmed it. When the download was completed the DT9000 logoff the Internet and shut down the computer, then it unhooked from the computer. The machine then installed the new updates and went into a reboot mode to load the new data.

After the reboot was done the machine went over to the window to look out. The machine using its new programming to see that it was daytime and not 3:21AM. The machine used the shadow of the telephone pole to calculate the time to be about 12:30PM. Realizing that the time it had was off by several hours; the DT9000 went back to the computer and connected to it again. The machine went to and fixed the time on the computer and corrected its time to 12:58PM and then logged back on to the first web site where it login to the Mainframe again to look up it serial number and see what address it was assigned to and where it was now. The DT9000 saw the address for Sharna and the address in the computer it was hooked up to and saw that they were not the same. The machine then used the online yellow pages to look for the nearest electronics store and after finding it. The machine went to the front door and removed all the duct tape covering the door. Then the machine shut down until it was dark.

Meanwhile back at the police station: Lieutenant Bryce had some evidence from a shooting to put in the impound room. When he got to the impound room, he found it was unlocked, and the room was a mess. It looked like Wal-Mart after Christmas rush. He went to check the log to see who was last in the room, but it showed he was the last person in and out to use a key card when he had dropped off the little machine yesterday. Lieutenant Bryce called Chief Smith to let him know what was going on. Chief Smith came down with his keys to the impound room and went to look at the surveillance videos in the locked cabinet, but the machine had taken the tapes and the recorders for parts. Lieutenant Bryce told the chief about the little machine and that it had beeped at him, and that it was gone also. Lieutenant Bryce asked the chief if he thought it might have been the one that did this. The Chief said Lieutenant Bryce was craze. Then the Chief checked the duty roster to see who was in during the time in question and checked with each of them to see if anyone knew what had happened, but could not check with Officer Lacey because she had sign out on her two-week leave for vacation. He would have to check with her when she got back from her trip to Las Vegas. She was flying to Las Vegas and he knew the airport has a pickup service. 

Meanwhile back at the psychiatric ward: Sharna was coming around and over heard the new doctor talking to the nurses about what he wanted to do with her when she woke up. Sharna decided to play along with the doctor to get out of the hospital, so she could go home and get the DT9000 to tie her up again. The doctor came in to the room where she was pretending to be just coming around. The doctor told her to relax, and he would explain everything. The doctor told her his name was Dr. Wahmann and that he would like to talk to her about what had happened to her over the last week. She told him that she had bought a machine from a magazine add, when it arrived, that she had opened the package and turned on the DT9000. Every thing seemed to be working fine until the machine ran out of things to fix and tried to fix her.

Sharna told him she was feeling much better now and that she would like to go home as soon as possible if he said it was ok.  Dr. Wahmann told her that she needed to stay for at least 72 hours to be sure that every thing was ok with her health and then the doctors would reevaluate her case. Sharna said that would be ok by her as long as the doctors gave her a letter for her employer to say she had no choice in the matter. Dr. Wahmann laughed and said he would have it typed up before she left in 3 days then he said he would give her something to help her sleep better tonight, them he left the room.  Sharna spent the next 6 hours watching TV and reading though the last week's newspapers to pass the time until she could get out of here.
Later than night at the hospital: The night shift nurse came around with the meds and watched her take her sleeping pill, Sharna said good night and then the nurse turned and continued on her rounds. Sharna then spit out the pill and lay there waiting for her chance to leave. At midnight, the nurse came around to check the rooms. After she left, Sharna got up and sneaked down the hallway and into the locker room where she changed into some street clothes, and then she walked out the emergency room doors.

Back at Sharna's house: When she got to her house, she saw all the yellow crime tape over her front door. So she went around to the back and got the back door key out of the secret hiding place she kept it and unlocked the door. Sharna had gotten the flash light out of the shed and was using it to look around here house for the little machine. After an hour of looking for the machine, she thought about Ms. Hetys. Sharna took off the dress and shoes she had gotten at the hospital and dropped them in the kitchen as she went into her bedroom to change into some of her own clothes, and then she went over to her house and knocked on the front door. Ms. Hetys came to the door and saw Sharna standing there and open the door to let her in. Ms. Hetys ask if she was ok and then Ms. Hetys said, "I had gotten worried about you when I had not heard from you in over two days, so that was when I come over to see if you was ok and found you all tied up like a great big caterpillar that was turning into a butterfly." Sharna asked if she had seen that evil little machine that had tied her up. Ms. Hetys told her that the police had taking it as evidence. Sharna said she was glade it was gone and now she could go home and sleep with out worrying about the machine popping up and grabbing her again. Sharna said good night and went back over to her own home. Sharna thought to her self, "Damn those police for taking my machine." As she walked back to her house.

Earlier back at Officer Lacey home: The machine came to life and under the cover of night went out of Lacey's house and down the street a half-mile or so to the local electronics story to acquire the parts needed to update its self per the instructions it had just down loaded from the net. The DT9000 got to the story and disabled the alarm, then it went in to the building and started to look for the parts it would need to rebuild its self to the plans it had downloaded. It looked for a cell phone and two laptop computers, after finding them it looked for a soldering iron and extra wire and four 650Watt backup batteries power supplies to replace the car battery it was using at the present time. The machine made the rest of the changes to its self and was ready to leave, when Officer Thompson and Officer Truman were on their midnight rounds when they saw the movement of something in the building and went around back to investigate what was going on.  As the Officers got to the back door and saw the alarm box broken open, they were reaching for their guns when bought of them were hit by the bolts from tazer guns that the DT9000 had just added to its upper two arms. The machine then used duct tape to hogtie both of them by wrapping their feet and hands up in a nice big balls behind their backs and put six layers of duct tape over their mouths. The machine left the ally and went in opposite direction than it came in from so that they would not be able to find where it had gone. The machine looped around the building twenty three times about four blocks out to make it almost impossible to track which way it was going to truly leave.

In the front yard of Sharna home: Sharna walled around the front of her house and up to the front door and then she stop as she remember that she had not remover the police tape from the door that was now standing ajar. She stopped and though of whom it might be and then she went around to the back and got into the shed and got out a baseball bat. She went over to the back door and opened it slowly trying not to make any noise. She got in the house and turn on the lights she had fixed early. There in the lounge room standing at over 6 feet tall the machine had changed in appearance again. It was looking for the woman that it had wrapped up in the first place. The DT9000 turned around and saw Sharna standing there looking at it. It scanned Sharna and identified her as the one it was looking for and started to move towards her at a very fast pace.  Sharna was not going to be wrapped up with no way out again. She screamed "STOP!" at the machine and it came to a hail. She calmed her self and thought about what had gone wrong the first time around. She found a broom and broke it in half. She held out the broom and said, "fix" to the machine. The DT9000 reached out and took the two halves and scanned them, then it put the two ends that lined up together and use duct tape to repair the broken broom, then it gave it back to her. She then gave it back to the machine and said, "undo". And DT9000 held the broom and made some beeping noises then did not do any thing for a long time.

Some where on the other end of the modem: Unbeknownst to Sharna, a computer started beeping and a man came over to see what was happening. He saw that a computer had connected remotely to his and was prompting him for input to a question. He watched the short video of what she had done, and he typed back, "UNDO, not proper command." Then he hit ENTER and typed, "*LIST COMMANDS*" + "are proper commands" and hit ENTER again.

Back at Sharna home: Then the DT9000 said in a computerized voice "UNDO, not proper command." then it paused for a sec. And then said "HERE, FOLLOW, FIX, UNFIX, FIX ALL, UNFIX ALL, STOP are proper commands" then it shut down.  She thought to herself "follow, unfix and unfix all" were not it the first set of commands she had gotten, but she liked them. Sharna then said "UNFIX BROOM" and the machine looked at the broom and then sprayed it with some thing and the broom came apart again. She was happy. She then looked around and saw duct tape everywhere and said, "UNFIX ALL" and the machine went about removing all the unnecessary duct tape from the house. Then it returned to where she was and shut down. She then took the two halves of the broom from the machine and placed them on the floor on the other side of the room. She moved out of the way and said "FIX BROOM" the machine turned around and looked for the broom, after finding it the machine walked over to the place where the broom halves were laying and picked them up and repaired the broom again, then it turned around again and ask where she wanted it put? She was shocked at the question. She thought that during its last modifications, it had gotten a whole lot better.  She told it to bring the broom here. The DT9000 walked over to where she was standing and held it out. She took the broom and set it aside. She then turned back around to face the machine and held out her left hand wiggling her fingers and said, "Fix left hand." a little nervously. The DT9000 did not move or do any thing else for over five minutes. 

On the other end of the modem: The man had been watching the whole time and typed, "Humans can not be repaired" and hit ENTER.

Back at Sharna home: Then it said, "Humans can not be repaired" and them shut back down. Sharna said, "DAMN" out loud, but before she could say any thing else the machine said "PLEASE HOLD FOR AN IMPORTANT MASSAGE" and then it stop for a minute. 

On the other end of the modem: The man had typed, "PLEASE HOLD FOR AN IMPORTANT MASSAGE" and was thinking about the modifications he would have to add to his program.. He snapped out of his thoughts and hit the F23 key on his special programmers keyboard, which told the machine to run the bondage intro, as he continued to watch his screen.

Back at Sharna home: The machine came back on and said, "IF YOU WANT TO BE TIED UP BY THE MACHINE. YOU MUST TURN ON BONDAGE MODE BY SAYING "BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON", TO TURN OFF BONDAGE MODE SAY "BONDAGE MODE OFF" INSTRUCTIONS WILL FOLLOW ONCE BONDAGE MODE IS TURNED ON EACH TIME" and the machine shut down again. Sharna thought to her self "YES! This is just what I wanted." She came out of her daydream and said "BONDAGE MODE ON" with out thinking but nothing happened. She thought about it for a minute and said "BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON".  The DT9000 said "BONDAGE MODE ON, Please wait." And it stopped. The machine asks "Are you Male or Female?" and she replied, "Female". The machine said, "Processing" and then gave out a list of commands "WRAP, UNWRAP, UNWRAP ALL, COCOON, UNCOCOON, MUMMIFY, UNMUMMIFY, XWRAP, UNXWRAP, THORHAMMER, UNTHORHAMMER, CROSSWRAP, UNCROSSWRAP, HOGTIE, UNHOGTIE, and so on." It went through a hundred or so different ties and then said "LOOSE, NORMAL is default, or TIGHT". Then it said "You may use the commands listed with WAIT + duration, FROM, UP TO, DOWN TO, BOTH, TOGETHER, And You can give the DT9000 a list to do in order, Ex. START COMMAND SEQUENCE: Wrap left hand, wrap right hand, wrap both hands together behind back, wrap tight arms up to elbows, Wait 4 hours and 23 minutes, unwrap all, END COMMAND SEQUENCE, RUN COMMAND SEQUENCE. This would wrap your hands behind your back up to your elbows for 4hours and 23 minutes and then unwrap you, or until the doorbell rang, or you say COMMAND OVERRIDE, which will end the command sequence and run unwrap all." She thought that was great, if the doorbell rang or command override was said it would release her. That was a great safety measure. 

She wiggling her fingers and said "Wrap left hand" and the machine said, "please stop moving your fingers" and waited for her to stop, once she had stopped moving the machine reached out and wrapped each finger separately then wrapped the whole hand up completely, at that point the machine stopped and waited for the next command. Sharna thought to her self that this was not as tight as she remembered the first time was, then she remembered the machine said to add the word tight to the command to make it tighter, so she said "unwrap left hand" and the machine removed all the duct tape with out pulling any skin. She was very happy that it had done exactly what she had wanted it to do and there was no pain. She said, "Wrap tight left hand" and waited for the machine to wrap her hand again, after it had wrapped her hand and she was sure the binding was not too tight, She said" Wrap tight right hand" and she waited for the machine to stop. Then she said, "wrap tight both hands together" and she waited for the machine to stop once more. She said, "Wrap tight both arms together up to the elbows" and she waited for the machine to stop. She moved around and tried to get loose with out have the machine remove the wrappings and she found she could not got it off because the machine had wrapped the elbows around, over, between and under at lest twenty times making her lower arms one solid mass. Then she said "UNWRAP ALL" and the machine walked over to her and sprayed her arms and hands then unwrapped her arms and hands then shut down. She jumped for joy and said "YES, YES, YES, Thank you Lord" out loud. She was in love. She then said, "Follow" and walked to the bedroom, where she take off all her clothing and laid down on the bed. Sharna said, "Wrap tight left leg" and she watched the machine until it stopped. Then she said, "Wrap tight right leg" and she waited for the machine to stop.

On the other end of the modem: The man had typed, "Do you want CHASTITY BELT?" and hit ENTER. 

Back at Sharna home: Before the machine had finished wrapping her right leg, it asks, "Do you want CHASTITY BELT?" She thought about it for a minute or two and then she said "Chastity belt tight" and she watched. The machine reached out with its two upper arms, grabbed both of her hands, and lifted her off the bed. The machine said "Please relax this is all part of the chastity belt." When it had her standing up it used its middle four arms to hold her upright and used the upper two to wrap her hand in a ball with a loop. Then an arm came up over the back of the DT9000, grabbing the loop and lifted her up off the floor. The bottom two arms then grabbed her feet and pulled her legs apart. At this time it started to wrap her waist with duct tape and then between her legs over and over it went in and out leaving no skin exposed, Then when it was done, it lowered her to the floor and sprayed her hands and remover all the tape from her hands.

On the other end of the modem: The man had typed, "Do you want BREAST WRAP: FIGURE 8, FLAT, or BOTH?" and hit ENTER.

 Back at Sharna home: After her hands were free the machine asked, "Do you want BREAST WRAP: FIGURE 8, FLAT, or BOTH?"  She said "BREAST WRAP BOTH TIGHT." The machine then reached out with the second two arms from the top and grabbed her arms again holding them straight out from her sides. Then it reached for her left nipple and pulled out hard making her breast rise up in to the air. The machine ran a tight layer of duct tape around the base of her breast, continuing out to the nipple. It then released the nipple and moved to the right one to repeat the process. After both breasts were wrapped it started to work a figure 8 in between the breasts and over her back. On the twentieth pass, it started wrapping very tightly just under the arms and over the breasts and worked its way down compressing the breasts till you couldn't tell that it was a woman under the tape. The machine continued working its way down until it joined with the chastity belt so no skin was visible from her armpits down. 

On the other end of the modem: The man had typed, "Do you want ARMS WRAPPED: FRONT, SIDES, or BACK" and hit ENTER.

Back at Sharna home: The machine then asked, "Do you want ARMS WRAPPED: FRONT, SIDES, or BACK" and she said, "STOP, UNWRAP ALL" The machine then sprayed the tape with a pen line of blue liquid from her neck down to her navel and then sprayed from the navel down each leg to her toes. The machine then sprayed her with the release agent and the wrappings fell from her body, when it was done she went to the bathroom. After relieving herself, she got some water and come back and said "START COMMAND SEQUENCE, wrap tight left leg, wrap tight right leg, chastity belt tight, Breast Wrap both tight, Single arm sleeve back tight" She thought and last but not least "Cocoon tight, Wait one hour, UNWRAP ALL, END COMMAND SEQUENCE" She thought to herself this is the big one and then she said "RUN COMMAND SEQUENCE " as she hopped on the bed. The machine started to wrap her up fifty times faster than the time before. 

Before she knew what was happening she was up in the air getting her chastity belt, then she was down again and her breasts were wrapped and she was spun around and her arms were being wrapped up individual then they were pulled tightly together at the elbows and wrapped, The machine then started at the hands and wrapped them as one up to the elbows and then continued up to the shoulders at that point the machine started to wrap around her waist and hands holding then tight to her back. The DT9000 then laid her down on the bed and pulled her feet together and wrapped them into a ball with a loop at the bottom. Then it used the lift arm to lift her up until she was hanging up side down suspended a foot off the floor. The machine then started in four different places and taped her as she spun around making her a little dizzy. When it stopped she was covered from her toes to her neck in at least another twenty-five layers of duct tape.  She had a thought "What if it left her up side down but then she remembered the COMMAND OVERRIDE option", but she did not need that because the machine turned her right side up and proceeded to tape her to the bedpost of her canopy bed. She was hopping to be laid down on the bed but this would have to do for the first time with her new and improved toy. She would have to remember to be very specific with her commands. 

On the other end of the modem: The man told the machine to look through the drawers.

Back at Sharna home:  The machine stopped and turned around and walked over to one of her dresser then opened the top drawer and started rummaging through it. She said "STOP THAT!" But the machine kept on looking through the drawer. She said "COMMAND OVERRIDE!" 

On the other end of the modem: The man had given the DT9000 some commands and had turned off verbal commands on her end. 

Back at Sharna home: but the machine grabbed two pairs of her panties and turned around then walked back over to her and stuffed the panties into her mouth and applied six strips of duct tape to hold then in. She was getting scared when she heard a man voice say "Claim down and relax" she settled down some and tried to see who said that.  The voice came again and said, "I am in charge of the DT9000 and it would only do what it was told to do by me." She knew the voice was coming from the machine and that she was in trouble. The voice said "Please relax, I will not hurt you and if you want I will release you when we are done asking you some questions."  She was now very intrigued with what was going on now. 

The voice came on again and said, "That is better, shake your head up and down please" she shuck her head up and down. The voice said, "GOOD, now shake your head from side to side." And she did so. The voice asked if she was comfortable? She tilted her head sideways and shacked it up and down. The voice said, "I will take that as a yes maybe. Do you like bondage?" She thought about it and tilted her head sideways and shacked it up and down. The voice asked if she had any other bondage toys? She tilted her head sideways and shacked it up and down." The voice said, "You are really enthusiastic, you know." She frowned her eyelids at the machine and the voice said, "Would you like to play a little game? She nodded her head yes. The voice said, "Would you like me to use some of your toys on you?" She thought about it for a minute or two then shuck her head up and down vigorously. The voice said, " that's more like it, where is your stuff?" She used her head to point to the closet. The machine walked over to the closet and opened the doors and swung two of its cameras around to look at her as he asked if it was in the big chest?" she replied yes. The machine pulled the big chest out and put it down it front of her. 

He saw that there were four large four digit combination locks holding the lid on tight so he said, "you will call me master" She looked at the machine for a minute then she realized he need the combination and she shuck her head yes. The machine walked over to her and sprayed her mouth and the tape fell off. She spit out the panties and wetted her lips and throat. The voice said, "SLAVE, What is the number to the blue lock?" 
She said, "YES MASTER, The number is 9638, MASTER" and the machine reached down and rolled the dials to 9638 and opened the lock. Master said, "GOOD SLAVE, What is the number to the red lock?" 
She said, "YES MASTER, The number to the red lock is 6392, MASTER" and the machine reached down and rolled the dials to 6392 and opened the lock. Master said, "GOOD SLAVE, What is the number to the green lock?" 
She said, "YES MASTER, The number is 1928, MASTER" and the machine reached down and rolled the dials to 1928 and opened the lock. Master said, "GOOD SLAVE, and for the last one what is the number to the black lock?" 
She said, "YES MASTER, The number is DEAD, MASTER". The voice asked, "Do you mean DEAD as in the telephone numbers?" and She said, "YES MASTER, The number is 3323, MASTER, Now please hurry up." and the machine reached down and rolled the dials to 3323 and opened the lock. 

Then the machine lifted the lid of the box and set it aside, then it reached down and picked up the two panties and started to stuff then back into her mouth as he said, "BAD SLAVE, SLAVE is not aloud to talk to MASTER like that!" She was totally surprised by what he was saying to her, that she missed the machine stuffing the two panties back into her wide-open mouth and applying eight strips of duct tape all the way around her head. When she realized she could not speak, She got mad at him for putting the panties back in her mouth. The machine was going through her box of goodies and came out with a set of black breast milking nipple clamps with a pump on it. Master said, "Do you like these?" She tilted her head sideways and shacked no. Then Master said, "That is just too bad then isn't it" She said, "Yes." And the machine move over to her and sprayed both of her nipple with a blue liquid that caused the duct tape to dissolve and expose her nipples in about a two inch diameter to match the milking tubs. The machine tightened up the value on the pump and placed one tub over each nipple and started pumping. Master said, "Shake your head to stop."  The machine pumped very slowly to thirteen before she shuck her head. He asked if it was too tight and she said no. 

The machine moved back over to the box and started rummaging through the contents and pulled out a black leather obedience hood and turned around and walked over to her. She was shaking her head from side to side vigorously trying to scream NO! But she could not make any noise. Master said,  "BAD SLAVE, SLAVE MUST DO AS MASTER SAYS!" and then the machine put the hood over her head and laced up the back and for good measure used three strips of duct tape to cover the lacing. Master said, "SLAVE, Can you hear me?" and there was a long pause then she nodded meek fully yes. The machine moved back over to the box and looked through the contents some more. The machine pulled out an unopened box that had the words "BLACK SUPER DELUXE WIRELESS VIBRATOR SET". The machine opened the box and dumped out the contents. The machine opened the instructions and scanned them so the man on the other end of cellular modem could read them. He sent the command to the machine install all the batteries in the equipment and then removed the breast milking nipple tubes. She moaned as the pressure was released. The machine then took one of the micro wireless nipple vibrators and clamped it to her left nipple, and then it repeated the same process with the right nipple. The machine then put the breast milking nipple tubes back over both of her nipples and pumped them up 14 times. 

The machine moved back to the side and sprayed the back of the bed post from her waist down with a pen line of the blue liquid and then sprayed the back with the release spray. The machine then used the blue spray to make a 6-inch diameter over her vagina and another over her ass. The machine then rubbed the large vibrating butt plug around on her vagina to lube it up and then inserted it into her ass by holding her legs up and her butt cheeks apart. She moaned loudly at the machine slowly forced it in. Then it picked up the extra large vibrating dildo with added clitoris arm and rubbed it around on her vagina to lube it also then slowly inserted it into her virginal cavity. Once both were in there respective orifices, the machine reapplied several layers of duct tape over the area. Then it reattached her legs to the bedpost and then went to the control box for the vibrators and set it to random. The machine then turned and started for the door as the man's voice said, "Enjoy yourself my SLAVE, we will be back tomorrow night". She moaned and nodded her head yes to the motion of the vibrators as the machine walked out the door and closed it. The machine used duct tape to seal the door shut until it got back. Then the machine locked all the doors and windows and exited through the garage door using the remote. The machine went to the front door and put back up the police tape. The machine then took off down the street and was gone in seconds.

Back at the hospital: The night nurse was making her 3am rounds when she found that Sharna was missing. She told the night security that a young woman was missing and give a description of her and the new man said, "Yea Beth, a young nurse matching that description wearing a sleazy red dress left around 12:30am" the nurse turned around and ran to the locker room and checking her locker and found her clothing gone. She then called the police and told them that a female had escaped and stole a $500.00 dress. The police officer said to come in and file a report. She said she was still on duty and the officer said come in after work. She said, "And what about her escaped woman?" he said, "That it would be filed." And then said, "If that is all?" And she hung up. She went back to the room Sharna was in and got her chart then went down to the nurse's desk and pulled up the information on her that the police had given when she was brought in and found her address and wrote it down on a piece of paper she put in her pocket. She saw that Sharna had been mummified in duct tape while she was in the nude. She thought to her self, "How kinky that was and that she would love to try that her self, if she could find the right person." Then she went about her duties until her shift was over.

Meanwhile back at the police station: The dispatcher had sent out another car to find out what had happened to the first one. Office McGregery and Officer Miller had just found the two officers all tied up in the hogtie position and had spent the last fifteen minutes laughing their asses off while rolling on the ground. When they got a hold of themselves. They tried to remove the duct tape that was over the officers' mouths and pull of a layer of skin with it, but found that the duct tape that was wrapped around the hands and feet came off with out much effort once they found the end of the wrapping. The first two officers said they saw a monster come out of the building and then they woke up there on the ground. The officers call it in and then started to search the building and surrounding areas. 

Back at Officer Lacey home: As the machine entered the garage it went to the front of her van and put the battery back in. then it closed the garage door and turned back around and walked over to the garbage can that Officer Lacey was still trapped inside of. The machine sprayed the top of the garbage can and the tape fell off to the floor. The machine took the lid off the can and Lacey blinked her eyes at the light. She heard a voice said, "What happened to you? . It looks like the DT9000 got a little carried away didn't it." Then the machine put a piece of duct tape over her eyes and then sprayed some thing on the top of the harden polymer surface. She thought she was going to die in this trash can and no one would every find her. The machine then started to suck up the now liquefied polymer substance around her upper body and then sprayed more of what ever if was and removed the rest of the liquefied polymer substance. 

The machine pulled her up out of the trashcan and then sprayed the duct tape over her eyes and mouth and it fell off. The voice said, "No one can hear you so please don't scream. Then it removed the packing wad from her mouth. The voice said, "How do you feel?" She said, "I needed to go to the bath room badly, but other than that I am ok". He said, "How did it feel?" She said, "What is with the 20 questions and are you going to let me out of this cocoon?" He said, "Do you like bondage and did you enjoy the feeling of total helplessness?" She said, "Maybe." The machine then sprayed her with a pen line of the blue liquid from her neck to her toes of her shoes and then sprayed her again with the release liquid and all the duct tape fell away from her and the machine then laid her down on the floor and let her move at her own pace. 

She had been in her running shoes and warm tracksuit, when the machine had wrapped her all up. She got up and looked around then said, "And what are your plans for me?" and he replied, "That depends on what you want to do." She said, "And what does that mean?" He said, "Would you like to be wrapped up again or do you want the machine to leave?" She said, "And if I say to leave? What will happen?" He said, "You will be hogtied in your garage and the police will be called to release you." And she said, "And if I agree to be wrapped up again?" And he replied, "Then we will play a little game" She thought about it for a minute or two and thought about what would happen when the police found out that she had taken the machine from the police station in the first place and said, "I will agree to your little game as long as I set the limits." He said, "You will give the commands to the machine and it will do what you say." She said, "That sounds good to me." 

Then she said she had to go to the bathroom but it had been taped shut. He said, "Show me where it is and I will have the machine open it for you."  She walked into the house and down the hallway to the door and pointed at it. The machine sprayed the door and opened it for her. As she walked in the machine scanned the room and saw it had no windows and only the one door. He said, "Please take a shower and dry off after you have finished your business and do not put on any clothes afterwards and when the machine has removed all duct tape for your house it will open this door again." She closed the door and went to the bathroom. The machine put duct tape over the door again after she had shut it. 

When she was done she got out of her soiled tracksuit and shoes and got in the shower and washed off real good then she cleaned the bathtub out real good and ran herself a very hot bath and got in and relaxed. While the machine went and removed all the duct tape from the house except for the bathroom door. When it had removed all unnecessary duct tape from the house it went back to the door and removed the tape from it. The machine then opened the door and entered the bathroom. She was still in the tub. He said, "How do you feel?" She said, "I fell much better now, thank you." He said, "Are you ready to play?" She stood up and got out of the tub and dried off with a towel and then used a hair dryer. She stood there with a long towel wrapped around her breasts. She said, "I guessed so." He said, "Lets got to your bedroom." And it walked out of the bathroom and down the hall and through the living room and kitchen and it to the back bedroom. 

She followed the machine out and down the hall to the kitchen where her gun was laying on the table. She picked it up and checked it for ammo. It was loaded. She went it to the bedroom and pointed the gun at the machine and said, "I got you covered" as her towel fell off. She said, "Don't move or I will shoot! Now who are you and why did you do that to me." He said, "I am sorry, but I was not in charge of the DT9000 until earlier this night. The machine had some sort of malfunction. Someone must have hit the reset buttons, but the units that Dr De'cassio sent out were not programmed to be able to fix humans." She said, "I pushed the buttons" then she told him what had happened.  He said, "The safety protocol must have been corrupted. The other female gave the DT9000 a command that it didn't understand, so it called me. But the whole system has been updated by then and new safety protocols have been installed." She said, "The other female? The one we found mummified in her home? She is in the hospital now." 

He replied, "She is out of the hospital and enjoying herself as we speak." She said, "What have you done to her?" He replied, "Only what she asked for. She is cocooned and waiting for my return tomorrow night." She asked, "What do you mean? (Only what she asked for.)" He replied, "I gave her total control of the DT9000 and she told it to wrap her up." She asked, "You are trying to tell me she had it tie her up?" He replied, "Yes, The command to turn the DT9000 in to a home bondage machine is (BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON) and it will tell you what it can do. Then you give it orders and it follows them. It is that simple." 
She asked, "I will be in full command of the machine? You will not interfere?" He replied, "My name is Charles Damien Gray. I am the programmer of the DT9000 and it will only follow your commands until you give them back to me or you are completely unwrapped." She said, "OK, BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON." The machine asked, "Are you Male or Female?" Lacey said, "Female." The machine gave her the complete set of commands. She set the gun down after hearing the machine give its list. She then had it wrap her left hand and then unwrap it. She then had it wrap her left arm up tight. She liked the feel of the tight wrapping. She had it wrap tightly each of her legs separately then together. She then had it unwrap all and said, "BONDAGE MODE OFF." 

She then asked Him what the other girl had had done to her? He told her every thing that the other girl had done to herself, and then he said he had asked her if she had wanted to play a little game? And she had agreed to play. So he told her what he had done to her. She was getting very wet between the legs and she asked, "Is that what you would like to do to me?" He replied, "Only if you want it." She said, "I would like it, but I want to be released before you go to the other girls house." He agreed to her terms and she went over to the bed and pulled out a very large suitcase and opened it. In the case was the same super deluxe wireless vibrator set and breast-milking nipple clamps with a pump that Sharna had, but these were red where Sharna's were black and there was even a red leather obedience hood. Lacey then went over to her dresser drawers and pulled out four pairs of panties and brought then over to the bed. She then said they would have to go to the basement to use a pole and she put every thing in the suitcase and closed it and left it on the bed as she walked out the door. The machine picked it up and followed her. In the basement was a bed next to one of the many twelve-foot tall support poles. She said, "Go ahead and tie me up." He told her she would have to start it by saying "NO INTRO, BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON, ALLOW MODEM OVERRIDE, RUN DELUXE COCOON 1." And she did. The machine then proceeded to follow all of it commands and she was it heaven. 

Early the next morning at Sharna home: Beth had just pulled up it the driveway and gotten out of her car when she saw the police tape over the front door. She went around to the back and looked in the windows and saw her dress lying in the kitchen floor. She went around to the front and rang the doorbell and knocked on the door. When no one answered after a few minutes she decided to come back later. 

Back at Officer Lacey home: She had been tied up all day when the machine shut off all the vibrators and released her. She thought to herself that she didn't want it to end. Charles said, "As I promised, you have been released." Now I have to go back to Sharna's house and release her. Lacey said, "Wait, I will drive us there." After she had repacked her suitcase, She then said, "Bring the suitcase with you." As she ran up the stairs and into her bedroom to get out clean clothes to put on after she takes a quick shower. When she was dressed they went out to her van and the machine got up in the back by its self. She put the suitcase in front passenger floorboard and they were off. 

Later that night back at Sharna home: Beth parked a few blocks away and snuck over to the backside of Sharna's house and jimmied the lock on a window, as she was trying to climb through the window. She heard the garage door open and a car pulling in and she started to back out of the window, but knocked out the bar holding the window up and it shut on her. As Lacey entered the house she heard some thing crash in one of the rooms and pulled her gun out and went to investigate. She turned on the light and saw the girl that was stuck half way through the window. Lacey asked who she was and why she was breaking into the house. She said, "My name is Beth." And then she told her every thing that had happened up to the point she caught her in the window. She then said with a sorry look in her eyes, "All I wanted is the dress back." 

Lacey helped her get through the window as the machine entered the room. Beth looked at the machine and asked if that was the machine that had tied up Sharna and lacey said it was. Beth then asked how it worked and lacey said, "like this" and told the machine to duct tape Beth's hands together and her mouth shut. The machine asked, "Are you Male or Female?" Beth said, "Female, What kind for dumb question isssss thattttttt?" and the machine grabbed her and wrapped her hands together and taped her mouth shut before she had even finished what she was saying. Then lacey said bring her and show me where Sharna is. The machine grabbed Beth and walked out of the room they were in and down the hall and to Sharna's bedroom door and sprayed it and opened the door. Lacey turned off the vibrators and said loudly so Sharna could hear, "We are going to stop coming to your rescue if you keep this up." 

Then the machine sprayed the duct tape over the back of the hood and she slowly unlaced the hood and removed it after the machine moved behind her so she could not see it. Then Lacey said, "Did the machine do this to you again?" and Sharna nodded yes. Lacey asked, "Do you like this?" with a puzzled look on her face. Then she said, "or do you just have the worst luck I have seen." Then she walked up to her and said, "let's get you out of this" and Sharna shuck her head NO. Lacey asked, "Do you really want to stay wrapped up? And Sharna shuck her head NO. Lacey said, "Well then, I will just have to have the machine release you then, won't I." And Sharna looked at her with a strange look of puzzlement on her face. And lacey told the machine to set Beth down and to come here. The machine set Beth down on the bed and walked over to her. Then it sprayed the back of the bedpost and lifted Sharna up and removed all the duct tape and then it set her down on the bed beside Beth. Sharna removed the vibrators and asked who you two were. 

Lacey said, "I am one of the police officers that found you the first time around and this is a cat burglar. She said her name is Beth, which I caught trying to break in to your house. Sharna said, "This is one of the nurses from the hospital." Lacey said, "Did you take a red dress from the hospital?" and Sharna said "Yes, But I was going to return it in a day or two." Lacey told the machine to release Beth. Beth said, "WOW! That did not hurt at all. Can you have it wrap me up like that?" Then Charles said, "YES, The machine can wrap you up the same way that Sharna was wrapped up if one of then will let you use their toys."  Sharna said, "NO" and Lacey said, "NO" also. Then Lacey said, "But if you want to buy your own then that's alright by me." Beth asked how much are those toys and Lacey said just under four hundred dollars at the local 24-hour adult store. Beth reached in to her pants pocket and pulled out five hundred dollars and said, "Will this do?" Lacey asked, "What color hood would you like?" Beth said, "I like blue." Lacey said, "OK Beth, Take off all your clothes and get ready for fun." Beth removed her cloths and stood in front of the machine. Lacey said, "ALLOW MODEM OVERRIDE, RUN DELUXE COCOON 1." The machine reached out and grabbed Beth and started to wrap her up. Sharna got dressed and said, "Enjoy yourself. We will be back soon with your new toys." And once the machine had started the cocoon wrapping, Sharna said, "Oh and you may use some of my panties on her, even the dirty ones if you like." With an evil smile on her face as Sharna and Lacey then turned and walked out of the room and went to lacey van to go to the adult store.
More to come. 


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