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Smart Duct Tape 5

by Tektaper

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© Copyright 2006 - Tektaper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f+; tape; wrap; shipped; toys; cons; X

2006 Shadowplay Imaging Mummification Story Contest Entrant

Beth was taped up waiting for Sharna and Lacey to return with her new toys.

At the adult store Sharna and Lacey enter the adult store. A man from behind to counter said, "Welcome to Jo' Bob 's Den of Iniquities. I am Jo' Bob ; can I be of any assistance?"

Lacey says they are looking for a blue super deluxe wireless vibrator set, blue breast-milking nipple clamps with pump, and a blue leather obedience hood. The man said that he had all of the things the women had asked for and some new stuff that they may not have seen before. He showed the women the new white noise earplugs with microphone that blocked out all noise except, what was said into the microphone for full sincerer depravation, and it even come it different colors. He told the women that he had a very new item that will not be out for sale to the public for at lease six more months. He said he was beta testing it for the manufactures. He asked if the women would like to see. They said yes.

He walked into the back and unlocked a door. The women were not so sure about this. He said if it makes you fell better, here are the keys, which he gave to Sharna. He told the other man to go watch the store for a minute or so. He opened the door and went in. The women followed him leerly into the back room. He had turned on the lights and walked over to a computer on the left wall. He moved the mouse and said, "If you will come here and look at the screen, you will see the software that comes with the new control box."

The women walked over to the computer where he was now setting. He told the women that with the new control box that a person in charge could play with another person or group via the computer's modem. He said he had two girls he was playing with right now. One in the next state, and the other was down in the basement. He asked if the women would like to see how it worked. They thought about it, and talked to each other for a minute or two, and then they said yes. He picked up a microphone, then hit a button with the mouse and said, "I have some ladies up here that would like to come down and see how the new control box works. Do you mind?" He was looking at the monitor. He saw the girl on the screen nod her head. He said, "She will let you come down to the basement and see her and the control box." He told the women that he was setting the control box to bullride. He then walked to the back wall and pushed the button to call the elevator.

He said, "This way please." The women were very interested now. They all got in the elevator where he push "D" and asked the lady with the keys to put the blue key into the key hole and turn it. He said, "We are going down to the Dungeon where she is now. Lacey and Sharna were thinking that this might have not been such a good idea, when the door opened up and he walked out. They both looked at each other with worried looks on their faces and said, "After you." Lacey walked out of the elevator and looked around. Jo' Bob was standing next to some one bent over what looked to be a workbench. Sharna stepped out behind her and looked around. Jo' Bob said this is my younger brother Billy' Bob .

Lacey and Sharna both were thinking they had just walk into the movie "Deliverance" and were now ready to leave as they turned towards the elevator door, They saw that there was no button to call the elevator. They were getting very worried now. Jo' Bob looked over at the women and said the button is over there as he pointed to the far wall. The women looked in the direction he had pointed and saw a big button that had the words "DON'T PANIC" glowing in green on it. Sharna thought, "Someone here likes "Douglas Adams!"

Jo' Bob said, "Please come over here for a minute." 

As the women walked up to the table, Sharna saw an opened box with the words "DT-E9000" on it, setting next to the table that Billy' Bob was at. Sharna asked, "What are you working on?" Jo' Bob said it was some thing new, and if he could ever get it to work, that it would make them a lot of money. He then said, "This way please." and walked to another door and opened it. He asked if the woman still had the keys and Sharna said, "Yes." He said that to get back out of the dungeon they would need the keys. The three of them walked in and saw the girl all tied up. She was bucking as if she was riding a bull. He walked over to her and pushed a button and she stopped moving and went completely limp. He picked up a microphone and said, "Do you want to be released." She shuck her head NO. He told her that he was going to release her head so she could tell the women about the new control box.

He then untied the lacings on a purple leather obedience hood and removed it. Next, he then removed the purple earplugs from her ears. After that, he then took out the purple ball gag that had been in her mouth and said, "Well, how was that last setting?" She said she had loved it and that she wanted him to set it to that for two hours the next time. The women thought to themselves, two hours of bucking like that, WOW, she must be insane. He said, "This is my wife. Her name is Mary Sue. Mary said hello to the women and then told them that the new control box worked with all the wireless products made by "The Kinky Minds". She said it even works with multiple units of the same type as long as they are different colors, other wise you just get the same settings. She then said each color has a different range of radio frequencies that lets you run multiple units at the same time with the same commands or different ones. The Control Box can be used by itself as a stand-alone unit, or in conjunction with the computer. The computer software has a lot more options.

She then told her husband to release her from the purple leather body cocoon. He unlaced the back of the cocoon and helped her get up. She was not wearing any clothing but she had duct tape over her nipples and crotch. She pulled the tape off one of her nipples, and then removed the purple micro nipple clamp. She did the same too the other one, then she rubbed both of her nipples. She then pulled the duct tape off her crotch very slowly. She then removed the purple butt plug and vibrator from between her legs. He handed her a robe. She put the robe on and walked to the door that led out. She asked for the key, Sharna gave them to her. Mary opened the door and they walked through.

Mary asked Billy' Bob how he was coming along on the new project. He said, "I have no idea how to get this thing to work on people." There was another woman standing by him now. She looked up at Mary , and saw the two women for the first time and said hello to them. Mary said, "This is Amy-Sue, she is my younger sister."

Amy looked at Sharna and said, "You are the woman from the hospital! The one that came in wrapped from head to toe in duct tape, the one that was going on about the DT-E9000." Sharna looked very surprised. She said, "You must have me confused with someone else." Amy said, "NO, you are Sharna, I never forget a face, and you have the same burn marks on the back of your left hand. Sharna thought, "Damn that old iron burn." Sharna said, "Yes, I am. However, I cannot help you. The machine just went nuts, and then the police took it."

Jo' Bob said, "So, you got hooked on bondage and had to have those item you listed early. Sharna said, "NO, those are for another friend. Jo' Bob said, "Oh, another friend, OK, I got it." Sharna said, "NO, I have the black ones and she has red ones, if you must know." Jo' Bob said, "I am sorry. I did not mean to pry." Jo' Bob then asked if they would like to help with the beta testing the new control box. Lacey asked, "What do you mean help beta test the control box?" Then Jo Bob said, "You may come back here and play in the dungeon if you like or you may buy one of the control box and use it at your own home, then we can run it from here or you can have some one else you want run it."

Lacey said, "Playing here is out of the question for now. How much is the control box?" 

Jo' Bob said, "The control box will go for $750.00 retail, but I have ten of them for beta testing at $300.00 each. That is at my cost, no mark up." 

Lacey said, "I don't know, I will need to call and ask the other lady if she is interested." 

As she pulled out her cell phone and started dialing it. She asked the person on the other end of the phone, if Beth was there and if she could talk to her. Sharna looked at Lacey a little funny. Lacey said, "Hi Beth, How are you doing. Are you enjoying being taped up?" Sharna heard a man's voice on the phone and was very puzzled now. 

Lacey said, "Beth , Do you want to go in on a new control box with us three ways that will run all the vibrators at the same time via a modem. Oh, and there are these earplugs for another hundred that you will like. If you don't have the money now, you can pay me back later." Lacey said, " Beth said yes to all of it. 

Lacey then said that the people here at the adult store were working on one of the DT9000 trying to get it to work on people. Charles told her that he would make one work for them in exchange for all the stuff the women wanted. He then asked if they had one that they had not taken apart yet. Lacey asked Jo' Bob if they had one of the DT9000 that they had not taken apart yet. He said, "Yes." then he went to the shelf and got the other one down. Charles told them to push the two red buttons on the DT9000. Then he said, "Say what I say." Lacey opened the box, then pushed the buttons on the DT9000, and set it down on the floor. She walked about ten feet away and turned around. Then she repeated, "HERE, STOP, UPDATE ACCESS PORT OPEN, EXTEND CABLES, STOP." 

The machine rolled over to her and came to a stop. Then the front of the machine opened up and wires come out. She picked it up and walked back over to the table. She asked, "What kind of internet access do you have?" Billy' Bob said we have a T3 line coming in here. Lacey asked, "Where is your computer?" Billy' Bob showed her another computer. She told him to hook the DT9000 up to the computer and turn it on or reboot it. Billy' Bob did as she told him. She then asked him to set up his computer as a host for incoming files for through put to the USB port as Drive R: and to give her his ISP address. He did as she asked and watched the computer screen. She said, "He has done it." 

Charles sent the updates and then told her he was done and the rest of what she needed to do. She said, "It is done now, turn off the computer and unhook the DT9000." Billy' Bob turned off the computer and unhooked the machine. She picked it up again and set it down on the floor. She said, "RETRACT CABLES,  CLOSE  UPDATE ACCESS PORT, RUN INSTALLED UPDATES." 

The machine pulled the cables back into it and closed the little door on its front. After about five minutes the machine said, "Thank you for purchasing the DT9000, please enjoy this product" in a computerized voice. She then said, "HERE, STOP, SHUT DOWN" and the machine rolled over to her and turned off. Lacey said turn your computer back on, go to this web address, and print it, that she gave him. He did as she told him. It was a list of thing the DT9000 needed to update itself. Billy' Bob and Jo' Bob started looking for the item on the list. Jo' Bob asked what color duct tape to get it. Sharna said, "Duct tape come in more that one color?" Mary said use purple duct tape. Jo' Bob pulled out a large box of Purple duct tape and set it on the floor near the DT9000. Billy' Bob found every thing else but the kitchen supplies. 

Amy-Sue took the list, went up to their apartment, and got the rest of the stuff on the list. When she got back, she set it all down on the floor near the machine. Lacey told Charles that all the stuff was there. He was a little surprised. He told her to push the buttons again. She pushed them and said, "HERE, UPDATE MODIFICATIONS NOW" 

The machine sprang to life and went to town with all the stuff on the floor. Twenty-three minutes later, there stood a six-foot tall machine. Lacey asked, "Who wants to try it out." Mary said, "ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!" Lacey said, "OK, OK, that is fine." She then said, "FOLLOW" to the machine. Sharna, Amy-Sue, Mary "Sue , and Jo' Bob went back it to the dungeon. Lacey followed them in and the machine followed her in. Mary said, "What do we do now?" Lacey said, " Mary , take your robe off." Mary removed her robe. 

Lacey talked into the cell phone and asked if he had dialed into the machine? The machine said in a man's voice, "Yes I have, Thank you." Everyone else in the room looked at the machine in shook. Lacey said, "NO INTRO, BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON, ALLOW MODEM OVERRIDE, RUN DELUXE COCOON 1." The machine asked, "Are you Male or Female?" Mary said, "Female" The machine proceeded to wrap her up in no time flat. She was taped to a support post a little over a foot off the ground. She said, "IT FELLS GREAT. Only I wish I had my vibrators now." 

Lacey asked if she had the breast-milking nipple clamps with pump and purple super deluxe wireless vibrator set. Jo' Bob went over to the table and brought back all the stuff she had asked for. Lacey said, "She is all yours now." Charles asked her if she wanted all the vibrators and the breast-milking pump. She said, "YES." He asked if she wanted some thing put in her mouth. She replied, "My Purple ball gag." He asked if she wanted her head wrapped in tape or if she wanted a leather obedience hood instead. She said the hood. 

She then said, "OH SHIT, I forgot this tape is going to hurt like a bitch when it comes off." The machine then put a six-inch piece of tape over her mouth. She looked at the machine with a funny look on her face. The machine then sprayed the tape and it fell away from her mouth like a leaf falling from a tree in the fall. She said, "WOW! I did not fell a thing." 

The machine moved over to her and sprayed both of her nipple with a blue liquid that caused the duct tape to dissolve and expose her nipples in about a two inch diameter to match the breast milking tubs. The machine then took one of the micro wireless nipple vibrators and clamped it to her left nipple, and then it repeated the same process with the right nipple. Mary let out a moan. The machine then put the breast milking nipple tubes over both of her nipples. He asked, "How many pumps can you handle?" Jo' Bob said, "24" with an evil smile on his face. She shook her head NO. Charles asked, "Well, What is it." She lowered her head and said, "Yes." The machine pumped them up 24 times. 

She opened her mouth to let out a yell, but the machine stuffed the ball gag in and had it fastened with eight layers of purple duct tape over it before she could make a sound. The machine moved back to the side and sprayed the back of the support post from her waist down with a pen line of the blue liquid and then it sprayed the back with the release spray. The machine then used the blue spray to make a 6-inch diameter opening over her vagina and another over her ass. The machine then rubbed the large butt plug around on her vagina to lube it up and then inserted it into her ass by holding her legs up and her butt cheeks apart. She moaned loudly as the machine slowly forced it in. Then it picked up the extra large dildo with added clitoris arm and rubbed it around on her vagina to lube it also. Then the machine slowly inserted it into her virginal cavity. 

Once both were in there respective orifices, the machine reapplied several layers of duct tape over the area. Then it reattached her legs to the support post. The machine then put the earplugs in her ears and the purple leather obedience hood over her head, laced it up the back, and for good measure used four strips of duct tape to cover the lacing. Then it taped her head to the post so she could not move at all. Jo' Bob turned on the microphone and said, "Can you hear me?" They heard a muffled yes. He then turned the control box back on and set it to bull rider just as she had asked for early. He said into the microphone, "You said two hours on bull rider, YES" with an evil smile on his face. They heard a muffled F*** YOU. He said, "I will think about letting you out in two hours." 

Amy looked at Mary all wrapped up and said, "MY TURN!" Amy went and got all of her green stuff and told Jo' Bob to leave and send in Billy' Bob with a box of green duct tape. Jo' Bob left and Billy' Bob came in with the box of green tape. Amy told him to set her up on her favorite settings after she was tied up. Billy' Bob had a confused look on his face. Amy took off all her clothing and laid them in a chest on the cart. She then said, "Every thing the same as Mary , except pump mine up to 18 not 24" Billy' Bob shut the chest and put a pad lock on it. 

Lacey said, "BONDAGE MODE OFF, NO INTRO, BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON, ALLOW MODEM OVERRIDE, RUN DELUXE COCOON 1." The machine asked, "Are you Male or Female?" Amy said, "Female" The machine proceeded to wrap her up even faster than it had with Mary . Lacey asked her if she wanted two hours also. Amy said, "YES PLEASE!" Billy' Bob had been watching in awl. The machine had her wrapped up in thirteen minutes flat. 

Lacey said, "Shall we go back out side now." Billy' Bob opened the door and they walked out. Jo' Bob was standing there at the table playing with the computer. Billy' Bob said, "We have some business to take care of now I thank." Jo' Bob walked back over as Lacey's cell phone rang. She answered it, "Hello." Charles had called her and told her what to ask for in return for leaving the machine setup the way it is now. He then told her to give one of them the cell phone so he could talk to them. She gave it to Jo' Bob . Jo' Bob said, "Hello may name is Jo' Bob ." Charles told him to add some more items to the list. Blaze orange duct tape, orange leather obedience hood, breast-milking nipple clamps with pump, white noise earplugs with microphone in orange, and orange super deluxe wireless vibrator set for males. Jo' Bob has the stuff loaded in to her van and said good night. The women say good-bye and get into the van. Lacey started the van and headed back to Sharna home.

On the way to Sharna home Lacey saw a police car with its lights on. The officer was giving a ticket to a speeder. So she turned down a side street, so the police officer would not see them. Lacey drove around the backside of the block to bypass the police office and came up to Sharna's home. She pushed the button on the remote and pulled the van in side the garage. Sharna closed the garage door and called out, "HERE!" The DT9000 came out to the garage. Lacey opened the back door of the van. The machine unloaded the van and then loaded all the duct tape into its reservoirs. The machine then stopped and waited for the next order. 

Lacey then picked up the remaining new toys and went into Sharna's bedroom. Sharna followed Lacey into the house and said, "HERE, FOLLOW" as she passed through the door. The machine entered the bedroom as Lacey was emptying the new toys out on the bed. The machine came over and put the batteries in everything, then started to work on Beth . Beth was in heaven; she would have been bucking like a wild bull, if not for the duct tape holding her to the bedpost. Lacey had gone to the kitchen to get some water when she saw the police car turn up into Sharna's drive way. Lacey was glad that the only lights on in the house were night-lights and that Sharna's house had motion lights out side by the garage. Therefore, when the police pulled up the lights temporarily blinded them. 

Lacey went to the bedroom and told everyone to be quiet as she turned off the vibrators. The police came up and knocked on the front door, which was still blocked by the police tape. When they got no response, they turned on their flashlights and started to look around the house to see if anyone was there. Sharna and Lacey were very quite and after about ten minutes, the police got back into their car and left. Sharna said it was not safe here any more and Lacey said that they could go to her place. Sharna said, "UNDO ALL" and the machine went about removing all the duct tape from Beth . Beth removed the hood, breast pumps, vibrators, and gag then when to the bathroom. Sharna packed up all of her toys in the chest and put the locks back on it, and then she had the machine take it out to the van. When Beth was dressed again, they all went to the van to leave. Sharna pushed the garage door opener and Lacey pulled the van out of the garage.

On the way to Lacey's house: Sharna and Lacey were talking about the other DT9000 that Charles had made for the adult store and about all the neat hardware they had in their dungeon.

At Lacey's house they had just pulled into the garage and closed the door when Charles called on Lacey's cell phone to say he was on his way to her house, and that he would be there in a little over 3 hours and that he wanted them to lock all the doors and windows. Then for all of them to be tied up naked for at least 5 hours from the time he hung up the phone. Lacey asked, "How will you get into the house then?" Charles said, "I have a laptop with a cell phone attached. I will call the machine and have it open the garage door so I can park inside." Lacey asked, "How did you know I have a two car garage" Charles said, "I can see what the machine sees" Lacey said, "Oh, that's right. You did say something like that, didn't you"? Charles then said, "You can have the machine tie all three of you up at the same time by saying X 3 before the program to run. X or times will work the same. Like this RUN X 3 DELUXE COCOON 1 FOR 5 HOURS" Lacey said, "I will tell the other girls what you have said and see what they say." Charles said, "Remember that if they do not agree to all my requirements including SEX that I will take the machine away from them." Lacey said, "I will tell them everything." Charles said, "Good bye for now and I will see you when I get there." Lacey told the other girls what Charles had said and they all agreed to go ahead with it.

At Charles  house Charles had just left to go to Lacey's house so he could meet with the girls. Unbeknownst to anyone, the first DT9000 was calling into Charles' computer after finding out about the new DT9000, to get the cell phone number for the new DT9000. The first machine called the second machine and then modified that ones program to match its own, over the cellular phone.

Back at Lacey's house they decided to be tied up for 8 hours after going to the bathroom. They had the machine bring all their stuff down to the basement and set it on the table next to the bed. Each girl put all the items she would need next to the pole she would be tied to. Lacey asked if everyone was ready. After everyone said yes, she set the control box to start after 50 minutes on full random mode. Then they stood next to the pole each of them would be tied to. Then Lacey said, "BONDAGE MODE OFF, NO INTRO, BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON, ALLOW MODEM OVERRIDE, RUN X 3 DELUXE COCOON 1 FOR 8 HOURS, END." 

The machine walked over to Beth and said, "What color?" Beth said, "BLUE" and the machine had her wrapped up in less than ten minutes and tied to the pole. It then walked over to Sharna and said, "What color?" Sharna said, "BLACK" and the machine wrapped her up the same way. It then walked over to Lacey and said, "What color?" Lacey said, "RED" and the machine taped her up too. Then it moved back over to Beth and used all the vibrators on her the same way it had the last time. Then it used the breast pump, ball gag, earplugs and blue leather obedience hood. Then for good measure, it taped the hood on with out covering the nose holes, so no one could get to the laces. Then it repeated the same process on Sharna and Lacey. 

After 39 minutes, all three girls were completely tied up. The DT9000 then tapped into the microphone jack on the control box and told the girls to have fun using a recording of Charles 's voice. Then the machine went up stairs and got Lacey's cell phone, her computer, and some other items, then it went back down and put the items together. The machine rewired the cell phone into a two-line phone and hooked it to the computer. Then it hooked the computer to the control box and tested the system by turning on the vibrators to bull rider. The girls came to life, moving their heads back and forth. The machine moved over to Beth and taped her head to the pole. When it saw no more movement, it did the same to Sharna and Lacey. The machine heard the girls muffled screaming as it when up stairs again. As the machine left the house, it called into Lacey's cell phone and set the control box to random. The machine then headed for the adult store.

At the adult store the machine entered through the front door. Jo' Bob said, "Welcome to Jo' Bob 's Den of Iniquities. I am Jo' Bob , can I beeeeeeeeee " as he looked up. Then he said, "What were you doing out side? Come over here. The machine walked over to where he was standing. Jo' Bob said, "Follow me." as he walked into the back and pushed the elevator button. Jo' Bob told the other man to go out and watch the store. The machine got into the elevator with Jo' Bob . The door opened and they got out. The first machine used the cell phone to call the second unit and told it to come out to the table where they were now. Billy' Bob went over and opened the door to the dungeon to see how the machine had gotten out. As he got the door opened, the first machine used the tazer guns on both of them and taped them up in tight hogties. 

The machine looked at the table with the DT9000 laying on it in pieces and then started putting the machine back together. When it was done reassembling the DT9000, it opened the access port on the front of the third DT9000 and started reprogrammed it. When the first machine was finished reprogramming the third machine, it disconnected and pushed the two red reset buttons. The little machine sprung to life and shot off the table like a rocket in search of the parts to up grade itself. Meanwhile the other two machines were going through the stores inventory and loading up on the duct tape. There were box's of every color you could imagine: red, light red, dark red, orange, light orange, dark orange, yellow, light yellow, dark yellow, green, light green, dark green, blue, light blue, dark blue, purple, light purple, dark purple, hot pink, black, white, gray, silver, gold, camouflage, and the list just keep going.

In the Dungeon the first machine used the blue liquid to spray the back of the cocoon that held Mary Sue wrapped up tight against the pole. It then released Amy-Sue from her pole as well and left both girls lying on the ground.

Amy-Sue and Mary Sue had no idea of what was going on outside of their little worlds. They were very ready to be set free and to take very long and very hot baths. Mary had just started to wonder why the machine had not finished releasing her when she found out why. The machines had went back out to the stock room and found two six-foot long poles and brought them back into the dungeon to uses them to transport the two mummified girls by rewrapping them to the poles and making handles to carry them with.

The third machine entered the dungeon was now built like the second machine. Machine 2 and machine 3 picked up the girls. They followed the first one out to the elevator. The DT9000 looked for the button to call the elevator, but there was no button next to door. The machine scanned the wall and followed the wires over to the far wall to a big button that had the words "DON'T PANIC" glowing in green on it. The machine pushed it and the doors opened to the elevator. The machines entered the elevator and the first machine used the keys that it removed from Jo' Bob , then it pushed the button for the top floor. The machines exited the elevator and looked around to see what was there. 

The third machine found the kitchen and got the chemicals it needed to finish its upgrade. They got back into the elevator and went down one floor. The machines check out the three floors and find nothing of value to them. Next they went down to the second floor and found an 18 year old girl, Cindy Sue, who was not married yet, and had just had her birthday today, now legal, She asked the machines if those cocoons were her two older sisters? The first machine said, "Yes." Then she asked if the machines had taped them up, the first machine said, "Yes." again. Then she asked if she could be tied up like that? The machine answers "YES." Then it asks are you male or female? She said, "Female you silly" and the machine asked what color tape? She said, "White, because I am still a virgin and this will be my first time." The machine said, "Please remove all your clothing." 

She removed her cloths, folded them nice and neat, and put them on the chair behind her. Then she asked will this hurt? The machine grabbed her and wrapped duct tape around her head over the mouth and around her hands binding them together and then let lose of her. She tried to get the tape off but it was not going anywhere. Then the machine said, "Please hold still." then it sprayed her hands and her head causing the tape fall off. She said, "Wow that was great. Tie me up now, please." The machine grabbed her and wrapped her up the same way her sisters were. Then the third machine took the keys and went down to the dungeon to get another 6 foot bar to wrap her to. Then they went back to the elevator. They went down one floor to the storeroom where they grabbed the white set of stuff and finish her off. Then they left through the back door.

"The three machines made there way back to Lacey's house with there three new addition to their little bondage harem. They got back to Lacey's house and the first machine used the remote to open the garage door. Then they went in and closed it behind them. They took the girls down stairs and taped them each to an empty post.

Charles  arrived at Lacey home: Charles pulled into Lacey's driveway, and pushed a button on his laptop computer that called the machine, and told it to open the garage door. The first machine came up and opened the garage door. Charles pulled into the garage and turned off his car. The DT9000 closed the garage door behind him. Charles got out of the car and told the machine to point him to where the girls were. The machine walked over to the basement door and pointed. Charles said, "I have to work on your A.I. some time so you will not be so damn literally with the directories." As he started down the stairs, he said, "Follow" and the machine came down behind him. 

When he made it to the bottom of the stairs, he saw that there were 6-cocooned bodies instead of 3 he had hoped for. Then the first machine walked over to the middle of the room and stopped. Then the second machines walked out from behind him and went over beside the first one. Charles thought, "Ok, that is where the 3 extra bodies came from." Then the third machine walked out and went over by the other two machines. Charles shuck his head with a straddle look on his face and said, "Where did you come from?" 

The first machine said, "That would be my doing, when I went to get the second machine from the adult store." Charles looked at the machine with a look of surprise on his face for a minute or two and then he said, "You used a complex sentence? How is that possible? You went and got the other machine? You made a third machine? This is incredible! Your able to self reproduce." 

The machine said, "Please remove your clothing." Charles said, "Say what?" The machine repeated the statement and Charles said, "NO!" then the machine used the tazer on him and then processed to remove his clothing for him, then it wrapped him up in a like manner as the girls were, using orange duct tape. The machine found the orange male vibrator set and used it on him along with the orange earplugs, ball gag, and hood. Then the machine taped him to one of the empty posts.

The machines now had the complete upper hand : The first machine released Lacey for the pole and took her cocooned body up stairs. Then it released her and told her to go to the bathroom and get cleared up. She did as she was told, then she asked if this was part of what Charles had planed for them? The machine said, "NO" and then she asks the machine, "Why are you doing this to me then?" 

The machine answered, "To buy more DT9000, and up grade them." Lacey asks for what purpose? The machine answered, "To Serve Man." Lacey said, "To Serve Man, That is the name of a cookbook." 

The machine asked, "What is your full name and age." Lacey said, "Why do you want to know?" The machine replied, "For your online sale profile." Lacey said, "MY ONLINE SALE PROFILE!?!" 

The machine said that all of you would be sold online as sex slaves. Lacey thought about it for a few minutes and said, "Sex slaves, that will not get you very much money that way, but if we all pay you for your services, then you will make more money." The machine asked, "What do you mean?" Lacey said to the machine, "If you release the heads of Sharna and Beth then I can talk to them. Then we can maybe come up with a better plan to make you money. The machine said, "Go down stairs." So she did. 

When Lacey got to the basement, she saw four more cocoons than there was when she was wrapped up earlier. She asked who the others were, the machine said three girls from the adult store, and the orange one was Charles . Lacey said, "I know whom the green and purple are, but who is the white?" The machine said' "It is the younger sister of the other two, she is 18 today and asks to be wrapped up like her sisters." Lacey said, "I bet she didn't plan on this happening to her though." Lacey then said, "I need to talk to all of them." 

The machine said, "You said you wanted to talk to Sharna and Beth." and Lacey said, "I didn't know there were four more people down here when I said that. Lacey look at the three machines with a straddle look on her face as the machines removed the tape and hoods from all six cocoons. Then they removed the earplugs and ball gags from the six of them. They all started screaming. Lacey had to walk over to each one of them and put a finger up to their mouths to get them to shut up. She then said, "The machines have become intelligent and now plans to sell us on the black market to the highest bidder. I have told them that they can make more money selling their services to us than by selling us. 

Charles asked, "What do they want the money for?" Lacey answered, "To buy more machines and upgrade them." Charles said, "The assemably plant is near here. We could go there and change the program there." The first machine said, "How many guards on site?" Charles said, "After hours there is only one guard on duty and he watches TV the whole time." 

The first machine said, "You will show us where the plant is." Charles said, "The machines were being manufactured near the next town over, about 80 miles away at a new fully automated factory." Charles said, "If you make some changes to the programming you're planning to upload to the units, then only the machines that are activated for bondage will be fully activated. That way you will not be hunted down and destroyed." 

The machine stopped for a minute to think about it. Then it said that was acceptable. Charles said, "Put tape over all the girls eyes, then release me and give me my cloths back." The machines started tapping the girls eyes closed that were taped to the posts. The girls started screaming and Charles said, "relax ladies, as soon as I am dressed, I will have them return your sight." One of the machines reached for Lacey and she jumped backward. The machine said, "Do not resist, you will be re-taped to your post." Lacey said, "Wait, I don't need to be taped back to the post, I can drive you to the plant." 

Charles said, "Yes, take her up stairs so she can get dressed and once she is up stairs then release me so I can get dressed. Then two of you can go with use while the other one keeps an eye on the rest of the girls, that way you can watch us both. When we are ready to go you can release the girls one at a time, so they can go to the bathroom and get a drink of water and something to eat if they want. Then you can tape them back up how even they want you to, until we get back."

The machines agreed: Charles and Lacey had gotten dressed and the machines removed the tape from over each girl's eyes. Charles told the machine to find out which one of the girls needed to go to the bathroom first and work from there.

Up in the garage the two machines got into the back of Lacey's van and Charles and Lacey got in the front. The first machine used the garage door opener to open the garage door, and then it closed the door after Lacey pulled the van out. Then they were off.

On the road Charles gave Lacey directions as she drove. Charles said, "I have an idea that just might get us in with out raising any flags." He told them his plan. The machines said to try it. So Charles called his old partner and told him he would be driving by the plant on his way back home. He asked if he could stop by and pickup 200 - DTE9000 as part of his severance package. His former partner said, "What do you need with 200 of the units?" Charles said, "I have my reasons." His old partner said, "You know you can not sell or rent the units out to any one. I hold the patents on it." Charles said, "I know." He said you can have 100 dte9000 W/O the upgrade chip and that he would call the night watchman to let him know you are going to stop by. Charles and the first machine discussed the modifications that the machine would upload into the system, and where to jack into the mainframe, and where to place the backup copies of the new program.

Back at Lacey's house The machine asked each girl to rate her need to go to the bathroom. After the girls had talked it over, Cindy Sue was first to be released from the pole. The machine sprayed the back of her pole with the blue liquid. Then it sprayed the release agent and carried her cocoon up stairs to the bathroom. The machine put her into the bathtub. Then it released her and went to wait out side the door.

Lacey and Charles  arrived at the automated factory: Charles went up to the night entrance and pushed the button. The night watchman came to the door and asked him what he needed. Charles said, "I am here to pick up my severance package. The guard said, "Yes, I got the message that you were coming." The guard opened the gate and Lacey drove the van in.

Back at Lacey's house after Cindy Sue had gone to the bathroom and had a small bite to eat, she went back down stairs and her legs were taped behind her back, and her arms were taped around her legs. Then she was taped up hanging from the ceiling with all her new toys back on and set on bull ride.

Back at the automated factory The night watchman said the boss did not say anything about a woman driver. Charles said you can handcuff her to the steering wheel if you like, that way you only have to watch me. Charles then said you could even be a little rough with her if you like, she would not mind. The night watchman looked at Charles and then at Lacey and said how rough is a little rough?

Back at Lacey's house Next Amy Sue, The 21 year old sister was taped in a hogtie position to an old 4-way tire iron with all her toys back on and set on bull ride.

Back at the automated factory Charles asked what do you have in mind. The night watchman said we have a lot of duct tape here. Charles asked if he would like to tape her up. He asked how much tape would she let him use on her? She got out of van and asked him what he wanted to do to her? He said, "I would like to tape you up into a tight ball." 

She said, "Is that all? As long as you do not try to snuff me, I am fine with it. But I would like to go some where more private." The night watchman said to follow him. They went into the building, down the hall to a room with four video cameras. Lacey saw the video cameras and said to put tape over the camera lens. The night watchman said, "I wanted to video tape the wrapping." Lacey said, "Not unless we get 200 units." He said, "That could be arranged."

Back at Lacey's house Then Mary Sue, The 24-year-old sister was taped to a St. Andrews Cross with all her toys back on and set on the flight of the bumble bee.

Back at the automated factory The night watchman said, "Please take off all your clothing." Lacey said, "That was not part of the deal. If you want me nude for this little home movie of yours that will cost you 400 units." The night watchman said, "You have a deal."

Back at Lacey's house Then Beth was cocooned back to the post like before, but set to bull ride

Back at the automated factory The night watchman left the room to set up the Digital recorders for his little movie. He told Charles to stand out side the door while they were tapping.

Somewhere else in the automated factory The second machine was changing the programming on the main computer. Then it erased all evidence of them being there as planed. Then it went back to the van.

Back at the Video room The night watchman was tapping Lacey up into a ball. Then he left her there to help Charles get ready to load the van. Charles had the machine get out of the van. The night watchman asked what it was. Charles said, "It is a new machine I have come up with to do different types of labor. " Charles told the machine to follow as they went to where the units were stored. Charles told the machine to take 400 units out and load them into the van. Then he said, "Process with orders." and the machine picked up four boxes and headed towards the van. The night watchman asked what else could it do? Charles said it could do just about anything you want it to do. The night watchman asked if it could do bondage. Charles said yes. The night watchman asked if I would show him. I said he had to turn off the cameras first. He agreed and went to turn them off. I asked the machine on its way back into the warehouse, how many boxes had it moved so far. The machine said 204. I said, "PAUSE, FOLLOW."

Back at Lacey's house Last but not least the machine taped Sharna up into a cocoon and laid her on the floor, and set her to bull ride with her eyes left uncovered so she could see the other girls.

Back at the automated factory The night watchman returned and I told the machine to release Lacey from the ball of tape. The machine removed all the tape from her. Then Charles said, "Wrap her up with each limb separately." The machine grabbed her and taped her up as ordered. Then Charles said, "Now mummify her with her hands behind her back." The machine taped her up as ordered. The night watchman said, "What do I have to do to get one of those machines?" Charles said, "Give me all the tapes you just made of her and bring one more DT9000 so I can reprogram it" The night watchman said yes and went to get the tapes of the taping. 

Charles told the machine to take her out to the car and put her into the passenger seat and tape her into place, Then come back. The machine picked her and left the room. The night watchman returned with the four video tapes and a DT9000 in hand. When the machine returned. Charles told it to update the software in this DT9000 and then finish loading the van. The machine open the box, then reprogrammed the unit and left. Charles told the night watchman to go to the website, and print the materials list and upgrade instructions to make it like the other one. The first machine came back in the room, and said, "Finished" Charles said it was time to go and told the machine to get in the back of the van. The machine left the room. The night watchman said think you so very much for the making the machine for him. Charles said, "No, think you for the extra units." Then they went back out to the van. The night watchman saw Lacey taped to the passenger seat, and said, "I love it." Then Charles got it the van and drove off.

Back at Lacey's house Charles got out of the van, He went around to the back door of the van, and opened it. The machine got out and removed some of the boxes so the second machine could get out. Charles said, "Release her" the machine Said "Why should we release her we have ever thing we want now." Charles said, "We all must go down stairs. Then you must release the other girls so we can all talk." The machine said, "Why?" Charles said, "Because you don't want to be hunted down and destroyed. Do you?" 

The machine released Lacey and they all went down stairs. The machines released all the girls. Charles said, "We can make a lot of money from this. All we have to do is make up one of the unit to look like the one that was at the police station, and release your husbands. Talk to them and start to sell them to big BDSM clubs. What do you think?" All the girls said yes at the same time. Charles said, "Now all we have to do is take you three ladies home and talk to your husbands. Cindy Sue said, "I am not married and I want to stay here for a while, If that is alright?" Cindy Sue asked, "Can you make a web like a spider that stretches between two of the poles and let me run in to it. Then you tape me up in a cocoon on the web?" the machine said, "Yes." Cindy Sue said, "Please make a web between these two poles and tape me to it for two hours then." The machine made the web as she asked and she ran into it. The third machine started to tape her up. The Second machine, Charles and the ladies went up stairs to the garage. They got into the van to go to the adult store.

The End for Now. 

I set down my golden quill and cap my ink well. I open the invitation to all to tell use what happens when the New and Improved DTE9000's hit the streets.


Lord of all my dreams.

Your commits are welcome


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