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Smart Duct Tape 6

by Tektaper

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© Copyright 2007 - Tektaper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machines/f+; M/f+; D/s; mum; cocoon; bdsm; electroplay; toys; cons; X

Chapter 6: The Introduction of The Bondage Bots

Cindy Sue was taped up in a web made by the third machine, down in Lacey's basement, while the rest of the group was Making plans.

Down in the basement at Lacey's house: Beth asked Cindy Sue if she could join her in the web. Cindy Sue said it was fine with her, so Beth ran and jumped into the web near Cindy Sue and the web moved back and forth just like a real spider web. The third machine wrapped Beth up like Cindy Sue and then asked if they wanted their heads wrapped in tape or hooded? They both said they wanted to be able to talk the each other. Charles said they had to go now. The rest of the group went up stairs. Lacey got some of her sweat clothes for Mary Sue and Amy Sue to wear since they came wrapped only in duct tape. Charles had the two machines take out all of the units from Lacey's van and put the second row seats back in the van. He then had them put 50 units back in the van to take to the adult store. Now that everyone that was going to the store had clothes on, they all got into the front and the two machines got into the back of the van and they left.

At the adult store: Lacey enter the side parking lot and parked next to Mary Sue's car. They entered through the basement door using the key that the machine had taken from Jo Bob the first time it was here. When they walked in and saw Jo Bob and Billy Bob tapped up in tight hogties. Mary Sue told the machines to remove the tape from their mouths. Then machine #2 removed the tape from their mouths. Mary Sue and Amy Sue both went to their man and told them what had happened, and then they had the machine release them.

Jo Bob and Billy Bob both asked, "So you are telling us that these machines are alive like that machine it the movie Short Circuit."

They said yes.

Charles said,"We have brought 50 units with us to leave here so you can sell them."

He then had the machines bring in the 50 units and put them on a shelf near the table. Then Charles had Sharna and Lacey and the two machines help him upgrade the software in the units and change the labels on the boxes and replace the instructions with the new ones. An hour and a half later they had finished. Charles, Jo Bob, and the first machine started talking about the plans to sale the units.

Back at Lacey's house: Beth and Cindy Sue were having a lot of fun talking and trying to get out of their wrapping. Beth told the machine she had to go to the bathroom again. The machine released her and she went upstairs to relieve herself. Cindy Sue told the machine she had to go also, so the machine released her as well. She followed Beth upstairs and waited outside the bathroom door for her turn. They got some thing to eat. Then Cindy Sue went downstairs again had the machine tape her up in a spread eagle between two poles.

Down in the basement of the adult store: The phone rang and Jo Bob answered it. He covered the receiver and said, "SHIT!" I forgot about the representatives from The Kinky Minds Co. are coming over today. I called them right after you left the other day and told them about a new machine they had to see. He then said into the phone,"Tell them I will be right up."

I hope you don't mind that I called them. Charles said, "This may work out good, go up and get them and bring them down to meet us."

Jo Bob took his keys back and went up to get them.

Back at Lacey's house: Beth came back down with a big smile on her face. Cindy Sue asked what was up. Beth asks if she had every tried putting tooth paste on her nipples or her pussy. Cindy Sue said, "No, why?"

Beth asks if she would like to try. Cindy Sue asked, "What does it do?"

Beth said, "It will be fun."

Cindy Sue said, "I guess so if you are going to also."

Beth said, "GOOD, now tape her mouth shout."

The machine put 4 strips of tape over Cindy Sue's mouth before she could even try to stop it. Cindy Sue looked at her.

Beth said, "I did not want you to stop it once I start." Beth then told the machine to tape her up like it had done to Cindy Sue without the mouth tape yet. The machine was done in a minute and a half. She then told it to take the tooth paste and liberally smear it on both of them, on their nipples and their pussies.

After the machine smeared a heavy layer into both of them, Beth said, "Ohhh. That is good. Now tape my mouth shut for 15 minutes, then take the tape off my mouth. Then wait 15 more minutes and remove the tape from Cindy Sue mouth." The machine taped up her mouth and started the internal clock. It scanned both of them and tried to determine what the tooth paste was doing.

At the adult store: Jo Bob said, "I would like to introduce you to Mark Maloney and his personal assistant Kimberly White. They are the representatives from The Kinky Minds Co.  They are one of the largest bondage toy manufactures"

Charles then said, "Hello, My name is Charles Damien Gray and these two lovely ladies are Sharna and Lacey. We are here to show you my newest creation. The Smart Duct Tape Bondage Robots, or Bondage Bots for short. These are prototypes using spare parts. They can interact with you and follow complex tasks. You can even set it to operate as the Master in bondage games. You can Make it be different sizes and shapes. The possibility are almost limitless. If you would like a demo of what they can do, It can be arranged."

Mark said, "Yes."

Back at Lacey's house:  The machine rubbed their nipples and pussies at different times and kept scanning them to determine what the effect it was having on them. They both were wiggling and screaming as much as they could, trying to get away from the machine's rubbing. After the first 15 minutes was up, the machine removed the tape from Beth's mouth. She told the machine to stop that. The machine came to a stop.

At the adult store: Charles asked Miss White if she would like to try out the machine?

She looked at Mark and he said, "She would like that very much."

Charles then asked how long of a trial would he like and Mark said half an hour should be fine. Charles asked what color tape she would like. Kimberly said, "Yellow please."

He then asked if Sharna to get the super deluxe wireless vibrator set, yellow breast-milking nipple clamps with pump, yellow ball gag, yellow 'white noise' earplugs, and a yellow leather obedience hood from the store.

Charles told unit #2 to go with Sharna to get all the toys from the shelves. Charles then said, "Everyone in to the dungeon please."

Jo Bob went in first, followed by Mary Sue, Billy Bob, Amy Sue, Mark, Charles, Sharna, Lacey, and unit #1. Then Kimberly and unit #2 came last.

Back at Lacey's house: Beth asked the machine why it had been rubbing their nipples and pussies at different times, when she had not told it to. The machine said it had been scanning them to see what the effect the tooth paste and then the rubbing was having on them. Beth asked why. The machine said to get a better understanding of them. Beth asked what had it found out so far.

The machine said that your endorphines levels go up when you are duct taped to the poles and when the tooth paste was used with the random rubbing, your endorphiens went through the roof and your adrenaline went up as well. Beth said, "The endorphines make us feel good and the adrenaline was because we did not know what you were doing."

At the adult store: Charles then said, "Ladies, please remove your clothing and stand by a pole with your stuff."

All five ladies took their stuff to a pole and then removed all their clothes. Charles then said, "NO INTRO, BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON, ALLOW MODEM OVERRIDE, RUN X 5 DELUXE COCOON 1 FOR 30 MINUTES FROM LAST ONE DONE."

Machine #1 walked over to Mary Sue and said, "What color?" Mary Sue said, "Purple" and the machine had her wrapped up in less than ten minutes and tied to the pole.

While machine #2 walked over to Amy Sue and said, "What color?" Amy Sue said, "Green" and the machine had her wrapped up in less than ten minutes and tied to the pole also.

Machine #1 then walked over to Sharna and said, "What color?" Sharna said, "Black" and the machine wrapped her up the same way.

Machine #2 then walked over to Lacey and said, "What color?" Lacey said, "RED" and the machine taped her up too.

Then machine #1 moved back over to Mary Sue and used all the vibrators on her the same way it had the last time. Then it used the breast pump, ball gag, earplugs and purple leather obedience hood. Then for good measure, it taped the hood on without covering the nose holes, so no one could get to the laces. Then it repeated the same process on Amy Sue, Sharna and Lacey. After 23 minutes, all four girls were completely tied up.

Back at Lacey's house: Beth asked, "You were scanning us to get a better understanding of us?"

The machine said, "To improve the bondage experience," as it was removing the tape gag from Cindy Sue.

Cindy Sue said, "That was great but why did you have it stop?" With a sad look on her face. Beth said, "I can put that tape back on you missy." Cindy Sue said, "Oh no, Mistress, I did not mean it that way as she was giggling." The machine said, "I can be set to be the mistress."

At the adult store: Machine #1 asked Kimberly, "Are you Male or Female?"

Kimberly said, "Female"

Then machine #1 said, "What color?"

Kimberly said, "Yellow please."

Then machine #1 said, "How many pumps?"

Kimberly said, "Pumps? Oh, 12 please" and the machine had her wrapped up in less than fourteen minutes and tied to the pole with all the toys in place. Mark asked if he could video tape the taping of Kimberly for the home office to look at.

Charles said, "I do not see why not as long as you only tape her and she is ok with it."

Mark said he would be right back and Billy Bob went with him. They came back with two video cameras on stands. Mark set them up and asked how long will it take to get her out. Charles said, "UNWRAP YELLOW ALL" and the machine #1 released Kimberly by spraying a blue line down the front and back of her cocoon and then spraying her with the release agent causing all the tape to fall off her.

Kimberly got up and removed the yellow leather obedience hood. Then she removed the yellow breast-milking nipple clamps with pump and the yellow super deluxe wireless vibrator set. Next she removed the yellow ball gag and yellow 'white noise' earplugs.

Kimberly said, "That was amazing! but you said 30 minutes did you not."

Mark said, "I brought the video cameras to record your taping for the home office."

Kimberly said, "What do I have to do or who do I have to sleep with, to get one of these units."

Mark said go ahead and tape her up again. Charles said, "UNDO LAST COMAND START TIMER OVER AT TWO HOURS."

Then machine #1 grabbed Kimberly and taped her up completely with all the toys in less than ten minutes and said, "Timer reset to two hours for all cocoons"

Charles said, "Set them to bull-ride at random power levels."

Mark said, "You are an evil one aren't you," as he turned of the video cameras off.

Back at Lacey's house: Beth said, "You can be the mistress, How?"

The machine said, "You must say, 'MISTRESS SET PROTOCALS AND LIMITS' then I will run you through a list of protocols and limits to set at the level you wish to be put through. After you have setup the protocols and limits I will ask you if you want to save them for future use, you can pick a file name to save it under like 'BAD GIRLS'. Then you can run the file by saying, 'MASTER SET TO ON, RUN BAD GIRLS FOR 15 MINUTES, END' or what ever duration you want."

At the adult store: Charles, Jo Bob, Billy Bob, Mark and machine #1 all walked out of the dungeon and back over to the table. Charles got one of the new units off the shelf and set in down on the table. Charles then asked how big do you want to make each one? 

Mark then said, "You mean I can pick what size I want them?"

" Yes, you can make it look like anything you want from twice its size now up to filling up a large warehouse."

Mark asked how do you get them to interact with you?

"By saying 'NO INTRO, BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON, STOP,  BONDAGE MODE OFF, INTERACT ON' and the unit will talk to you, to see what you want it to do. After that all you have to do is just talk to it."

Back at Lacey's house: Beth asked Cindy Sue if she would like to try letting the machine control the both of them. Cindy Sue said why not. Beth said, "Ok machine what do we call you?"

The machine said, "Call me 'Unit #3', But when I am in mistress mode you will address me as 'Mistress #3'.

Beth said," Uhhh, we will want you to show us what the different levels are for each option."

The machine said that was part of the setup.

At the adult store: Charles said, "To get a complete list of commands just say, ' BONDAGE MODE SET TO ON' and it will give the list."

Mark said, "I want a complete list in writing to show my superiors".

Charles said that the list will keep growing as the unit learns new things. He then told the unit to plug into the computer and print the most up to date list. The machine went over to the computer and plugged into it. It printed 47 pages of commands and instructions, then it brought the paper over to Charles.

Back at Lacey's house: Beth said, "MISTRESS SET PROTOCALS AND LIMITS".

The machine said, "The first protocol is duration."

Beth asked Cindy Sue, "What do you think about half an hour to start."

Cindy Sue said, "How about one hour." Beth agreed. Then Beth said, "Duration one hour."

The machine repeated, "Duration one hour, confirm?" and Beth said yes.

The machine said, "slave 2 confirm." Cindy Sue said yes and the machine said, "confirmed one hour."

At the adult store: Charles said, "To give the unit a complex list of commands, You can say, 'START COMMAND SEQUENCE', then give a list of commands, duration, and then say, 'UNWRAP ALL, END COMMAND SEQUENCE'.  Then, to run it say, 'RUN COMMAND SEQUENCE ' There is a failsafe, 'COMMAND OVERRIDE', if you leave your mouth open, other wise you will be stuck until all your commands are meet, or until the safety protocol overrides."

Mark asked what are the safety protocol?

Charles said, "The safety protocols are break-in, fire, smoke, flood, earth quake, etc., and your health. You can add phone and door bell to that list."

Charles said, "The unit can operate as the Master or Mistress once you are in BONDAGE MODE. You can get it to act as the Master by saying, 'MASTER/MISTRESS SET PROTOCALS AND LIMITS' and it will run you through a list of protocols and limits to set at the level you wish to be put through. After you have setup the protocols and limits it will ask you if you want to save them for future use, It will ask you to pick a file name to save it under like 'BAD PUPPY. Then you can run the file by saying, 'MASTER SET TO ON, RUN BAD PUPPY FOR 15 MINUTES, END'. This would run the file 'BAD PUPPY', which would make you take off all your clothes. Then tape your elbows to your sides and put a ball gag in your mouth. Next it would duct tape your ankles with a one foot hobble link. Next it would duct tape a vibrating butt plug and dildo in you. After that it would set them to frustrate and deny you an orgasm. Now that you are all ready, it would make you clean the house for 15 minutes while giving you orders and spanking you at 25% of the maximum hardness if you failed to obey fast enough. And you can also set it to work by modem, If you have a long distance Master, he could set up a file that you would run on your end. The machine will monitor your health to prevent your accidental death. If you had a wireless ten's unit, You could wire that in to shock you at different setting."

Back at Lacey's house: The machine said, "The second protocol is emergency overrides: standard protocols are default. Phone, doorbell, and modem are listed options."

Beth said, "Add modem in case Charles calls into you."

The machine said, "slave 1 added modem, does slave 2 concur?"

Cindy Sue said yes.

The machine said, "Protocol two set to standard plus modem."

Next the machine said, "The third protocol is safe word. na nu, na nu is red and shoz bot is yellow. If you are gagged hum Beetoven's 5 duh duh duh duhhhhh and I will un-gag you." The machine said, "slave 1 do you understand?" and Beth said yes. Then the machine said, "slave 2 do you understand?" and Cindy Sue said yes.

At the adult store: Mark asked, "How much do you want per unit?"

Charles said, "$300 per unit with the software upgrades, as is in the box in front of you."

Mark said, "As is?"

Charles said, "Yes, you pay for the parts to upgrade from the base model."

Mark said, "And if I get the go ahead, how long before you could have 500,000 units ready?"

Charles said, "That will depend on two things. First I will need half the money up front as a down payment. And secondly, I will have to talk to my old partner and see if he will sell out to me."

Back at Lacey's house: The machine said, "Limit 1 is spanking: this is 5%" as it hit Beth on the bottom.

Beth said, "try 25%."

The machine hit her at that level and she said, "Uuhhh, try 50%"

Then the machine hit her again and she said, "Ought to try 75%."

The machine hit her at 75% and she said, "Ouch that smarted." She said, "Ok, nothing above 50%, except maybe one or two, up to 75% if I am misbehaving."

The machine said, "Limit 1 set for slave 1." Then it walked over to the back side of Cindy Sue. "This is 5%" as it hit Cindy Sue on the bottom. Cindy Sue said, "Lets just jump to 50%."

Then the machine hit her and she said, "Oh! that feels good, try 75%."

The machine hit her at 75% and she said," Ouch, I have to agree with you. Set mine the same."

The machine said, "slave 2 set the same as slave 1."

Unbeknownst to the girls, Unit #3 had called into unit #1 and told it the girls were setting up Mistress setting.

At the adult store: Unit #1 told Charles what was going on back at Lacey's house.

Mark said, "Charles, you had said something about the electric shock units called ten's unit. We just brought some of the new zap units that go with the control box."

Charles said we will need a full set of them for all the girls. Mark said that will not be a problem.

Charles said he would need a set of white and blue to go, with a wicked look on his face.

Mark, Jo Bob, and Billy Bob all said what are you thinking.

Charles said just this, and he told unit #1 to have unit #3 turn off their safe word protocol when he gets back to Lacey's house. Mark, Billy Bob, and Charles all went outside and Mark got the equipment and Charles had the keys to the van and said, "I will be back soon!" As he got it the van and drove off. Mark and Billy Bob went back inside.

Back at Lacey's house: The machine said, "Limit 2 is piercing." Beth and Cindy Sue both said NO!

The machine said, "Limit 3 is burning" They both said NO way.

The machine said, "Limit 4 is tattooing." They both said NO again.

The machine said, "Limit 5 is knife play." They both said hell NO!

The machine said, "Limit 6 is breath play." They both said there is NO way in hell.

The machine said, "Limit 7 is electric shock play." They both said fuck NO!

The machine went through the rest of the limits: whipping, tickling, nipple and breast torture, pussy torture, strictness of bindings, water play, cold play, duct tape play and set the appropriate levels for all of them.

Outside of Lacey's house: Charles had just pulled up and hit a button on his laptop that told unit #3 to come up and open the garage door and let him in.

Inside of Lacey's house down in the basement: Unit #3 stopped tickling the girls and went upstairs to open the garage for Charles. After he pulled into the garage and the door was closed, he got the new toys and went downstairs to have some fun with the girls.

They both saw him as he came down the stairs followed by unit #3.

He said, "List slave duration."

Unit #3 said, "Slave duration is one hour, 25 minutes remain."

Charles said, "List safe words."

The machine said, "Safe words were turned off at your command."

Beth and Cindy Sue both looked at him with a worried look on their faces.

Charles said, "Reset slave duration to 48 hours," as he walked behind the girls and set the zap units on the table.

The machine said, "Slave duration has been reset to 48 hours."

He opened the blue set and dumped it all out. Charles said, List limits for electric shock play."

The machine said, "Limits for electric shock play are set to off."

Charles then said, "Set limits for electric shock play to on, and we will set levels later." Then he told the machine to put all 150 wireless zapper pads on slave 1 per the instructions and the machine followed orders. Charles then had it repeat the last command on slave 2. He then had the machine to wrap them up in deluxe cocoon number one, to the poles for transport back to the adult shop. He then told the machine to put them into the back of the van and get their clothes and any toys that was not being used on them at the moment and for it to get into the back of the van also.

Charles got into the van and looked up and saw the remote for the garage door opener above the sun visor and thought to himself ok that was dumb. He pushed the button and left.

At the adult store: Charles had unit #3 call unit #1 and had it open the side door to let them in. Once inside the dungeon,  Charles had the machines put on all the zapper pads on all the girls and tape them back up. He then had unit #3 release its girls and he let the machine take back over as mistress after he reset the slave duration to one hour. He also reset the other girls time to one hour with a warning timer set for 10 minutes remaining. Unit #3 put slave 1 on the rack, and put slave 2 in a five hole stock so it could whip her bottom. Jo Bob, Billy Bob, Mark, and Charles went back out to the table to talk.

Charles and Mark talked for about 40 minutes about the plans for marketing 'The Bondage Bots'. Then they went back into the dungeon to finish the tape for the home office. Mark said, "I want you to release Kimberly last so I can record her being released."

Charles added ten minutes to her time and five minutes to all the duct tape cocoons, so he could watch the slaves be released first. After the girls were released, Charles asked them how they liked the mistress program. They both said they loved it.

Beth said, "When you had the machine reset the slave duration to 48 hours, and I thought I was going to be stuck under the power of Mistress #3 for 48 hours. I had the biggest, most powerful orgasm I have ever had in my life." Cindy Sue said, "The same here and it just would not stop."

Charles said, "I am glad to hear that."

The machines then released Sharna, Lacey, Mary Sue, and Amy Sue and they got dressed. Mark started the video recorders back up and machine #1 released Kimberly. After she was dressed, she stated how great it was to be taped up by the machine. Then Mark put the video cameras away.

Charles gave Mark eleven units, ten for the company and one for him and Miss White to use.

Two days later: Charles got the go ahead, so he went and told his old partner Dr De'Cassio that he would like to buy him out for one hundred dollars a unit, for every unit he still had at the factory. That also includes the units not yet put together and all copyrights he owned for the units. "That will more than cover your investment that you have in it so far, or I can just start up my own company and watch yours go farther into the hole."

His old partner said, "Yes he would sell", but what he had not said was that he had not sold a single upgrade. After it was all said and done, Dr De'Cassio had made 3 times more that what he had put in to the company and was very happy with himself.

Charles bought the plant and the private estate from the bank on a 50 year contract. He had enough money set back to pay for half of it up front, but he held on to most of it.

Charles now owned the plant where the unit were being made and all the rights to the units. Charles, Jo Bob, Sharna, and Lacey all became partners. Charles taking 65%. Jo Bob taking 15%. Sharna, and Lacey both getting 10% each of the profits.  Sharna, and Lacey both planed to quit their jobs and moved into Charles' private estate next to the plant. Beth and Cindy Sue moved in together at the adult shop and played down in the dungeon all the time, if they were not at Charles' place.

At the plant: The first machine used the machine shop at the plant to fabricate itself a new and improved body and ordered the parts it couldn't easily make, like 16 tazers and 4 micro server computers and etc.. Then it builds 4 new machines and transfers its' program into the four machines. The one that was tweaked the most took the old first machine back to the police station and ran it by remote control from inside a moving van the same day Officer Lacey was due to return to work.

In the police station: Lieutenant Bryce saw Officer Lacey pull into the parking lot on the new closed circuit television and went down to tell her the Chief wanted to see her.

Outside the police station: The old unit grabbed Lieutenant Bryce and taped him to the wall as he was coming out to get Officer Lacey. Officer Lacey seeing the monsters machine grab the Lieutenant and tape him to the wall, screamed in terror and then drew her gun and shot at the machine. The machine shot her with the tazer then cocooned Officer Lacey in twenty five layers of duct tape from head to toe, leaving only her nostrils open.

Chief Smith saw the whole thing on the closed circuit television that had been added since the break-in or break-out as it now looked like. He ordered Office McGregery and Officer Miller to circle around the left while Officer Thompson and Officer Truman circle around from the right with orders to destroy that machine. Office McGregery and Officer Miller had made it around to the back first. The machine in the van had seen them coming so it had the old unit shot them with the tazers. The old unit then used duct tape to hogtie both of them by wrapping their feet and hands up in a nice big balls behind their backs and put six layers of duct tape over their mouths just like it had done to the other Officers.

Officer Thompson and Officer Truman saw the machine hit Office McGregery and Officer Miller with the bolts from the tazer guns and waited for the machine to start duct taping them up before Officer Truman ran out and started shooting at it. The unit had just finished taping them when the gun first went off. The machine in the van had it spin around and get ready to tazer the shooter. Officer Thompson used the hand held rocket launcher they had gotten from S.W.A.T. to try to take down this machine.

Once the machine was hit by a rocket, it blew into pieces. Officer Thompson and Officer Truman ran over to Office McGregery and Officer Miller and started laughing and then said they would be back to help them out after they helped Officer Lacey and Lieutenant Bryce out. They went to Officer Lacey first and checked if she was still alive and tried to get the tape to come off, but the machine had used super sticky irremovable duct tape for the last 8 layers. They stopped and told her they would come back for her in a little while.

She was still trying to scream but all that came out was muffled and was trying to move around, (putting on a good show for everyone to see). They went to Lieutenant Bryce and pulled the tape off his mouth. Then they remove the tape holding him up on the wall. They went back to Officer McGregery and Officer Miller and ripped the tape off their mouths and then unwrapped their hands and feet. Chief Smith had made it down to the back of the building and said, "Good work Officer Thompson."

They all went over to Officer Lacey to try to get her out. She was still trying to scream and move around. They could not get the tape off so Chief Smith called the hospital and told them about what had happened to Officer Lacey. The lady at the hospital asked if they could bring her in as the two ambulances were out on calls. The Chief had Officer Thompson and Officer Truman take her down to the hospital in the big van where they could lay her down flat on the floorboard. At the hospital, it took them over 18 hours to get her out of the cocoon of duct tape. The nurses were all going on about this being the second one in less than a month.

At Charles' new place: Charles got a call from Mark asking how soon he could have another 500,000 units ready, because the first 500,000 were almost gone. Charles said at the current rate of production, it should be about two weeks. Mark said, "I am placing the order for 500,000 more then."

Back at the police station: Officer Lacey turned in her gun and badge and told the Chief she was quitting because she could not handle being here anymore. The Chief said she could have some time off with pay under the mental health law and then see if she still wanted to quit. She said NO while she was shaking. Then she turned and started waking towards the door.

The Chief said, "We will still need you to go to the doctors and be check out for your mental and psychical health before you go, Take the time off and see the doctors and if you still want to leave, then I will accept your letter of resignation."

She walked out and went home and started packing.


The End for Now.


I set down my golden quill and cap my ink well. I open the invitation to all to tell use what happens when new people get the New and Improved Bondage Bot.



Lord of all my dreams.


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