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Snow Day

by mrdoogles

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© Copyright 2001 - mrdoogles - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; wrap; kidnap; cons/nc; X

It was a snowy December night, it had been snowing for the past few days and there was about 3 feet of snow on the ground and it was expected to keep snowing for another 3 days.  No one was leaving his or her houses because it was so hard to get around.  Basically my town was completely shut down.  So I made myself some popcorn and popped in my favourite movie.  I was going to spend a third day trapped in my house so to speak.  While the movie was going on I realized that the snow continued to come down, I’m talking huge flakes the size of golf balls. 

Halfway through the film there was a knock on the door.  I couldn’t imagine who it could be so I went over to the door and looked through the peephole.  I saw a man wearing a black ski mask and the same jacket as my next-door neighbour.  I said “Who’s there?” They responded, “Its me Jack from next door, my car is buried in snow and I need to get some food, do you mind lending me hand digging it out?”  So being the good neighbour I am I said, "Sure I'll be out in a minute let me just put on my coat and boots."  When I got outside I saw Jacks car completely buried with snow.  It took us a half an hour to get it out. 

When we were done I asked if before he went to get food if he would like to join me for some hot chocolate.  He agreed and we both went back into my house.  When we got in we took off our boots and coats, but for some reason he kept his ski mask on.  I asked him if he’d like to take off his ski mask and he replied “No thanks, I'll take it off in a minute I just want to warm up first.”  We went up into the kitchen and I boiled water for the hot chocolate.  I noticed that Jack wasn’t saying much, and he was usually a very talkative guy.  There was some thing wrong with Jack but I didn’t know what.  The water finally boiled and I went and got the hot chocolate packets from the cabinet.  That’s when it happened.  Jack hit me over the head with a pan and knocked me out.

I don’t think I was out for a very long time but when I woke up, I was tied down to a chair.  When I went to scream I realized that I couldn’t because there was a sock stuffed into my mouth and a piece of duct tape over it.  Then I heard footsteps and Jack came down the stairs.  When he noticed I was awake he came over to me and asked if I was ok.  I nodded because that’s all that I could do.  Then he took off the ski mask.  You’re not going to believe it, but it wasn’t Jack.   I wasn’t that surprised because I had a feeling it wasn’t him from the beginning. 

He told me his name was Tom, and that he disguised himself as Jack just so he could kidnap me.  Me being the dumb one fell for it, and now I was strapped to a chair and could not move. He sat around for awhile and told me that he’s been going around from house to house doing this to all the people that live in them, and since there is such a huge blizzard no one can come and rescue anybody because they are all afraid to leave their house.  He then told me that I was his next victim.

Tom went outside to his car, that I helped unbury and got a huge duffle bag.  When he returned he put the bag on the floor next to me.  He then unzipped it and inside was tons of bondage materials.  There were ball gags, plastic bags, ropes, tape, etc.  I saw him search around for something, and then he finally found it.  He took out an industrial roll of clear pallet wrap.  I was wondering what he was going to do with it, then he told me that he was going to strip me down and wrap me mummy style.  I had no idea what that was and I was pretty afraid. 

What he was going to do is untie me from the chair and have me strip first.  If I tried to escape when he untied me he told me that he would make the punishment a lot more severe.  He untied me and told me to take off all of my clothes.  The thought of running crossed my mind but I was too afraid.  Now I was standing in my living room completely naked except for the tape gag.  He instructed me to stand with my legs apart. I did so and he began to wrap each leg at a time.  He started at the top of my thigh and worked his way down to my ankle, and then up again.  He repeated this about four times, until I could no long bend my knee. 

The wrap was warm and had such a tight squeeze on my leg.  He did the same for my other leg.  He then told me to hold my arms out so he could do this to my arms as well.  So I held my arms out and he started wrapping at my shoulder and went to my wrist.  When he hit my wrist he told me to make a fist, and then he wrapped my hands in a fist.  I couldn’t move my fingers at all.  He repeated this to my arm four times as well.  Then he did my other arm the same way.  I couldn’t bend my arms or legs.  But there was a part of me that kind of enjoyed it. 

He then went to work on my torso area.  He began at my crotch and worked all the way up to my shoulders.  When he got to my shoulders he did a figure eight to get them wrapped up.  He went up and down my torso numerous amounts of times.  Now my whole body was wrapped in tight, warm plastic.  He asked me how I was doing and I nodded ok.  He then told me to put my legs together and my arms at my sides.  Being the helpless victim that I was I agreed.  He attached the wrap to my ankles and began from there.  He went all the way up my body wrapping my legs together and my arms at my sides.  When he got to my shoulders he did the same figure eight as before.  Then he went down   again.  I was now completely cocooned in the plastic.  I couldn’t move an inch of my body except for my head and feet. 

He went up and down my body so many times that I couldn’t see my body in the mirror any more there was just layers upon layers of plastic wrap over me.  I started to shake with fear because I couldn’t move.  I almost fell over but he caught me.  He then laid me down on the couch and began to wrap my feet.  He just kept going over them and over them until they too could not been seen. I was totally immobilized except for my head.  He just left me on the couch to stir around.  I was totally humiliated because there was nothing I could do to help myself.  I was totally stuck.  The plastic was too strong.  I struggled and struggled, but it was no use.  I got nowhere, I just tired myself out. 

It began to get very warm.  I was also getting very tired from trying to break free.  I realized that Tom had disappeared for a while.  When he returned he asked me if my breathing was ok.  I nodded yes.  I don’t know why because there could have been a chance that he would have released me if I said no.  Tom reached down and grabbed the plastic roll again, and I thought to myself when could he possibly be going to wrap every inch of my body was covered with plastic.  Then it dawned on me, my head.  I started to squirm and scream and roll, I tried everything but it was no use the plastic kept rejecting every move I made.  Then the plastic hit my face.  It was sticky but still warm.  He began to wrap my head.  My vision became weak because every layer of wrap made it harder to see.  As he went around my head he cut a hole for me to breathe.  All of a sudden it was very dark, and I couldn’t hear a thing.  I was starting to get claustrophobic.  I screamed but it was no use I couldn’t even hear myself.  It was now totally dark.  I was really scared. 

Some how I was able to feel him rubbing my new skin down.  It was weird.  I was totally cocooned like a caterpillar.  I squirmed around and then all of a sudden boom.  I fell off the couch.  I felt him lift me up, but instead of putting me back on the couch, I think he put me on a table because it was a lot harder.  Then I felt some pressure on my legs.  He was wrapping me down to the table.  He went up and down my body three or four times.  Now I couldn’t even squirm.  I was pinned down to the table.  It was dark and I was scared.  I was wondering how long he would leave me like this.  Would I die like this?  I hope not, I want to get out some one help me.  Please help me.  I can’t move, I can’t see, I can’t hear. 


Then I heard it.  There was a loud bang.  It was the sound of my front door.  He was gone, and I was left here to die wrapped  like a mummy in my own home.


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