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The Soup Guy

by Miss Stacey

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© Copyright 2005 - Miss Stacey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; gag; bedsheet; tape; wrap; cocoon; kidnap; cartrunk; captive; nc; XX

Jackie woke with a start. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness in her bedroom revealing George, one of her regular patrons from the diner where she works as a waitress. He’s the last person she’d expect to see in her bedroom. A week after she began working at the Concord diner, George began to show up soon after her shift began to order the soup of the day. It was all he would order each time came to the diner. This earned him the nickname The Soup Guy among her coworkers. She felt there was something odd about him. George only wanted soup and it was important to him that it was Jackie who serve him and refused to have any of the other girls wait on him. Jackie did her best to remain professional and do her job. He seemed to be polite at first but over time he began to ask her personal questions. 

Jackie was a young and attractive girl in her early twenties attracted to men her age while George looked to be in his late forties and looked greasy. He just wasn’t her type and she was totally turned off by him. She told him as nicely as she could that she was on duty and wasn’t supposed to talk about her personal life with customers. George backed off for a few days but didn’t really seem to get the message. George persisted in perusing her again. He went as far as grabbing her by the hand and asked her out for a dinner date. She was frightened by his touching her and repulsed by the thought of spending any time alone with him. Jackie lost her temper. In plain view of customers and employees she told him off rudely described him as a little worm. Clearly embarrassed, he simply stood up grinned at her in a way that made her shiver, then left the diner. After that incident George stopped coming to the diner. She thought she was rid of him for good.

Now here he was, standing in her bedroom with a duffel bag in his hand. How in gods name did he get into her house? She quickly sat up and pressed her back against the headboard of her bed and instinctively pulled her sheet up around her neck in an attempt to hide the fact that she was naked. George stood between her and her bedroom door. He was a large man of six feet at least and she was only 5’ 6”. There was no way she could get past him. Jackie’s eyes darted over to her phone on the nightstand. When she looked back at George he was holding an object in his hand. She jumped as he jerked his wrists causing a large silver knife blade to spring free from the objects handle with a click sound. With a low voice he spoke to her.

“Don’t you touch that phone Jackie girl.” he said as her pointed at her with the blade.

She drew her knees up to her chest. And his eyes seemed to stare right through her. She remembers his staring at her at work in the same way. Jackie was terrified of him holding a knife on her like this but she tried to play it cool.

“George?. How did you get into my house? You shouldn’t be here this late. I haven’t seen you at the diner in a while…ummm… If you still want to talk to me about having dinner, we can do that another time, ok?” she offered in as calm a voice as she could manage. 

“I tried that. Talking is over now.” he said as walked over to her phone cord and quickly cut the wire with his knife. She took another deep breath. Jackie tried to remain calm.

“What, what do you want….” she asked.

“You‘ve been bad Jackie girl and its time for your punishment.“ he explained as he again pointed at her with his knife.

Jackie swallowed hard. 


She looked his sharp knife and into his dark cold eyes and knew he was going to do something awful to her. She began to breathe rapidly.

“Whatever it is I did to you… I’m.. I’m sorry… please don’t hurt me…”

“Jackie girl you just do exactly what I tell you I won’t have to use Mr. Knife here to redesign that pretty little face of yours. Do you understand me?”

Jackie’s heart beat like a huge drum. 

“Y..yes… I…I understand.” she said with a whisper. 

She shivered when she noticed his mouth twist into a slanted smile. It was the same grin he’d given her at work the day she told him off. A look that made her very scared. He dropped his duffle bag on floor then moved towards the frightened girl. 

“Good, now keep quiet and get on your stomach.” He ordered. 

Reluctantly, Jackie straightened her legs and rolled over onto her stomach trying her best to keep the bed sheet around her. He placed his hand on her shoulder and grabbed hold of the sheet. With a quick tug he pulled it off of her body. Now her only remaining means of modestly was gone. Jackie could feel him looking at her nakedness.

“Nice fucking bod Jackie girl. Just like I‘ve always imagined.” 

Jackie trembled.

Her breathing quickened more and she grimaced as George rubbed his cold hand slowly down her black hair. He rubbed her back moving down over her small waist down to the mounds of her behind. Her buttock muscles twitch nervously throughout his lewd inspection. Jackie shuddered as she hears the sound of a zipper being undone. Fearing imminent rape, she begins to panic. 

“Oh God, he’s unzipped his pants so he can rape me…!” she thinks to herself.

But, to her surprise he moves away from her. She turns her head to see what he’s doing and is relieved to see that it was his duffel bag that he’d unzipped and not his pants. Then Jackie’s heart races, her fear renewed, as she watches him take a bundle of rope out of the bag. 

“Oh no, please… don’t tie me up George”. She begs.

“Shut up and put your damn hands behind your fucking back.” He orders. 

Jackie fearfully puts her hands behind her back. George roughly grabs hold of her wrists and folds Jackie’s arms behind her. George ties and cinches her right wrist above her left elbow and then ties her left wrist tightly above her right elbow in the same manner. Jackie is rolled onto her back then pulled up to a sitting position. George wraps rope first above then below her breasts over her arms. He pulls the ropes tight locking her arms tightly to her body. He threads the rope between her breasts and over each shoulder to fashion what looks to Jackie to be a type of rope bra tied around her breasts. Jackie turns her head in shame as he squeezes her breasts with both hands. Jackie pulls back. George grabs the ropes between her breasts and pulls her back to him. He fondles her breasts again.

“Very nice rack Jackie girl..what size are they….?” 

She doesn’t answer. George puts the knife blade point to her right nipple. Jackie gasps. Her lip trembles. 

“I asked you a question Jackie girl.”

“35B…they are 35B” She blurts out.

“Good girl.” He grins at her then reaches for more rope.

Jackie eyes begin to water as George holds her legs together and ties and cinches them above and below her knees. He moves onto her feet and ties and cinches her ankles together. Using a shoelace, he ties and cinches her big toes together. George stands and pushes her down onto her back.

“Stay put.” 

Jackie can’t believe what’s happening to her. George has broken into her house and tied her up naked on her own bed. Jackie sees him turn away from her to rummage inside his bag. She wiggles, and squirms to test her bonds. All the ropes are tied much too tight and she finds it very difficult to reach any knots securing her hands. She stops struggling when she sees him holding something in his hand. Its a red ball with a many little black straps connected to it. Jackie frowns. She is confused as to what something like that is used for. 

“Open your mouth” he orders as he holds the red ball part of the thing between his thumb and index finger.

Jackie’s eyes go wide when she realizes its some sort of gag for her mouth. Jackie sits up.

“George NO!. Please, I’ve been cooperative haven’t I?, ….I…I’ve been quiet…. I’ve not screamed and…and …I promise …I wont make a noise…please…you don’t have to gag me with that….” she nervously begs. 

George ignores her and kneels on the bed behind her and pulls Jackie to him. She struggles in his arms but she’s too tightly tied to do anything to stop him. She tries turning her head to and fro, trying to avoid the ball being pushed into her mouth. He grabs her by her hair and pulls her head back as she continues to make useless pleas to convince him to stop what he’s about to do. Her voice becomes desperate and louder.

“No. WAIT!!!…there is no reason to GAG me!…I already know that you want me to be quiet!…I….please….you…YOU…DON’T HAVE TO gagggmmmmfffffffphh…” 

Jackie is powerless as the ball is pushed deeply into her mouth and the first of its many buckles are tightly closed behind her head. In minutes the head harness gag straps are buckled tightly and Jackie feels her head being squeezed from every direction. Her mouth stretched open wide around the ball. Her lips quiver around the ball as she attempts to speak.


She frantically shakes her head and tries to push the ball out of her mouth with her tongue but it wont budge. She tries to use her shoulder to dislodge the ball, but that is ineffective. She attempts opening her mouth wider and speak past the ball.

“pllleeesh…taaaake….tthissshhh….ooowtt…offff…. mmmii,,,,,mmmouwfffFFFFF!” 

George looks down at her seeing her distress. She feels him reach behind her head and grabs hold of the gags buckle. For a moment she thinks he will show her some pity by taking the gag out but instead tightens the gag by one more notch. The ball sinks even deeper into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie tries to scream, but of her sounds are garbled by the ball in her mouth

“MMMFFF…MMMMMMPHHH!!” Her nostrils flare as she breathes though her nose in bursts. 

George smiles and shoves the helpless bound girl onto her back. Desperately she’s tries to fight her bondage with all her strength by struggling and kicking her bound feet. George grabs her by her hair again and places his knife to her neck.

“That’s ENOUGH Jackie girl! Now behave! Don’t make me repeat myself. Do you understand?” He warns. Jackie nods. 

Her breathing is rapid but she does her best to calm herself. She wishes this night was over. 

She lies still on her back. She watches fearfully as George reach into the bag again. He takes out three rolls of silver duct tape. He grabs a sheet from her bed and lays it out flat on the floor. He stands over Jackie and looks down at her helpless bound form on the bed. Her chest is heaving as she breathes. She has begun to drool from the right corner of her mouth.


“Hush now little Jackie girl. It’s time to get you wrapped up nice and tight” he says as he picks her up in his arms. Jackie struggles as he carries her over to the sheet on the floor. He puts her down on her back in the middle of the sheet. He wraps the sides and bottom of the sheet around her body and tucks it under her leaving only her head out. 

She watches fearfully as he picks up a roll of tape and begins at her feet. Jackie feels the tape being wrapped over the sheet around her toes. He lifts her feet as he wraps them, winding the tape slowly and tightly inch by inch. It isn’t long before she feels the tight tape creep past her ankles, calves and knees. George lifts her legs up and winds the tape further moving past her thighs and her hips. The roll of tape runs out as he finishes wrapping it tightly around her waist. Jackie looks down at her legs and feet. She sees that from her waist down to her toes her legs are formed into are tight column of silver tape. George grabs another roll of tape. He winds tape from her waist upward around her stomach and over her bound arms. The wrapping continues over her breasts flattening them slightly and pressing her arms even closer to her body. Jackie notices the tape is making it a little more difficult to breathe. She fights the impulse to panic. George tapes further up over her shoulders and stops at the base of her neck. 

He looks down at the bound and wrapped up girl. The harness ball gag is extremely deep her mouth. Her eyes are wide, darting left and right but always ending back on him. Her nose flares as her breathing is slightly more labored. Her shapely body with its full bosom, tiny waist and round hips is reduced from struggling to mere twitches in the duct tape cocoon that covers her from her shoulders to the tips of her toes. 

“Almost done Jackie girl.” George goes over to her clothes hamper and dumps it out on the floor. Jackie watches with confusion as he looks though her dirty clothes.

He finds a dirty pair of her black knee high stockings. He kneels down and gets Jackie into a seated position with her back to him between his knees. He uses both hands to open and pulls one of the smelly knee high stockings over Jackie’s gagged face and head down to her neck. Her nose is flattened by the tight hosiery. She immediately notices how smelly her worn stocking is and protests being forced to smell it. 

“MmmmFFF…MMMMGGHHHFFF!” Jackie cries out. George ignores her and repeats the act with the second dirty knee high stocking. Her face is even more distorted and her vision is reduced to a blur. She can make out some movement on her right side but cant tell what George is doing. 

“NNNfffff..GGRRFFFFFHHH””!!!!” she screams as she hears George begin to pull more tape from the roll. She knows it can only mean one thing that he’s going to tape up her head next. She fights with all her strength within the tape cocoon but outwardly her body appears to simply tremble slightly. 

She is defenseless as George begins wrapping around her neck first. He painstakingly wraps the tape around and around moving upward past her neck and chin and tightly over her ball gagged mouth. The taping seems endless to her as she feels it coving her head strip by strip. George is careful to leave a small space for her flattened nose as he tapes over her face. Then her blurred vision becomes total darkness as he winds tape over her eyes. She can do nothing but listens to the sound of the tape being applied. It covers her forehead and soon up to the very top of her head. George presses and smoothes her tape duct tape hood with his hands. Jackie is lowered onto her back. She feels as stiff as a board. Jackie’s heart pounds with fear with the knowledge that she’s been tied up, gagged and wrapped up like a mummy by a man she’s is very afraid of with no means of escape. She’s turns her head when hears him moving near her. She feels him rubbing his hands over her mummified body, pressing and smoothing out the tape. He molests her by kneading her breasts, and pressing on her pubic area making her jerk sporadically. He seems to be very pleased with how well he’s tapped her up. 

“You are much easier to deal with like this…..” he observes.

“Just look how easy it is for me to control you..” he says as he gives the taped mummified girl a hard shove.

“Uuummmfffff!!!!” A burst of air comes from Jackie’s flattened nose as she rolls. Her cocooned body lands on her stomach and rocks slightly from the momentum of the shove then settles with her face to the floor. Jackie can’t believe how helpless she is. She tries to roll back onto her back struggling to lift her head and feet. Jackie arches her back pointing her toes but the restrictive tape around her makes doing this very exhausting. Her head and feet drop to the floor after a few seconds. She is stuck on her stomach. 

“Now which one of us is the little worm.. huh Jackie girl”

“mmffggggfff..“ Jackie whimpers. She doesn’t find the irony of her predicament appealing at all.

She hears him step away and listens to sounds of digging into that awful bag of his. He steps over to her, holds her head and lifts her chin up. Jackie feels something being put around her neck and buckled snugly. He lets go of her head and she notices she can no longer turn her head either left or right now. The stiff thing around her neck is forcing her to remain face forward with her nose against the floor. The sound of a chain being dropped on the floor near her ear makes her jump. He does something else to the back of the thing around her neck, then hears a click noise. 

“You have a collar around your neck with a leash attached to it Jackie girl. It’s only fitting that I’ve decided to punish you by turning you into my own little worm based on the very insult you threw at me. You have yourself to thank for all this Jackie girl. Now, when I pull on your leash I want you to begin crawling on your stomach like a little inch worm. If you don’t crawl I’m going to become VERY angry with you.” he emphasizes. 

Certainly she doesn’t want to make George angry but Jackie cannot understand how she’s supposed to crawl or do anything tied and wrapped up like she is. She feels a tug on the leash. She doesn’t know what to do. She begins struggling trying to find some way of crawling.

“Ummmffff……mmmmffff…hmmmmm… hmmmmmghh…mmummmffff….” 

Jackie’s mummified body wiggles on the floor as George watches her. She fights and trembles on her stomach for nearly ten minutes. With all her struggles she remains in the same spot not moving forward at all. Annoyed and angry, Georges slaps her hard on her behind.

“UMmmFFF!!” Jackie cries out in pain. She’s nearly out of breath and totally confused.

“NO! You stupid little worm.. Poke your ass up high as you can into the air and pull your knees up under you a bit….” He shouts.

She does this with great difficulty. 

“Now push off with your knees to inch your self forward…” he says as he tugs on her lease again.

Jackie does as she told and begins to awkwardly move forward a small amount. She feels so humiliated being forced to do this for George. He’s transformed her from a woman into wrapped up mummy he sees as his pet worm. He continues tugging on her leash making Jackie slowly inch crawl on her stomach all the way across her room some 18 feet. George finally stops tugging leaving her panting and exhausted near her room door. 

“Your worm crawling sucks Jackie girl. Don’t you worry, when I get you home you‘ll have plenty of time to improve your crawling skills. I‘ll be right back. Don‘t go anywhere ok, Jackie girl.” he laughs as he leaves her alone in the room.

Jackie cringes having heard the words “get you home”. He’s going to take her with him. In desperation she makes one more attempt to get free, this time using all the strength she has. The room fills with sounds of mewing coming from her taped head as her body trembles and jerks on the floor. She struggles desperately in her tight cocoon, and just as before, nothing she does works. She is trapped. Feeling the hopelessness of her attempts for freedom, Jackie stops moving simply letting her body go limp and begins to cry. She is about to be kidnapped by George and there is nothing she can do to prevent it.


For the second time tonight Jackie wakes with a start. For a moment she thinks what has happened to her is part of a terrible dream until she tries to move but cannot budge. It’s no dream. She can’t move, speak or see. George did break into her house, tie her up and wrap her up like a mummy out of anger at her for rejecting him. She must have dozed off from exhaustion. It took all her energy and concentration to struggle and crawl like a worm for George. She doesn’t know where he is exactly but can hear footsteps downstairs. She lifts her head as best she can to listen for him. His steps become louder. He’s coming back upstairs to her bedroom. She feels another hard slap to her behind.

“Gmmmmmfff!!!” She cries out but doesn’t bother to struggle. She’s given up trying to get out of her impossibly tight bondage.

“Lets go Jackie girl.” he says as he grabs hold of her shoulders and lifts her up effortlessly.

Jackie feels herself being carried down stairs over George’s shoulder. He opens her front door and stops for a moment and looks around. All is silent accept for crickets

“Perfect not a soul awake at this hour of the night.” he gloats.

He was right. Unfortunately for her not a single car is on the main road near her house. She’d hoped by some chance someone would see him carrying her out of her house and call the police. George trots with the cocooned Jackie into the woods and off to a narrow side road where he left his car parked out of sight. She hears him put a key into a lock and opens a door. Jackie then feels herself being lowered down and placed on her side on top of sponge padding in what must be the car trunk. 


“Keep quiet little worm.” He says as he closes the trunk and locks it. 

The trunk smells of motor oil and rubber. She tries to straighten out her legs but the small size of the trunk prevents it. She hears George get into the car and start the engine. The ride seems endless to Jackie. George drives along bumpy winding roads and she finds herself being tossed around helplessly inside the stifling trunk by the uneven terrain. The drive continues for another hour before he stops the car. George unlocks the trunk and pulls Jackie out.

Relieved to be out of that hot trunk she takes in deep breaths of fresh cool night air. He flops her onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and begins walking somewhere with her. She counts his strides for some twenty-five feet before she hears his shoes step onto creaky wood. She is surprised when he puts her down on her feet without leaning her up against something so she won‘t fall. With her feet bound and tightly taped she fights desperately to maintain her balance. She bends at her waist to try and correct her balance, but she leans too far. She looses her fight with gravity and begins to fall forward. Jackie’s muffled scream is heard as George catches the terrified cocooned girl in his arms preventing what would have been a very painful face first fall. He lifts her up in his arms and carries the trembling tape bundled girl into the cabin.

“We’re home Jackie girl.” he says as he kicks the door shut.



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