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Spandex Bodybag

by Anon

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© Copyright 2007 - Anon - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; spandex; bond; bodybag; cons; X

I love San Francisco!
by Anonymous - September 1999 (originally 1996)

Names have been changed, but everything here actually happened--just in case anyone out there gets an extra charge from knowing this is nonfiction.... Oh, and why is it more people don't post about spandex? I personally find it to be a really great invention--it's an excellent body focuser, and it looks very hot indeed.

Hello, Dawn! Thanks for writing back; I'm sorry it took so long to get around to writing you anything.

I suppose to start off I'll tell you about what my mistress did to me last Sunday night. First, though, let me describe last Wednesday night. On that evening, there was a leather swap meet in the city; basically all the leather merchants got together in one place and sold their stuff. The affair was organized by one Mark I. Chester, an incredible erotic photo- grapher; if you ever get the chance to see any of his stuff, go! Bondage and other fun things are often part of his work. He's been banned by the Helms crowd, so you know he must be worth seeing :-)

Anyway, he was selling these spandex body bags. The thin ones had a hole in the top and a hole near the crotch. Well, spandex is one of my biggest turn-ons; I love how snug and smooth it feels, and it looks just ridiculously hot! I asked if I could try it on, and he said "Sure--but you have to take your clothes off!" And he meant it, too! So I did--stripped down in front of about 20 people who were all shopping around. He pulled the sack up over my legs, stretched it around my hips, then I put my arms by my sides and he pulled it up over my chest and head and tied it closed. Then he pulled my cock and balls through the hole in front and tied the drawstring around them! My, did THAT feel good! The whole thing just felt incredibly sexy, and my mistress told me I looked quite attractive in it--everything covered in shiny black except for my erect dick and swollen balls sticking out the front... of course, I bought it the moment I took it off.

Anyway, Mistress knew how I felt about it, so when we had a few hours at my place last Sunday she decided to play with me in it. Here's what she did:

First, she put my two-inch-wide collar on me, with a black-handled chain leash. She also had me buckle on my wide waist belt, which I got at Stormy Leather here in the city; it's about three inches wide and quite snug when fully closed. She knelt me on my king-size futon with my head down and my ass up in the air. Then she lubed the small butt plug (my ass won't take larger ones yet) and slowly, slowly slid it deep inside me... ohh, it felt amazing! After playing with it and my cock a bit, and enjoying my moans into the pillow, she tied a rope from the rear D-ring on the belt between my ass- cheeks and tightly over the butt plug, to hold it in place. Then around my cock and balls, and up to the waist belt in front.

My head was already starting to spin. She laid me face up on the futon and looped ropes around my arms just below the elbows, and to the side rings on the waist belt. We've found that you can't tie ropes tightly around the arms; it's easy to cut off circulation. She did it just so that any tension I put on the ropes would be easy to feel, and so that I wouldn't be able to slip out. Then she gave the same treatment to my wrists, tying them to each other around my legs, so my legs were also lightly bound together. I now couldn't move my arms from my sides, nor reach any of the knots, or of course the butt plug. I lay there, breathing deeply, as she went to get the spandex body bag.

Before putting it on me, she took off my collar and leash, and filed my toe- nails down so I wouldn't rip the bag. (She's wonderful, in case you hadn't guessed.) She tied a short piece of rope around and around the base of my cock and balls, so they stood straight out from my body, and the blood got trapped in my cock so it became harder and purpler than it ever normally does. Then she slid the sack up... over my feet... up past my hands... I arched my back to let her keep pulling it up over my hips... then I leaned forward as she pulled it the rest of the way up over my head... and tied it shut!!

Now I could only dimly see through the filmy, sexy, black sheath over my face... she pulled my dick through the hole in front and pulled the draw- string tight around the ropes, and pulled the bag close around my neck in order to put my collar back on... now the collar was on outside the bag, making the top of the bag into a hood and feeling just fantastic around my neck! And of course I couldn't do much more than wiggle.

She fixed that, though, when she started wrapping ropes around my ankles and feet! She bound my feet securely, then tied them to one of the eye- hooks I put in the middle of the bottom side of the futon. Then more rope above the knees... when I complained, she loosened it until it was comfor- table... then she tied the collar to the top of the futon and wrapped one last piece of rope (actually, _the_ last piece we had in our toy collection!) around my upper chest, pinning my arms yet again to my sides.

Now she really had me at her mercy! The spandex hugged me so I couldn't really move even without the ropes around and around my feet, legs, arms, and chest; my hands were trapped inside the sheath so even though they were right next to my cock I couldn't reach it, as the hole was tied tightly shut around it; and my neck and feet were bound so I couldn't even turn over, let alone move off the bed or away from her prying hands! Which began tickling me... teasing me... running lightly over my bound body... gently stroking my helpless cock, then scratching it with her nails--which made me shriek!

She played with me for a long time, batting my dick back and forth between her palms, gripping it hard with one hand and getting off on my frantic struggles--taking it into her mouth so I gasped with pleasure, then pulling away so I moaned with desperation--putting her lips just above it so I arched my body again and again, trying to force myself those few inches towards her teasing tongue--of course, the way I was bound I couldn't really arch very far--not that that stopped me! She had me so wired that at several points I remember convulsing, trying to curl into a fetal ball, pulling _as hard as I possibly could_ at the ropes binding me, keeping me from the INCREDIBLE BLISS that she kept offering and then yanking away again... sobbing with frustration, crying out with pure sexual excitement!! The butt plug moved gently whenever I strained against my bonds, feeding the hunger... the ropes around my cock and balls kept me hard, even when she pinched me and bit my shaft... pain was pleasure, pleasure pain... I didn't know where I was, I wanted nothing but what I couldn't get, and she was enjoying my every frenzied wriggle and helpless whine!

After taking me repeatedly to the edge of release, she finally straddled me, my dick between her mound and my groin--she was having her period so she couldn't fuck me; blood on the spandex would have been unfortunate-- and she started grinding! My bound balls pressed against her pussy every time she slid down, and I was going absolutely crazy under her, bucking and struggling--she clung to me and clawed me shoulders, which made me cry out and start trying to hump her--she pounded up and down with me, going faster and faster--when finally she yelled and grasped me HARD with her trembling legs, rubbing her breasts across my spandex-covered chest, shaking in the throes of a violent orgasm!

I never came that night; I'd masturbated and come when I wasn't supposed to the previous week. But one of the things I've been learning with her is that orgasm isn't the be-all and end-all I once thought it was; there are altered states you can reach by prolonging play without orgasm, and I'm learning to enjoy masturbating by bringing myself almost to orgasm over and over without ever coming!

One thing about the above story: I edited out all the times I asked her to stop tying something and adjust the tension, or to pull something a bit tighter so it'd feel right. We were speaking to each other throughout the whole long process of binding me and starting to play with me; whenever something felt wrong or felt like it could feel better, I let her know. It wasn't as non-verbal and perfect as the story makes it seem; it never is. The story-world of the Top understanding the bottom's every feeling without a word ever being spoken is just a plain fantasy. If you keep talking and keep informing each other of how things are going, the scene will be MUCH MUCH MORE INTENSE! After all, once I was fully bound, it was her show entirely--I was bound so comfortably, thanks to all the feedback I gave her, that I could let my mind go and become a simple, sex-crazed animal, which is exactly what she turned me into!



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