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A Special Night

by Jedi

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© Copyright 2003 - Jedi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; cocoon; cons; X

With two young children, having enough time to "play" was hard to come by.  That is what made this evening so special.  For some reason, my parents offered to watch the children for the weekend, giving us some time to be romantic without interruption. 

Our "play" developed slowly over the first 8 years of our marriage.  That was until this year when we hit a hot spot.  I always knew my wife had a secret love for bondage.  After all, both of our children were conceived while she was tied up and as hot as could be.  Overnight, her secret came out and sent us on a passionate journey.  As things progressed, the bondage became stricter.  As the bondage became stricter, she enjoyed it more.  That is what led me to my idea for this special night.

We experimented with a little mummification before.  A roll of saran wrap does a nice job for a quick and fun experience.  But for this night, I needed a lot more than one roll.  I was fortunate to find that the local dollar store.  $20 later, I arrived home with ten rolls of saran wrap and as many rolls of duct tape.  Of course that was only part of what was needed.  After a few short shopping trips, I had everything needed.

I prepared my lovely wife as well.  Telling her to expect the hottest night of play.  For the week prior to our day, she continually tried to find out my plans.  I simple told her that it would be the hottest night of her life.

When I arrived home from work on that Friday night, my parents had already picked up the kids.  We decided to go out to have a quite dinner, another thing we seldom get with the children.  At my recommendation, we choose to have a light dinner.  We arrived home early in the evening and settled down to enjoy some television together.  As we did, I subtly assured that my wife would be hydrated by continually filling her glass of water.

As nighttime fell, we headed up to our room for the night of passion we both looked forward to.  I slowly undressed the beautiful form of my wife, kissing her body as I went.  Her soft moans and moist panties showed that she was certainly in the mood.  We kissed and cuddled passionately, until I was sure that she was extremely aroused.  It was time to put my plan into action.

It started as our "play" sessions usually did, by my tying her spread eagle to the bed.  Her body was free to be played with.  Of course with such an open invitation as her moans were offering, I could not help but play with her luscious body.  But that only lasted for a few seconds, as I had a great deal of work to do.

My first task was to take care of her pesky chatter.  I retrieved a ball gag from our box of toys and quickly secured it in her mouth.  Next came the blindfold, removing her sight.  I wanted the end result to be a beautiful surprise.

With those details taken care of, I started working on the true goal of the evening.  Starting with her left leg, just above the ropes securing her ankles, I began wrapping the saran wrap tightly up her leg.  As I reached her waist, I stopped for a moment to retrieve some special surprises.  I started by assuring her comfort with a little extra lubricant.  Then came to toy, I had purchased for her.  A great deal larger than any dildo or vibrator we had played with in the past, this new toy was sure to fill and even stretch her lovely vagina.  She squirmed a little as I pushed it aggressively home.  I looked up to her face to assure that she was not overwhelmed.

"Are you OK?"

She shifted her hips a little in an attempt to squeeze her thighs together, then nodded yes.

"Do you want to stop?"

Her head looked as though it were attempting to twist off.  The answer was certainly no.

I continued about my work, next working lubricant into her tight anus.  Anal sex was still a little new to her so I was gentler than with her other hole.  I worked my finger in first, allowing her to adjust to the intrusion.  As I pulled my finger out, I replaced it with a special butt plug.  The last toy was a bullet vibrator that was laid on her clit.

With the toys in place, I was ready to continue the wrapping process.  I wrapped her waist three times before changing the path of the wrapping.  A perfect forty-five degree angle at her navel and secured with a small piece of duct tape pointed the saran wrap at her toys that now invaded her body.  I reached down and turned on the huge vibrator I had sunk into her body.  I then trapped the bullet against her clit and the vibrator in her with the saran wrap.  I proceeded to wrap between her cheeks, securing the plug in her rear.

The squirming that had started when I first penetrated her with the toys intensified as she tried to find the rhythm of the vibrator.  I made another sharp forty-five-degree angle and piece of tape allowed the saran wrap to encircle her waist yet again.  After only one layer, I turn the saran wrap again, this time stretching the wrap from the rear to the front.  I pulled this layer as tight as possible, pushing the toys even deeper inside of her.

Once at her navel, I turn the wrap one last time.  I circled her waist yet again as I returned to the job of her mummification.  I was already pleased at the effect of the toys on her.  The squirming of her body showed how excited she was becoming.  I continued to wrap down her right leg and reached her ankle.  My next goal was to work on her upper body.

I began with a new roll of saran wrap at her left wrist and wrapped tightly up to her shoulder.  Her feet and hands would be dealt with later.  When I reached her shoulder, I wrapped a layer under her breast.  Next I wrapped down her stomach to her navel where it connected to the layers encircling her waist.  I stretched a layer of duct tape around the seam between the layers.  As I wrapped back up to her chest, I gave the saran wrap a slight twist, allowing it to cross between her breast and over her right shoulder.  I continued by wrapping diagonally across her back, across her chest, up and over her left shoulder, down between her breasts again.  The next layer encircled the top of her chest, trapping her breast in a harness of saran wrap.

I continued down her right arm as I completed the first layer of her entrapment.  The next step would allow my wife a moment of freedom as I unlashed her from her spread eagle position on the bed.

The next phase started with my untying my saran wrapped treasure's wrists.  Like any good and horny woman, she immediately tried to pull me close to her.  As I could not allow such distractions, I quickly went about the business of freeing her ankles.  Her arms and legs quickly encircled me, and I knew I needed to assert my control over her.

With great vigor, I grabbed her left nipple between my fingernails.  Pinching and pulling hard on her erect nipples soon gave me the control I needed to complete my project.  Her arms and legs flopped down against the bed as she now squirmed in pain instead of passionate pleasure.  Without letting my control hold go, I pulled her up and onto her feet.  As her arms fell to her sides, I grabbed the roll of saran wrap dangling from her right wrist and quickly wrapped it around her waist.  Next I trapped her left wrist against her body and continued on to the right side again.  After two more layers, I reached the end of the roll of saran wrap.  I had planned well.

I decided to concentrate on her hands now.  I folded her left hand into fists and began to wrap it with saran wrap.  This didn't go as well as the other wrappings had.  I used only one layer and decided to go on to the duct tape.  The tape was much more effective in securing her fist shut.  I repeated the saran wrap and duct tape on her right hand.  I stood back for a moment to assure that everything was looking as I had planned.  What a beautiful sight my wife made, struggling against the bonds that held her hands closed and against her body.

I whispered in her ear, "My love, your night of passionate torment has only begun."

With that, I went to work on the layer that would transform her into a single unified form.  I started with a layer around her elbows, trapping her arms tighter against her body.  Each time I encircled her body, the wrap became tighter.  I worked up her arms to her breast and, after placing a cotton ball over each nipple, entrapped them in the saran wrap cocoon that would soon encase her whole body.

I continued to wrap upward, over her shoulders and up her neck.  I removed the ball gag from her mouth and allowed her a moment to stretch out her jaw.  The freedom for her mouth was to be short lived.  Instead of reinserting the ball gag, however, I placed a ring gag into her mouth.  I placed my hand over her wide-open mouth and assured that she could easily breath through just her nose.  Once satisfied of this, I continued the wrapping process across her mouth and up to the blindfold that covered her eyes.  "Keep your eyes closed," I whispered into her ear as I lifted the blindfold from her eyes.  I quickly replaced the blindfold with cotton balls and continued the saran wrap up head.  I gathered all of her hair together into a pony tale at the top of her head.  I wrapped several layers of saran wrap around her head, making sure that with each layer her nose was left clear.

Once I was satisfied with the encasement of her head, I worked my way back down her body.  I wrapped down past her hands tightly held into fists and down to her legs.  Instead of wrapping around her legs, I twisted the saran wrap and ran another layer between her legs.  The heat was already building up, and her juices dripped out from the layers that already held her toys in place.  After two more layers were in place, I turned my attention to her ankles.

Laying her backwards onto the bed, I began to work on her legs.  I placed a one-inch square of foam between her ankles to assure comfort, and then began the wrapping process.  Moving up from her ankles, I placed another piece of foam between her knees. I continued up until I reached her thighs and the end of the roll.  I transitioned to the roll I had abandoned only moments ago and, instead of passing it between her legs, now began to tightly enclose her thighs and ever so excited erogenous zone.  As I did, I made a quick check to assure that the huge vibrator was still humming away.  The wrapping continued as I used up the remainder of the roll, wrapping up and down her body in broad paths.  This was always one of the toughest things for me, rolling my wife back and forth as I wrapped her whole body.

As I completed this layer of mummification, I admired how sleek a form my wife made.  After two children and eight years of marriage, she was still as sexy as the day we met.

My moment of admiration gave way as I realized that I still had work to do.  I proceeded to address her feet, the only part of her body that still showed her human flesh.  First wrapping them separately in, then together, her feet soon disappeared under the cocoon of saran wrap.  I was now ready for the last layer.

I started at the tips of her toes, wrapping her in a shinny silver coating of duct tape.  Row upon row, I worked my way up her body.  Reaching her burning hot sex, I fished out the remote for the bullet I had placed against her clit.  I also pulled the bulb that dangled from the plug deep in her ass.  With both of these out, I continued to wrap her body in the duct tape that would complete her mummified form.  After the second roll of tape, I found myself at her breast.  With care I wrapped over her breast, making note of where the cotton balls were.  The tape continued up to cover my wife's head, completing her new silver form.

With her completely immobilized, I was ready to start the true depth of her sexual torment.  I flicked the small wheel on the remote that dangled from her cocoon.  I faintly heard the sounds of the bullet coming alive.  The silver form moved slightly as it tried to squirm and writhe in the newfound sensation.  I knew she would have already reached several orgasms by this time.  The added sensation must have been intense indeed.  I moved up to her breast and made small cuts over the cotton covering her nipples.  After pulling the cotton clear, I tried to pull her nipples through the small holes.  This proved to be difficult until I resorted to using my mouth.  I sucked at each hole and was rewarded with her nipples popping though.  I spent some time sucking and nibbling, enjoying the faint moans that escaped the mummified form.

It was time, once again, to introduce another new sensation.  I reached around the silver form and gave the bulb, which dangled like a tail, a few little squeezes.  This would be a truly new experience for her.  The intention is that the increased size would intensify the pressure on the huge vibrator that stretched her pussy wide.  It seemed to work.  The moaning became more intense and the silver form that could barely move erupted into shaking.

I stepped back as my love rode through the intense orgasm that engulfed her body.  It seemed as though it lasted for near five minutes, something I am sure she will not soon forget.  I picked up the digital camera to take pictures of the beautiful form, so that she will properly appreciate just how wonderful she looked.

With that complete, it was now time for my needs to be addressed.  I took one last piece of tape and wrapped it around her nose holes.  She struggled for a breath immediately.  I quickly cut a hole over the opening formed by the ring gag in her mouth.  She took a deep breath.  We had played with breath control before, so she knew that she was safe.  I opened the whole up to the inner diameter of the gag and gave her a tongue kiss.  I could tell she was tired as her tongue was moving with less vigor than before.  I checked to assure that my captive was ok.

"Are you ok?  One grunt for no, two grunts for yes."

Two grunts put my mind at ease.

"Getting a little tired?"

Another two grunts.

"Do you want to be released?"

She paused for a moment before answering this one.  Then she let out two grunts.

"Do you want to use your safe word?"

Only one grunt escaped her mouth this time.

"Then your night is not over my dear. Take a deep breath!"

As her breath filled her longs, I filled her mouth with my raging erection.

"I hope you can get me to come before you need to breath again," was all I needed to say to encourage her tongue to get to work.  Fortunately for her, I was already extremely excited and easily brought to orgasm.  She swallowed as best as she could, now frantic to get this over with and take another breath.  I withdrew and she took exhaled the air trapped in her longs and sucked in the breath she so desired.  Her body shook and she began to moan as another orgasm overtook her.

I removed the tape covering her nose and lay down next to the silver form.  She had now been mummified for over 3 hours and we were both tired from all of the work.  I turned off the bullet assaulting her clit, released some of the air from the plug that filled her ass, turned off the light and kissed my silver toy goodnight.  She only whimpered as I rolled over to fall asleep.


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