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Specimen #3346

by Papa Palpatine

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© Copyright 2020 - Papa Palpatine - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; scifi; alien; slime; laboratory; envelop; orgasm; impregnate; nc; X


The following are transcripts of audiotape logs from a senior researcher at the xenobiology research facility located in [Redacted].

August 7, 1974:

Dr. Stephen Harrington recording. Specimen #3346 was recently brought to our facility by agents of [Redacted] after they recovered it from the wreckage of an unidentified craft that crashed in the wilderness near [Redacted], Canada. Specimen is a translucent purple mass of protoplasm weighing approximately 0.45 kilograms. Looks less like any form of life and more like grape Jello. As of this recording, #3346 shows no signs of intelligence. Damned thing does have an appetite, however; I recently watched as it engulfed and consumed two white laboratory mice we placed in its container. I think I'm going to be sick. End recording.

September 21, 1974:

Dr. Stephen Harrington recording. Our lovely lab assistant, Helena, has been playing with Specimen #3346. She somehow has it changing its shape by offering it M&Ms as treats. Strange how it perks up and acts like a playful puppy dog around her, but has been largely unresponsive around anyone else in the lab. At least we now know it's not just an unintelligent eating machine. Helena thus far had #3346 assume the forms of a sphere, a cube, a cone, a pyramid, and a cylinder. It's an impressive parlor trick, I must admit; though I still have serious reservations about her blithely toying with a lifeform we understand next to nothing about. End recording.

October 12, 1974:

Dr. Stephen Harrington recording. #3346 is getting too big for its current container, we'll be transferring it to a larger enclosure this week. Helena now has it changing into more complex shapes. It's even started to show her affection by nuzzling at her hand with one of its pseudopods. I find myself at a loss for whether to find this adorable or unsettling. This thing's smart, possibly a little too smart. End recording.

November 5, 1974:

Dr. Stephen Harrington recording. There's been an incident in the lab. #3346 got out of its enclosure and is currently loose in the facility. We're attempting to find it and get it back into containment, but thus far it's managed to elude us. The building offers such a lifeform a wide range of potential hiding places. Hell, for all we know it got into the plumbing or the ventilation system. We do know it recently raided the vending machines in the second floor break room. According to Dr. Davidson and Helena, the place is a mess; empty beverage cans and candy and snack wrappers are everywhere, all with a tell tale purple residue on them. Will update when there's anything further to report. End recording.

November 6, 1974:

Dr. Stephen Harrington recording. #3346 has engulfed Helena. She was attempting to coax it out of hiding with the usual treats when it pounced on her and completely enveloped her. Attempts to force #3346 to release Helena have been unsuccessful. Poor Davidson is still down in the infirmary getting the injuries to his right hand and face treated. The damned thing seems to have formed a thick, rubbery cocoon around Helena. Strangely, it does not appear to be digesting her. For reasons I can't fathom, it dissolved her clothing, footwear, and undergarments, but otherwise she hasn't been physically harmed. We've managed to move #3346 with Helena still inside it back into the lab and have been doing scans and tests with all available instruments. Helena is still alive in there, it's somehow supplying her with oxygen, hydration, and nutrients, while at the same time disposing of her bodily waste. If scans we've done of her brain are accurate, #3346 is maintaining her in a state of blissful semi-consciousness, like she's in the afterglow of a particularly intense orgasm. But for what purpose? Damned if I know. Even assuming #3346 is the kind of creature that plays with its food, this would all still seem rather pointless if it merely intends to consume her. Will update when there's more to report. End recording.

November 8, 1974:

Dr. Stephen Harrington recording. What I just saw in the lab has all but left me at a loss for words. Helena is thankfully still very much alive inside Specimen #3346, though what it has done to her is nothing short of astonishing. According to the latest batch of tests and scans, her body is undergoing the hormonal changes normally seen during pregnancy and there is now some kind of foreign body growing in her uterus. In all my years as a scientist, I never would've imagined a protoplasmic lifeform not native to our biosphere would be able to impregnate a human female; it all sounds like something out of a really bad science fiction movie. Nevertheless, #3346 appears to have done exactly that. More updates to come when we have something more to report. End recording.

November 10, 1974:

Dr. Stephen Harrington recording. In just under two days time, Helena now shows a sizable "baby bump," for want of a better way to put it. At currently estimated rate of gestation, she'll be birthing #3346's offspring within a couple of days. We're not entirely sure what's going to pop out of her during the "blessed event," nor do we know if #3346 can be induced to release Helena afterward. I will continue to monitor the situation and update when there's anything to report. End recording.

Note from [Redacted]: All further tapes and other records were lost in a fire that destroyed the [Redacted] facility on December 30, 1974. Current whereabouts and status of Specimen #3346, subject identified as Helena, and any offspring produced remains unknown.


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