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The Spider and the Clubfly

by Robin Barnard

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© Copyright 2014 - Robin Barnard - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; club; dance; entice; web; cocoon; entrap; envenom; susp; oral; sex; anal; climax; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

It was a warm night and Joe was in the mood to club. He’d been to several of the other clubs on the strip but grew tired of the generic feel of them, he noticed the glow of a neon sign down the alley he was standing next too. Curious he walked down the alley to the sign, it said The Spiders Den. Nude dancers and lap dancing, unique things and fetishes. This peaked his interest, he walked into the door and looked around.

Nothing too unusual was going on, the bouncer was sitting at the bar next to the entrance, a rather big man well built. He walked in a little further and noticed a redhead setting at the end of the bar, noticing the way she was dressed he assumed that she was one of the dancers, he watched her as she looked at him and gave him a seductive wink. Well everything was pretty much what he expected except for the unusual amount of webs strung about, he figured this part of the theme and ignored them until he brushed against one. He felt it and was amazed not only by the realistic feel but also the size of it. When he touched it vibrated and the sound of chiming similar to wind chimes filled the room.

That’s when he felt her touch his cheek, “Hi ” she said, startled he turned around and noticed a woman, about 5'9" tall with reddish brown shoulder length hair that had been permed. She had a nice body, nice ccc sized breast’s and a nice ass. She looked at him and said, “Welcome to the spiders den, where all your fantasies and fetishes come true. My name’s Sharon and I'll be your guide for the night.”

With this she turned to face him and and brought her finger up and placed it under his chin and gently pulled his lips to hers giving a quick condescending kiss and then chuckled pulling him along behind her.

She took him too a dark room covered in more webbing. He looked at her and asked in a confused voice, “Are you the one who’ll give me the lap dance?”

She chuckled and said, “ Baby I’ll give you whatever you want!!” and with that she took him over to a chair in the corner and sat him down. She reached over and flipped a switch on the wall and a light came on revealing a giant web painted on the wall. “Ready baby!! “ he heard as she entered from the left in a lace teddy black with a red hourglass on the belly with garters, but the strange part he noticed was the fact that he noticed she had an extra pair of arms and an extra pair of legs.

This totally freaked him out but he decided that this could be pretty kinky. Sharon walked up too him and said, “OK Here’s the rules, touching is allowed but only after being initiated by me, you must do exactly as I say with NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!, and have fun”. And with that followed by a deep throaty laugh she started the show gyrating her hips to the music she danced a little and then unsnapped the garter letting the bottom of the teddy free. She bent over and the teddy rose showing she was wearing no panties.

The resulting hard-on made Joe squirm a little bit, Sharon watched noticing the look on his Face and let out a laugh then slowly still bent over she gyrated her hips while backing up towards his face, after getting within a few inches she stopped and wiggled her hips enticingly and then said in a seductive voice “mmmmmmm!!!! smell my wet moist luscious pussy, doesn’t it just make you want to bury you face in it and stay there! If you’re a good boy I'll let you lick it.” with a seductive wiggle, he moaned and said “PLEASE!!!!”.

She just laughed and said, “Very Well” and backed into his face burying his face into her moist snatch, standing on the front pair of legs she brought the back pair up and wrapped them around his head, forcing his face into her wet snatch starting to wiggle she orgasmed and came in his mouth, the taste was like nothing he’d ever experienced before, he hungrily lapped up the juices and played the clit for more. She just laughed and orgasmed some more feeding her unwary prey more of her juices.

After about three or four orgasms she stood up and walked away slowly wiggling her hips and stopped and turned towards him, bent down face to face and whispered, “ How was that sweetmeat!!!” she then grabbed him in a french kiss holding him with her four arms and enveloping him. He struggled to break her grip but she was incredibly strong, unknown to him she had started the process of preparing her prey for the cocooning process that would eventually come. For she was a spider and this was her fly!

While being distracted by her grip and french kiss she brought one toe up to her vagina and wiggled it pulling out a silk thread and secretly attaching to his calf, she then did the same with the other calf and then released him, laughing her deep throaty laugh. Turning around she stopped about 4 feet in front of him and turned reaching back with all four arms she released the latches holding the teddy shut and raised her arms as the teddy fell to the floor, exposing her perfectly formed triple c’s, she stepped towards him dancing while waving her arms and came down in front of him putting her breasts a few fractions of an inch from his face and whispered seductively again, “If you thought the pussy tasted good wait til you try my milk” and with that she reached up with one hand and squeezed and pulled her right nipple causing it to squirt a small stream of milk to his mouth.

He suddenly jerked uncontrollably and started lapping up as much as he could. She laughed her deep throaty laugh and then said, “Patience lover You’ll get fed soon enough, now here’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to dance with my tits in your face, when I’m ready and not until you hold your distance when I give you the ok you suckle and don’t be shy sweety, I’ll feed you as much as you want.”

With that she started to dance rubbing her breasts and gyrating while her other set of hands grabbed his shirt tearing the front of it open and shredding it till it was completely removed from his body, she then grabbed his head and pressed it to her breast, whispering “feed baby!!”. With that he started suckling drinking the breast milk hungrily. She just threw her head back and laughed and then sexually moaned while licking her lips seductively and enjoying the feeling of his advances, thinking of the time when she’d get to wrap her prey, wondering how much fight he’d put up. She enjoyed a good fight from her prey and hoped he wouldn’t disappoint.

After about half an hour he stopped suckling totally relaxed and feeling good. Sharon walked back out about 4 feet in front of him and started dancing again. Every once in a while looking up and seductively winking and giggling at him she then danced up to him and said, “Are you ready for the real fun!!”.

He moaned a sexually satisfied moan and shook his head yes.

She laughed her deep throaty laugh and said, “Prepare yourself sweet meat” and with that she started ripping his pants off. He was amazed at how adept and fast she was using all 4 hands. When she was through he was sitting there just as naked as her but with a hard on. Sharon looked down and grinned and said, “mmmmmm!! Very nice sweet meat” she then danced over and bent over taking the cock in her mouth.

He started to squirm a little but Sharon was quick to hold him in the chair, while taking one hand and moving it to her pussy she produced a wad of silk and moved it up to his mouth planting it firmly over his mouth, she ignored the muffled whimpers as she caressed and stroke his rod with her tongue feeling the stiffness and swelling in her mouth she let out a sexually satisfied moan as he released, at the same time he let out a muffled moan and felt what felt like a vacuum cleaner draining his cock squirming as she drained his fluid. Afterwards she lifted her head licking the remnants of her meal from her lips and grinned at him.

The webbing on his mouth was still there and started having a weird effect on him making him hornier than ever, she looked at him and grinned falling back to the floor spread eagle she raised her finger and wagged it seductively saying, “fuck me you fool!!” and letting out a deep throaty laugh.

He felt drawn as he left the chair and landed on top of her. Surprised by the feel of the floor, it was almost as if it was coated with a thick layer of silk. Suddenly his thought process was interrupted by her grabbing him and pulling him to her, sticking his cock in her vagina she started initiating the fucking process and he just fell right into rhythm, pumping his cock inside and out, he let himself get lost in the feeling of sexual release with every orgasm.

After about 45 minutes of plain fucking he turned her around and started with her ass, guiding it in, she wiggled and whimpered a little bit and then laughed and said, “give it to me baby!!!!” He pumped feeling how taught her ass was around his cock, and getting hornier with each pump because of the moist slurping noise his cock made every time it entered, and soon he came. Turning her back over he fucked her one more time before slowly collapsing on top of her from exhaustion. That’s when the bite came, she brought her mouth to his neck and started giving him a hickey or at least that’s what he thought until she brought her fangs out and sank them into his neck releasing her venom. There was aloud scream as he knocked her off of him and yelled, “OUCH BITCH, YOU STUPID CUNT THAT HURT!!!!!”

There was a deep throaty laugh from her as she crawled across the room from him saying, “Poor silly little fool, you fell right into my trap, I’m a spider and you are my fly, the poison I injected you with will begin working soon and your struggles will come to an end, but before you are paralyzed I’m going to have some fun with you!”

And with that she suddenly climbed the wall with all limbs, once there she laughed and turned her body into position, pointing her pussy at her prey she released a wide sheet of web that caught her victim. Seeing this Joe started to dodge it but was shocked when he couldn’t move because of being stuck to the silk on the floor, he screamed as she laughed as the first Salvo of webbing found its mark, surrounding him like a fog, it completely surrounded him. Panicked he started struggling even harder, but the more he moved the more he got tangled.

There was a deep throaty laugh as she said, “I told you I’d have fun with you, I like my prey to fight and you’re not disappointing.”

She then crawled to another part of the ceiling arranged herself and shot another salvo completely cocooning her prey. He struggled and then suddenly the hot sticky silk started too cool shrinking and constricting him, much like saran wrap on food. After what seemed like an eternity he finally found himself totally encased in webbing. Totally cocooned he whimpered and struggled, laying there he happened to notice the next room and saw the redhead he’d seen before only this time she was naked and built just like Sharon, but she was crawling up a silk thread with a struggling silk cocoon suspended from a thread coming from her pussy, the cocoon struggled to break free as she climbed up the thread out of sight.

Meanwhile Sharon started dropping from the ceiling suspended from a silk strand towards her prey, after she reached him she touched him gently causing him to break his train of thought shifting it back to her. Suddenly he started screaming and wiggling while she sat back laughing, she grabbed him and turned him over saying, “here’s your last meal enjoy it!!!” and with that she covered his mouth with her cunt and started cumming in his mouth, ignoring his muffled whimpers she just laughed as he fed.

After about half an hour of this she suddenly stopped and released a strand of silk from her pussy, after pulling to test it’s strength she quickly freed him from the floor and started pulling him up a hole with a silk strand coming from it. Struggling he tried to break free, feeling the venom start to take effect he whimpered as she pulled his weakened struggling body up the thread suspended from her pussy laughing her deep throaty laugh. After what seemed like an eternity she stopped climbing, rubbing her pussy against a large strand of silk she turned and lifted him to the center of what was a giant web. Turning her pussy towards him she squirted a few strands to secure him to the giant web. She crawled up to a corner leaving her prey hanging in the center.

While hanging there he noticed another web in another room adjacent to the one he was in. He looked and saw the redhead slowly and deliberately moving close to her cocooned prey, she laughed a similar deep throaty laugh and finally made contact freeing her victims cock and letting it enter her vagina while he struggled. She looked over and noticed Joe watching she smiled a big smile and seductively winked at him and then showed her fangs biting into her victims neck and envenomating him. There was muffled screams as she held her prey close to her body. The feeling of sexual satisfaction as each wiggle made his penis pump her and release its load. All the while draining his vital fluids.

Looking over he caught movement out of the corner of his eye, it was another redhead, she looked a lot like the one he just watched, but was a little older. She was in the process of weaving another web, that’s when he felt the movement in his web. Sharon was crawling towards her prey. He started struggling as hard as he could but was losing the fight to paralysis caused by her venom. Suddenly she was on top of him.

Leaning over she whispered in his ear with her most seductive voice, “My my you have alot of fight left in you, but that will change after a good long fuck as I finish you off” with that she guided his cock into her vagina and started to fuck him while simutanesley sinking her fangs in his neck, he screamed his muffled screams as he felt his penis involuntarily drain as he felt her inject more venom but this was different. This venom burned. It was then that he realized she’d pumped him full of digestive venom which would turn his insides to a thick soup. All he could do was wiggle and squirm. Right before he lost consciousness the last thing he remembered was her sexually satisfied moans as she had her meal.


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