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Starfire meets her Match

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2013 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; spiderwomen; superheros; capture; web; cocoon; bite; envenom; susp; hood; gag; impregnate; transform; climax; cons/nc; XX

Starfire sighed as all the other Titans left Titans Tower. Yet again she was on her own for the weekend. However, this was not a bad thing. She was exceptionally horny, as like all Tamarans, she had an extremely high sex drive. While she was into normal sex, it didn’t fulfil her needs. Her dark secret was that she liked bondage with dominatrixes. When she had time she would have sessions with local dommes.

She had been told about a new club and decided to go that night. She showered and then shaved her pussy clean. Needing to keep her identity a secret, Starfire slicked her hair back heavily with gel tying a black scarf over to cover it. Starfire then tied her hair in a long ponytail, using another black scarf around her waist to tie it to her back. She then put on her black silk g-string & stockings, with long thigh high boots. Finally she put on her long black trenchcoat and sunglasses and went to the club.

Starfire saw many dommes, some of which she knew, but none really interested her. As she sat at the bar drinking her cocktail, a tall powerfully built domme with huge boobs wearing a long trenchcoat, black silk G-string, a giant black silk scarf tied over her hair, long black gloves, black stockings and black boots came up next to her. Starfire felt herself getting wet as she saw the domme had a thick pad under her G-string, which seemed to be pulsating from beneath. Starfire wondered what was happening.

The domme smiled at Starfire, who felt herself getting incredibly wet and turned on. She ordered a straight scotch, slammed it down and faced Starfire. The domme leaned over and kissed Starfire on the mouth. She then kissed her gently under her chin, till suddenly Starfire felt a prick of pain. As blood gently trickled down her neck, Starfire suddenly found she couldn’t move and was paralysed. The domme laughed and whipped a pad & scarf from her coat, covering the bite with the pad & then wrapping the scarf several times over Starfire’s neck.

“Yes, I do tend to get excited”, she laughed. “I have just injected you with my venom and you are now paralysed. I know who you are, Starfire.”

“And since you like my pad so much, Starfire, you can have it!” With that the domme pulled her pad out of her g-string and stuffed it into Starfire’s mouth tightly. Starfire found it was very sticky and clogged her mouth shut and it was also soaked in something. Starfire started to get drowsy as the domme laughed again.

As she faced Starfire, she pulled her G-string down to reveal huge pussy lips, 20 times normal size. Suddenly another set of arms appeared to pull open her coat, and another set started rubbing her clit, which was the size of a small rock. Groaning the domme used another set of arms to pull and wrap a large silk scarf spun from her pussy over Starfire’s mouth and around her head several times to OTM gag her securely.

Starfire couldn’t speak due to her gag, which was secure. With the thick pad jammed in her mouth her drowsiness got worse. She tried to understand what was happening – this domme was some kind of spiderwoman, and she was now her slave. No one had moved to help her, because after all, it was a bondage club AND the spiderwoman had used her coat to cover her silk spinning. To the others in the club it looked like she was using silk bindings to secure a slave, very common indeed. The domme then pulled some silk restraints from her pussy, again from within her coat.  Quickly she put Starfire into a silk armglove, leg sheath and hood.

With Starfire secure, the domme then spun a very large silk bag and placed Starfire inside for transport to her dungeon. Two female latex slaves lifted the bag downstairs to a large hole in the floor, and left it with the domme. Closing the door the domme smiled. She quickly stripped her gloves, boots and coat off and resumed her normal form. Spidrix, as she was known to her friends, stretched out all 6 arms, pushed her spider abdomen out her bum and relaxed her mouth to reveal her fangs.

Spidrix tore the bag off Starfire, who blinked and shuddered in horror as she saw Spidrix’s true form. Spidrix clutched Starfire in her arms and descended into the hole, which was a silk tunnel leading down to her lair. It was elasticized sticky silk, so only a spiderwoman could enter and exit with ease. Slaves or intruders would be caught.

Spidrix emerged in her lair, a dark webbed cave where she lived with her slaves. Starfire saw 3 slaves on the wall, tightly cocooned and gagged, spreadeagled across taut sticky webs. Each was completely wrapped except for their heads in silk hoods, large boobs & exposed pussies sealed with large silk pads. Surprisingly too their bellies were swollen significantly as they were each pregnant.

Each groaned softly inside their gags, as if in agony – but then Starfire saw each was being teased mercilessly in continuing orgasm. The first had taut silklines between her clit & nipples, the second had a pulsating mass under her pad attached to her clit as well as on her boobs and the third had silklines attached to her clit and nipples but suspended from above.

Fearful of her fate Starfire summoned all her power. She managed to blast her cocoon to pieces in one burst, freeing herself in the process but leaving herself totally exhausted. Unable to remove her gag, she summoned all her strength and quickly flew straight up to the tunnel entrance trying to get through. However to her horror the tunnel was lined from extremely sticky silk and constricted over her very quickly, entangling her in a mass of silken web. Starfire managed to hit her emergency beacon but as she heard Wonder Girl asking her where she was, her thick gag prevented her from making any noise.

Helplessly stuck, Starfire suddenly felt the tunnel web being pulled downwards back into the lair. To her horror she saw the spiderwoman hanging from the ceiling pulling her out with her spider legs.

“Thank you, slave”, she laughed. “You have provided me with much fun & entertainment, and now with more slaves on their way!” With that the spiderwoman bit deeply into her neck, much harder and longer than last time, completely paralysing her with venom. “This time slave you will NOT escape”.

Completely exhausted Starfire couldn’t move a muscle. Held in 2 legs by the spiderwoman she was quickly cocooned in thick liquid silk, spun around at lightning speed so she was coated completely except for her head, pussy and boobs. Taking no chances with her the spiderwoman then regagged her with a thick scarf web that completely covered her nose & mouth, wrapping it over her head several times. She then spun a slave hood from her pussy and placed it on Starfire. Then she spun a black latex slave sheath which she placed over Starfire’s body to restrain her and also to block light from reaching her body.

The spiderwoman then took her down into the lair & placed her on a horizontal sheet web. Unable to move Starfire was helpless. The spiderwoman started gently stroking Starfire’s boobs and pussy, driving Starfire nuts. Due to the venom her boobs swelled to giant size, as did her pussy lips and her clit.

“Hmmm,” the spiderwoman licked her lips, “You look good, my dear.” And with that, she pierced Starfire’s nipples and clit with her fangs, inserting 1 large gold ring on each. The Spiderwoman then spun silk lines from each ring to another and tied them off under high tension.

Then the Spiderwoman rubbed her own pussy hard, groaning as her clit popped up & her lips started to drip with silk heavily. Suddenly with one loud groan a huge eggtube popped out of her pussy and whipped straight into Starfire’s pussy. Clasping Starfire to her body with her spider arms, the spiderwoman sealed her eggtube onto Starfire’s pussy with thick silk.

Anchored on with silk and with 4 legs clamped onto Starfire and the web, the spiderwoman slid her eggtube in and out slowly at first. Then as Starfire started to get wet she started to quicken her pace. The spiderwoman picked up the silk lines in one arm and gently tweaked them, feeling Starfire groan under her gag and get even wetter. Smiling the spiderwoman rode her even harder using another arm to massage her clit at the same time. With her orgasm growing the spiderwoman rode Starfire harder and harder. With her eggtube rock hard her clit suddenly started leaking extremely strong silk. The spiderwoman quickly used her remaining 2 arms to spin it into a whip, which she used to whip Starfire’s boobs harder and harder.

The spiderwoman screamed loudly as she came in a torrent of silk and a large mass passed through her tube into Starfire’s womb. The spiderwoman pushed it all the way up and then pulled herself off Starfire, sealing her eggsac in with a thick pad over Starfire’s pussy. Starfire found she was in orgasm unable to come with the eggsac keeping her in agony. Pleased with her work, Spidrix revealed to Starfire she was really Arachna, the daughter of Arachne!

Starfire squirmed in fear as she heard the news. Her needs had now lead her colleagues into a trap!

With that Arachna disappeared up the tunnel, spinning a new silk lining and waiting for Starfire’s colleagues to come for her. She had a surprise planned for them, with a little help from some friends... and family...

Donna Troy as Troia met her colleagues Raven, blonde Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark, She-Flash, Aquagirl, Bumblebee & Miss Martian outside the building where Starfire’s beacon had been activated. Raven reported that she had tried to teleport in, as had Ms Martian tried to phase in & She-Flash vibrate in, but with no luck. Some sort of spatial anomaly blocked all attempts to enter, as if the building was out of phase.

As such Donna coordinated a multiple strategy to enter the building through different access points – she, Cassie, Raven & Ms Martian would enter in disguise through the front door, Aquagirl would swim through the groundwater up to the building foundations, She-Flash would run at faster than light speed to try & match the block frequency to enter via the walls and Bumblebee would come with them hiding in MM’s pocket before leaving & flying around to scout for Starfire once inside.

As She-Flash & Aquagirl left, Donna embarrassingly explained to her colleagues that the building housed an S&M club, meaning that they would have to dress accordingly. As Raven already dressed like a domme, she would be the Main Dominatrix and they all would be their slaves.

She-Flash ran quickly back to her starting point, several km away, to vibrate her way into the club.

She started at a fast pace, and started to accelerate faster and faster. Soon she could see the club, glowing at a bright level. As she neared the building she started vibrating, and suddenly the walls melted away as she matched the vibrational frequency of them. Passing through She Flash suddenly noticed the building was immensely bigger than it looked on the outside. As she looked sideways she was surprised to see slaves everywhere, all bound in some way and all gagged with a white OTM wrap gag. The other thing that shocked her was the walls were covered with white silk, and there were many hidden rooms and nooks/crannies honeycombing the building.

As she passed through She-Flash suddenly emerged in the centre of the building in a large throne room, covered with the white silk everywhere. Not looking where she was going, She-Flash suddenly ran into a very fine silk sheet. It was super sticky and wrapped over her. She hit another and another and another, several more times until she became so entangled she tripped and fell onto the floor.

Hitting the ground She-Flash suddenly felt something sticky being sprayed all over her. Looking up she saw a spiderwoman was shooting webbing all over her from her pussy. It was so sticky and strong she couldn’t move as the spiderwoman darted down to her and bit her on the neck.

As weakness flooded her body the spiderwoman quickly stuffed her mouth full of silk and then wrapped a huge silk scarf around and around her head several times, gagging her OTM style completely. Lady Flash lay helplessly as the spiderwoman quickly reinforced her cocoon by spinning more and more webbing over her, thicker and thicker.

With her prey helpless the spider woman hooded She Flash, placing her up on a web near a well webbed slave. As She Flash looked to her, she recoiled in horror as she realised it was Starfire, pregnant and incubating the spiderwoman’s eggs...

The spider woman laughed and introduced herself to She-Flash, as her new owner Arachna. “You will be most useful to me”, she said, “but I now need to attend to some friends of yours...” Arachna left chuckling, as she descended into a lower tunnel...


Aquagirl swam up through the sewers, emerging in the cellar of the building. It was very dark & very quiet, too quiet as she thought as she pulled herself out of the water. Suddenly something sticky wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides.

She heard laughter as more and more sticky ropes lassoed her and started pulling her out of the water. Pulling desperately Aquagirl tried to get back into the water to get more strength but the sticky ropes were too strong. Then a super strong sticky net completely enveloped her, sweeping her off her feet and into the air, up to the roof – where she saw to her horror a giant spiderwoman had caught her up in her silky bindings.

The spiderwoman hauled her up onto her web, then quickly sprayed more & more webbing over her to bind her up until Aquagirl couldn’t move. She held back because the water on Aquagirl could have affected her webbing and put her in danger.

Arachna thought she would take a different approach. Standing back she relaxed and started rubbing her pussy, which swelled up larger and larger, as her lips suddenly parted. Gasping her eggtube whipped out and snaked over to Aquagirl. It suddenly opened up, and swallowed Aquagirl, silk and all, up to her neck and then sealed off around it, with its elasticized opening.

As Arachna groaned, her eggtube slowly pulled Aquagirl back towards its Mistress. It simultaneously sucked the water away from her and reduced her strength, as well as tightening up the cocoon, until Aquagirl’s head was at Arachna’s clit and her body inside Arachna’s pussy.

Heightened with orgasm Arachna was well pleased. Aquagirl stammered, “Who...Who...Are you?”

Arachna looked at her and smiled “Your owner!”, before she squirted thick webbing from her clit into Aquagirl’s mouth and then whipping a thick scarf gag out from her pussy to wrap her mouth up OTM style so she couldn’t make any noise. To top it off Arachna spun a black latex hood which she placed over Aquagirl’s head to minimise friction. With that she jerked Aquagirl’s head back and forth violently until she came loudly, this time sucking Aquagirl into her pussy for transport to her parlour...

Getting back she placed Aquagirl on the web in a complete black latex cocoon, and then waited for the others to arrive...


After changing in Miss Martian’s ship, the 4 came out – to the hoots and laughs of Bumblebee. Raven was still wearing her cloak but was naked underneath with her boobs visible & black silk G-string over her pussy, now with black stockings and latex boots. Both Donna & Cassie were topless and wore black g-strings with black stockings and boots, with long black gloves under their black trench coats. Both had their hair slicked back. Ms Martian wore complete latex ensemble, suffice for gaps covered by a black bra over her large boobs and black g-string over her pussy.

The group approached the building & knocked, Bumblebee was hidden in Raven’s cloak.

Upon knocking they were greeted by a large powerfully built hooded latex female slave, gagged with a large cloth gag OTM style, with large boobs visible and silk G-string over her pussy. She said nothing, but bowed to Raven and then motioned for them to follow her. The slave lead them to the centre of the room, the group noticed dommes of all sizes and shapes watching them with their slaves – all female, all gagged with white OTM style gags & with boobs visible and pussies covered with silk g-strings. There was not a male in the room.

Finally they came to a large tall domme wearing a large black latex skirt, her large boobs were magnificent and visible while her hair was slicked back and tied with a black silk scarf.

The domme introduced herself. “Greetings, I am Mistress Bindra, you are most welcome”.

Raven nodded. “We thank you for your hospitality, Mistress, I am Domme Raven”. Both bowed.

Mistress Bindra motioned to her head slave to come forward, the one who had shown them through. “This is my Head Slave, Bindee; she will look after your slaves while you & I talk.” And before Raven could answer, Bindee motioned to her colleagues and Donna, Cassie and Ms Martian were grabbed by 3 powerful female slaves just like Bindee, with their mouths covered with large soft pads and large white scarves tied & wrapped around their heads over their mouths several times to silencing them immediately & securely gagging them OTM style. They also had giant silk sheets which they quickly and deftly wrapped around each girl to package them into seamless silk straitjackets, pinning their arms tightly to their sides seamlessly. They then picked each girl up in their powerful arms and went downstairs.

Raven could not help them as she would blow her cover, so she followed Mistress Bindra out of the room with Bumblebee inside her cloak, leaving the 3 women to their own devices. Unseen she let Bumblebee go in the corridor, who flew off to look for Starfire.

Mistress Bindra led Raven to another room and shut the door.

Raven sat down, as Bindra sat across from her. “It’s a real pleasure to have another domme here, you don’t know how frustrating it gets dealing with dumb slaves” she complained.

With that Bindra sat down on her desk, facing Raven. “For the record we practice the art of active silk entrapment as our bondage philosophy”, she smiled. “I doubt it is something you have ever seen before.”

Raven shook her head, “What, you bind with scarves?” she inquired.

Bindra laughed. “No, Raven, it is ACTIVE silk bondage...”

As she laughed coldly Raven suddenly noticed the walls, roof and even floor of Bindra’s office were coated in thick white sheets that were extremely sticky to the touch.

Alarmed Raven turned to see that Bindra had flicked up her long latex skirt to reveal a huge pulsating pussy covered with a large silken pad. “I think its time for a demonstration, my dear Raven... and yes, I know who you REALLY are!”

Before Raven could react, Bindra ripped the pad off her pussy, exposing super size pussy lips and large spinnerets - as well as 6 spider legs and threw it directly into her face. The pad acted like it was alive, immediately it sealed over Raven’s nose & mouth perfectly, so thick she couldn’t scream through it and so sticky that her hands got gummed up with silk. It also gassed Raven with chloroform as she tried to breathe, so she started to tire and weaken quickly.

Meanwhile Bindra quickly drew out ropes and ropes of thick silk from her spinnerettes using her spider legs, casting them over Raven and binding her up in a mass of sticky threads. Once Raven was secured, Bindra quickly pulled her towards her pussy. She quickly draw a thick wide white silk scarf from her pussy and wrapped it around and around Raven’s head several times to gag her securely.

Bindra knew that Raven had been weakened and was probably bound, but she didn’t want to take any chances that her prize could use her powers to escape. She quickly bit Raven on the neck, injecting venom, and paralysed her.

Raven slumped to the floor, completely paralysed and helpless, but Bindra wasn’t finished yet. After covering Raven’s head with a silk slave hood from her pussy, she rubbed her clit with a spider leg which became as hard as a rock, and then sprayed thick gooey green webbing all over Raven in a super thick layer so she couldn’t use her Astral form to escape. Finally she rubbed her spinnerettes together hard and very slowly spun a thick see-through giant latex condom cocoon from her pussy using her spider legs to drag it out under high tension. As it was half the width of Raven’s cocoon. She then pulled it over Raven for a super-tight restriction fit. Raven couldn’t move a muscle!

Bindra laughed and laughed as she tied and sealed the condom cocoon around Raven’s neck and whistled for Bindee – who appeared and picked up Raven over her shoulder, taking her downstairs...


Meanwhile Cassie Lane, Donna Troy and Ms Martian had been bundled downstairs into separate rooms. The slaves that held them were incredibly powerful and too strong to break their grip. Each superheroine was taken into a room separately. Donna was thrown forward and fell onto a white sticky sheet. As she desperately tried to free herself she noticed large white spider webs hanging all over the room and a large hole in the centre lined with silk.

The slave, who’d been waiting quietly at the door, suddenly ripped off her gag to reveal a large mouth with spider fangs, ripped of her scarf to reveal a hairless head with 8 spider eyes and finally her g-string to reveal a large pussy with supersize lips and clit.  4 more super strong muscled arms appeared as She smiled and began to approach Donna.

Donna struggled and struggled as the spiderwoman got closer – finally she managed to rip the sheath jacket apart and her gag off just as the spiderwoman towered over her. Just in time Donna grabbed the Spiderwoman’s two leading spider arms as her mouth opened exposing her fangs, ready to bite her!

As the 2 wrestled Donna slowly began to get the upper hand, forcing the Spiderwoman back.

Suddenly the Spiderwoman’s pussy shot a thick silk line around Donna’s neck, looping it around several times and tethering her to her pussy. Donna tried to pull away, but the web was superstrong and gradually she started to get closer and closer. With her additional 4 arms the Spiderwoman started drawing thick silk from her pussy and casting it over Donna’s body as part of a supersticky net.

Soon Donna’s arms & legs were completely covered in silk and tethered in a single net to the Spiderwoman’s pussy, which slowly tightened the silk and pulled her closer & closer. With all her strength Donna heaved and managed to stretch the net out away a couple of metres. Suddenly another spiderwoman lowered herself in front of Donna’s face, upside down.. It was Arachna!

“My, my, my... what a surprise! A slave showing resistance... hmmm, we can’t have that... hahahahaha!”

With that she shot pussy webbing straight into Donna’s mouth, so she couldn’t make any noise. Quickly she spun a heavy silk scarf gag around and around her head to secure the gag OTM style. Donna struggled to move her head away, but the net held her arms fast. If she released the tension she would land in the Spiderwoman’s webbing.

Taking advantage of her indecision, Arachna hanging upside down from her butt web quickly locked her back legs around Donna’s neck and spun pussy webbing around her neck. Slowly she rubbed her pussy across Donna’s face, dripping as she did so. As she went back & forth her lips swelled enormously with her clit getting harder and harder and she pulled Donna’s head to her pussy closer and closer.

Arachna’s orgasm grew and grew, and her rubbing got harder and harder until Donna’s head suddenly slipped inside her pussy. Arachna’s pussy lips then locked around her neck and closed up as Arachna came, screaming as a gush of silk spurted from her pussy, releasing Donna’s head. Arachna’s cum had burnt off all Donna’s hair! Laughing Arachna apologised and quickly spun a silk slave hood for her from her pussy, placing it over her head.

Nodding to her spiderwoman, Arachna released her grip on Donna as the pussy net was suddenly released and wrapped around Donna’s arms & legs at high tension to restrain in highly restrictive arm & leg sheaths.

Finally released, Donna tried to take her chance to break free, but Arachna suddenly pounced on her and bite her in the neck. “Enough games, Donna!” she snarled. Her poison quickly paralysed Donna, who fell to the ground unable to move.

“I want your power!” growled Arachna. With that she sprayed liquid silk all over Donna and twirled her at high speed with her spider legs coating her in a thick cocoon, with only her pussy boobs and head free.

With Donna coated Arachna nodded to her spiderwoman, who picked up her cocoon and dragged her down the tunnel into her lair. There the spiderwoman laid her on a thick web in the corner of the cave - - as Donna lay dazed and helpless she saw to her horror Starfire spreadeagled & pregnant in the corner opposite her.

Was this to be her fate?


Meanwhile Miss Martian had been taken to another room, the slave holding her firmly all the way. The slave opened a door and threw her into a dark room, then slammed the door behind her. MM landed on the floor. Deciding she had had enough poor treatment, she changed into a giant version of herself shredding the silk wrap and gag so she could move freely. She immediately tried to control the slave’s mind. However she received massive feedback that caused her terrible pain and she fell screaming to the ground, clutching her head.

The slave stood immobile. Miss Martian heard laughing in the background.

“You can’t take control of a drone controlled by a group mind, you silly alien! But I can control you!!!”

As Miss Martian looked up in a blur of pain, she saw Arachna hanging from a web above her, the spiderwoman was very impressive.

“Hmm, interesting... a white Martian pretending to be green pretending to be human! Well. I think I can help you, my dear – you can just be an arachnid!” And with that Arachna laughed hysterically & whistled.

Ms Martian suddenly heard rustling above her. Before she could move, a giant silk line wrapped around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides. Miss Martian tried to see where it came from, but suddenly out of the darkness a large set of fangs came out of nowhere and pierced her neck, injecting venom. Miss Martian suddenly found herself unable to change shape and weakness flooded her body. In the light she saw a giant spider hanging down on a massive silk line and realised she had been bitten. Arachna laughed and introduced Miss Martian to her aunt the magnificent giant spider demon Shelob.

Shelob was in her LOTR form as a giant spider to help her niece cope with giant prey.

Shelob started pumping heavy liquid silk all over Miss Martian from her spinnerets to immobilise her, racing around her at high speed hanging from her web line and dragging the silk across in a  heavy sticky liquid band. As she moved faster and faster, the liquid silk became first a shroud then a tight-fitting cocoon.  As weakness flooded her body, Miss Martian tried to rip the webbing away but to no avail. It was too sticky and too strong.

Looking up Miss Martian suddenly saw Arachna above her, her giant pussy opened right up with her lips heavily swollen, her clit like a rock and dripping with slippery goo. “Surprise!” she yelled, in ecstasy, as she shot a mass of goo into Ms Martian’s mouth and over her head hard & fast.

The goo was super sticky, as Miss Martian realised too late, that Arachna had cum all over her. But she wasn’t finished. As Shelob keep the webbing up, Arachna rubbed her clit hard and came shrieking loudly as she shot several metres of sticky white scarf silk over Miss Martian’s mouth and then around her head several times, wrapping her mouth shut in an OTM gag seamlessly.

Arachna quickly finished up her work by spinning a giant silk slave hood over her head that had only eyeholes visible, and then pulled it tight over Miss Martian’s head. Ms Martian panicked as her telepathy suddenly failed her. Her Martian senses were blocked by the heavy silk & hood, as the venom took hold and she started to sway. She tried to break her cocoon but it was simply too strong. Shelob suddenly jumped on top of Miss Martian, holding her in her spider legs, and knocked her to the ground, continuing to pump her liquid silk all over her.

Gradually the venom paralysed Miss Martian completely, and her struggles ceased. Shelob slowed her webspinning down as the cocoon became a metre thick. Happy her captive was secure, Arachna descended to ground level and inspected her slave. Shelob stopped spinning & resumed her humanoid form, hugging her niece. Arachna noticed she looked different. Shelob’s stomach was swollen and enlarged, while her boobs were greatly enlarged and her pussy greatly enlarged, dripping and sticky.

Shelob smiled. “Yes, my dear niece, I am pregnant with eggs and need to find an incubator”. Arachna shrieked with joy and hugged her aunt again and again.

Arachna then turned to the wrapped up Miss Martian and pointed to her. “I give her to you, Auntie; she should be perfect for your needs”.

Shelob licked her lips, and then hugged Arachna. “I will take her now”.

With that she changed into a giant drider form, her enlarged boobs pussy and swollen stomach still evident, as she picked up Miss Martian in her cocoon and climbed quickly up into the roof and back to the Stargate.

Nodding to the guards she went through the Stargate to Webworld, nodding to Lolth on the way. From Lolth’s cave she went down a silken tunnel and back to her parlor, where she cast a silk web across the cavern and placed Miss Martian onto it. She then turned herself into a giant spiderwoman, and bit her again through the cocoon to make sure she was paralysed.

Horny as hell, and with little time left, Shelob tore the cocoon away from Miss Martian’s lower half & pussy. She quickly spun silk crotchless hose and put Miss Martian’s legs inside, then spreadeagled Miss Martian’s legs apart as far as she could and silked them to the web tightly. As Miss Martian was hairy, Shelob quickly gooed over her bush and ripped off the hair so she was smooth as a daisy. She then spun super slippery silk over Miss Martian’s pussy lips & clit, as well as her pussy.

Normally she would use her eggtube, but as she had no time left, Shelob lined her spinnerets up with Ms Martian’s pussy perfectly and shot a silk female condom straight up her pussy and into her uterus, with the base of the silk condom still attached to her spinnerettes internally. It would act as a direct funnel to allow her to impregnate Miss Martian.

With no time left, Shelob quickly started to rub her pussy back and forth over Miss Martian’s pussy. The slick surface gave her a perfect glide, as she moved back and forth, slowly picking up speed. As her arousal grew, Shelob tore the webbing off Miss Martian’s boobs, now greatly enlarged by the venom. Quickly she pierced each nipple with her fangs and spun a silk line from two arms, pulling them tighter and tighter. As she did so, Ms Martian’s clit got harder and harder, larger and larger, giving something for Shelob to rub against.

Shelob was very pleased to feel her slave responding as she got closer and closer, the female condom getting tighter and tighter between the two. As Shelob neared her peak the two pussies suddenly aligned and Shelob started squeezing her pussy & uterus muscles, as a torrent of large slippery eggsacs suddenly started flowing into Miss Martian. Shelob groaned as she felt Miss Martian dripping, her eggs flowing freely. As she came in a loud scream the last of the eggsacs were pushed into Miss Martian, with the female condom released into her by Shelob.

Now Miss Martian’s stomach was engorged and she was pregnant with egg sacs, her large size and Martian physiology meant she was the best recipient Shelob had ever impregnated. Shelob quickly spun more silk into Miss Martian, sealing her up to the top so her pussy was absolutely full of silk. Hearing a loud pop she grinned as the silk condom broke and her egg sacs flooded Miss Martian’s uterus directly, impregnating themselves onto the uterine wall immediately. With that she spun a large silk pad across MM’s pussy, sealing her up for good.

Shelob then took MM’s hood off and her gag as well. Miss Martian groaned in ecstasy as the eggsac caused her continuous orgasm. Shelob laughed and laughed. Shelob looked excitedly at Miss Martian, who suddenly started to change. Her hair fell out, 6 more eyes appeared on her forehead as well as long fangs from her mouth, 4 spider legs burst from her sides and a large abdomen pushed out from her bum complete with new spinnerettes on the end.

Miss Martian recoiled in horror, as she realised that Shelob’s cum had changed her into a spiderwoman too – and try as she might, she couldn’t change into anything else. Her DNA was now hardcoded as arachnid human.

Unwilling to let anything happen to her new incubator, Shelob quickly cocooned Miss Martian up again, pinning her arms together in a silk straitjacket sheath with her boobs exposed, as well as thick silk over her spreadeagled legs to keep her on the web. She repacked MM’s mouth with a thick silk mass and then scarfed her mouth shout with a large OTM silk gag wrapped around her head many times. Finally she replaced MM’s hood and went to her main web to rest, to wait for the hatching...


Cassie had been taken into another room, but as the slave closed the door she ripped off her gag and bindings and yelled she was ready for action. The slave seemed to smile, beneath her gag. She also ripped off her gag, revealing a very familiar face.

Cassie was shocked.”Vasquez, is that you?” she screamed. Vasquez the famous Marine had disappeared in her era in Earth’s future, never to be heard of again... until now.

Vasquez nodded, but said nothing. She suddenly exploded, her arms muscling up to several times larger as did her torso and boobs. Her lower half transformed into a spider half, as she pulled a new gag from her pussy, tying it over her mouth and then a thick latex hood, which she put over her head. Cassie was speechless as Vasquez the slave drider spun thick webbing at her. As she ducked Vasquez whipped a silkline at her legs, wrapping around them and tripping her to the ground. Another silkline whipped her lasso away before she could react, and another 2 lines caught each arm.

Cassie tried to pull away but the webbing was too strong and elastic, as it pulled Vasquez towards her. Vasquez said nothing as she used her powerful arms to hold Cassie down, and then flipped her pussy lips open. She lowered her pussy down towards Cassie, who tried to push her off but she was too strong. Vasquez silently covered Cassie’s face with her pussy, sealing it over with a slight vacuum. Vasquez then spun thick gooey wads of silk over her face. Breathing in, Cassie realised it was soaked in chloroform and soon she passed out.

With her victim helpless Vasquez released her prey and went to work. She stripped Cassie of her clothes, and pulled her hood up a bit so she could bite into Cassie’s neck, injecting her with venom. She then sprayed her body with acid webbing, burning away all hair on her head, eyebrows and pussy so she was as clean as a whistle.

She then put Cassie into a silk bodystocking, with only her head, boobs and pussy free. She then wrapped her up in very thick silk twirling her at high speed so she was cocooned very securely and tightly up to her neck. She placed a thick pad over her mouth and then used her special bandana silk to gag her OTM style tightly and well wrapped, as well as tying up her head in a thick bandana wrap. She then suspended her from a web and left her hanging in the middle of the room, returning to her post at the door.

As Cassie awoke she found herself unable to move, well gagged and cocooned and helpless. Arachna was at her feet, laughing & complementing Vasquez on a great job.

“Indeed, Vasquez, your finest work” she said, “a pity to take her away from you... so you may keep her as your plaything. Also you may now join me as a domme”.

Vasquez’s eyes lit up, as Arachna left the room. Cassie felt nervous, especially as she noticed Vasquez’s arms were now rubbing her clit and she was getting turned on. Vasquez approached her and took off her slave hood, placing it over Cassie’s head. Saying nothing, Vasquez removed her own gag and regagged Cassie with it. Cassie was now very nervous – she understood Vasquez was now her new owner.

Vasquez suddenly whipped out a long eggtube from her pussy and whipped it straight into Cassie’s pussy. It was long wide and extremely slippery – Cassie gasped as it snaked into her, it was exceptionally wet. It secured itself in her uterus.

Vasquez also pulled out a bandana whip, which she gently stroked Cassie’s boobs with as her eggtube got harder and harder. Cassie felt her orgasm growing, as her own strength slowly ebbed away. As Vasquez got louder and louder, her arms became more powerful and her boobs bigger – Cassie realised she was siphoning her power away.

Vasquez exploded as a large eggsac passed through her eggtube into Cassie, as well as a whole lot of sticky silk cum. Vasquez quickly spun a thick bandana pad to seal Cassie up, as well as bandana boob covers and a silk G-string. Vasquez then changed her form to that of a hugely powerful humanoid spiderwoman, with even bigger arms than she had before. She wore her red bandana, a black silk cloak, long black gloves, black stockings, a black G-string and long black boots.

Strangely she then took Cassie down from the web and lay on the floor, and waited. Cassie tried to move, but she was still paralysed. Then all of a sudden her cocoon tore itself away from her. Cassie felt extreme pain as her arms suddenly inflated with muscle and another pair of arms also protruded from her sides. With her stomach heavily pregnant, Cassie’s pussy & arse suddenly hurt like hell. Her pussy suddenly grew 3 times in size stretching the pad out taut, and a large spider abdomen pushed its way out her arse, along with 8 spider legs. Finally her gag fell off, as her new fangs ripped through it and she saw the world very differently with 6 new eyes.

Vasquez smiled, and told Cassie to freeze – which she did immediately. Her willpower was all gone, she could do only what hew new Mistress told her. She was now a slave drider!

Vasquez pulled out another gag, rewrapped it over Cassie’s mouth and then placed a new hood over her head. She then left the room to see her Mistress as an equal, with her new slave following..


Bumblebee had flown from room to room, trying to find her colleagues, but they had all disappeared one by one. Seeing Bindra by herself she quietly kept a distance and followed her downstairs inside the lower parts of the building. Bindra came into a dark room, and then looked around. To Bumblebee’s surprise she shed all her clothes to reveal a supremely beautiful and powerful domme. Well formed with big boobs and very smooth, but oversize pussy. Bindra jumped into a large hole in the floor and disappeared.

Bumblebee resumed normal size and went over to peer at the hole. It was dark and deep, coated with some sort of silk material. Just as she was about to shrink and fly in, something grabbed her around the neck and forced a thick pad over her mouth and nose. It was soaked in chloroform, which made Bumblebee weak and dizzy. Then she felt a sharp bite on her neck, which immediately flooded her with weakness. Bumblebee slumped to the floor paralysed, and blacked out.

When she awoke Bumblebee found herself stripped of her costume, nude except a thick silk bandage around her neck and her black silk g-string. Without her costume she was powerless. To her horror she found that she was tethered to a strong silk rope that led down the hole. She felt quite weak and realised the bandage covered some sort of bite, presumable she had been injected with venom. Suddenly the rope started pulling her down, into the tunnel. Bumblebee tried to pull back, but she had no strength and got yanked into the tunnel.

The tunnel was coated with extremely sticky silk and the more Bumblebee tried to move, the more entangled she became. The rope pulled her through as all the silk in the tunnel enmeshed itself around her, and she became cocooned in a web. Emerging at the other end Bumblebee was horrified to see a spiderwoman waiting for her at the entrance to a large cavern with a Stargate. Starfire, Raven, Aquagirl, Lady Flash and Donna all cocooned and pregnant helpless – Cassie had been transformed into a Slave Drider.

Arachna welcome Bumblebee to the party. She bit her on the other side of her neck to paralyse her completely, then quickly rewrapped her into a nice thick cocoon so she couldn’t move or escape. Arachna then quickly stuffed BB’s mouth with a thick pad and scarf gagged her securely OTM style.

She then signalled the other Slave driders to pick up their captives, and transport them to Webworld for processing. Passing through the Stargate they were greeted by Lolth and Arachne, Arachna’s mother. Lolth proclaimed Arachna now as one of her chosen 4 – along with Shelob, Orbea and Arachne.

The next phase would soon begin!




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