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Stargate 1: New Order

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2012 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f+; spiderwoman; capture; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; entrap; insert; tease; mast; oral; climax; scifi; cons/nc; X

Part 1: New Order

Carter had entered the new dialling codes.. The gate opened up to a New World. Carter plunged through the gate, with her 3 supporting officers.

They landed inside a clearing so Carter left 2 officers to guard the gate. She and the other one followed a path away from the clearing.

One of the guards Miranda, the tall blonde, heard a cry from behind some trees. She raced through the bushes and emerged to find a naked brunette woman cocooned in some sort of sticky web on the ground. Over her a tall slender naked woman with no hair was perched, extruding thick silk webbing with her 6 arms to wrap her up.

As she turned to face Miranda, Miranda saw she had a huge pussy the length of her forearm from where she was drawing silk. The spiderwoman smiled when she saw Miranda. Quickly she lashed the last of her webbing over her prey’s mouth in a thick gag so she was quiet and completely helpless.

Miranda raised her gun and told the spiderwoman to stop right there. The spiderwoman raised her arms, smiling but said nothing. Miranda didn’t like it, something was wrong. The spiderwoman wasn’t worried at all!

Suddenly a rope coiled around Miranda’s neck and lifted her off the ground, as she dropped her weapon. Looking up Miranda saw a giant spider has spun the rope and was lifting her so she was suspended. At the same time the Spiderwoman dashed forward and lashed thick silk ropes over Miranda’s body to bind her securely. Miranda was amazed to see how fluid she was at pulling the rope from her pussy and then using her arms to wrap Miranda up in rope.

The spiderwoman spat at the weapon with acid venom and it dissolved immediately.

Miranda arms & legs were roped together, her wrists webbed together and her legs spreadeagled to ropes attached to adjoining trees. The spiderwoman smiled as she plugged Miranda’s mouth with a gooey mass of silk and then proceeded to draw a long silk scarf from her pussy which she wrapped over Miranda’s mouth and head several times to securely gag her.

Miranda struggled with her bonds but she was securely bound. The spiderwoman admired her struggles – Miranda saw her pussy dripping and realised that she was getting turned on! The spiderwoman approached her and suddenly slashed open her top with her sharp top arms, exposing Mirandas large breasts. Another couple of slashes and her pussy was exposed too, her panties ripped to pieces.

The spiderwoman smiled again, then she climbed up on Miranda’s body. With her legs and top arms locking her in position Miranda suddenly felt the spiderwoman’s remaining 4 legs draw silk out from her pussy and fasten it around her neck. To her horror the silk pulled itself up from her neck and over her face in a silk webbing tube under a vacuum and her head was pulled into the spider woman’s pussy!

It was a very very tight fit but Miranda was surprised how lubricated it was. Her nose hit something in front of her – Miranda realised it was the spiderwoman’s clit.

Slowly the spiderwoman began to grind her whole pussy over and around Miranda’s head. It gradually tightened up and Miranda found it harder to breathe. Large amounts of lubricant dripped from the spiderwoman’s pussy onto her body and Miranda found her clothes dissolved away but her bonds remained.

As the movements got harder and faster the spider woman’s clit remained enlarged and compressed against the silk tubing over Miranda’s face. Suddenly sticky silk oozed through the tubing onto Miranda’s face and stuck her fast. Miranda found the clit pushing against her gag, she had no choice but to suck on it.

The spiderwoman’s body got more taut and her movements faster and faster. Suddenly she came in an explosive roar, as her cry echoed through the forest. A huge amount of goop erupted from her pussy and fell over the silk tubing to completely engulf Miranda’s body. It solidified into a viscous ooze that immediately stopped just about all of Miranda’s movements dead.

Then quietly her pussy let go of Miranda’s head and it dropped out. Her clit moved away and the tubing fell back down around Miranda’s neck.

Miranda was shocked. The spiderwoman had given herself away with her scream but she didn’t seem worried at all. The spiderwoman smiled at her again - then she started to spin something madly with her 6 arms.

Dragging a fine silk from her pussy she soon had a tiny stretch tube in her arms. Smiling again she pulled it over Miranda’s body – somehow it fit and it was so tight it restrained her body against the goop securely.

The spiderwoman looked over her prey and laughed.

She then ripped the webbing away from Miranda’s crotch and breast, exposing them all. Miranda was very well endowed; the spiderwoman rubbed them with her forearms and then covered her nipples with large silk patches tying them to fine silk threads. When she pulled them Miranda couldn’t help but groan.

Looking at Miranda’s pussy the spiderwoman sprayed a white goop from her tongue over the hairy area, the hair just dissolved away leaving her bald. Again the spiderwoman attached a very fine silkline to Miranda’s clit and could make her groan by tweaking it.

Rubbing her clit and pulling on her nipples Miranda started to drip. The spiderwoman had 2 arms pulling the breast lines, 1 pulling the clit line & the other rubbing her lips. With her last 2 arms she used them to pry open Miranda’s pussy as she started to climax.

Suddenly the spiderwoman flipped her long tongue inside Miranda’s pussy. It was actually a rolled tube that had a silk gland internally, so she could spray/spin webbing.

Miranda found her pussy was opened right up with her lips pulled back, she was just about to climax. The spiderwoman’s tongue sprayed thick webbing all over her pussy walls & lips, the webbing solidified into a soft but solid mass that could stick against itself. Soon her pussy was plugged with the webbing in a position that Miranda was climaxing but couldn’t come. Miranda continued to drip against the webbing but couldn’t come. It drove her nuts and she began to violently struggle inside her bonds.

The spiderwoman laughed but couldn’t let her prize hurt herself. She bit Miranda on the neck and Miranda suddenly found herself paralysed from her neck below, except for her pussy muscles. The spiderwoman then bit into Miranda’s pussy webbing and sucked it dry.

Now paralysed but completely turned on Miranda could only marvel at the spiderwoman’s efficiency. Suddenly loud noises were heard from the forest a little way away. The spiderwoman quickly leapt behind a tree, hiding and leaving Miranda visible in her web.

Miranda saw the second officer Lori burst through the trees into the clearing. She had heard a loud scream and had come to investigate after she lost contact with Miranda. A tall Afro-American woman, she was shocked to see a woman lying immobile on the ground wrapped up in some sort of spider cocoon. She heard then a soft “mmmph” above her and looked up – thre was Miranda hanging spreadeagled in the same type of webbing from the tree.

As she looked up the spiderwoman saw her chance – she had never seen a black woman and liked the look of this prize. She rubbed her own clit in anticipation and excitement, her pussy opened up hugely and dripped. Quietly she crept up behind Lori, in 2 arms she held a thick extruded silk pad & held a long scarf in 2 more arms. With 2 arms she clutched Lori in a steely embrace, whipping the pad over her mouth to silence her quickly. Then she quickly wrapped the scarf over her mouth several times so she was very quiet. Lori tried to struggle & scream but the pad/scarf wrap was too tight. As she breathed in fumes from the pad began to overwhelm her and she passed out.

Her prize now unconscious, the spiderwoman worked quickly. She stripped all the clothes off the black woman and admired her body. She then picked up the black woman’s body in 4 arms and held her horizontally. With her last 2 arms she rubbed her clitoris hard and then came in a torrent of liquid silk. As she did she spun Lori’s body quickly in her 4 arms so she was covered in the liquid silk. She continued to come for 10 minutes until she stopped, by this time Lori was firmly wrapped in a 3-inch thick pure silk cocoon and gagged.

Lori awoke to find herself firmly bound and gagged. She stared and yelled a loud “mmmph” at the spiderwoman, and struggled to get free but the cocoon moved a little with her struggles. The spiderwoman licked her lips and made Lori feel uneasy. Then she saw the spiderwoman’s huge huge dripping pussy with her clit raised. “Oh oh” she thought.

The spiderwoman pulled a silk hood out of her pussy and pulled it over Lori’s head, it was see through but kept her hair away from her face and secure.

The spiderwoman then picked up Lori in her arms and pushed her feet against her clit & lips. Slippery goop dripped over her cocoon and started to flow down her body,as it got more and more lubricated. Lori felt webbing clutch on to the cocoon at her feet and started to pull her in. Soon her body was  going back & forth as the pussy got wetter and wetter, tighter and tighter. The spiderwoman soon had Lori’s face at her clit and smiled.

Lori felt her face push into the clit and soon was stuck there by silk threads lashing it to the clit. The spiderwoman came in another loud scream but this time Lori was sucked inside her pussy, with her head still attached to the clit web.

The spiderwoman’s pussy contracted onto Lori’s cocoon and she was held fast. Lori realised that she was the spiderwoman’s permanent dildo and that there was no escape…

* * *

Meanwhile Carter and her second-in-command Lieutenant Libby Peters followed the trail away from the Stargate. Soon they came across an old temple, out the front it had a statue of a half-woman, half-spider – Carter surmised that it was the goddess Arachne (also known as the Queen of Spiders).

Carter entered the temple, while Libby stood outside to guard the entrance.

After Carter had left Libby heard a noise to her left, around the corner of the temple. She raised her gun to investigate and tuned the corner – but there was nothing there. She looked around but saw nothing.

Suddenly a trapdoor in the ground behind her opened and a giant spider leapt out and pounced on her, Libby dropped her gun in surprise as the spider pinned each of her limbs down with 4 of its legs. Before she could scream the spider had plugged her mouth with a very sticky goo ball and to her surprise cast a seamless long silk scarf-type silk line that it wrapped very, very quickly and thickly over her mouth and around her head to gag her.

Now assured she was helpless the spider picked her up holding her firmly and quickly dragged her back down into its silk-lined burrow, pulling the door closed so she was now underground and out of sight.

Libby knew she was now helpless. The silk burrow was actually a tube that was extremely tight fitting and very sticky. In the darkness the spider went to work.

Libby felt all her clothes stripped off. Suddenly her arms were crossed as the spider clasped 4 legs around her torso and she began to twirl inside the burrow really quickly.

As she spun around inside the burrow the spider pumped hard fast liquid silk over her body. Soon Libby was enmeshed inside a thin cocoon up to her neck, restricting her movements significantly. Now sure her prey couldn’t move the spider fastened a silk line around Libby’s neck and started to drag her down deeper into her burrow.

Soon Libby found herself in an underground chamber, dimly lit. The room was covered in spider webs; it was the spider’s den.

Unable to move Libby looked around and to her horror saw 2 other women suspended from webs on the walls of the den. However they were wrapped differently from her.

A redhead hung inside a see-through silk bag hanging from the roof. Her body was immobilised inside the bag with what looked like thick silk wrapping. She was heavily gagged with a silk wrap like Libby so she was quiet. She looked sadly at Libby but made no attempt to move.

The other woman was much different. She was naked and strung up on a vertical web, her hands & feet socked in silk wraps but nothing else. She had long black hair but Libby couldn’t see her face as she had been hooded in a white web hood. Her vaginal area was covered in a very fine silk g-string.

The spider left Libby and crawled over the first girl, making sure she was secure.

Then she went over to the second girl. She cut her down from the webs and lowered her gently on the ground. Libby was curious- what was the spider doing?

The spider gently stroked the girls g-string – suddenly a set of spinnerets popped out of her vagina ripping away the g-string! The girl woke up and tore the hood off her head.

Looking at her Libby recoiled in horror, as she knew what had happened. The spider had turned her into a spiderwoman!

The spiderwoman had 8 eyes; fangs in her mouth and her spinnerets sticking out of her pussy were pulsating. She licked her lips when she saw Libby.

Libby summoned all her strength and managed to tear her way out of the slim cocoon. She ripped the gag off and spat out the goop. Strangely the spider just stayed still and the spiderwoman just smiled.

Libby realised what she had been brought her for. She was the spiderwoman’s first victim.

She ran to the corner of the den & found a knife that one of the victims had dropped. The spiderwoman calmly followed her at a distance. Libby was very well –trained in hand-to-hand combat, and there was another opening to get out of the den.

The spider hadn’t moved. Libby thought she had a chance.

She charged the spiderwoman who calmly grabbed her arm holding the knife in an iron-like grip. Her strength was incredible; she forced Libby to drop the knife, which hit the ground.

The spiderwoman spat something at the knife, which immediately dissolved. Libby realised she had acid venom.

Libby managed to break her grip and raced for the door as quickly as she could. The spiderwoman laughed! Her spinnerets pulsating she shot a multi-pronged silkline lasso at Libby’s body. Silklines wrapped over Libby neck, arms, waist, arms and ankles – sticking to her and stopping her just short of escape though the door.

Fear in her eyes Libby turned to face the Spiderwoman.  The spiderwoman then blew a silken net from her mouth over the door to block it so there was no escape.

The spiderwoman licked her lips and pulled Libby in by retracting her silklines. As Libby got closer Libby saw the Spiderwoman’ pussy had opened right up, and silk was dripping from her vaginal lips. Was it possible she was turned on??

The spiderwoman suddenly pulled a soft spongy mass from her pussy and shoved it into Libby’s mouth. It expanded and Libby couldn’t speak. Then she pulled a seamless web hood over Libby’s face and fastened it around her neck.

Blinded now Libby couldn’t see but suddenly she lay on the ground. A silken shroud from the Spiderwoman’s pussy was pulled over her body and enveloped up to her neck.

Libby didn’t understand. She was enshrouded but not tightly. Why? She found out quite quickly… the spiderwoman pulled her head up and jammed her face into her pussy. It was an extremely tight fit but quite lubricated and Libby found her head going back and forth. She was being used as a dildo!

Suddenly the spiderwoman exploded in orgasm and a huge gush of sticky gooey web covered her head & body. In a slow ooze at least 4 inches thick it covered her completely and then solidified into a viscous mass. Libby couldn’t move.

The spider woman released Libby and then stood back to admire her first catch. She now had full webbing abilities and intended to keep her prize catch. She spun a light cocoon over the mass to keep Libby still and gave her to the spider to store away…

* * *

Meanwhile Carter found a room covered in spider webs, it was very dark indeed.

Suddenly out of the darkness something clamped over her nose and mouth with a very soft sticky mass. Carter tried to break its grip but found a strong arm clasped over her mouth….”Sleeeeepppp…” a voice said in low tones. Carter suddenly passed out.

Carter woke up later. To her horror she found she had been stripped naked and was cocooned around her arms & legs in some sort of spider webbing.

Looking up she saw a tall woman smiling at her. The woman had human limbs & 4 spider legs, was naked, had long black hair, 8 eyes and a large dripping spider pussy.

“Greeting Major Carter…I am Arachne….”


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