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Stress Relief

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2009 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; wrap; cocoon; latex; cons; X

Authors Note: This was originally going to be my entry for the short story contest, but I decided to go with another story instead.

It was one hell of a stressful day.  

Get back from a week-long company retreat looking forward to going to a movie, relaxing, doing some writing.  Instead, I get greeted with the fact that I need to help move my mother to a new apartment, that I need to clean up the house, and a host of other frustrations.  And as it turned out, our pet rabbits, while I was away, had somehow managed to grab hold of the corner of the comforter on the bed, thus chewing it to bits so that whenever it moved, feathers flew by the hundreds through the air.

Needless to say, I was REALLY pissed off.  

Trying to get to sleep, I couldn't get over how angry and pissed off I was at our rabbits.  I was ticked off that my restful week was turning into a moving frenzy, I was pissed that my favorite comforter, which I've slept in for years, is now almost certainly ruined thanks to the innocent actions of our pet rodents.  No amount of relaxing music or babbling brook MP3 sounds helped to soothe my frayed nerves.

Fortunately, my mistress saw that I was in trouble and instantly went into emergency calm down mode, grabbing the necessary equipment and gear for such a procedure. The gear itself?  Well, it's kept in a small plastic bin behind the bed.  While I stewed in my own furious juices, she quickly pulled the bin out and then reached up to remove my headphones.  

"Up."  She said, voice reassuring yet firm and unyielding.  I recognized it immediately, it was the tone of domination.

Having gotten used to hearing such a voice and obeying it's commands, I instantly shifted into a slave mindset, ready to obey any order without question.  Such an act helped to distract me from my anger.  

"Good girl.  Strip."  

The order was carried out immediately.  I wasn't feeling sexual at that moment, but I did feel a slight relaxation as the bedclothes came off.

"Lie down on the bed and stay still."  

I obeyed, surrendering and giving all control over my body to my owner.  

Don't let her pretty looks fool you, she can be a very feisty one when need be.  

As the familiar black bandages were pulled out of the box and placed next to me, and as rags were placed between my knees and the balls of my feet, something peculiar happened, I noticed that I was starting to feel more relaxed, more at peace.

I didn't fight or resist as the bandages were quickly and efficiently wrapped around my feet, my ankles.  I relished the feeling, luxuriated in the tight wrapping of cloth next to my skin.  I loved my mistress taking control, even if it meant restraining me from head to toe and ensuring that I couldn't move.  Truth be told, I didn't mind.  Being wrapped up was so soothing, so relaxing. 

Can you guess where this is going?

Thanks to hundreds of wrapping sessions and years of practice, both my partner and I are very, very adept at binding each other.  Mummification, if the bottom is cooperative, can take less than minutes.  I'm sure that my owner took even less time then that, covering my ankles, legs, crotch, tummy, upper chest (taking a moment to playfully jiggle my breasts), and shoulders in what seemed to be no time at all.  My head was the only part that was not wrapped.  No, a rubber hood came out and was slipped on, followed by a very thick leather collar around the neck to lock it down.  Feeling THAT get buckled into place really turned me on!  Of course, my mistress simply smiled, reached into the box, and out came the black tape.

The two of us adore multiple layers when it comes to mummification.  Knowing that you're cocooned in an inescapable body wrap is almost like being in a womb.  My Mistress, with the benefit of years of experience, wrapped me again from neck to toe in a layer of black shiny tape.  I could have playfully resisted, fought even, but that was beside the point.  Both of us wanted this, so I just relaxed and allowed her to wrap me.

She surprised me by doing three layers of the black wrap. 

When the last piece of tape was smoothed out, I was fully transformed into a black wrapped mummy, completely unable to move, so tight was the wrapping.  Unlike a victim however, I was as happy as a bug in a rug, safe and snug.  The last touch was my favorite piece of bondage equipment.  I'm sure that's why she brought it out.  As the head harness was worked on over the latex hood, and as the black ball gag came towards my mouth, I smiled and opened wide to greet it.

"There we go,"  My partner said as she lovingly strapped the last few buckles down.  "All done."  

The gag being in my mouth, I could only try to smile as the strap was tightened.  

"Now you have no choice," she teased as she climbed into bed.  "...but to relax."  

I couldn't argue with her logic.  It was quite sound, and my body, having long since gotten used to being restrained for long periods of time, was settling into being a prisoner.  The effect was a heightened sense of calm, of peace.  The rats, the chewed up comforter, the move, all of it was just melting away. 

"Sleep well my love."  Her delicious lips touched mine.  "Be at peace."  

The lights in the bedroom went off, and she snuggled up close to me, arms and legs wrapped around her new body pillow.  

As for me, I closed my eyes and waited, feeling the chemicals flowing that would soon put me to sleep.  For now, I would relax and enjoy being hugged by the bandages, by my lover.

Mummification has the interesting effect of having your problems just melt away.



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