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Sub for Annie

by Plastersam

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© Copyright 2009 - Plastersam - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; wrap; plaster; encase; oral; toys; cons; X

Sarah awoke to the sound of her alarm clock at about 8:00 in the morning. As she stirred in her bed, she opened her eyes to the glare of the summer sun coming through her window. She moved to the end and turned off the clock, and headed for the shower.

Her eyes still felt heavy after just getting up and figured a hot shower might help her wake up. She had been out at a friend’s house the night before and had a little too much to drink, she was still a little wobbly. She climbed into the shower and turned it on hot, she loved the way the water came out when she did this, warm at first, and steadily got hotter and hotter. She just stood there in the shower for a few minutes, letting the waster flow off of her, as the steam began to rise; she grabbed her wash cloth and her shower gel and set to work slowly lathering her entire body. She began by putting a rather large amount in her hair and working it into tangle of lathery bubbles. She then proceeded to simply pour the gel on her body, letting it slide and down her breasts and body, the slimy feeling always had a way of making her feel good. She then began to work it up and down her body, until it was completely covered in the suds. She stood under the hot water again; gently rubbing her breasts and moving her hands up and down her body.

Soon the shower was over and Sarah was feeling a lot better now. She quickly got dressed and went into the main room of her apartment. From her front window, she could see most of down town Indianapolis from here. The circle wasn’t to far from her apartment and the RCA dome visible in the background. She turned on the T.V. to catch the news this morning, nothing but car wrecks and the garden show was back at the fair grounds. She made some toast and eggs and sat down on her couch, she reached for her pack of cigarettes, only to find that it was empty. “Damn.” She said, throwing the pack in the trash. She watched T.V. for a few minutes and remembered that today was pay day. “Well, good thing it’s Friday.” She said thinking out loud. She stood up and headed out the door, grabbing her purse and keys on the way.

She stepped outside of her apartment, and heard the sound of people down the hall, they where new voices, “Someone must be moving in?” She said, closing her door, “Better go introduce myself.”

She made her way down the hall and around the corner towards the sounds shuffling and the grunting of moving men. As she turned the corner she bumped her head and fell backwards on her butt, “Ow!” said the woman as she was rubbing her head. Sarah rubbed her head slightly and realized it wasn’t the wall she bumped into. She stood up quickly and extended her hand to the woman who was setting on the floor.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry about that! I should have been more careful, here let me help you up?”

The other woman looked up and took her hand, standing up she said “Its ok, it’s was just as much my fault, are you ok?”

“Yes I’m fine; again I am so sorry about that. I heard the sounds and figured someone was moving in, I wanted to introduce myself but in a less painful way.”

The other woman looked at her and laughed “Well I guess it counts, I’m Annie!” She said holding out her hand.

Sarah gently shook her hand and said “Sarah”. The two of them stood there for a moment, looking each other over, Sarah was impressed, Annie looked to be in her early twenties, 5 foot 4, great figure, and shoulder length Brown hair, wearing a light blue belly shirt, and a pair of mid thigh jean shorts. She noticed that she was getting more of a look over, and decided to break the ice with the new tenant.

“Would like me to help you get moved in?” Sarah said not taking her eyes off of the stunning figure in front of her.

Annie took no time in saying “yeah that would be great, all the big stuff is moved, I only have a few things left in the van downstairs!”

“Ok,” said Sarah.

The two of them walked past the two moving men, Annie stopped and said “Thanks so much you guys, we can get the rest of the stuff.” As they moved off down the hall Sarah couldn’t help but here the movers say “Wouldn’t ya like to take one of them for a ride?!” The other one saying “I’d only get one of em?!”

The two of them moved the rest of the stuff in a couple of hours, Sarah noticed that some of the boxes had some strange things in them, plaster bandages, a couple of very heavy boxes full of plaster, several boxes that where filled with things like plastic resins, fiberglass cloth and resin, a large assortment of paints, some labeled alginate, and a few that where filled with large gallon sized buckets of liquid latex and expanding foam.

Sarah said “I hope you don’t mind if I ask, but what is all this stuff for?”

Annie giggled a little and said “Well I just moved back from Cali, I did some special effects stuff out there and decided to move back home here, I still work for the same company, I just send the stuff back out to them.”

“Oh I see, so then all this stuff are your supplies?” said Sarah, more in aw then curiosity.

“Yup, pretty much.” Annie said while she was busy putting stuff away.

Sarah took a moment to look over the apartment. It was a large studio apartment, right on the corner of the building. Four large windows let her look out over the city below. Having had a whirl-wind of thought rush through her head, she reached into her purse for her cigarettes. “Oh damn, I forgot to go get my smokes with all the moving.”

Annie went over to another box and pulled out a small wooden cigar box and opened it up, “Here you go, have one of these, I only smoke them on special occasions.”

Sarah gladly took one, and before she could get out her lighter, Annie already had one in her hand and lit, Sarah took a few good puffs of her cigar, and then suddenly inhaled, just wanting to get rid of her nick fit. Annie then followed soot, taking out her cigar, holding it in between her lips and slightly staring at Sarah while she lit hers. Sarah watched as Annie took several large puffs on her cigar and then inhaled a very large mass of smoke, and merely let the smoke drift back out from between her lips while she still held the cigar in her mouth. “You liar, you smoke these more then on special occasions!” Sarah said giggling as she went to take another puff of her cigar.

Annie laughed, “Ok you got me!”

They took a little bit to enjoy the cigars, after they where finished, Annie said “Hey is Elmo’s steak house still open?”

“Yeah” said Sarah, “But it’s too expensive for me.”

“I’ll pick up the tab, its no trouble, it’s the least I can do for you helping me move in.” Annie said with a gleam in her eye. “Go get changed and we will get going!” she said.

Sarah looked at her for a moment, thinking to herself “Wow, how awesome is she, all I did was help her move in and I get a cigar and a steak dinner!”

“Ok, I’ll be right back!” she said rushing back down the hall to her apartment. She wasn’t gone long before she was back wearing women’s business attire and a pair of black high heels.

The two got to the street and walked the four blocks to the steak house. They sat down to a steak dinner and talked for most of the evening. The more the two talked, the more it seemed that the two where falling for each other.

The girl talk continued for a few hours more, when suddenly Sarah said “Oh no, I forgot to go pick up my check today at work!”

“What time do they close?” Annie asked.

“In about an hour, I need to get going before them and the bank close!”

Annie quickly paid the bill and they rushed the eight blocks to the convenience store where Sarah worked. Annie waited outside, for Sarah who was only a minute, Sarah noticed that there was a bank a crossed the street when Sarah came out. “Good thing the bank is right there!” Said Annie, in a sarcastically joking tone.

“No kidding.” Said Sarah, who was already halfway across the street when Annie spoke. Only about half an hour had passed and then the world was good, Sarah went back to the store and got her cigarettes where she saw that Annie had already bought a bottle of wine. Sarah quickly got her cigarettes and the two went back to Annie’s apartment.

The two quickly got back to work, putting things away and organizing all of Annie’s supplies. The more that Sarah saw all of the supplies the more she thought ‘God what I wouldn’t do to be covered in this stuff!’

Suddenly Annie said, “So do you have a boy friend?”

Sarah looked a little embarrassed and said, “Well, I did, but it didn’t work out.”

“What happened?” said Annie curiously.

“Well, he was all into me, then one day he said that what I wanted him to do was to weird for him and he left.” Sarah’s heart was pounding, she realized after listening to what she had said that she left a wide door open for questions.

“What did you want him to do? What was so weird?” Annie asked inquisitively.

“I am into WAM and mummification, I know it sounds so weird, but it’s just so good, I can’t explain it. I don’t know why I am telling you all of this; please don’t think I am a freak!” Sarah said almost pleadingly.

Annie looked at her for a moment, and then a large grin came across her face. “Well that’s not weird at all, I have to confess. I love mummification as well. I have just as hard a time keeping somebody around because of how I want it done.”

“Oh my god, I thought you where going to think I was a freak! You have no idea how happy I am right now, but how is it you want to be mummified?” Sarah said with a relieved sigh.

“Oh I don’t want to be mummified, I want TO mummify!” Annie said, looking Sarah up and down.

Sarah’s heart was beating even harder. “So how do you want to mummify someone?” She said in a sultry tone.

Annie moved towards her work table, and started opening the drawers. “Well, I would have them lay down right here. Then I would cover their entire body with Vaseline, so that nothing will stick to them. Then, I would cover their hair, and then start wrapping their front half in these plaster bandages.” Placing the items on the table as she listed them off. “Then, just before I covered the head and the pussy, I would put this ball gag in their mouth, and this vibrator in their wet pussy. Then I’d flip them over, and start wrapping the back half, I’d coat the edges of the first layers of bandages with Vaseline, and place this vibrating butt plug in their ass, then I would coat the rest of the edges of plaster with Vaseline, and cover them the rest of the way, then once everything was set, I would turn on the vibrators, and have some fun of my own as well.”

Sarah was so turned on that she hadn’t noticed that Annie had gotten closer and closer to her as she had talked. Sarah was burning up. The thought of being wrapped in plaster bandages and tormented into orgasm after orgasm was more then she could stand. Before she had a chance to say anything, Annie moved in close and kissed her deeply. The two of them stood there in the middle of the apartment for several minutes, enjoying themselves. When Annie said, “I also have one other fetish, I’ll be right back. Feel free to make yourself comfortable.”

Annie left the room and went into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. Sarah quickly went over to the windows and closed the blinds that they had put up earlier, then she turned the dimmer switch on the wall and began getting undressed, she put her clothes on the couch and turned to the table that Annie had walked all around in her little speech. Sarah had just sat down on the table, when Annie came back out. She was dressed in a latex suit, she was stunning, her body showed perfectly as the latex hugged her form. She wore a latex one piece that stopped at the shoulders and let her breasts show, then it stopped at her legs, her legs where bare except for the thigh high boots that she wore, she also was wearing long latex gloves that almost met her bare shoulders. “I like to be the Dom.” She said in a tone that made Sarah get the idea.

Sarah got of the table, and laid down on her back. “What will you do to me Master?” she said in her best “I’m worried” tone of voice.

Annie placed her hands on either side of her face and stroked her hair back. “I’m going to make you into my sex toy.” Said Annie, licking the side of Sarah’s face.

Sarah laid there for a moment, not knowing what would come next, she was so excited right now she could feel a puddle forming on the table from between her legs. Annie came over with the ball gag, and went to put it in Sarah’s mouth, when suddenly she looked at Sarah’s long hair hitting the floor even with her being four feet from the floor. “Uh oh, um I hate to cut our little games short, but I don’t have a bald cap to cover your hair with! The one thing I didn’t think to bring with me, damn it!” She said in a defeated tone as she set down in a chair with a slump.

Sarah sat up on the table, a little disappointed. Then she had an idea. “You said you did special effects work in Cali right? Could you make a wig, or know somebody that could?!”

Annie looked at her surprised and said “Well, yeah I could make one, but why? You want me to shave your head don’t you? Well that’s the perfect thing. Lay down, I’ll be right back.”

Sarah was quick to do as her new mistress commanded, and a few moments later Annie was back with a pair of scissors, a camera, an electric trimmer, a razor and a can of shaving cream. She took pictures of Sarah’s head, from all angles, so that she would have something to look at when she would make the wig. Then she proceeded to cut Sarah’s hair till it was half an inch long all over her head. She then quickly picked up all the hair, and placed it in a zip lock bag. Then she turned on the trimmer and quickly buzzed off the rest of the hair till only stubbles where left. Finally, she covered Sarah’s head in shaving cream. Sarah loved the way the shaving cream felt on her bare scalp, she closed her eyes as a small wave of pleasure ran through her body. Annie began shaving off the remaining stubble from Sarah’s head and soon wiped off the remaining shaving cream. Annie looked to her Sarah’s pussy, noticing it was already shaved. “Good girl, I wasn’t going to be happy with you if your pussy wasn’t as bare as your head.”

She put away all of the shaving supplies and then walk back over to Sarah who was laying on the table, writhing in anticipating ecstasy and licking her lips. Annie, lifted her head from the table and answered her tongues request with a long, deep kiss, then placed her head back down on the table. “Time to get you ready.” Annie said as she picked up the large container of Vaseline.

She started with Sarah’s feet, covering them and gently massaging it in between every toe. Then she worked her way up Sarah’s legs, rubbing the Vaseline all along the inside of her thighs and hips and taking a moment to stick her fingers in Sarah’s wet pussy. Sarah moaned slightly, she felt like she was about to cum already. Annie quickly covered the rest of the top side of Sarah’s body, making sure to take special note of her breast and nipples. As she got to Sarah’s face she looked at her and said, “would you like a smoke before you are wrapped up for the night my little bitch?” Sarah nodded, she felt as though she would need a whole pack before the night was done.

Annie walked over to her cigar box and pulled one out. Cutting the end, she lit it as she walked over to Sarah. Annie took several large drags on the cigar and then lifted Sarah’s head again and pressed her mouth over Sarah’s. She then exhaled some into Sarah’s mouth, Sarah started inhaling, it was a lot of smoke, she continued inhaling while they kissed, exhaling through her nose. Annie placed the cigar in Sarah’s mouth and said, “Enjoy it my dear, and make sure you inhale every bit of the smoke. Your going to smoke it all the way down”.

Sarah laid there, smoking her cigar, inhaling the thick creamy colored smoke as deep as she could with every breath she took. Annie turned to her and said, “and just let it drift out my dear, I am going to teach you how to smoke properly.” Sarah did as she was told, every time she inhaled the smoke, she would simply let it drift from her mouth and nostrils.

Annie then came with a small bucket of water. Sarah looked at Annie, still dangling her cigar and letting the smoke drift from her mouth. Annie then pulled out several rolls of eight and four inch rolls of plaster bandages. She took the cigar from Sarah and took several large drags off of it, then ashing it off on Sarah’s forehead, placed it back in her mouth. “You are a good little slave aren’t you?” Annie said as she opened up the rolls. She began dipping the plaster bandages in the water bucket, and started placing them on the tops of Sarah’s feet and legs. Then the insides and outsides of her hips and thighs, stopping just long enough to place the 9 inch vibrator inside of Sarah. She then covered up Sarah’s pussy and moved on, she covered everything but her face in about four layers of plaster bandages.

Then she removed the cigar and put the ball from her gag in its place. Annie took several large drags again off of the cigar, and breathed the smoke out into Sarah’s face. She then wiped the ash from her forehead that she had placed there before, and began covering the rest of Sarah’s exposed face with plaster bandages, taking careful note around the nostrils, so that Sarah could still breathe comfortably. Then Annie placed the cigar in her mouth and walked over to an unopened box in the corner of the room. She pulled out another dildo and walked over to the table. Then looked at her package, listening to it moan as the plaster bandages started to dry. She could feel them getting warm, they never get too hot, but just warm enough. Sarah laid there, covered in her ever hardening shell, waiting for the rest of her to get covered, it seemed like an eternity had passed, the plaster bandages that had been so warm where starting to become cold. Suddenly, she could feel herself being turned over. Sarah couldn’t feel the table, all that she knew was that the plaster bandages where resting on something.

Annie took her cigar and placed it in the ash tray that was to the side of the table. She then covered Sarah’s back side with Vaseline, then she leaned in closer to where Sarah’s ear was and said, “That butt plug I have for you is a little bigger then I had mentioned before. Hope you enjoy it.”

She took out a small bottle of Lube and covered the butt plug, then spreading Sarah’s ass cheeks, began to slowly place the plug inside of her. Sarah was in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The feeling was wet and soothing, but the plug felt like it was almost too big! She moaned desperately, trying to make Annie stop, but the more she moaned, the further and further the plug went in. Until suddenly it was in. Annie moved close and licked Sarah’s ass cheek, then in the same motion moved up her back to the top of her head. Sarah could feel herself getting hot again, but is wasn’t from the bandages, she could feel her pussy getting wet, she wanted desperately to rub it, to give herself the pleasure that she so desired but she couldn’t, it was truly torture.

Annie then covered the edges of the first layer of bandages with more Vaseline, and then set to work covering the rest of Sarah’s body with the bandages, another four layers or so. Annie stood back for a moment puffing on her cigar, looking at her masterpiece. Everything had been covered, from the bottoms of her feet, to the top of her head. The bandages looked like one giant piece on both sides, from where she had gone and smoothed over all of the bandages. Sarah was completely encased, she could feel the plaster bandages getting warm on her back, it reminded her of her hot showers that she loved to take. It had seemed like an eternity had passed since the process had started. She was so relaxed that she had almost fallen asleep in the wrappings when she felt herself being turned over again.

Annie wasn’t done yet, there was still one last thing to do before she would be satisfied with her creation. She took the other dildo that she had taken out of the box earlier and then mixed a small amount of plaster up in another bucket. She placed some of the plaster on Sarah’s crotch, and then placed the dildo into it, so that it stuck straight up. Then she put some more around the bottom, so that it wouldn’t come out. She waited another hour, still smoking her cigar, ashing on Sarah’s now covered face, keeping the ash away from her open nostrils.

She looked at the clock, it was now midnight, it had only taken her four hours to complete her creation. “Mmmm, good timing.” She said under her breath. She put out her cigar after taking one last long drag on it, and breathed the smoke into Sarah’s exposed nostrils. Sarah coughed slightly but still greedily inhaled the smoke through her nose. Annie reached down and turned on the vibrators. Sarah, who had been lying on the table for so long, waiting, aching for the sensations, then suddenly erupted in ecstasy. She moaned uncontrollably, trying to move any part of her body, but was unable to. Annie moved her latex suit away from her now dripping pussy, she climbed on top of the table, and slid onto the other dildo. She began to work her body up and down. She began to feel waves of pleasure course through her body. She threw her head back, moaning almost as loudly as Sarah, she worked her statue for several minutes, coming closer and closer to climax.

Sarah was still in the thralls of pleasure. She had come three times already in the short time that the vibrators had been on, and she was getting closer and closer to climax as well. The two of them, enjoying themselves beyond the point of sanity Annie reached down and increased the power on Sarah’s vibrators. Sarah instantly came, she was so engulfed in the pleasure that she thought she was going to lose her mind. Annie was the same, she was going up and down faster and faster, working the dildo like she had never done it before. Sarah was moaning louder and louder, she could feel herself getting closer and closer. Just when she thought that her satisfaction would never come, an orgasm rocked through her body like a lightening bolt. She moaned so loudly that Annie thought she was in pain!

“Oh god we didn’t make a safety word!” she said, She turned off the vibrators and slowly pried off the top of the plaster casing. “Are you ok!? Did I hurt you!?”

Sarah laid there, huffing and puffing, in a stupor of pleasure. She looked at Annie and said, “Yes, oh god yes, I’m fine, I was just so..”

Annie reached down and kissed her deeply before she could finish her sentence. “Well then slave I still didn’t get mine!”

She climbed on top of Sarah’s face, and placed her pussy in her mouth, “Now then slave, finish me up. Make me cum on you.”

Sarah didn’t waste anytime in fulfilling her masters wishes, she began working her tongue inside of Annie’s wet pussy, Annie sat there feeling Sarah’s tongue work its magic on her snatch. Her heart beat faster and faster, her breathing grew heavy, the waves of pleasure coursed threw her body as she finally reached he climax.

The orgasm was almost too much for Annie, she knelt forward on the table, she moved backwards to laying on top of Sarah’s still half encased body, she moved her mouth over Sarah’s and they kissed of what seemed like hours. Finally Annie stood up off of the table, and helped Sarah out of her plaster shell, taking care not to damage it. Sarah and Annie made their way to the shower where they continued to make love for several minutes in a slippery soapy session, both reaching orgasm again in the shower. After taking a few minutes to dry off, the two of them went to work cleaning up the mess that was made, in a few minutes; you wouldn’t have known that anything had happened.

Sarah got dressed, and looked at the clock; it was two in the morning now. “I guess I should get to bed then I need to be up for work in the morning”.

Annie walked over to her and placed her arms over Sarah’s shoulders and pulled her in for another kiss. She rubbed Sarah’s bald head, “I better get started on that wig of yours, your going to need it. What will your boss say?”

Sarah thought to herself for a few minutes, and then said, “I guess I could say that I sold it to a wig maker for extra money?”

Annie laughed, then she looked at Sarah and said, “Well what ever you say, just get used to being bald, its going to make it much easier to have my fun with you, so you will be shaving it daily understand?”

“Yes mistress.” Sarah said, not batting an eye.

Annie, walked her towards the door and said, “Come back tomorrow after work, I’ll be waiting for you, don’t keep me waiting.”

Sarah smiled, and said “Of course mistress.”

With that Sarah went down the hall to her apartment, Annie sat back down on her couch, turned on her T.V. and started thinking of what things she needed around the apartment, and how to use Sarah to fill in the gaps.


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