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Summer Vacation

by Jsmith7471

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© Copyright 2002 - Jsmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f: mum; latex; bodybag; vet wrap; cons; X

Jsmith7471-Right. So it looks like everything is coming together as we planned
Tight Layers-Yes. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get there! We’ll finally get to meet!
Jsmith7471-Remember! You agreed to submit to whatever I choose to do to you. Any level I choose.
Tight Layers-I agree. I know. I just can’t believe that I’ll be mummified for the first time. You’ll be gentle, won’t you? LOL
Jsmith7471-Sure. :) ;)
Jsmith7471-Good night and take care. Don’t slip crawling into bed, wet one! See you in a week.
Tight Layers-Night

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Bob leaned back in his chair and stared at the computer screen for a moment. After almost 8 months of planning with Ann, they were just about there.

They had met on the internet about 2 years ago. He, one who had been into mummification bondage forever. She, who had practiced some limited bondage play with her husband, but longed for the total confinement of mummification.
They shared many interests and had spent endless evening hours chatting about family, friends, world events and….mummification. He knew every detail of what she wanted. The gag, ear plugs, stimulation, all of it. What she didn’t realize was, it would be his way. Bob and Ann had planned this for the last 8 months. Neither spouse was aware of what the other was up to. It seemed to take forever. Orchestrating the vacations so that the location and time period coincided. After much frustration and a couple of close calls, it had all come together.

Both couples had arrived that evening, at the hotel, within an hour of each other. Check-in went without incident. They were located only 5 rooms apart on the same floor.

Becky was busy unpacking their bags. “We’ll need milk and some other items. I’m going to run over to the grocery store on 14th St. Be back in a while.” said Bob. “Ok. I’m going to hit the hay as soon as I’m done. Be careful.” replied Becky.
Bob walked with a fast stride as he looked at his watch. Anticipation evident in his face. He rounded the corner across the street from the store. As he scanned the building front, he saw her standing near the entrance. Her back was to him. About 5”7”. Auburn hair. Wearing hip huggers with a blue belly shirt. Round, succulent ass, nice, tapering thighs. Looked like the pants were painted on. He paused and crossed the street. He walked up behind her, slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. “Ann.” he said. She stiffened up in his arms as she turned slowly in his arms. Her face inches from his. She smiled and said, “Hi Bob.” She put her arms around him and their lips met for the first time. Tentatively, just touching, rubbing slowly. They could feel the heat and the energy passing back and forth between them. Her tongue slipped slowly into his mouth exploring every recess. His tongue met hers as they ground together. A soft moan escaped her lips as his hand stroked up and down her side coming to a stop on her ass. He kneaded her cheek slowly and firmly, increasing her arousal. She pushed her crotch against his erection humping his member insistently. He could feel her hand move down between them as she rubbed his cock. “I want you now.” She whispered huskily in his ear. He paused and looked into her eyes. “I told you that I’m in control and you’ll do whatever I want!” Her eyes turned down to the ground. “Yes sir.” She mumbled.

He led her around the corner, into the shadows of the store. He turned her around and nestled his cock into her ass. His hands slipped underneath the belly shirt and squeezed her breasts. Bob rolled her nipples between his fingers as she moaned loudly. “No sounds, we don’t need any attention!” he whispered in her ear. Ann whimpered and complied. His right hand slid slowly down over her tummy to the waist of her jeans and opened the snap. Ann heard the zipper slide down and felt the cool rush of air as they parted. His hand slid under the waistband of her thong. The anticipation and the excitement she experienced were overwhelming. She leaned back into him and sighed as his middle finger teased her clit. He felt the heat and moisture in her and knew she was his.

His cock throbbed against her as she rubbed and humped insistently. It would be so easy to lower her jeans and slide his cock into her ass. He paused…….no he thought. That’s not what we planned. She moaned as his finger slid into her pussy. Nice slow, deep strokes. She was whimpering and moving in a slow sensuous rhythm. “Remember what we talked about. How good your mummification will feel. All the details. Tight and helpless. Your fate in my control.” he said She nodded her head slowly, whimpering. “You agreed that this would be my way. Yes?” he questioned. She nodded her head again, lost in the stimulation he was providing. “Then it’s time to go.” He said as he suddenly withdrew his finger and pushed her away.
“You bastard.” She hissed as she smiled and began closing her pants. “Anticipation Ann. That’s what it’s all about. You’ll thank me later.” He replied, as a broad grin swept over his face. They kissed each other and walked the neighborhood arm in arm, discussing the details of their plan. Along with anything else that tickled their fancies, for the next hour. As they parted to return to their rooms, Bob kissed her and said, “That bastard remark, will cost you another excruciatingly tight layer to be added.” She tingled with excitement as she walked back to her room. “Wonder what calling him a motherfucker would have gotten me?” she thought wistfully.

When Bob arrived back at the room, he found a note on the door. “Honey. Went to sleep, tuck me in.” He saw that Beck had her latex mummy bag out on the bed and was asleep halfway inside it. He gently slid her arms into the internal sleeves and placed a vibrating egg inside her lovenest. The zipper was tight as he pulled it up her body. He loved watching the latex stretch and conform to her shape. ( she liked it tight and had ordered the mummy bag almost one size smaller.) after he closed the flap, (covering the zipper) at her neck, he turned on the egg and set the timer for 1 hour. Giving her a peck on the forehead, he crawled in bed beside her, falling off into a deep sleep.

When Ann returned to her room, Alan was snoring away. She slipped off her clothes, went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. In the shower the hot water stung her skin and felt good. She rubbed her soapy hands over her breasts, tracing lazy circles around her nipples. She leaned back against the shower wall. Her left hand slipped down to her pussy as she rubbed the soapy washcloth over her self. She thought about what had happened over the past hour and what was coming later in the week. All of the various mummifications that she and Bob had discussed, flashed thru her mind. All the things that he said he would do to her. The orgasm almost caught her off guard as it swept thru her. She quivered and shook under the hot spray of water. The sensations spreading thru her body. Her toes and fingertips tingled with pleasure. She stepped out of the shower and peeked out of the bathroom door hoping her yell hadn’t wakened Alan. She breathed a sigh of relief as she heard his snoring. 

Bob was up at about 6:00AM. His erection was throbbing in his shorts. Becky was still sound asleep. He walked over to their mummy kit (Don’t leave home without it!) and pulled out a gag. He wanted to use a latex hood, but that would have completely awakened her. Gently, he lifted her head, placed the gag in her mouth and buckled it behind her head. She let out a soft hmmm as he clicked on the vibrating egg. An hour of this would have her simmering nicely. What a great way to wake up.

Later in the morning, Beck had been released, they both cleaned up and headed to the pool. They grabbed some lounge chairs out in the sun and relaxed. The water was nice and the sun great. By about 11:00AM the pool was getting busy. A couple walked over to the lounge chairs beside them and set up their stuff. Ann and Alan. Ann looked very nice in her jade green bikini. Hair in a bun and breasts almost popping out of her top.

Becky and Bob said hi and a conversation started immediately. Both couples found that they had a great deal in common. Each were married only once with two children each. (They both agreed that at this age they were demons from hell!) Everyone had a nice time chatting as the early afternoon came and went. The girls had split off by themselves and Bob and Alan were together discussing manly things. Everyone was having a great time.

At about 2:30, Bob looked at his watch and commented, “Time for me to get Becky up to the room for her therapy.” “Therapy. For what? I hope it’s nothing serious?” asked Alan. “Nothing serious. Just something that must be done.” replied Bob as he winked at Alan, a broad grin on his face. Alan’s eyes lit up as he smiled. “I gotcha.”, he said. The guys exchanged chuckles.
“Honey, can we get together for supper with Alan and Ann?” asked Becky
“Sure, why not. What time is good for you guys?” replied Bob. “How about 7:00PM, in the lobby?” answered Ann. “Yes, it will give you time to complete Becky’s therapy.” teased Alan. Everyone laughed as Bob and Beck grabbed their things and headed up to the room.

As soon as the door to the room shut, Becky giggled, “Oh honey! I need my therapy soooo bad!” Bob looked at her with a smile. “Toilet yourself, all jewelry off and get your cute, nude ass on the bed. Smartass!” 

Bob walked over to the kit, pulled out a soft cotton sheet and three rolls of two inch electrical tape. By the time Becky came out of the bathroom, the sheet was spread on the bed and he was waiting for her. He spun her around and pulled her arms behind her. Her elbows and wrists were tied together and her wrists were then covered in a tape pocket. A ball gag was stuffed in her mouth and buckled quite tightly, behind her head. She grunted at the level of tightness. Becky resisted as Bob pushed her over to the bed and laid her down in the center of the sheet. Her token struggling didn’t last long. Bob tied her ankles, above and below the knees and thighs. He wrapped the sheet tightly and smoothly around her body tucking the ends under her. The leg ropes had been left deliberately loose, but now the sheet wrap locked her legs quite snugly.

While she watched, he wrapped her from the tips of her toes up to her neck in the electrical tape. She loved the gentle rocking motion as the tape climbed tightly up her body. The motion was almost hypnotic. After a half hour, she was a black mummy, barely able to move. Totally helpless, and loving it. She was already aroused and squirming in her cocoon. Becky headed to her first orgasm. Bob pulled out the latex hood and stretched it over her head. He made sure the nose holes lined up (The nose holes were the only other opening, except for the neck.). He paused and stepped back to admire his work. Becky mmphed and snorted as she felt Bob wrapping a tight layer of electrical tape over the latex hood. Now the compression was incredible. The tape connected her head to her neck, limiting her head movement. Bob stripped off his clothes and lay down on the bed to carress and play with her. As time slipped past, Becky orgasmed twice in the cocoon. Finally, he took a knife and made a slit vertically in the wrapping between her ass cheeks. Becky hummed into her gag as she realized what was coming. His fingers reached thru and explored the moistness in her pussy. She was so swollen and ready. After a few moments he began to play with her rear opening. When he sensed that she was ready and relaxed enough, he slid his cock into her ass. She moaned and hmmmed loudly, wiggling as it went in. He held her body tightly as he pumped in and out. Periodically he would stop just long enough to tease her, then restart. They came together in a massive eruption. His cock pulsing as her ass frantically squeezed, trying to milk every drop out of him. After a few minutes they slumped against each other. Finally, Bob cut her out of her cocoon. They lay there enjoying each others glow.

“Thanks for the therapy.” teased Beck. “Shit. Wait until you get the bill!” he laughed. He ducked as a pillow flew by his head. He walked into the bathroom to clean up.

They saw Alan and Ann waiting in the lobby, as they exited the elevator. “Sorry we’re late.” apologized Becky. “So how was the therapy session? Long huh?” asked Ann as she chuckled with Alan. “Went great!” replied Bob, a little sheepishly. Becky was six shades of red and looking at the floor like a kid who was caught, with his hand in a cookie jar. Ann noticed the marks at Becky’s wrists and elbows as Becky fussed with her hair. However she said nothing for now. Everyone burst into laughter as they walked out the door to the parking lot.

The steak and seafood restaurant they had selected, served an excellent meal. The evenings conversation had proven to be an enjoyable extension of this afternoon’s. Alan and Ann couldn’t believe that they had run into a compatible couple. They were having so much fun. After the main course, the girls went to the restroom, while Alan and Bob continued talking amongst themselves. As they walked to the restroom, Becky noticed that Ann looked like she had something on her mind. “Are you ok?” asked Becky. “Yes….oh….ummm. Would you mind if I asked you a question?” replied Ann. “Go right ahead. Don’t be shy.” Said Beck. “Those marks on your wrists and elbows. You look like… were tied up.” Becky took a deep breath and exhaled. “Bob and I enjoy heavy bondage play. I feel there is nothing like being tied up in your lover’s total control. Completely restrained and helpless, as he teases and plays with me. In fact, we have been into what they call the ultimate bondage, full mummification.” Ann’s face lit up. “Your so lucky! Alan has tied me up a few times. Not near as much as I would like.” There was a pause as they entered the restroom.

Ann gushed. “What’s it like to be mummified? Where you frightened the first time? It looks so awesome! I have been checking sites on the web, photos and stories. I’d give anything to be mummified!” “Slow down and relax. I’m sure you’ll get your chance. It’ll be worth the wait.” counseled Becky. (Maybe sooner than you think, Becky thought to herself). As they walked back to the table, Becky continued to answer her questions about mummification. She was touched by her enthusiasm and vowed to find some way to help her. (Meanwhile, Ann was sure that Becky had taken the bait.) “Please don’t say anything about our discussion in front of Alan or Bob. I’d be so embarrassed.” Ann pleaded.
“Your secrets safe with me.” replied Becky as she reassuringly squeezed Ann’s arm.
After the meal they all went over to the bar and consumed quite a bit of alcohol, while solving all the problems of the world, in the meantime. The first night was a blast, the next two days were as much fun and went quickly.

Over breakfast on the fourth day, Becky commented, “Ann is into bondage. I don’t think she experiences it as much as she would like. Apparently, Alan blows hot and cold on it.” “She told you this?” asked Bob. “Yes. A gleam came to her eyes. She is very interested in being mummified. Totally! Maybe we could help her get her wish.” “What do you have in mind hun?” questioned Bob. “We’re leaving in three days. What if we leave Alan a gift wrapped package?” she answered. “You’ll need to figure out how to get rid of Alan, so we can prepare Ann. Plus time for us to play” challenged Becky. “Once we get Alan out of the way, you had better handle the arrangements with Ann, to get her up to her room. She’s probably more comfortable with you than me.” added Bob. Bob smiled to himself “All of Ann and my planning is coming together.”

That afternoon at the pool, Alan mentioned to Bob that he and Ann’s anniversary were coming up. He had hoped that he would be able to find some antique shops here to look thru. He confided that he was running out of time. Bob suggested an antique mall about 1 ½ hrs East of here, where they had good luck finding various items. Alan described the French Armoire he was looking for. Bob reassured him that he would probably find it there. He also recommended an excellent diner near there for supper. Alan thanked him and said he believed he would try it. Since he knew he would be gone for at least 6 hours, would Becky and Bob mind entertaining Ann, while he was gone. Bob grinned and said it would be their pleasure to keep her entertained. He said they would treat her like he couldn’t imagine. “Right. So I’ll run my errand tomorrow after lunch. Should be back by 6 or 7PM.” commented Alan. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of her!” Bob again reassured him.

While Bob had been talking to Alan, Becky had walked over to Ann’s room and knocked on the door. “Hi. Come on in.” said Ann. “Thanks” replied Becky as she stepped in and closed the door. “How would you feel if I told you that we could make your fantasy of mummification come true?’ asked Becky. Ann’s eyes lit up. “You’re teasing me. Can you really? That would be incredible. How?” she replied excitedly.(Hoping she hadn’t overdone it.) “Bob and I talked last night. He’s game if you are. Right now, he’s talking to Alan, preparing to send him on an errand for about 6 hours, tomorrow evening.” “How will I be wrapped?” asked Ann. “That will be up to Bob. You’ll have no say so in it. Once you agree, you are in our hands, for whatever we want to do.” answered Becky. Ann thought for a moment and said, “I agree to your terms.” (Knowing full well that Bob had her subjugation planned out.) Becky smiled, “Good. I’ll contact you with the details later this evening.” 

Bob and Becky returned to their room and compared notes. Ann was willing and eager and Alan would be out of town. That night at dinner, Becky pulled Ann aside and told her that all the arrangements were in place. She should be ready in her room at 1:00PM. Don’t eat a lot that morning, drink sparingly, be showered and ready. They would bring everything they need. Ann was giggly with excitement. Becky had warned her, only panties and a bra, no more! The evening, though enjoyable on its own merits, passed even more quickly with the excitement in the air. Alan sensed that Ann was excited about something, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He attributed it to the good time they were all having. The evening ended on a very pleasant note. Everyone retired to their rooms at 10:00PM. 

The next morning, both couples met for breakfast and a hot tub session, where Alan announced that he was leaving to run an errand. They reassured him that they would take very good care of Ann, keeping her out of mischief. She would be kept as snug as a bug in a rug. The three of them snickered, leaving Alan feeling left out. By 12:00 noon, Bob and Becky were in their room cleaning up and prepping for the afternoon’s activities. Alan had left and Ann was back in her room.

At precisely 1:00PM, Ann heard a knock on her door. She had goose pimples and was shaking visibly with excitement. She opened the door and stammered out “Hi. Come on in.” to Becky and Bob. “We have a lot to do.” said Bob sternly. “Did Becky explain everything to you? Once we start, there will be no stopping. When you give yourself to us, you give up all control over your fate.” Ann nodded her head and replied, “Yes, I understand and want this very much!” “Good!” replied Bob with a smile. He winked at Ann. He nodded to Becky. She approached Ann and handed her a black velvet choker to put around her neck. “That will be the symbol of your submission to us.” Ann now faced Becky with her back to Bob. They both watched as she slipped the choker around her neck and snapped it in place. Next, she slipped her thong and bra off as instructed. Bob slipped up behind her and put his arms around her waist. Ann felt his throbbing erection thru his pants, as it parted her ass cheeks. He felt her ass snuggle back onto his crotch.

Becky turned and walked around the corner. Ann heard the air conditioner come on. “We want you cool and fresh, so you don’t overheat.” She told Ann. After a moment, Ann felt the cold air surround her as more goose pimples popped out all over her. Her nipples were now rock hard and erect. She wasn’t sure if it was the cold in the room or her excitement.
Bob’s hand slid down and rubbed softly over her shaven mound, seeking the warmth there. It felt so good. Ann closed her eyes and leaned her head back onto Bob’s shoulder. She sighed as his fingers found her moist swollen lips, parted them and slid inside. After a few moments of this, she felt the touch of warm lips on her nipples. That must be Becky she thought to herself. Ann hummed as her left nipple was drawn into her mouth. Becky’s tongue dragged itself over her nipple in a tight sucking embrace. Becky’s hand caressed her right breast, softly kneading the flesh. Ann undulated slowly under the delicious stimulation. 

After a few more moments of this, Bob kissed her shoulder as he pulled back and said, “Time to get started. You need to get to our room. Inside the room, by the door, is a suitcase. Bring it back here. You had better move quickly. Your going as you are!” Ann was still coming out of her pleasure induced haze when she heard this. She panicked. “This was the busiest time of the afternoon. Maids, guests and repairmen everywhere.” She reached for a tee shirt on the bureau and was told again by Bob, with a stern look on his face, “As you are!” only then did she hear the tinkling. She looked down to see a small brass bell tied to each nipple. Becky now grabbed her arm, pulled it up behind her and guided her to the door on tiptoes. Becky wished her luck as she opened the door and shoved her out into the hall. Ann stumbled into the hall, bells tinkling at what seemed a very loud level. She paused, to quickly look both ways and get her bearings. Ann ran the 50 feet down the hall to their room and ducked inside. She saw the case. It weighed a ton. “Wonder what they have in here?” She looked out the door, saw the coast was clear and walked quickly up the hall to her room. She struggled with the case listening to the bells tinkling as her breasts bobbed around. All the while praying no one came down the hall. When she reached the door to her room, she turned the knob, but it wouldn’t open. She was scared and frantically twisted the knob as she pounded on the door. “Please. Open the  door!” she begged. Now she distinctly heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Who ever it was, they were right around the corner. She heard the deadbolt slide, the door opened and she leaped inside the room. Ann slumped back against the door breathing in gasps until she calmed down. “Exciting, wasn’t it? teased Becky. “That chance of being caught. The potential humiliation. Time for the fun to begin.”

Bob dragged the case over to the spare bed, opened it and began arranging items. Becky led Ann into the bathroom. Near the bathtub, she pushed her down onto the tile floor. “You will kneel here until we are ready. Put your hands behind your head and keep them there! We’ll call you when we’re ready. Not a sound unless asked, from here on out.” Becky warned her. Ann nodded her head and turned it down, as a submissive gesture. She yelped, more out of surprise than pain as Becky reached down and pulled the bells off of her nipples.

Her knees were getting sore from the grooves in the tile floor and her arms were aching from the position. After about five minutes, Bob told her to come out. The sight that greeted her when she came out startled her. Both Bob and Becky were in black, latex underwear. Becky wearing a bra and thong and Bob in running like shorts. Bob’s bulge, quite in evidence. The spare bed was covered with all sorts of supplies. “Eyes down. Don’t worry about what’s on the bed.” commanded Bob. “First you need to be silenced.” Becky walked over and pulled down his underwear. She grabbed his cock and stroked it. She pulled out a ring gag and slid it up and down his cock to demonstrate the fit to Ann. As she stroked his cock, she dabbed the ring on the tip of his cock until his sticky juices covered it. Ann knew where the gag’s next stop would be. She opened her mouth without resistance as Becky slipped it in. She felt her hair lifted as the gag was buckled tight. “Soon you’ll be drooling all over those beautiful breasts of yours.” laughed Becky

“Time to get serious about your mummification.” commented Bob as he walked over to the girls. He handed Becky two rolls of four inch vet wrap. Ann was tingling all over as she thought, “This is it. This is the real deal. It’s finally going to happen and I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to.” They each raised an arm up to shoulder level and using scissors, cut short lengths of bandage to wrap around each finger. Then, starting at her fingertips, (keeping her palms flat) they wrapped each arm up to her shoulder. A second layer started at the shoulder and went back down, finishing at her fingers. Ann clenched her hands and felt a little tightness at her elbows as she bent them. “No big deal.” she thought to herself. 

With each of them standing beside her and her arms held up out of the way, Bob told her to exhale and hold it. Then he had her suck her tummy in. The bandages began across her hips, just above her pussy mound. They began winding them very tightly around her torso, working upward. Quickly, the wrapping passed her waist, stopping right beneath her breasts. They each worked the same roll, passing it back and forth, pulling the wrap as tight as possible. A second layer was then applied. When Bob told Ann to inhale, she felt the restriction in her breathing that the bandaging had created. She looked down and saw how flat her stomach was. Only a very slight bulge protruding. “You look very sexy in your Egyptian corset. A nice hourglass shape at the waist.” commented Becky. “Unngh…iitt…ight!” was all Ann could get out as she worked to adjust her breathing. Becky grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. Though she didn’t want to believe it, even with the impending loss of her arms she didn’t feel she was at the point of no return in this adventure. She couldn’t communicate and she was about to loose the use of her hands. Her hands were placed palm to palm and a wrap of sport tape bound her wrists. Bob handed Becky a few more rolls of bandages. In a few moments, her hands were wrapped into a snug pocket as she felt the bandages crawling up her forearms. “Make sure that her forearms and elbows are in intimate contact. I want her breasts sticking out as far as possible.” advised Bob. Ann felt Bob getting his wish as her elbows touched and the bandages moved up to her shoulders. A few passes around her shoulders, crossing both ways above her breasts assured that everything was nice and tight. A glance to each side confirmed what she had felt, and known.

Her succulent, round breasts now stood out, looking like twin peaks over a large flat plain. Bob stood in front of her. He reached forward and began playing with her breasts and nipples. She closed her eyes and relaxed. His caresses felt so good. Even though her breasts were covered with drool, that didn’t seem to matter to him. A few more minutes of play passed. She felt him wiping them with a towel. Opening her eyes, she saw him tying a string around each nipple. She winced as he pulled them tight. Her nipples taking on the appearance of tiny round balls. A small plastic soda bottle cap was placed over each nipple. “This will make it easier to get to them later, when we need to expose them. I don’t think you’ll be too uncomfortable.” he commented with a grin. He picked up a six inch roll of vet wrap and began wrapping her breasts. The bandage was applied tightly around, over, under and criss-crossed between them. She felt the compression, but he maintained the round shape. His wrapping continued around her shoulders, finishing with a few snug layers around her neck. 

When he was done, she saw two large white mounds with exaggerated nipples on the ends. As she looked into the mirror on the opposite wall, she saw she was now gagged and wrapped in white from her hips up to her neck. Her heart raced with excitement. She hoped she wouldn’t panic as her mummification continued. Because of the constriction of her “Egyptian corset”, she had adjusted her breathing to regular, shallow breaths. Becky was still standing beside her. She felt a finger stroking her mound. Ann knew she was very wet from her arousal. Becky’s finger continued stroking her lips. Ann’s juices had now leaked down to the tops of her thighs. Becky’s finger parted her lips and slipped inside searching out her g spot. With her middle finger inside, she used her thumb to rub and tease her clit. Ann moaned in ecstasy. She barely noticed another finger reaching from behind and dragging her moisture up between her cheeks to her rear opening. That finger circled her pink anal opening. Probing and pressing for a moment, then, it slid in. Ann sucked her breath in as the new sensation was added. She squirmed and moaned, the drool dripping out of her mouth. Her hips wiggled insistently, both ways trying to follow Becky’s fingers and increase the stimulation. “I think she’s ready for the next stage. Though she’s still way too frisky and unrestrained.” commented Becky. “I agree. But first we need to test her.” responded Bob. “What sort of test are they planning? Bob had never said anything about this.” she wondered apprehensively. 

As Bob removed his briefs, his erection sprang straight out. He sat down on the edge of the bed. Ann saw the pre-cum dripping out of the tip. Holding Ann by her shoulders, Becky guided her over between his legs and helped her kneel down. Bob grabbed her head and pulled it up to his cock. “Now begin licking and sucking me.” Becky was now kneeling behind Ann holding her head up to Bob’s cock, in case she resisted. As her tongue shot out, it was apparent that there would be no problem. Becky resumed fondling her pussy and ass. Her fingers toyed with Ann’s clit. Ann was drenched in her own juices. Moaning and twisting frantically at the waist as Becky’s fingers tormented her. Ann’s tongue shot out and began flicking the tip of his cock. Her touch made him flinch with pleasure. After a moment, he pulled her head toward him and slowly guided his cock thru the ring gag into her mouth. Her tongue slid over the underside of his member, right behind the head. The sensation was exquisite! He leaned his head back and groaned loudly. Then he pushed his cock in the rest of the way.

As her tongue caressed the underside of his cock, he reached behind her and took an object from Becky. Ann was drowning in pleasurable sensations. She never noticed Bob slip the swimmer’s nose clip on her nostrils. Her eyes popped open as her breathing immediately became restricted. Now, she not only had to contend with the restrictive bandages compressing her chest, her nose was sealed shut also. The only air she was getting, came past his pulsing member. “Don’t let yourself be distracted!” Bob told her. “The clip stays on until we both cum.” From their discussions, Bob had suspected that Ann enjoyed or fancied breath play. Now he was determined to find out. Bob nodded to Becky, who now stepped up her stimulation efforts. He felt Ann’s tongue action increase. They orgasmed almost simultaneously. Bob clutched her head tighter to him as her body stiffened up and then shook uncontrollably. His sperm jetted down her throat. Ann almost choked trying to swallow it with his cock still in her. Ann shuddered and shook as a muffled scream almost escaped her stuffed mouth. Her pussy and ass muscles, spasmed as she came on Becky’s talented fingers. After a moment, her eyes rolled back. Becky grabbed her as she slumped backwards, just starting to loose consciousness. Bob removed the nose clip and Ann felt the rush of cool air into her. Her reflexes helping her to draw in a deep breath. As she focused, she saw Bob smiling as he stroked her head lovingly. “You passed.” he said. They both stood her up. Ann glanced at the clock on the dresser. It had been almost two hours since they started.

Becky walked her into the bathroom and helped her to toilet herself and clean her up. She poured some water, slowly into her mouth. “…anks.” mumbled Ann as they walked out. “Time to finish your preparations!” said Bob with an evil grin.
They laid her down on the bed. Each grabbed a roll of vet wrap and began wrapping a leg. The legs were done the same as the arms. Each toe was individually wrapped, then the foot, continuing to wind the bandages tightly up the leg to the crotch. Ann loved the feel of the tight, even compression on her legs. She wondered what else they had in store for her. They paused in their efforts as Becky placed a butterfly vibrator over her swollen and still moist clit. Ann had never seen one of these before. She liked the way the nubs cuddled her clit. Ann was careful to insure that the soft nubs covered her love bud. A strap went around each thigh to secure it in place. A quick flick of the switch, followed by Ann’s soft “uunngh!”, told her it was working fine. 

Ann’s eyes followed Becky as she reached over to the spare bed and picked up a soft, purple, nine inch long vibrator. Her fingers parted Ann’s lips as the vibrator started in. She rotated it to spread her natural lubrication as it went in. Ann hummed as the vibrator moved inexorably deeper into her love nest. She felt the flange at the base seat against her lips. A cross of adhesive tape was applied over the base to hold it in place. Another quick flick of the switch assured its ability to stimulate their victim. She saw Becky grab her hips and roll her on her side towards her. Ann sensed that Bob was standing behind her. This was confirmed as she felt the cold gooey touch of an object sliding into her ass. After its penetration stopped, she felt some tape being applied between her ass cheeks to hold it in also. Since no stimulation followed its insertion, Ann assumed it was only a butt plug. (Bob knew Ann loved anal sex. He preferred that she think it was a butt plug for now.)
Bob picked up a roll of bandages and they both wound them thru her crotch and over her hips. She rocked back and forth as they covered the last bit of skin on her torso. Ann was now completely white and wrapped from her neck to the tips of her toes. When they finished, they piled more bandages on the bed.

Bob looked down at her. “One of the nice things about vet wrap and this type of bandage, is its ability to stick to itself. If the legs and arms are wrapped separately, before being wrapped together, almost all sliding movement can be eliminated. Between limbs or between an arm and the body. Limiting the movement concentrates and focuses the pleasure and increases the intensity.” Becky placed a cotton pad between her ankles and knees and held her legs together in the air as Bob wound a bandage around her feet. Ann raised her head enough to look down her body. She watched them stretch the bandages tightly as they were wound on. The bandages climbed up her calves, knees and thighs. She lost sight of them as they passed her lower thighs. She liked the feeling as the bandages squeezed her thighs tightly together. She thought to herself. “Bob was right. Her legs were wrapped so tightly, that she couldn’t move or slide one leg against the other.” While her legs were still free, she found reassurance and had convinced herself that she could still escape and run away somehow. Having her legs totally bound together and forced into a single column, drove home the point that she was helpless and in their control.

They finished her body by overlapping the bandages that already covered her thighs, onto her hips. She was now covered in two solid layers of bandages. At this point, they took a break to admire their work. As they looked her over, she raised her head and legs, flopping, wiggling side to side and bending at the waist. Whimpers and “unghs” were all she could get out as she struggled to communicate her feelings to them. They sat down on each side of her, stroking, rubbing and caressing her body. Bob squeezed her soft, white, cocooned breasts, while Becky rubbed directly over her pussy mound with the heel of her hand. Applying a firm pressure as Ann squirmed under her touch. Ann’s head twisted slowly as she moaned softly. After a few more moments of play, they both got up to finish the mummification. 

Bob moved over to the head of the bed. He slid under her head so that her head was in his lap. She looked up at him with a look of panic in her eyes. “Ssshhh. It will be ok.” he said as he stroked her face. “This is what you’ve always wanted.” After a moment she seemed to have calmed down. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Her arousal and excitement overrode her panic. Becky handed him earplugs, which he gently pushed into each ear. He twisted her hair into a bun and used a rubber band to secure it. She could barely hear anything now. Her senses were disappearing rapidly. Bob continued the wrapping at her neck, working the bandage under her chin and up over her head. Next he angled it downward across her forehead and around her face. As he crossed her nose with the bandages, she felt her breathing thru there reduce to a trickle. She was limited to her mouth only now. Soon her head was completely covered in a tight layer of bandages. Only her mouth and eyes were exposed. At this point her mummification was almost complete. Her mummification was smooth, highlighting her sexy, compressed female curves. After a few moments, Ann began to relax and float. She was very comfortable. This wasn’t so bad. Very tight. Totally immobilized and could barely twitch a muscle.

“Honey. Would you please go into the bathroom and bring my razor out.” As soon as Beck was out of earshot, Bob leaned down to speak into Ann’s ear. “Remember your love for Clover Clamps? I bought a set with a chain connecting them together. I can’t wait to install them.” “Ok.” thought Ann. “That’s why he put bottle caps over my nipples. So nipple play will only enhance my excitement.” Becky returned with the razor and handed it to Bob. In a moment, he had the bandage over the plastic removed and the caps popped out. He then took the strings off her nipples. Ann jerked and moaned as blood rushed back into her nipples. Her nipples stood out hard and erect. “What are those?” asked Becky. “Clover Clamps. Once they are on, the harder you pull, the more they squeeze.” answered Bob. “Ooooo! Sounds cool!” Becky sucked and fondled her nipples until they were erect and hard. She put the clamps on her nipples. As Becky experimented and pulled the chain, she enjoyed Ann’s grunts and groans. Ann was squirming from side to side trying to follow Becky’s pull to ease the discomfort. “Be gentle, honey.” cautioned Bob.

He let her play with the clamps for a few minutes, then Bob picked up the controls for the vibrators and began to turn them on. He used them individually and in various combinations. By varying the speeds, he looked for the combination that kept her most aroused, but would not let her cum. Her ass almost jumped off the bed as the anal vibrator leaped into life. Ann’s eyes were shut as she concentrated on all the pleasurable sensations assaulting her most erotic areas. She tried as hard as she could to push over the top, but never could quite make it. Her body flexed from side to side, her head twisting back and forth. He watched with satisfaction as her feet flexed from the normal ninety degrees to an en pointe position and back, continuously. This feet flexing is a common reaction in someone who is mummified and being stimulated. You move the muscles you can as a release mechanism. Bob looked over at Becky, “Watch what we do now to torment her.” He turned to the spare bed, picked up a thick piece of string as Becky turned off the vibrators. Ann quickly whimpered her protest as the vibrators were turned off. 

“Now that we know how to excite you and to what level, we’re going to turn you into a little erotic pleasure/ torture machine. I’ve noticed over the years that a person, who is mummified, when stimulated, will flex their feet at the ankles, almost uncontrollably. Watch what we do.” He tied the string to the middle of the chain that connected the clamps, while Becky held her feet so that they were pointing straight up in the air. Pulling the string taught, he moved down to her tightly wrapped feet and looped the string around her toes, tying it off. Covering the string with a wrap of adhesive tape completed his preparations. “You can release her feet now.” Bob told Becky. As soon as she released her feet, they sagged forward away from her breasts into a neutral position pulling her nipples. A sharp grunt escaped Ann’s mouth. “That’s fantastic! You’re a genius!’ cried Becky.
Bob moved up to her head and looked into her eyes. “You’re going to need a lot of self control to resist the tendency to wiggle your feet, when we turn the vibrators on. You can lock your calf muscles, but they’ll start to cramp up after awhile.” Ann looked up at him with steely eyes. “This was not in the plan.” Ann thought. If looks could kill, Bob would have been a corpse. 

Bob continued looking into her eyes as he reached down for the vibrator controls. Ann shook her head no, whimpering and pleading with her eyes for him not to. Even as she pleaded, she desperately wanted them on and humming away inside her.
She jerked as the anal vibrator started, on the high setting. Her toes tugging insistently on her nipples. Her eyes shut as she winced from the discomfort. She felt the stimulation from the butterfly and the vaginal vibrators as they came on. Initially, the tugging on her nipples added to her sensations, if she could control her tugging. After a few moments, she lost control and it became annoying. She locked her calves and concentrated on not flexing her feet. The incredible sensations from the vibrators spread thru her quickly. Every nerve and muscle tingled and quivered with pleasure. She was whimpering and moaning as her body shook. 

Ann’s eyes had been closed and she thought she felt a hand slip under the back of her head, cradling it. Her eyes opened in surprise as she suddenly felt a hand clamp over her mouth. She looked up and saw Bob looking down on her. His hand clamped tightly over her mouth like a vice. She struggled to no avail. She was totally powerless in their control and unable to breath. The excitement of the situation was building faster within her. Her muscles were burning up every bit of oxygen and energy that her body could get. She knew she wouldn’t last very long like this. Almost simultaneously, Becky increased the stimulation. Ann sensed the increase in stimulation and knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. A moment had already passed since her air had been taken away. As the orgasm exploded thru her, she released her calf muscles. She felt the irregular, spasmodic tugs on her nipples and accepted them. Wave after wave of pent up pleasure swept over her. She screamed, “aaah…oooh…i….od.” as the electric sensations bounced back and forth thru her tightly mummified body. In reflex, she stretched her leg muscles as tightly as she could. It felt soooo good! She didn’t care if her nipples ripped off. 

As soon as Bob saw her orgasm was in progress, he removed his hand. For the second time that afternoon, Ann felt the fresh air pouring into her lungs. Bob leaned over and kissed Ann, plunging his tongue into Ann’s mouth. Ann responded with hers. Bob’s tongue traced circles around Ann’s lips, while Ann’s tongue darted in and out of his mouth. Their kiss lasted while Ann’s orgasm spiraled down and dissipated. After a few moments, Bob finally broke the silence, “Wow. What an incredible display!” Ann lay limply on the bed, totally exhausted. She had received everything that Bob had promised and then some. Ann watched as Becky removed the string and the nipple clamps. She was groaning from the soreness of her nipples. About 4 ½ hours had passed since they started. Alan should be back soon and though comfortable, she was ready to be released. “We’re not quite done yet.” Bob told her. He bent down and spoke close by her ear. “Remember that bastard remark at the beginning of the week? Time to pay for it. I always keep a promise!”

Ann shook her head no, moaning, “ungh..aaaa…et…ee..gooo!” ignoring her, Becky placed soft pads over each eye. Ann felt her head raised as Becky wound some vet wrap around her head a few times to hold them tightly in place and complete the existing head wrap. Still with his mouth down by her ear, he continued, “We’re using double length elastic bandages, for this final layer. If you thought the vet wrap was tight, They’ll be no stretch left in these when we’re done! These elastic bandages are about twice as thick as the vet wrap. They are stronger, more springy and will pull tighter.” Ann lay in the darkness of her cocoon as she felt them lift her legs to begin the final layer. That almost had an ominous and frightening sound to it. She wondered if she would have any movement left after this. They completed the wrapping of her feet in a moment and slowly worked their way up her body. 

As before, they passed the bandages back and forth, one holding Ann still and the other pulling each layer as tightly as they could, as it wound around her. Ann could feel the difference in the compression and was surprised at how much tightness this layer added. She felt the elastic hug and surround her hips and crotch. She found herself tingling with anticipation. She knew that her pussy was moist and heating up again. They paused below her breasts. Thankfully, she could still breath reasonably well. Bob added a few layers of vet wrap around her breasts to cover the exposed nipples. This completed the smooth, white uniformity of the original mummy. The wrapping resumed as her breasts were compressed to about two thirds of their original size. Criss-crossing her shoulders and finally wrapping her head completely, except for her mouth. Everything became quiet for Ann. She could hear her own breathing and her heartbeat booming in her ears. That was all. They busied themselves cleaning up and packing their supplies. Becky left, carrying the suitcase back to their room. 

Bob now bent over and used his tongue on her mouth to let her know he was still there. Ann was startled back to reality as she realized she was not alone. He sat down on the bed for a moment, caressing her, pressing firmly and rubbing her most erotic areas. He felt her squirming in her cocoon under all of those layers. She squirmed and moaned, not knowing who it was, made it all the more exciting. Ann felt the vibrators switch on at a low level. “I’m leaving you now, wet one. Alan will be back soon. You should be simmering nicely by the time he gets here. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.” He heard her ungh, but didn’t know if she had really heard him. He placed a note on her flat stomach. The last thing he heard as he closed the door was a final soft moan of pleasure.

Bob entered their room and saw that Becky had the laptop up and running. On the screen, he saw a gorgeous shapely mummy on the bed. If he looked closely, he could see a slight squirming every so often. She was in the zone and only knew pure, concentrated pleasure at this point. They had placed an inexpensive wireless camera and microphone in the room to allow monitoring Ann. (Not wanting to leave her unattended.) After about 20 minutes, they heard the room door open and close as Alan entered. He walked into the room a few feet, before he noticed the feminine shaped cocoon on the bed. He stood astounded and stared for a moment. Ann was now quiet, deep in her pleasure, enjoying herself. The muffled hum of the vibrator the only sound. Alan walked over to the bed, reached down and ran his hand over the compressed form before him. He was surprised at how solid it felt. Very little give. Ann upon feeling his touch, began wiggling. He was startled and jerked his hand back. Then he saw the note.

We told you we would take care of your wife, while you were gone. I’m sure you’ll agree that we kept our word. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to entertain and pleasure her. As you can see, she is completely mummified and immobilized with vibrators in her. The controls are before you on the bed and are labeled: clit, ass and pussy. Her mouth is locked open with a ring gag; ready for anything you may want to use it for. Not only does she love bondage. I think that you’re going to find, you have a mummification addict on your hands. She was either afraid or didn’t know how to tell you this. We tried to help you both. You’ve been given a rare gift. Don’t waste it and please enjoy it. We hope to see you again.

Bob and Becky
Unwrap the tan layer of elastic bandages to uncover a smooth, white, shapely mummy of unparalleled beauty. Be sure to take in the view. Stop there and tease the hell out of her, while playing with the vibrators. She should be ok mummified at least another hour or so. Don’t forget the camera and microphone when you leave.

After a long pause, he turned the vibrators up, and walked to the camera. Alan mouthed a thank you with a big smile and a thumbs up. They closed the laptop and prepared to check out. Another wonderful vacation had come to an end.


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