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Supporting Her

by nalu kalani

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© Copyright 2011 - nalu kalani - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; bond; cuffs; gag; hood; bdsm; sleepsack; darlex; object; insert; toys; electro; tease; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

My back hurt, my knees hurt, and I couldn't see, but it was punishment; it wasn't supposed to be fun. I'd been kneeling here in the closet for an hour, maybe. I lose track of time when I'm like this. I was just wondering when she might come back when I heard the door open and saw the light from the bedroom illuminate the corner I was facing.

"Have you learned your lesson?" she asked, unseen. I nodded, flexing my arms against the cuffs linking my wrists and working my jaw around the ballgag buckled in my mouth. I was aching plenty; I wouldn't be doing that again anytime soon. Mission accomplished, there.

"Good boy," she purred, stepping into the narrow closet and kneeling behind me. I felt the softness of her palm slide down my back, then the gentle tugging at my head as she unbuckled the gag's strap. The ballgag fell away and I sighed, opening and closing my mouth several times to wake the creaky, stiff tendons. Then I felt something else slide down my back, something cool and smooth. Spandex? No, it wasn't quite that soft. Darlex. A while back she'd found a website, Winter Fetish, that specialized in the stuff. It was stretchy like spandex but much stronger. It didn't give quite as much as spandex did, but it still had that smooth feel and transmitted sensation through the fabric just as well. It made for tight, inescapable bondage, and we both loved it for that. She’d bought me a darlex straitjacket that was nigh inescapable, but what I felt was too small to be that.

Her hands smoothed my hair back as she murmured, "Head up." I tilted my head back, closing my eyes as something settled over my face. The darlex hood slid down over my head, almost popping into place once it was past my chin. She ran her hands over my anonymized face, adjusting it slightly and sending a little thrill up my spine before pulling the zipper down. The fabric flattened against my head as she closed the zipper, pulling the hood tight against my face. No mouth hole, no eye holes, just a pair of grommets for breathing. I'd be hard pressed to even open my mouth against the pull of the darlex. She could have left the ballgag in and made the hood that much tighter, but I wasn't going to complain. My jaw needed the break and I wasn't going to be able to do much more than moan and grunt anyway.

She ran her hands over my hooded head, then removed my cuffs. I let my arms drop to my sides and rolled my shoulders again, wincing a little as deadened nerves and sore muscles woke up and started complaining about their abuse. Her hand under my arm helped me to my feet and she slowly guided me out of the closet. I tried to picture where we were going. Into the bedroom and towards... My shuffling ankle bumped the edge of the bed and she stopped me, turned me around, and helped me onto it. My cock started stirring as she maneuvered me into the center of the bed. She was definitely up to something and if it involved me in bed on my back, I was always up for it.

She moved down to my feet and brought my ankles together before sliding something over my feet and beginning to work it up my legs. The smooth tightness told me it was more darlex, but what? Some sort of leg binder? She worked the sleeve higher and higher until it was up to my crotch and erect cock, welding my legs into a single column. She gave my flank a playful swat. "Raise your butt," she said. I arched my back and she worked the cool fabric over my hips. I could tell there was more to it, though. "Arms," she said, and that's when I figured it out. It was a sleepsack, a darlex sleepsack. Oh yes, I was definitely up for this now.

With her help I slipped my hands into the built-in sleeves. She tugged the upper part of the sack up over my shoulders, making sure my arms were trapped inside the sleeves. She pushed me back onto the bed and rolled me over, straddling my hips. Bit by bit she pulled up the heavy-duty zipper and the sleepsack tightened around me, pulling my arms against my sides and taking out every bit of slack in the fabric. Finally the zipper passed my shoulders and with one quick final pull it closed around my neck. I turned my head slightly and felt the hood pull; she'd even tucked the bottom of the hood into the sleepsack's neck, sealing my inside both. My pulse quickened and my breath huffed through the hood's nose holes. The suspense of what might come next was killing me. Sex was out of the question, at least traditional sex. I didn't feel a zipper or opening against my cock.

Suddenly the sleepsack's tightness around my hips eased up a little and I felt a breeze against my ass. A rear zipper! That was sneaky. In my focus on what she was doing, I hadn't even considered such a thing. I didn't have time to wonder what she might be up to; I felt one hand spread my cheeks and a slippery finger slide past them, slowly penetrating me and working lube into me. After a few moments it withdrew and a plug slid into its place, slowly spreading me around its bulb until it was in far enough for my ass to pull it in the rest of the way. It seemed long but not very big, small enough to be comfortable but big enough to remind me of its presence. Then she closed the rear zipper and rolled me onto my back again.

"I don't think you've earned back the right to fuck me yet," she said, her voice clear in the quiet bedroom, even through the thick darlex of the hood. "But that doesn't mean I have to go without." I huffed through the hood, suddenly wondering again what I was in for. I felt an odd tugging at my hips and something jingling, then some sort of strap being tightened down around me like a belt, right over the base of my stiff cock and pressing it against my belly. The bed rocked slightly as she straddled me and moved up to my hips. Now I knew where this was going.

She exhaled slowly as she lowered herself onto her favorite dildo, a dildo that she'd just strapped onto me. I was being used as base for her to fuck herself against, my cock so close and yet so far from standing in the dildo's place. She let out a cute little gasp as she sat back against my legs, the dildo bedded firmly in what I knew was her hot, slippery sex. I swore I could smell her delicious scent. She leaned back and started rocking her hips, fucking herself against me. I whimpered quietly and rocked my hips back, trying to do my part in all of this. She hadn't strapped me down, right? I might be helplessly trapped in this darlex sleepsack, but I wasn't going to just lay here.

"Oh, you want something too?" she asked lightly, taunting me. I felt a curious tingling in my ass and then a stronger one. My ass clenched all by itself, driving the plug in deeper and sending a sparkle of pleasure right up my trapped cock. That plug was an e-stim plug! It triggered again and my ass flexed again, bumping the plug's tip against my prostate once more. Oh, this wasn't fair! I wriggled and gasped, my breath hot against my face. She laughed, and after a moment I realized she'd adjusted the e-stim box to trigger each time she thrust against the dildo, fucking herself in time with me as I involuntarily fucked myself.

She writhed atop me in earnest, leaning back and then forward and back again, driving me down into the mattress. The plug in my ass slid back and forth, propelled by my own body, nudging my prostate over and over and teasing me into a frenzy I was helpless against. I could feel the precum pooling against my belly, a slick cool spot that made my squirming even more exciting as my sensitized cockhead slid between my skin and the darlex. My muffled cries and her louder ones meshed together as she rode me for all she was worth. I wriggled, flexed, strained, but the only way I was getting out of that sleepsack was when she was ready to let me out. The darlex held me like a tight, smooth, implacable fist.

She fell forward and grabbed my shoulders tightly, bracing herself. Her voice rose higher, and higher, and then her fingers dug into me as her climax claimed her. The plug in my ass kept firing as she ground down against the dildo, spurring me to keep moving even as she stopped. I grunted, trying to plead for relief, but it wasn't until she sagged and laid down on top of me that the teasing plug in my ass finally stopped. "Good boy," she panted in my ear, petting the smooth top of my head. "My good boy."

And that's where she is still, draping over me in a gentle hug. I think she's napping; her breathing's slowed and she isn't moving much. That, and it must be half an hour now since she turned off the e-stim. Her weight is a comforting presence and I'm comfy and secure in my sleepsack, and if I'm that comfy for her too then I'm happy to lie here until she wakes, supporting her.



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