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A Surprised Mummy

by Loras Pa6

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© Copyright 2011 - Loras Pa6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/mf; bond; darlex; sleepsack; straitjacket; gag; hood; hobble; tease; toys; sex; climax; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

My wife was very understanding when I told her I had not wanted to go out tonight as we had originally planned. I had spent all week in a conference with various worldwide department managers for the company that I am employed by. An important project had gone bad, and we were tasked with finding ways of ensuring we do not repeat the same mistakes next time. However several factions were pointing fingers at one another, causing tempers to flair. Two of the foreign members of the group allowed their ethnic enmity get the better of them and it turned into name calling, which quickly devolved into a fist fight.

I regaled Jennifer with the nutshell story as the lead up to telling her I was in no mood to be in a club full of people tonight I just wanted to stay home alone.

The dissappoinment was on her face, then I saw the gears grinding in her head, and the proverbial lightbulb shone in her eyes. "That's okay; I have an idea of something to do to help you relax."

She kissed me passionately. "Well that's a start." I said with a smile.

"Tell you what, you keep an eye on dinner and I'll get some things together for us to play tonight. I'm in charge tonight." She turned practically running from the room as she went upstairs.

My wife and I are into bondage and swinging. The club we were going to tonight was the area swinger's bar. We are both switches and enjoy being at each others mercy. We strive to outdo each other, and usually both top the few people we trust enough to fully swing with.

She was back about twenty minutes later and we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner at the kitchen table. We cleaned up and as I was loading the last of the dishes into the dishwasher she slipped a blindfold over my eyes. "You're mine from now on Bobby-boy." She quickly had my hands secured behind me in a pair of police grade handcuffs, followed with a swat to my ass. "Now march slave!"

"Yes Mistress, as you command!"

She guided me to our bedroom and silently stripped me as best she could. "I'm uncuffing you now, if you know what is good for you, you will keep your hands at your side."

She removed the cuffs and allowed my shirt to fall to the floor. She reached around me and played with the base of my cock, her bare breasts pressed into my back. "I hope you are ready for what I have prepared for you."

She pulled off my blindfold and there in the middle of the bed was what looked like a spandex sleeping bag. It was a mummy style sleepsack! We talked about getting some of these, but I had not known she had ordered one.

"What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? Get in it boy!"

I wordlessly climbed in. It has internal sleeves! Jennifer got a top-of-the line sack.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh god Jen, yes it is wonderful, what is it made of? It seems pretty thick for spandex."

She zipped me closed. "Darlex, it is from a company called Winter Fetish. Check this out." She opened the zipper in the lower parts of me and fished out my hardening cock. "Three-way zipper so I can access the important bits while you are still completely secure."

"I love it baby! So what are you going to do with your prisoner?"

She straddled me teasing my dick to run along her moist slot. "Oh I think I may get myself on the start of a wild night of sex and debauchery." She reached under herself and guided me into her hot cunt and proceeded to slowly ride me. As she started to speed up she squeezed my mouth. "No cumming! You hear me! You'll regret it!"

When the beautiful woman that you love with all your heart begins moaning and having an orgasm on top of you, I dare you to try to keep from blowing your load. I doubt any man could have.

"Ohhhhh! That was so good, but you were a bad little slave weren't you? Cumming in me when I told you not to."

There was no sense in lying. "Yes Mistress, I could not..." She shoved a large ball into my mouth cutting me off mid-sentence.

"No excuses! Keep that in now." She got off me and went to the closet. A moment later she was pulling a hood over my head and lined up the eye and nose holes where they belong. "This is another item I got from Winter Fetish," she explained as she closed the hood's rear zipper, "it's called a Dickie Hood" Like those Dickie turtle necks I have, it has enough material at the bottom that it can be securely tucked into the collar of another shirt to give a layered effect, or in this case make it harder to remove." She then slipped a slave collar on over it, locking it closed after threading the hasp through the ends of a chain that was already fed into our headboard.

"Now a last few adjustments." She tucked my now limp cock back behind the zipper and closed it. I heard a click, then felt some tugging at the neck of my confinement and at my collar followed by another click. "There all locked in, and secured to the bed so you don't wiggle out."

She stroked the length of my body. "You should be happy baby, despite the fact you ruined my night out, I didn't make you have sloppy seconds. I'm going over to the other room and get myself ready for the club. I'll see you when I get home, probably early tomorrow morning. I'm sure I'll find someone who is willing to fuck me silly in the bed next to my mummified cuckold of a husband. Enjoy your time alone baby."

With a click the light was out, and I was alone in the dark bedroom. Alone and brooding. How could she do this to me? We promised each other we would only go to the swinger's club as a couple, to only play with partners we both liked even if one of us was being a sub, and to not have sex with anyone unless we both absolutely trusted the person(s) and agreed to it.

I tried to push the ball out of my mouth to yell at her, but the hood was too tight, it kept me from opening my mouth very far, and from pushing the ball out.

After I futilely tried escaping my personal prison, I must have faded into sleep because I was woke by the door bell going off. After a few moments it went off again, and again a third time. Whoever it was must have decided nobody was home and left. I tried to look at either of our alarm clocks, but Jen had turned them both around so they were facing away from me. The bitch! I will get my revenge.

I was almost asleep again when the light came on. The sudden change blinded me momentarily. Finally I saw a beautiful female figure moving across to me. I looked her up and down; she was a very fit girl, with probably C cup breasts, wearing what looked like a combination of a hobble skirt and a straightjacket. From what I could see it looked like this woman's garb was made of the same material as my sleepsack. Her brown eyes looked at me in shock from behind the hood that was nearly identical to mine. I could see the top of a ponytail coming from her hood.

When she finally reached the bed she turned her back to me and I could see the area where her arm sleeves joined was wrapped and the wrapping was then locked to the lower slide set of the three-way zipper, keeping the slides together and protecting the buckle joining the arms away from prying fingers. Not that my fingers could get to anything anyway. I assumed her upper zipper slide was secured to the collar like mine, even if I could not see it behind her jet black hair, which oddly ended with two inch fire engine red ends near her shoulders.

Black hair with red ends! I know who this woman is! She is one of my wife's coworkers, she was just telling me last week about the new dye work the girl had done! Sara I think was her name.

She sat down and lowered herself so she was lying next to me. She worked herself so she was alongside of me, her breasts pressed into my upper left arm. She looked at me with a smile in her eyes and grunted what could only be some sort of 'hello'. I replied in kind, then made the action of looking her head to toe and winked at her to show my approval. The little bit of visible face blushed.

Over her I saw movement, Jen was mincing her way across the room wearing an outfit similar to Sara's except her sleeves ended at the wrists, and her hood had a full open face with her blond hair ponytailed out above. Jennifer made someone at Winter Fetish very happy, three Darlex outfits, and hoods in one order! I now know what she used her recent commision on.

"So does my slave still want to be completely alone with his Mistress?"

I shook my head no and grunted an 'uh-uh'.

"Sorry for playing without you dear but if we would have gone to the club as planned, you would have met Sara there and we likely would have brought her home and played with her together. Instead I had to arrange for her to come here." She rubbed the breast of the helpless woman next to me, drawing a moan out of her. "I got her all fired up before convincing her to get in that straightjacket. Neither of you are aware of the full situation, so here it is; we are technically each others jailers. The keys that have me trapped in my hobbledress are sealed in the ball in Sara's mouth; likewise, the ones that unlock Sara are in the ball in Bob's mouth. Now the keys to free you Bobby-boy are in this timed lockbox, and it is set to open at 9 tomorrow morning. But I am the only one with free hands to open the box." She ran a hand down each of us to emphasize her little bit of freedom. "When I release Bobby in the morning I fully expect him to overpower me and have his revenge on me for my little deception tonight. Then you will be at his mercy as much as I am. Is it okay if he has his way with you Sara-girl?"

Sara locks eyes with me, the lust showing deep, and nods yes.

"Good because I don't think you'd have much choice in it. Time for bed children." She attaches Sara to the chain between my neck and the bed with a snap hook, and then moves to her feet where I cannot see what she is doing. "So you don't fall out of bed sweetie."

Jen went around the bed in her dramatically shortened strides and crawled in next to me.

There I was; one surprised little mummy, sandwiched between two gorgeous women in skin-tight hobbledresses. Five minutes later both women stiffened up and moaned.

When Jen's breathing had returned to normal she explained. "Oh I forgot to tell you, Sara and I each have one of those remote control vibrators in our pussies with our legs pressed together so tightly by the dresses, I think we will be having them in until you remove them for us. Both are using that randomized transmitter you created, it is also in the lockbox, set on tease."

They would be tormented throughout the night, that setting would go off any amount of time between 15 and 90 minutes, and run for 2 minutes before shutting off and starting another random wait cycle. Jen has remarked in the past I should rename that setting from tease to torture.

I couldn't think of a better way to sleep. And I still had the best part coming in the morning, two helpless women bound and helpless at my disposal. I can't wait to be freed!

The End



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