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by Mark

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© Copyright 2001 - Mark - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; mum; cocoon; susp; cons; X

It was late Friday night, and as always, I had looked forward to my boyfriend coming to my dorm after he was finished working for the week, so that we could have some close time, just the two of us. He had been telling me recently that he wanted to try something new on our little weekend get togethers, but refused to say what it was. I begged and begged, but still he kept mum. That is, until THIS weekend!!! That's when everything changed.

First of all, I'm a 19 year old college girl, quite petite for my age, I'm only 5 foot tall, and weigh 110 lbs. I've always been kind of jealous of people that are taller than me, as I have to look up to most of the world. But my boyfriend has always commented that he likes petite women, and so I never let bother me too much. "And besides", he said, "It'll make things easier for you". He kept telling me that he had these secret plans that he was saving for the right weekend, but refused to tell me anything more, no matter HOW I tried to coax it out of him! Like I said, until THIS weekend..................

So, when I got to my dorm room, after classes, as always, I found my other roomies gone home for the weekend. Just me, alone, again, I guess. Then, my boyfriend called, and said that he was thinking of coming over tonight, and would I be willing to try something alittle different? When I asked him if he meant going out somewhere new, or what, he just said' "Remember how you've been wanting to find out what I was going to try new with you, sweetie?"

Well, I asked him if this was the thing he had been keeping secret from me all these weeks, and he said, "Yeah, maybe it is, maybe it isn't" "Are you sure you want to find out?" Hearing that, I knew I was in for something exciting. Any time he has surprised me, whether it's been a new place to eat, or somewhere new to go out to, he always hinted around it like that, and it was always worth the wait, to find out the surprise! But he had been talking about this, and hinting around it, not really being specific for months now, and my curiosity was getting the best of me, so I said "sure". He said, "Well, if you want me to tell you what it is, I will, but only later, after I get to your dorm". So I said "Sure" But he said, "Only on one condition", "You have to PROMISE, NOW that you'll go through with it, or the deal's off". So I did.

I had no idea what I was in store for.............................

Later on, when he got there, I was dressed in my club clothes, thinking we were going to go out somewhere new. Yeah, that must be it, so I wanted to look sexy for him. I had on my red mini, and a white see through blouse,that comes to just above my belly button, and my red heels, with no nylons, ( I LOVE to be barefoot, actually!!!) and my red sports bra on underneath. His favorite outfit on me. He says it accentuates my little frame. Well, when he got there, I was surprised to hear him ask why I was all dressed up. Shit!, I thought we were at least going to go out, and DO something, after all, I hadn't seen him all week! But I wasn't too disappointed when he told me we were staying in, and going to create our own fun!!! I don't mind that a bit, either! we have a great sex life, and I think we've tried just about every position known, and possibly even created a few of our own!!! Boy, I thought I had done it all, until THIS weekend, that is....................

Well, he came in to my room, carrying a bag. And when I went to peek inside, he said it was secret, not to look in there. So I didn't. I was trying to figure out for months what this surprise was, and waiting a few more minutes or so wasn't going to kill me. But I got a little apprehensive when he reminded me of my promise, earlier on the phone. "Remember babe, you promised that you would go along with this, no matter what, right?" I said, "YES, I remember, now what's the big secret"??? With a grin on his face, that told me I had bitten off more than I could chew, he emptied the bag on the floor, in front of me.

A pile of rope spilled out, boxes of saran wrap, some eyehooks, and a piece of paper. I picked up the paper, and it said, "Look outside your door" So I did. And next to the doorway, was a board, about 12 inches wide, and about as tall as me, or so, with holes in the ends of it. It had a note on it, that said "Bring me inside" So, I did. 
By now, I'm thinking, yeah, this sure beats going out somewhere, and dancing, or going out to a movie, or whatever. Sensing that I was starting to get a little impatient, my boyfriend said "So, do you have even the slightest idea what I have planned for you tonight?" Still, kind of disappointedly I said,"No, but it sure looks fun so far. Rope, saran wrap, eyehooks, and a board". What was I supposed to think? Maybe he was going to show me how to make some kind of hanging bookshelf or something, I don't know. I just knew that I thought that this was going to be something that "I" was interested in, not one of his Bob Villa projects! Seeing that I was getting frustrated, he started to laugh at me, and said, Don't worry babe, it's for you, and I'm certain that you're going to like it. 
Well, until now, he had always been right about that, so I forced a smile, and said ok.

Then, he started to tell me of his plans for the night. 

First, you have to remember, that you PROMISED to go through with this, right babe? 
I said YES, I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!, NOW WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT??? Now he was really grinning, that little grin he gets on his face when he is going to get what he wants, which usually means ME, IN BED!  Now, I started to wonder, did I just get myself into something I'm not ready for? Before I could even think about that, he started to explain, that he had been to this bondage website on the internet, and he liked what he saw there, and wanted to try it. 
Bondage? I was barely even familiar with the concept! 

It was about then that I started to figure out that I HAD gotten myself in a little too deep, but I had PROMISED. He said that he had seen some pictures on this website, and liked what he saw, and thought that maybe we could try it out oursleves. Were we going to tie each other up, I asked? "No", he said, "I'm going to tie YOU up"

Now, I don't know why, but when he told me that, my heart started to pound. I don't know if it was fear, anticipation, or just the thrill of trying something so forbidden and taboo. But I knew that there must be more to it by the grin on his face. He then told me that he had a particular kind of bondage he wanted to do, but he said I wouldn't find out what it was until we were doing it.
So I said, "Ok, I'm ready", kind of nervously. Little did I know what  I was in store for.

He said, "You have to do exactly as you're told, with no questions, and I don't want you to say a word, or else I won't finish, and  you'll never know what it was we were going to do. So, again, I agreed. "Good", he said.

"Now, I want you to take off just your blouse, and sit down here on the floor next to me." So I did. Then, he said "I want you to look at the clock over on the dresser". "Every three minutes, on the dot, I want you to stand up, and take off another piece of your clothes, and then sit back down, until you're completely naked, starting from the top, and going down."  "OK", I said. He grinned at me, and said, "Remember, you aren't supposed to talk, so just nod". So I shook my head "yes. 
He said, "That's good, I see you're willing to find out what we're going to do, after all".

Willing? Was he crazy? I was wet as hell, and he was asking if I was willing? ha . Little did he know what kind of state of arousal I was really in! 

Three minutes came, and I stood up, and took off my "b" cup bra, and sat back down. Then he took out a piece of rope, and started to talk to me about what EXACTLY it was that he was going to do with me. I just sat there in nervous anticipation as he told me about how when most couples try out a bondage scene, they usually go slow, but he didn't want to be most couples, and thought that I would be ready for this. Ready for what? Now I was really nervous, wondering what I had gotten myself into. I trust him completely, and I know he would never hurt me, but he was acting different than himself, and I knew this must be something way out of the ordinary. Another three minutes went by, and I stood up, and took off my mini, and sat back down. Now, I'm sitting here, on the floor, in nothing more than my panties, nylons, and heels, listening to him tell me about how he is going to tie me up, but he wouldn't say how exactly. Uggghhh! He was driving me nuts with anticipation, when another three minutes had passed, so I stood up again, and took off my panties, and sat back down,on the tile floor.

 He got an even wider grin on his face when he saw me wince from the cold on my bottom. Nothing left now, but my nylons, and heels. I sat there watching as started to knock on the ceiling with his knuckles. What the hell was he doing?  He would knock for a minute, and then he would stop, and put an "X" with a pencil on the last place he knocked on. He had an X on the ceiling when another three minutes had gone by, so I stood up, and took off my heels. "No," he said, "from the top down" "Take off your heels, then your nylons, and then put your heels back on, until another three minutes goes by, or I tell you to stop". So I did, I slipped off my nylons, and my heels, then I put my heels back on my bare feet, and sat back down. He had now put two X's on the ceiling, about 5 feet apart, What was he doing?, Then, he got 2 of the eyehooks, and started to screw them into where he had drawn the x's. He told me that he was knocking on the ceiling to see where the ceiling studs were, so when he screwed in the hooks, he would hit something solid, not just plaster. Something solid? What was he planning to hang up, anyways? And what did that have to do with what we were doing? and why was he doing it now, right in the middle of this? I soon found my answer!

Right as another three minutes had gone by, he said "STOP". "I want you to keep your heels on, cause I've kind of incorporated them into what were going to do. 

Keep my heels on? He knows I LOVE to be barefoot, and HE LOVES ME BAREFOOT! What was he doing? Well, I'd no sooner asked myself that question, when he told me to come over to where he had just run some rope through both of the hooks. He said "Stand here, and don't move", as he went to my bedroom closet, and got out about 6 of my course books for school. He looked up at the hooks, and piled all 6 of the books, starting from the biggest one on the bottom, to the smaller ones on top, in a pile, between where the ropes were hanging on the floor, from the 2 hooks overhead. 

It was quite a pile, about a foot tall  Then, he said to me, "I want you to come over here, and stand on top of your school books, like a good girl, and don't move". So I did. I was thinking about what he could possibly be doing, when he went into the other room, and came back with the board I had brought in from the hallway. It was just a little taller than me, by about a foot or so.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! It all started to click. The  hooks in the ceiling, the rope, the saran wrap, the board, and ...................ME! 

He must have  been reading my mind, because he said," That's right, sweetie, I'm not only going to put you into bondage, but I'm going to hang you up, too".
I was in mid thought, as he asked me to balance real good, while he held my hands over my head. Putting me into bondage was ok I guess, tying me up, ok, but hanging me up, too?

No No, No, I wasn't about to go along with that! 

And I was just about to say that I was sorry, but his little night of fun just wasn't going to happen, but all of a sudden, I realized, that he had tied my hands up over my head to the hooks!!!!!! "Wait a minute, if you think:"............That was all I got out. He stuffed my panties in my mouth, and took out a piece of duct tape, and wrapped it around my mouth, and then my head, two times! Where did he get the duct tape? I didn't see that!!!!! 

And Now, here I was , standing completely naked, except for my heels, on a foot high pile of books, with my hands tied over my head, and my mouth filed with my own wet panties, and duct tapped over my mouth.

Now he was really smiling, not just a grin. He said, "Well sweetie, I kind of figured that you might try to back out, so I was going to save this part till I had you the way I want you, which is like you are now: IMMOBILE!

Oh, was I mad!!!!! How did I let myself get into this? And now I started to see what ALL the pieces of his little bag of tricks were for, as he started on me.He told me that if I held still, it was going to be easier for me. Hold still?

If he thought for a minute that I wasn't going to fight him, he was nuts!. So I started to squirm. He just laughed, and said, "Good, I hoped you would do that". Then he tightened the ropes on my hands, until I was almost on my toes just to touch my school books!

Now I REALLY couldn't move! He just laughed more, and said, "If that's that way you want it, fine by me, sweetie!" Oh, was I mad now! He said, "I promise, If you don't fight any more, it will be easier on you". My hands were starting to hurt, and I didn't want to find out what else he would do, so I stayed still. 

"Good Girl", he said,. Then, he took the board, and stood it up on the first book on the floor, just about an inch or so off the ground. Then, he leaned it up against my back, and ran a piece of duct tape around it, and then around me! 
Ok, I figured, he wants to tie my hands up over my head, but what's the board for? Then, he took out the first roll of saran warp, and started it around me, and the board, just above my breasts.He kept wrapping it around and around me, until he got to my legs, and then stopped. Then, he took out another piece of rope, and ran it through two of the holes, in the top of the board, and back to the two hooks in the ceiling that I was tied to, and tied it securely, using several knots. Then, he went back to work, wrapping the saran wrap around me, and the board, getting tighter with every wrap!

 He had now completely wrapped my entire body, from my shoulders down to my ankles, in saran wrap, when he started to wrap me going back up, only this time, he was wrapping me even tighter, still! I don't know if it was the heat of being totally encased in plastic from head to toe, my breasts being literally flattened, or if it was from the extreme pressure that was being forced on my little bod, but I was really beginning to get hot, Normally, when I get all hot and bothered, I go and lay down and have a self pleasuring session, using either my hand, my fingers, or one of my toys, And many of these sessions my boyfriend has watched, as I pleasure myself to orgasm after orgasm. But there was no way I could do that with my hands tied over my head.

 Just then, in mid thought of how nice it would be to be able to touch my middle, and bring myself off, he said, "Ok, Its sturdy enough now, the board will keep you there", and untied my hands. They were really tired from hanging over my head for nearly a half hour, and so I wasn't able to put up much of fight when he took each one, and put 10 or so wraps around my arms, then put them by my sides. Then, he started to wrap my arms to my sides!. I was literally mummified, standing up! Here I was, standing in the middle of my study room, with my own panties stuffed in my mouth, duct taped over, and mummified in saran wrap.

 Then, he took two more rolls of wrap and continued to wrap me from head to toe, stopping at my ankles until I was so wrapped, that I couldn't even wiggle, and I was securely wrapped to this board, that was now pressing into my entire backside, from the pressure of my wrappings! But by this time, I have to admit, I don't know if I was beginning to trust him more, or if my fear had subsided, or what, but I was beginning to enjoy the squeeeeeek of the wrap coming off the roll as he encased me, like a personal gift to himself.

Ok, I can handle this, I thought, this must be what he was talking about all these months, I can handle this, this isn't too bad, I don't think that...............WOOOOOSH! 
Just then, he kicked out the books from underneath me!!!!!! I was now swinging about 2/3 of a foot off the ground!!!!!! He started to look me up and down, and said "Good, it works, but I'm not done with you yet"! 
Not done? What else could he possibly do to me?  That's when I found out why he had kept my heels on me, at least until then. He knelt down, in front of me, and took my heels off, which meant that my feet were hanging almost a foot off the ground now, being barefoot and all. then, he took the last roll of saran wrap out, and held my feet, toes pointed straight down, and started to wrap them to the board!!!

He had the board on only the bottom book, so it was about an inch or so off the ground. But then, I was about another 10 or so inches above that, figuring that I was standing on another 5 books, and on top of that, I was in heels. Now, without my heels, there was more than enough room for him to point my feet straight down, just like I do when I orgasm, and still have enough room to not have my toes even touch the ground. And the board was easily clearing the floor by about an inch or better.
After using up almost the last of the saran wrap on my now  pointed bare feet and toes, he went up to my head. and began to wrap around my forehead, to the board, so that I couldn't move my head in any direction. I tried to turn my head as the last of the wrap came off of the roll. I couldn't budge! Not at all. "Go ahead," he said, " Try to move" I tried, but couldn't. 

I was now completely immobilized, and his prisoner, hanging up in the air. 

That's when it got really good. I was starting to wonder, what is it he's going to do to me, now that I'm like this? I soon got my answer. He cut a hole in the saran wrap, just below my pussy, and took his hand, and felt between my legs, which were tightly wrapped together. 

"Good, I see that you're all juiced up and ready to go , Hon"
Juiced up? I was dripping wet! I could feel my own juices running down my leg for the last ten minutes. I was just beginning to wonder what it was he was going to do, when he left, and came back with my egg shaped vibrator. OHHH NOOOO!, That little monster could easily bring me off any night of the week, but being all worked up already like this??? I wondered if I would be able to stand him putting it between my legs before I would instantly cum. He said, "Yeah, babe, I know you've been getting all worked up here for the last hour or so, but I want you to have a night full of pleasure", as he pushed it between my legs, and then gently inside me. Then, he took my  blouse,wadded it up, and put it between my legs, right below my opening. It barley fit!. Then he explained, "Sweetie, this will keep your little love egg inside you, and it'll soak up some of your juices, so that you don't get too uncomfortable tonight.


As he took a piece of duct tape out, and covered up the place where he had cut the wrap to gain access to my now throbbing middle, I wondered just what he meant by that, anyway. Then, he took the little controller, for my love egg, and taped it to the back of my now quite securely wrapped right hand, and left it there.

Staring at him in disbelief, I realized what he was about to do to me!

"Babe, I promised you for months that when I told you what this surprise was, I'd make it a good one" "Well, I'm going to make good on that promise, sweetie"

He put on his Walkman headphones, and turned them on so he couldn't hear me moan in protest, reached over to my egg's controller, and switched it on, full blast.

Then he smiled, and turned out the light, and went in the bedroom, and closed the door, and didn't come out until the next morning, long after I had completely exhausted both the batteries in my vibrating egg, and exhausted my self from countless orgasms.


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