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by Miss Stacey

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© Copyright 2011 - Miss Stacey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; hotel; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; wrap; cocoon; bagged; stuck; cons/nc; X

Twenty four year old twin sister brunettes Lisa and Connie Michaels each stand at 5’ 6” and 125 lbs and are the epitome of cute and curvaceous femininity. They use their identical beautiful faces and sexy figures and alluring charm to scam unsuspecting people, usually men, out of their money. Their doppelganger appearance coupled with extravagant ruses have netted them several hundreds of thousand dollars over the years. Tonight the female swindlers are in disagreement about their next score.

“There is still time. Maybe I should call Samuel and back out of this one Lisa.” Connie said with apprehension.

Lisa frowned with disappointment.

“What the heck is your problem all of a sudden Connie? This will work I told you.” she told her twin sister firmly.

“I heard you the first time you said it and granted, we were successful doing something similar to this last year but this time it feels different than before.” Connie said with worry.

“It’s not all that different really. Let me remind you how easy this scheme worked the last time. You met this guy at the bar and after sizing him up you agreed to let him take you to a hotel and tie you up with the promise that if you were able to get free he would let you keep $5,000.00 in cash. Remember how he agreed to give you a 30 minutes to get free then left you in the hotel room locking the door behind him. Remember how shocked he was, dear sister, when he returned exactly 30 minutes later and found that you were for all intents and purposes, completely free of his ropes?”

“Yes , I remember. His jaw hit the floor. He had no idea of you, dressed exactly I was, had already rented the room earlier and were already hiding in room closet waiting for him to tie me up then leave. Once he was gone you moved me to the closet and switched places with me on the bed and scattered piles of rope on the carpet for effect. He really thought I had untied myself.”

“That’s right. He looked like a confused idiot when he handed me the $5,000.00. After he left I got you out of the closet and untied you. Case closed. We each made $2,500.00 a piece that night. Connie.”

“It was easy money.” Lisa said with a smile.

“That it was. And it will be easy money again but this time around it’s for a whopping $10,000.00 dollars that we‘ll split 50 50.”

“I can’t deny I want the money Lisa but this guy isn’t like the last one who tied me up. This guy makes me nervous. The last guy was skittish about asking me to let him tie me up. This new guy is younger, 30 something, and is very confident. He’s very sure of himself Lisa.”

“No, he’s very full of himself Connie. He’s just another one of those arrogant kinky bastards just waiting to tie a girl up so he can feel like a big man. Well, he’ll get his chance be the big shot and it will cost him ten grand.”

“I don’t know. He said if he wins he won’t untie me and I‘m his for the rest of the night.”

“Don’t you worry about it. With our plan nothing like that will happen. He doesn’t know he’s already lost. Connie, you targeted him and talked with him at length for night after night to set this up and make sure he really was a banker discreetly cheating on his wife and not some serial killer. It’s all set and ready to go. You want all of that effort to go to wastes when all we have left is the switcheroo to complete.

“Yeah, Good point. I had to listen to stories about how boring his wife is in bed for a week.”

“That‘s right . And you should be reimbursed for that torture. So, no more talk about calling things off, ok?”

“Ok. You sold me. I won‘t talk of calling things off. ”

“Good. Just keep in mind you only will be tied up for 30 minutes. Once I get the money and send him off I’ll free you fast and we are each $5,000.00 richer. Not bad for one night.”

So, are you ready to meet this 30 something pigeon tomorrow night and empty his pockets?“

“You bet your identical ass, I‘m ready.” Connie says with a laugh.


The following evening Lisa and Connie are dressed and check themselves over before they leave to complete their con game. Connie learned through conversation previously that Samuel likes girls in latex clothing so they are dressed provocatively wearing identical latex fetish outfits. Connie chose a black latex tank top mini dresses worn without a bra for lump free bust line smoothness, the thinnest of thin rubber thong panty, and latex thigh high stockings. On their hands are matching black long length latex opera gloves that extended up to their armpit. Shiny Black patent leather 5” high heel shoes accentuated their lustrous rubber stocking legs and feet. Lisa picked out the stylish Tahitian pearl and diamond drop earrings and matching necklace set they wore and thought it would be a nice change for them to wear their hair in a French roll up-do hairstyle. Their make up is precisely applied giving their features a glamorous look with smoky-eye makeup effect and each sporting ruby red lipstick. With small black sequined handbags over one arm they both look like sexy fetish vixens. They stand face to face and for a moment and it appeared as if they were looking into each others reflection in a mirror as one jokingly tried to mimicked the others movements.

“Hey let’s run through the plan one more time.” Lisa demanded.

“Again? We went over it a dozen times.” Connie brooded.

“Once more won’t hurt. Now tell me your part again.” Lisa insisted.

“Ok, you arrive ahead of me at the Dorchester Hotel and go to room 10B and hide in waiting in the closet. I arrive at the eat and drink bar across the street and meet our pigeon, excuse me, I mean Samuel. He and I have the usual few drinks and then I show him my spare hotel swipe key for the same room you are hiding in.”

“And if he should ask why you already have a hotel swipe key what do you say?”

“If he asks about the key I explain to him I was excited about the tie up challenge and in my eagerness to see if I can get free of his rope tie I got the room without him.”

“Good. Then what do you do?”

“I playfully insist that we go to the hotel room so he can tie me up.”

“Yes, and really play up to his macho ego bull crap so he will begin your challenge immediately. Don’t let him waste time with small talk. I don’t want to spend an hour waiting in a closet for you get tied up.”

“I know, I know… keep things moving. Once I am tied up he will leave me to struggle giving me a 30 minutes to get free which is more than enough time for us to do the switcheroo. You trade places with me on the bed, toss on the floor some rope pieces and the wait for him to return. Once he sees what he thinks is me untied he’ll think he has lost the bet. You then ask to be paid the money. After you get the loot You’ll ditch him quick fast, then return and untie me.”

“Yes, perfect.”

“Can we leave now?”

“Why certainly sis.”

The women get into separate sports cars and drive off. As planned Connie goes to the bar to meet Samuel while Lisa drives to the Dorchester hotel across the street from it and hides in the room closet of the room Connie rented. Lisa enters the lobby. She walks by the front desk and is greeted by an elderly receptionist who thinks she is Connie.

“Hello Miss Connie. You look quite fetching tonight.”

“Thank you.” She responds as she struts sexily to the elevator with her shiny latex attire glistening in the light and her high heels clicking on the polished floor. She smiles at having fooled the receptionist into thinking she is her sister. Lisa is about to press the button to call the lift when the elevator door suddenly opens. She is shocked to see inside the elevator is Samuel aka Lisa and Connie’s so called 30 something pigeon. He is carrying a leather knapsack. Lisa freezes in her tracks very flustered. He is surprised as well to see her but smiles broadly while lustfully looking her over from head to toe.

“Connie? Wow, that’s an incredibly sexy latex outfit. A skin tight perfect fit for your beautiful curves. ”

Lisa did not expect to run into their target before she was able to hide herself in the hotel room. She tries to remain calm and pretends to be her sister Connie.

“I.. I‘m glad you like it…”

“Are you kidding, I love it on you. So, what on earth are you doing here? I was just leaving to meet you at our table at the bar across the street like always. It’s still early we can go there together for a drink now.”

Lisa cringed. She definitely did not want them go to the bar together and have him see the real Connie seated at the bar after they step inside.

“Oh, no…um…we can have champagne sent up to my room…”

Samuel is silent for a moment. He looks at her with a puzzled expression.

“You rented a room here?”

“Yeah, I… well was excited about the challenge we agreed on…and um…was eager to begin…so I rented a room already..” she says as she reaches into her purse and digs out the hotel room swipe key. She holds card up to show it to him.

“See, I already rented room 10B for us to use for my escape attempt.”

“I do see. I am pleased. We can begin right now if you really want to little darling. Why keep a sexy thing like you waiting for the ropes huh?.”

“Great.” she says with a forced smile.

He takes her by her waist and leads her into the elevator. The elevator ride seemed to crawl its way upward as Lisa tried to think about her next move. Samuel is firmly holding her by her waist as he boasts about his tying ability.

“I’ve tied up over a dozen women, with their consent mind you, and not one of them was able to get out of my rope work.”

He holds up his knapsack in one hand and exclaims that he has plenty of rope and she too will not be able to get free once he is finished tying her.

“And… If you can’t get free… I’m allowed to have way with you for the entire night remember…?” He says as he casually runs his other hand over the surface of her latex covered buttocks. He feels her behind twitch nervously from his touch which amuses him.

“Yes, I remember. I’ll just have to succeed in getting myself free to avoid that possibility won’t I..?” she says with as much confidence as she can muster while removing his hand from her rear.

Lisa’s heart pounds as she wonders what to do. She has to figure out a way to notify her sister and get her in place unseen or she will soon be tied up without a way to get free and at the sexual mercy of Samuel. Compelled by greed her mind fights to come up with a quick new plan to salvage their con game. The elevator stops and they step into the hallway and walk to room 10B. He gently takes her key and unlocks door and allows her to step inside first so he can take in the view of her swaying rubberized rear end as she walks by him. The room is huge with large bed off to one side.

“I’ll have some the wine sent up.”

As he does this Lisa makes a dash towards the bathroom.

“I’m going to freshen up while its on the way.”

“By all means sweets.”

Lisa steps into the bathroom and locks the door. She exhales heavily. It is then that she notices how much she has been sweating inside the latex and can now feel its increased sense of sticky tightness. She looks in the mirror and see beads of sweat on her face. She wipes her brow then sits on the toilet seat then quickly takes out her cell phone. She doesn’t want be heard speaking so she contacts Connie by text message.

***Connie, you won’t freaking believe this… I ran into Samuel on my way to hide in the room we rented… he thinks I’m you so I have no choice but to switch places and pretend to be you and get tied up….we are already in the room… I have to get you us out of here and you in here so you can hide before he ties me up…. get yourself out of that bar and go to your car and wait for my next text message…I will I figure a way to get this room empty so you can slip in….****

Meanwhile across the street Connie sits at the bar alone wondering where Samuel could be when she gets the text from Lisa on her cell phone. She reads it with surprise.

Connie replies

****Lisa I know I promised not to talk about calling this off but this is a bad sign so you have to call this thing off right now…tell him anything…that you have headache…or whatever…you should leave right now Lisa!!!!***

Lisa replies

*****and loose out on all that money?…no way….I have an idea to get us downstairs so you can get into the closet here…we can still do this and make off like bandits… I‘ll text you when the coast is clear…****

There is a knock on the bathroom door that startles Lisa. She hurriedly puts her phone away.

“Hey Connie I fixed us a drink. Are you ok in there?”

“Yeah, I’m fine…” she says while flushing the toilet.

She checks herself in the mirror then steps out of the bathroom. Samuel is standing near the door with two drinks. He hands one to her.

“Thanks.” She takes a small sip and smiles as she walks across the room.

Samuel can’t keep his eyes off of her as she moves about the room enjoying each sexy step she takes in her skin tight rubber outfit and high heels. In his mind he’s imagined since meeting her a week ago how wonderful she would look tied up and now he will finally see her in bondage for real.

“Now that you are freshened up Connie you must be ready to be tied up and make your escape attempt? After all, you did say you were excited and eager to begin.” he says as he sits on the side of the bed opening his knapsack and places several bundles of precut rope on the blanket in a neat row.

Lisa pretends not to notice what he’s doing. She begins touching her dress then uses her purse as a fan waving it in front of her face.

“I am excited to start, that’s true, but all this latex I‘m wearing… it’s made me really hot. Lets step outside together for a few minutes ok?”

“But why when you could simply take the latex off. I definitely don’t mind tying you up without it on.”

“I’m sure you wouldn‘t, but that’s means I’d be practically naked. To make this dress appear perfectly smooth I have on a micro rubber thong and no bra…”

“That’s ok, I don’t have on a bra either…” he adds with a laugh.

Lisa doesn’t laugh.

“Ok, ok…bad joke. Lets take that walk so you can cool off Connie.” he says while stuffing the rope bundles back into the knapsack.

They leave the room and go downstairs by elevator and exit the building.

It is a cool evening. Lisa takes Samuel by his arm.

“Just a walk around the block will do it.” she says as if suddenly refreshed.

After walking a few blocks some young boys driving by shout from their car a disrespectful comment about Lisa’s latex clothing. Samuel stops and turns to face the punks as they speed off. Lisa uses this distraction to quickly text Connie.

****Go to the room right now!!!***

Connie reads the text from Lisa and bolts from her car. She enters the hotel and text messages Lisa while in the elevator.

***It worked. I‘m at the hotel now. You can return whenever you are ready.*****

Connie shuts off her cell, dashes from the elevator and goes into the hotel room without delay. She opens the door and is stunned to find Samuel sitting on the bed.

Many blocks away Lisa and Samuel continue their stroll. Lisa feels her phone Vibrate inside her purse. She doesn’t want Samuel to see her take the phone out to use it. She has an idea.

“Want a piece of gum?”

“Sure, what kind do you have?” he asks.



She reaches into her purse to get the gum while casually opening the text message from Connie. After reading it she smiles with relief. Lisa takes out the pack of gum and cheerfully hands Samuel a stick. Samuel notices she is more upbeat.

“Your mood has really improved Connie.”

“Oh everything is just fine now.” she says. Lisa gloats secretly very pleased with herself for apparently salvaging her scam.

“I knew a walk in the cool air would help.”

“Are you ready to head back to the hotel.”

Lisa nods. She really would like to get things over with. They turn around walk back to the hotel. While they walk Lisa begins to bait Samuel even more.

“Yes, It’s time I show you how easily I can get out of your ropes.”

“You really are convinced you can free yourself aren’t you.?”

“I can get out of any knot you tie. And I will prove it.”

“I can’t wait to see you try…and fail….to prove it.” he quips.

“You don’t know how flexible I am do you.? I will slip though those knots in a heartbeat.”

“You had better do just that. You only have thirty minutes to work your way free unless you think you need more time. You want an hour time-limit to try to get loose instead?.”

“No, no 30 minutes is plenty of time…just plenty.”

“ You must be some kind of Houdini.”

“Lady Houdini, thank you very much.” she corrects him.

“Of all of the women I have bound I’ve never met a woman so confident.”

“I know what I’m doing and what I’m capable of.”

Lisa’s boastful escape artist skills makes Samuel even more eager to tie her up. Lisa sees her taunting is working. They reach the hotel and enter the hotel lobby. Minutes later they exit the elevator and enter the hotel room. Lisa tosses her purse on the bed, glances over to the closet and smiles. Samuel takes an envelope out of his inside jacket pocket. He opens it and takes out a large bundle of money. He lines up 10 neat stacks of $1,000.00 dollars in $20.00 dollar denominations on the table .

“Here is the cash you will try to win. $10.000.000 dollars.”

Lisa looks at the piles of cash then scoops it all up in her hands. All she can think about is what she will spend her half of the swindled money on.

“Soon this will be all be mine.” She says while imagining all of the many things she will spend her half of the swindled money on.

“You’ll definitely have to earn it my dear.” he says as he takes the money from her and piles it back on the table in.

“I suggest that you go to the bathroom first before you are bound. It‘s a rule I have before I tie a girl up. I don‘t want you peeing on yourself once you realize you can‘t get free from the tie.”

Lisa laughs but takes his advice and goes into the bathroom. Samuel sits on the bed and takes the bundles of rope out of the knapsack as he did before. He picks up a bundle and uncoils it hurriedly. After a few minutes Lisa returns and stands facing him.

“I’m ready. You can start tying me up now.” she says as she holds out her arms in front of her body with her wrists crossed.

Samuel laughs.

“Very cute. Please turn around with your back to me and put both hands together behind your back palm to palm.”

“I had to try.” she says.

Lisa turns around and positions her hands as he asked. Samuel holds her wrists together firmly with one of his large hands as he wraps rope around both her wrists with the other. He threads a cinch rope between the ropes looped around her wrists and after a few hard tugs the cinches close tightly fusing her wrists together behind her back tightly. He makes several tight knots to finish her wrists off then picks up another rope bundle. Lisa bends her elbows to takes a look at her bound hands.

“Pretty good, pretty good….”

“Glad you approve. More to follow.” he assures her.

He pulls her hands back behind her. Samuel firmly grabs her arms and holds them together as he wraps rope just above her elbows. She feels her arms slowly drawing closer and closer together as he does this until they nearly touch. He threads the cinching rope between the elbow ropes and again she feels several hard tugs and in an instant her elbows are forced to fully touch completely behind her back. The elbow cinches are knotted several times. This tension on her arms is strict causing her o stand up straighter and making her thrust out her chest. Her jutting breasts press against the tight latex seemly on the verge of bursting through the rubber. She tests her bondage trying to separate her arms and hands. They are stuck as one useless behind her. She tenses up with apprehension when feeling how tightly her arms and wrists are bound.

“That’s…pretty….tight…” she says as he pauses to pick up another bundle.

“Not for an expert escape artist like yourself, right?”

She doesn’t answer and is happy to have the latex gloves on to protect her skin somewhat from the ropes. If it were not for her scam she admits to herself she truly would be a bit frightened at this mans excellent tying ability. She glances back at the closet and relaxes again. She pretends to be non caring.

“I have been tied tighter before.”

“Have you now? Then you are used to this. Good, now hold still please.”

Lisa watches him stand up and wrap rope around her body horizontally across her ribcage. He nonchalantly lifts each of her full breast one at a time and letting it drop every time passes rope across the front of her body. She becomes annoyed.

“Hey….is it supposed to be…done like this..”

“How else am I to get the ropes under there?.” He answers as he wraps her torso 8 times this way then cinches the ropes between her bound arms and her back pinning her tied arms to her body. The immobilizing tightness of these new ropes worries her and again she calms herself with a quick glance to the closet. He steps behind her and begins rolling her latex mini up above her thighs. Lisa jumps.

“What are you doing…? Why are you lifting up my dress like that?”

“I’m going to add a crotch rope. It’s all part of the agreed upon bondage we talked about remember?”

Lisa forgot for a moment she was just pretending to be Connie and did not know all the details her sister and Samuel talked about over drinks. She didn’t want to admit that she didn’t even know what a crotch rope was and have him become suspicious of her. Lisa nods meekly in agreement. He lifts her dress all the way up over her round hips revealing the micro thong she mentioned to him. She felt very embarrassed as the thong had a very small front panel, thin side straps and an even thinner back strap leaving her entire behind revealed to him. He took a long rope and wrapped it around her small waist and tied it tightly knotting the rope in front just bellow her belly button.

“Spread your legs a little please Connie.”

Lisa hesitated upon hearing his request. It became obvious to her now just what a crotch rope was. She was not happy with what he was about to do next with the rope strand.

“Connie…I need you to spread you legs for me so I can finish tying this crotch rope.”

Lisa looked at the closet and then bit her lip before spreading her legs a couple inches.

“More.” he blurted.

She reluctantly spread them wider then felt him pull the rope down front between her legs and guide it behind her and upward between her buttocks. He looped the rope under her waist rope behind her back and down to and around her wrists cinching ropes. Then she felt a very hard. Lisa gasped and clenched her gloved hands as she felt the rope tighten sinking deeply between the lips of her pussy taking the tiny latex thong front panel with it. Likewise she felt the rope press insanely tight against the surface of her anus with her thin back thong string providing absolutely no protection at all.

“Oh…god..” she whispered. She never imagined he would be tying her up like this.

He tugged a second time then knotted this rope very tightly then closed her legs by pushing her thighs together with both hands. Lisa felt humiliated by this terribly unpleasant crotch rope. She was hoping he would lower her dress now but instead he let her stand with her ass exposed a little longer busily doing something behind her. He used another rope strand wrapped it around both her upper thighs just beneath her butt cheeks. These ropes were soon cinched and knotted forcing her upper legs to remain tightly squeezed together. Samuel checked all of Lisa’s newly tied knots with satisfaction before stretching her mini dress down over her hips and butt. Her mini dress just barely covered her ass as it was prevented from covering her further due to the way her crotch rope was joined to her wrists cinches.

Lisa looked down at her pelvis. The tight crotch rope could clearly be seen as a raised thickness protruding through the latex as it buried itself in her delicate flesh. Lisa’s legs trembled as she stood there dealing with the all the tight ropes holding her so far.

She tried to turn her body to see what else he was doing behind her only to feel a tugging tension on the crotch rope when ever she moved her bound hands that sent a burning sensation through her pussy and between her butt she did not want to repeat. She stopped trying to twist her body. He returned to her with a long rope and began wrapping it above and below her knees many times. He cinched these ropes quickly and she felt her legs press together in seconds. Next he kneeled down in front of her and wrapped several loops of rope around both her ankles. Minutes later her ankle ropes were cinched and her high heeled feet were bound together as one. He stood in front of her and rechecked all the ropes for tightness.

She couldn’t believe how tight this bondage felt. She knew she would never honestly get free of such intricately cinched ropes without help but she continued to pretend to be an expert escape artist.

“You, tie… very well….” she told him

“Thank you.” he said with a smile.

“This will be one of the most… challenging…. ties I’ve escaped from. Go ahead and set the timer so I can begin, and I‘ll see you in a half hour after I‘m out of this.”

“Not yet. I’m not finished tying you.”

Lisa became silent with disbelief. She stood there staring at him with a very worried and confused look on her face.

“You’re not done tying me up? But all this rope…I thought…I mean…I am tied up am I not.?” she stammered.

“You are only partially tied as we agreed. The deal was that this is to be a hogtie escape challenge. There is $10,000.00 at stake here therefore, you will be hogtied.” he said holding an extremely long strand of rope in his hands.

Lisa was mortified. She remembers the term hog-tie from when she and Connie went to the rodeo shows with her dad as children. She recalls watching all the little pigs running around as fast as they could trying to get away only to be lassoed and all four of their feet quickly tied together. Even then at that age it all seemed like cruel treatment to her. She remembers how those pigs squealed pitifully after they were hogtied by the cowboys. She dreaded knowing that it was soon to be done to her.

“I’ll give you choice. Hogtied on the floor or hogtied on the bed. Which will it be Connie?”

Not much of a choice she thought. Her lips trembled.

“…hogtied on the bed….?” she spoke softly.

He walked over to her and held her by the shoulders, pivoted her around until she was facing the bed. At first she though he would be kind enough to carry her to the bed but instead he merely steadied her and made her hop towards it. Not an easy task while her while tied up and wearing high heels. Her breasts bounced and her buttocks jiggled, and her crotch rope tormenting her with each humiliating hop. She could see he was enjoying the spectacle of her degrading hops and was both angry and amazed at how completely helpless and vulnerable his bondage made her feel. Finally she reached the bed and to her surprise he helped her sit down. As she bent to sit her wrists tugged on the horrid crotch rope making it to dig in deeper into her varginal area once she was seated. Lisa looked up at the closet and frowned. She was very eager to be done with this scam so Connie could free her from her awful bondage. He stood in front of her.

“Lie down.” He demanded while shoving her without warning.

“Ooohh..!!!!” she cried out falling backwards onto her bound arms.

She disliked like the feeling of being handled like this but she couldn’t do a thing to stop him. Samuel roughly pushed her body around on the bed until she was positioned onto her stomach the way he wanted her. She felt the bed sink as he climbed onto it behind her on his knees and grabbed hold of her bound feet. He tied one end of the long rope around her ankle cinches very tightly. The rope was pulled and her knees bent accordingly bringing her bound feet towards her bound hands. He threaded the end of the rope many times around the cinches holding her wrists together then yanked the rope hard.

“Ohh God..!!!!” She cried out as her bound wrists were forced back to her feet sending an excruciating shot of pain through her pussy and ass crack as the crotch rope shifted across her flesh in the process. He drew her hands and feet so close together could feel the back of her high heel shoes with the tips of her fingers. He wound the extra rope around the hogtie tethers until it was used up and tied the end into knots in front of her ankle cinches. Lisa couldn’t move. Lisa was now hogtied and in a lot of discomfort and hated what it felt like. The strain on her shoulders was increasingly unbearable. She tried to wiggle to relieve the discomfort but it was incredibly difficult to move. She laid her head to one side trying desperately to stay calm.

“....oh my god…” she whispered

Samuel got off the bed and looked down at the helplessness woman he had just tied up.

“I have an additional proposition for you before I set the timer and you begin your escape.”

Lisa lifted her head and looked up at him wondering what he was talking about.


He picked up the knapsack and in front of her began fishing for something inside it. He pulled an object out and held it up for her to see.

It was a collection of small straps with a red ball connected to it. Lisa had no idea what the object was she was looking at.

“Wha…what is that?”

“This is gag for your mouth. It’s called a head harness ball-gag actually.” he announced proudly.

Lisa tensed up twitching in her hogtie. She was visibly nervous.

“You.. you want to gag me now…..but why….?”

“Well, since you are such an experienced escape artist this little addition shouldn‘t bother you at all. But honestly, don’t you agree that bondage without a decent gag just isn’t really complete is it?”

Lisa didn’t answer.

“Ok, I’ll be fair. I am willing to make it worth it too you to wear this. I’ll add more money to the winnings, lets say, another thousand dollars if you make this escape attempt while gagged.” He takes another stack of cash from his inside pocket and counts out another $1,000.00 dollars and drops it on the table next to the other money.

Lisa looked at the huge pile of cash. She didn’t like being tied up in his uncomfortable bondage and unable to move. Now should she agree to the bonus money conditions she would also be unable to speak. She knew that would be awful to be gagged but she was greedy for money. Lisa stared at the closet again to build up her nerve then gave a nod of agreement.

“Ok, you can gag me…your loss…besides…I’ll be free soon anyhow…”

“I thought you would say something like that. “ He said with a grin.

He reached down and began to undo her up-do hair style by removing all of her hair pins. Her doe-like eyes blinked repeatedly as her straight brunette hair was let down to drop like silk about her shoulders. Reaching behind her she felt him gather her hair together into a wad at the back of her head. He then secured her mass of hair by wrapping and knotting a short strand of rope around it converting her hair into a long pony tail. She watches him pick up the gag and hold the red ball in front of her face. The gag smelled awful.

“Open your mouth wide please Connie.”

Lisa swallowed hard. She frowns as she stared at the huge disgusting looking ball held inches from her mouth. Samuel sees clearly she is having second thoughts about being gagged.

“Connie you agreed to this. Come on… open your mouth nice and wide for me like a good girl.”

She detested his condescending attitude but opened her mouth.

“Wider…that’s it.”

He pushes the ball deeply into her gaping mouth and she instinctively bit down on the firm object now shoved between her teeth. The taste of the ball was foul and its large size kept her jaw stretched horribly wide. He buckles tightly all the gag straps forcing the ball to remain wedged inside her mouth. Lisa hates the feeling of the hideous gag and tries to dislodge the ball by pushing on it with her tongue but it won’t budge. He stands up and rechecks her hogtie tethers and adjust ball gag one notch tighter for good measure making Lisa grunt loudly with disapproval. He ignores her and stands up pleased that she is a hogtied and ball gagged bundle on the bed.

“Now I’m finished. How do you feel lady Houdini?” he asks sarcastically.

“Ummggffff….gggrmmfffgghh….” she responds with nostrils flared as she tries to speak.

He smiles at her useless effort to talk. Samuel puts a timer on the bed next to her face and sets the dial for exactly thirty minutes. She looks at the timer listening to its clicking noise as it begins it’s countdown.

“Begin your escape attempt.”

Lisa starts struggling on her stomach putting on a mock vigorous energetic display for show to trick Samuel into thinking she is determined to win the challenge. She shakes her head and wiggles her shoulders being very careful not to move her wrists or kick her feet and tug on her terrible crotch rope.


He watches her sexy body wiggling helplessly for a few moments then turns to leave.

“I’ll return when the time is up to either pay you or to keep you.”

Lisa watches him walk out of the room and lock the door. The moment he is gone Lisa immediately stops her pretend struggling and listens to Samuels footsteps diminish down the hallway. Once she is convinced he is gone Lisa looks directly at the closet doors and frantically begins to gag scream for Connie to come out of the closet.


Inside the closet Connie could see her helpless sister hogtied on the bed calling out to her behind the gag.

Lisa waited impatiently confused as to why Connie didn’t step out the closet right away. She gag screams again but this time while fighting the ropes.


Her movements were causing the crotch rope to burn and was beginning to chafe her tender flesh. She could not understand what Connie was waiting for. Why wouldn’t she come out of the closet and free her.? She looked at the timer. Five minutes was wasted. The ropes and gag were extremely unforgiving. The desperate girl tried to open her mouth wider and speak past the ball strapped in her mouth.

“CCONNIIIKKKKK!!!!!!….UNNnnkKK….IIIIIIIIAHHHH…mmmmmHHKKK….. CCCONNNNNIIIIIIIIKKKKK!!!!!” she tried as drool began to seep from her mouth.

Lisa repeatedly gag screamed but Connie did not come out of the closet. Her eyes went wide when she looked at the timer. She had only 20 minutes left before Samuel returned. She dreaded him finding her still tied up when he got back for she knew he would not untie her and she would be at his mercy for the rest of the night. Lisa began desperately calling to Connie and struggling hard in the brutal hogtie causing herself great pain. She was now really seriously trying to make an escape attempt from the ropes binding her.


She bucked and wiggled on her stomach arching her back with each violent tug on the hogtie tether her torturous crotch rope rubbing and burning. Her limited movements loosened no ropes and only caused her mini dress to raise up revealing her crotch roped behind. Lisa fighting with great effort managed to roll onto her side with one of her high heel shoes flipping off her rubbery foot in the process. Now on her side she tried every possible movement allowed to her in an attempt to loosen the ropes but no amount of shimmying or twisting made any headway in gaining her freedom. The only result from all her struggles was suddenly seeing her right bare breast suddenly pop free from inside her latex mini dress.

“GGGAAAAHHHH…!!!” she screamed from the unintentional outcome of her efforts knowing there was no way could cover her breast back up tied as she was.

Exhausted and sweaty from all her exertion Lisa stopped to catch her breath and looked at the timer. She had less than 15 minutes before Samuel returned. Lisa’s bound limbs hurt and her jaw ached intensely. The unyielding crotch rope had chafed her badly and she now realized her struggles had brought her precariously close to the edge of the bed. The thought of fall off the bed while hogtied made her panic. She quickly tried to scoot away from the edge but in doing lost her balance and toppled off the bed crying out in terror as she slipped.


Lisa landed hard on her stomach with thump at the foot of the bed. She groaned in agony and began to cry. Dazed and winded she tried to calm down and slowly lifted her head up. She pleaded pathetically in the direction of the closet.


It was the same as before, Connie did not come out. Lisa could hear the timer ticking away up on the bed knowing she had only minutes left to get free. She trembled with fear helpless on the carpet. She struggled again fighting the ropes until she was on her side once more. Frantic now she began to hogtie crawl slowly towards the closet.


Within the closet Connie watched her sister inch her way towards the closet doors.

Lisa’s crawling made her other breast pop free. Her bare breasts bounced and flopped around as she scooted herself across the carpet but she didn’t care how she looked or how much pain the crotch rope was causing, she was desperate to reach the closet. She was halfway between the bed and the closet when the timer alarm rang. Her escape time limit was up. Lisa stopped crawling. She remained still panting heavily. It was over. She looked at the hotel room door to expecting it open any second and see Samuel walk in. Lisa heard a sound in the closet and was shocked when the closet doors swung open revealing Samuel holding a knife to Connie’s throat. She is hogtied exactly as Lisa was and even had her own ball gag harness strapped in her mouth too. Lisa was terribly confused. How could Samuel be in the closet when she saw him leave and lock the door behind him a half hour ago she wondered.

“It looks like you failed your escape attempt.” he says as he steps out of the closet dragging the trussed up Connie out and depositing her like a laundry bag next to Lisa. The bound and gagged women look at each other with confusion. They turned their gagged faces towards the hotel room door when they heard it unlock and gasped when they see a second Samuel walk into the room carrying two suitcases. He puts them on the floor then looks at both the hogtied girls and smiles.

“Lady Houdini you are not.” he says to Lisa

“I see you ladies have met my brother Sonny.”

Lisa and Connie are in total shock. They look at each other then at the twin brothers. Samuel walks over and kneels down by Lisa and strokes her hair.

“Oh didn’t I tell you I had a twin brother. Well I guess that’s makes us even since you didn’t tell me you had a twin sister.”

“These hustling bitches don’t tell anyone they have a twin Sam.” Sonny says to his brother.

“Yes that’s right. How else can they fuck people over the way they have been doing. “

“I’m sure you both are wondering just what went wrong tonight with your little scam. You girls must remember the last guy you tried this little bull shit escape attempt trick on”. The trussed up women look at each other with dread. “Yeah, I see you both do recall it. That poor devil couldn’t figure out how that woman he tied so well that night untied herself so fast. The mystery kept at him for a long time. He decided to hire an investigator to keep track of the woman who made that impossible rope escape. He was not happy when through shadowing the woman’s travels it was discovered she had a twin sister and that he was another random victim of one of their many con games. He was furious and wanted meet that woman again and her sister and get his money back. He decided he would arrange your kidnappings so he could show in you in person how much he didn’t appreciate what was done to him. He got the idea fight fire with fire and hired Sonny and I to lure you two into a similar scam. I tossed out the bait and you greedy bitches went right for it not suspecting to have your own con game backfire on your lying asses.”

“Now here you are a pair of tied up identical twins.” Sonny says

“Not exactly identical Sonny.” Samuel points out.

Sonny looks down at the frightened powerless women.

“You are so right. I’ll fix that.”

Sonny kneels and pulls down Connie’s latex mini so that her breasts are both exposed exactly like Lisa’s were from her struggling. He then hikes up her dress over her butt to reveal her tight crotch rope and removes one of her high heels.

“Now they are identical tied up twins.” he says as they both laugh.

“Come on Sonny, enough playing, lets wrap them up and get them into the van. We have a long drive ahead and I want to deliver them before morning. We’ll use pallet wrap to mummify them.”

Lisa and Connie freak out when they hear this. The grim realization these men who have tricked and tied them up are deadly serious about kidnapping them hits home. They both begin struggling and gag screaming in a panic. The men ignore them. Sonny loads a dispenser with a roll of pallet wrap.

“Sam lets get them up on the bed.”

Samuel goes over to Lisa and harshly lifts her up by her hogtie tether. She instantly feels all her rope bondage tighten from her own weight.


It hurt so badly for her to be carried this way. He takes her over to the bed and drops her bundled form onto it carelessly. She bounces then settled in a heap groaning on her stomach. She watches in horror as her sister is lifted by Sonny the same way and dumped on the bed next to her. Their remaining high heel shoe is removed from their feet and tossed away.

“Which of them should I wrap up first Sam?”

“How about Lady Houdini first.”

Sonny pulls Lisa over to him and begins winding pallet wrap tightly around her hogtied form from her knees up to her neck pulling the tight plastic taunt as her wraps. He changes direction again pulling and winding the stretchy plastic around her body downward again until he’s reached her knees. Now beneath two layers of pallet wrap she isn’t able to even struggle as the drum tight wrapped plastic has compressed her into a solid unmoving mass from the neck down.


Lisa can turns her head and watches as Connie is pulled over to Sonny and is wrapped in two tight layers of pallet wrap exactly as she was. Once he is done he rolls the bound sisters on their side and pushes them together so they are face to face on the bed with their stomachs touching. They helplessly look at each others head harness ball gags faces as they whimper and drool from the corner of their mouths.

“I have two locking hoods for them. They are made of latex rubber to match their dresses.” Samuel jokes. The men laugh.

Lisa and Connie sees Samuel bring the two shiny black hoods over to the bed and hands one of them to Sonny. They are powerless as the brothers each grab a girl and proceeds to tug and stretches the rubber hood over their heads and faces inch by inch. Soon from the top of their heads to the base of their necks is encased in tight latex rubber. The shape of the ball gags is clearly visible protruding from their open mouths. They each have only small nostril holes in which to breathe under the hoods. Each hood has a wide collars that is buckled and locked shut with tiny pad locks. The rubber hooded hogtied mummies are rolled onto their stomachs unable move and unable to see.

“MMmmmmGGhFFFF!!!” whimpered Lisa when she feels rubber tubes being forced up each of her nostrils and taped in place.

“GGggrrrmmmmggghh!!!” cries out Connie when seconds later she feels the same thing being done to her.

The strong pungent rubber odor is all they can now smell as they breathe. They are mortified as to what will happen to them next. They scream when they feel themselves lifted up briefly one at a time and placed back down again. Sheer panic goes through them as they hear the sound of a zipper being closed around them and suddenly the noise in the room becomes muted. It isn’t hard for them to figure out they have been zipped inside of those two suitcases Samuel carried into the room. Samuel grabs one suitcase and Sonny grabs the other and the two men walk out of the room carrying two extremely helpless con-women trapped inside them. The fate of these two scam artists is to be determined by the vengeful recipient of these suitcases.



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