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Table Runners

by Beadie Essym

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© Copyright 2008 - Beadie Essym - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wrap; sheets; wetpack; bond; bagged; breathplay; cons; X

She sat trembling at the same speed as her motor. She tried to calm down, but her tummy hurt, and she couldn't let go of the steering wheel. She couldn't see across the road. She could hardly see the resolute traffic moving slowly through the heavy snowfall. The drive from her home to the Truck stop usually only took 35 minutes. Today it took an hour and 10 minutes. The road was slick with heavy slush, and whiteouts blurred fields of fallen corn stalks. Panther noticed that her teeth were chattering, and her fingers were sore. She let go of the steering wheel and sighed. The Truck stop was filling up fast as travelers sought respite from the gales. Lake effect flurries my ass, she thought sourly. This was no lake effect. This was a blizzard from the plains, and now she would miss the party, damn it. Lady Swan had called a long while back and said she was at a crawl on the Thruway, and wasn't sure what to do. Panther told her this was the next exit after, and Swan should try for it, where there was ample lodging.

Panther debated going in for a warm-up when her misery was broken by a tapping on her window. It was Swan and Loco, prancing in the wind, fetish wear flapping beneath thin winter coats. It looked silly, but such is playtime in winter ... you just deal with it.

She was not amused. Panther was cold and worried. The party was another 70 miles along the interstate, and although the radio said the Thruway was open it still wouldn't be an easy drive. Now winter was howling all around them. Huge flakes pounding down an inch a minute. The three of them agreed to rest a while inside but the place was full so they just stood with the rest of the travelers waiting for a table. Panther noticed some truckers telling a waitress that the Thruway should be closed.

"Let's go" she told her companions, and they crouched back into the swirl. She started calling around for a motel room on her cell. The threesome was lucky that day ... the motel just down the road still had a luxury suite with a Jacuzzi. Panther took the room with her credit card while her friends climbed in the Hummer with their overnight bags and toys. Loco was a bit of a snob when it came to toys, and always lugged around every damn toy he owned, so his luggage was considerable.

After more than an hour in the lobby, Loco trudged up blustery back stairs, the luggage and toys barely protecting him from the vertical slush thudding around him.  Swan played with the nozzles in the huge bathroom, and Panther explored her warm, green tone on tone world. There was a wall ¾ of the way through a huge room, with both king size beds sandwiched headboard to headboard against it. They had big easy casters and loose but sturdy metal frames. A girl like Panther noticed these things and smiled. On the far wall of the beds were good windows, slightly fogged. The bedding was soft, quality cotton, and the pillows large, yet thin, and there were plenty of them. Good blankets were in the ample closet near the windows. Twin dressers, TV’s etc. were at the foot of the bed, and opposite of the beds the room was pided by the bathroom and the kitchenette. “Sweet”, thought Panther as she opened cupboards and sniffed sample sized stuff.

Loco and Swan soon called her to help organize and discuss their next plan. They had all called family & friends, stashed and giggled over their belongings, and looked through the information books on the dressers. The wanted food. The motel had an eatery and small bar. Loco whined about getting all the luggage and said he wasn't’t going anywhere. Swan was naked and off to the tub.  

 So, with raven hair well preened and in her warm black shirt dress and suede boots Panther felt confident walking the halls and climbing on a bar stool in the crowded bar. The place hummed around her while she shouted her order to a hard pressed and hard bodied assistant manager scrambling behind the bar. Yes, Panther noticed and smiled. Panther also noticed a familiar set of shoulders across the room. She studied them for a while and was jolted. She felt him. She felt his stare. She felt his power. Few could have power over her, but he tamed her. He made her shy. He made her docile. He took her breath away.

A harassed father of three noticed the feline panting beside him. Panther didn't’t notice the man, her head up and assured, but her eyes cast down coyly. Everyone knows that posture. Or at least they ought to. Panther held a gasp when the big hand embraced her shoulder.

“Hey there girlfriend, how the hell are ya?” Bear giggled while he swept her off the bar stool in a big bear hug. The man next gaped at the big, baritone, hairy State Trooper towering over them.

“Sweetheart” oomphed Panther as she rolled around in the giant’s arms, relieved that the game had not yet begun … but it would. Oh yes indeed, it certainly would. Sometimes you just gotta love a blizzard. Panther smiled.

Bear and Panther chatted warmly about their circumstances and immediate plans and history since they had last played. They always played. They never did anything else but play. They had played since they were kids reenacting a favorite episode of Sky King. The play matured and went through its phases as they did, but play times got farther and farther apart, and it was pure chance that enabled this blessed reunion. Life and the Internet allowed ‘’ and ‘Bear.Net’ occasional play times, but this was a special treat.  

Bear was reroute to the Capital for training when he and his fellow Officers were ordered to man traffic problems here. He’d been working for 14 hours and now he was snarly and not up for much, he sighed. Panther pouted. Bear chuckled.

“Meet me here at 1:00 AM, sharp. No panties” he ordered as they split up in the hallway, each juggling Styrofoam cartons and cups.

“Yes, Officer” Panther purred as she sashayed down the hall.

Swan was playing with the hair dryer and Loco was softly snoring sprawled across the near bed. Panther mentioned that she’d run into an old playmate, and had plans for later, then swan went into a flurry of excited interrogation. Panther giggled and told stories about past adventures with Bear. Swan nudged Loco with envy while they all gobbled the cold, nearly raw burgers and fries. Panther explained to the pair that she didn't’t know what Bear would plan, but they should expect them to return there for play, since Bear was with 3 other Troopers. Bear was single, charming, and hot with that touch of grey, so no one would be surprised if he wasn't’t around on his off time, in a motel, full of stranded, lonely women. The Trooper’s room would probably be empty most of the night anyway she mused.

After Loco made a mess of the whole bathroom, and Swan had dutifully cleaned it up while naked and chained, Panther got to play in the big tub. The humming hot water drowned out all the squeals and thuds, smacks and snaps, and “Oh my God’s” coming from the bedroom. She snuggled down in the tub until just her nose and mouth were clear of the bubbling, and let herself drift into the cocoon fantasy. But, all too soon, the water got cool so she emptied the tub, cleaned up, and ran naked to her bed, crawling wet between the comforting sheets. Swan and Loco were watching the local news, satisfied and cozy. Panther noticed that the weather report was encouraging with a chance of clearing by Monday. This was Saturday. Panther smiled.

Bear arrived at the hallway junction at 12:55 AM, and watched Panther walk toward him. She wore a long white cotton nightgown and soft fuzzy slippers. No panties. She was sleek and earthy scented, and padded toward him with determination and stealth. She padded toward her delight.

The hallway was empty. Bear was dressed in tight jeans, sweatshirt, and Trooper jacket. Panther noticed that is handcuffs glistened under the Halogen lights.  When she reached him, he swept her into his arms for a passionate kiss that lingered just a bit before two little boys escaped their room heading for adventure. They stared wide-eyed at Panther and Bear. Panther and Bear stared back. Then Bear spun Panther face first into the wall, cuffed her neatly, and roughly patted her down. Still holding her against the wall, he winked at the boys and drawled, “Be careful boys, a caged pussy can be a dangerous thang.”

The boys bolted back to their room. Panther melted into the wall, sliding into the feel of cold metal and the stretch on her wrists. Bear chuckled as he walked Panther back to her room. He guided her to the bed, and set down a big plastic bag he’d carried with him.

“Get into position, girl”, he said after her uncuffed her. He truly enjoyed their play, and dearly loved his playmate. He knew what she liked. Knew what she needed and craved. He’d trained her so long ago. Bear smiled at Panther trembling on the thick carpet, naked and stretched out with legs spread wide and hands locked behind her head.

“You are a good girl, Panther. You are mine. You will please me, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will please you, Bear.” Panther replied clear and proud.

“Go fill the tub with lukewarm water. I have a treat for you, compliments of the management.  Table runners made of linen” he chirped.

He pulled the bedspread off the bed and took the sheets and the plastic bag into the bathroom. Bear had Panther accordion fold the extra long runners into the tub to soak. Then Panther stood at attention, hands at her side while Bear wrapped her. He wrapped one runner around her head and shoulders, leaving her boobs exposed. Rivers of cold wet ran down her curves and folds, and she sputtered water from her nose. Then he wound another runner tightly under her boobs and around her torso and hips, locking her boobs between the two layers, and starting Panther on her journey. She swayed a bit, and smiled.

Then he wrapped her thighs tightly, leaving her triangle and butt free to the slight breeze. The water sneaking around her snatch sent thrills through her, and she already wanted it so bad. Panther smiled while Bear finished wrapping her lower legs and feet, then her whole body in the two big dry sheets. Then he carried her off to bed.

Pillows were placed around her so she could relax, and breath, and float. Bear lay down beside her, and stroked her ass for a long time, thrilling her each time his fingers explored a curve or fold. Then the buzzer on his watch bleeped that it was time for him to go. He leaned down and bit her ass cheek, mumbled something about having her for lunch and tossed the heavy bedspread and blankets over her. Then he left, stopping to tell swan to move Panther around every two hours. Panther noticed that, and silently thanked him for always keeping her trust. Panther was no kitten, and needed the breaks.

She listened for sounds loud enough to penetrate the cocoon. All she could hear was her heart pounding away happily. She opened her eyes, but saw nothing. She licked her lips, and sucked in moisture, but no water. The water was wicking away into the bedding, and her cocoon was getting quite warm now. She had the feeling of steaming, and she lay there, soaking it up, floating away. She could feel folds in the table runners biting into her skin, and wiggling just made it worse. She could feel the relative freedom of her boobs, but they were nearly numb from the crush between the layers. Her butt felt cool, and her snatch was so hot. Just one mental command and she’ betray his trust. She resisted. That was the easy part. She could wait for her reward.

Before she got really sore and bored, she felt the cool rush of the bedspread pulled off, and hands yanking her legs over, then her torso and head.

“Having fun, sweetie?” swan asked. Panther purred and wiggled as best she could. She had to pee. Swan stroked Panther’s triangle playfully, cooing and fake moaning. Panther slithered into Swan’s touch, and was thrilled by it. But she had to pee.  

“I have to pee” she muffled through her layers.

“It’s still the middle of the night, dear. Loco isn't up yet. Hold it.”

Panther moaned and held it. She snuggled into her world again after swan replaced the bedspread. Sub-space is a wonderful place, and Panther sailed along this memory and meandered over that desire. She had nothing to do. No phone calls to make, no tasks to multiply, no demands. She did have peace and solitude, snuggled safely away from all of it. But she still had to pee. She licked her lips again, and was parched. She floated through forests and valleys, cities, and friends. Then she felt the cool.

Bear’s hands lifted her from her bed and carried her to the bathroom. He stripped her naked and forced her to the floor. He was fast and harsh. He held Panthers hands above her head in a mighty grip, and spread her legs with the other hand, forcing her feet up in the air. Panther was fully exposed. Panther was his. She panted and purred.

“Were you a good girl?” Bear demanded.

“Yes, I was a good girl, Bear.”

Bear explored all of her folds and curves, searching for the tell tail signs of betrayal. He found none, so he swept Panther into his arms, holding her arms tightly together behind her, and pulling her legs apart widely as she sat on his thighs. He was kneeling and rocking her tenderly, stroking her triangle with cold hands. Panther purred loudly. She had to pee.

Then Bear released his grasp in her snatch, and held his wide hand over Panther’s nose and mouth, refusing her air. She held her breath and tried to relax into it. Its pain. You relax into pain. But her cells were begging for air, and her brain was making sparklers. She struggled. He held her fast. She struggled more near panic. Bear held her in a cruel fit against him. Only when Panther fought back, kicking and twisting limply did Bear released her. He plopped her into the tub filled ice and water and spun the jets to HIGH.  Panther sputtered and struggled to keep above the water for at least one gulp of air. Finally she was able to fill her sandy lungs. Bear stood over her laughing.

“Wow, you shoulda seen that!” he chortled, forcing her head under the water, holding her there while he pinched her nipples and yanked her boobs painfully. He let her up for a quick gasp, and then held her again until she fought him off. The chunks of ice beat her body all over and she winced and cried out in real distress. They went through this game four more times before he turned off the jets and yanked her to her feet in front of him.

“You didn’t pee, did you Panther?”

“No, but I’m gonna, Bear.”

Bear helped Panther to the toilet and left the room humming a merry tune. She dried off and brushed her teeth and hair, then waited. Bear returned soon, rewrapped her as he had that morning, put her back to bed, and left.

Loco and Swan gave Panther her next 2 or 3 or 4 potty breaks, she wasn’t sure how many, without the drama. Just a quick unwrap of the big sheets, potty, and rewrap, then back to bed. Panther noticed that Swan was more demure than usual and Loco was more self assured. Boredom had led the pair to exploration, which would soon become bliss. Panther smiled as she considered her own bliss. Panther didn’t know if it was day or night, couldn’t be sure what day it was, and had no clue as to the weather outside. She didn’t care. Breathing and potty breaks were her only concern.

Somewhere between  wondering about pony play and planning what dish to make for the next party, Panther felt the cool signal that she would be fussed with again. It was Bear’s hands that lifted her and carried her to the bathroom, where he played out the same heart pounding tortures he had before. Panther sputtered and fought, gasped and purred. But instead of rewrapping her, Bear tossed her the nightgown and slippers, cuffed her hands behind her, and marched her out of the room. She guessed it was pretty late, because the halls were deserted. They meandered up stairs and down halls until she was quite confused, then he pushed open the door to an ordinary room, but things were a jumble of mattresses and dressers and drapes and cleaning supplies and such. Bear carried the duffel bag and opened the neck.

“Get in the bag” He said flatly. Panther stepped into the opening as she steadied her weak weary body against his. He caught the hem of her nightgown and slid it over her head, leaving her naked and shivering. He pulled the bag up around her as he forced her down into its cramped, musty space. He fastened the top, and wrapped duct tape around it, dragged her to a dark corner, then piled heavy drapes all around her.

“See ya later, sweets”, he chirped, then left her to herself once more, struggling for fresh air through the crusty canvas. Blaa, thought Panther. It smelled awful, of men’s underwear and old socks. Her knees and ankles cramped a bit, and she couldn’t find a comfortable position. She didn’t like this. The weight of the drapes was oppressive so she wiggled a lot, but couldn’t dislodge them. Bear was a crafty soul. All Panther could do was wait and drift, moving now and then to relieve an achy joint. It seemed that she had been there forever. Time was lost without the potty break, which was very long over due. She held her legs tighter, and tried to keep her mind off of the growing discomfort in her lower back. Her bladder was full now, and the strain of holding back made her sweat. That and the oppressive hot house her duffle bag had become. She panted in earnest, and soon felt nauseous. She had been there a very long time, and yet she waited. And waited. She melted mentally, bored and confused, and tried not to worry about the outside world. She laughed, then she cried, then she sat silent and resolute. She waited.

Slowly the intolerable weight began to lighten, and then she was back in her nightgown, marching to her room with knees pressed firmly and a very funny wobble, back to the bathroom, back to gasping with legs spread wide for Bear’s inspection and the suffocation and the ice bath. Panther noticed that Bear had left the door open this time, and while she peed she could see sunlight streaming through the windows. She noticed Bear telling Loco that the storm had lifted and they could all leave. Panther was ravenous and wanted coffee in the worst way. But she wanted her reward even more. She wanted it so bad she trembled and panted, and the struggle for composure was as bad as the need.

“Come on out here, darlin’. Come out and snuggle with me before I have to leave” Bear ordered.

Panther didn’t trust her wobbly legs, so she crawled to him. Then, folding her in his arms, Bear passionately gave Panther the reward she’d so well earned.

The end.




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