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Taken In

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2006 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bond; plastic; latex; catsuit; vacbed; electroplay; inflatable; toys; insert; encase; objectify; enema; enslave; cons/nc; XX

The e-mail came just two days after my first story (The Mummy’s Dream) appeared on Gromet’s Plaza.

Gromet had warned me in his e-mail about the dangers of allowing my e-mail to be use with the story. Any body could get hold of it and there are some strange people out there in cyberspace.

The e-mail didn’t seem strange. It was from a lady called Mary. The e-mail simply said she lived nearby and had similar interest in plastic and mummification. If I liked we could correspond by e-mail.

I looked up her profile as she also used Yahoo e-mail. She was just a little younger than I was and lived only a few kilometres away.

So we exchanged e-mails and started to correspond about our fetish. It was so good to have somebody to talk to who could understand my feelings. She had been into plastic for some time and told me about the many sessions she had experienced. It seemed she also had many things made of plastic in her house. That sounded intriguing.

After much e-mail I just knew I had to meet Mary in person so I wrote her an e-mail proposing a meeting. She didn’t reply for sometime so I thought I may have scared her off. Eventually however She did reply. It seems that she needs to know more about me. I couldn’t see any problem in that so I told her more about me.

When I told her about being married she asked some questions about how much my wife knew about my fetish and our e-mails. 'Nothing' I wrote back. 'I keep it a secret and she doesn’t know much about computers so she is very unlikely to find our e-mails.'

'Well that changes things' Mary wrote back. 'I was going to suggest it was safer that we meet at a local coffee shop, but we obviously can’t do that without the whole district gossiping. We also can’t meet at your house or the neighbours will talk. So it looks like it will have to be my place. It’s quite isolated so nobody should see you here. If you are still interested is there a time when your wife is away so the risk is reduced for both of us.'

'Yes' I replied. 'She’s away next week for two days. We could meet after she leaves on Monday morning.'

Again Mary did not reply for a few days. Then she e-mailed me saying 'yes that would be Ok. She had a cousin staying with her that week, but the cousin was also into plastic so that wasn’t a problem. Also if I came early she could spend sometime showing me some of her plastic things and maybe I could stay for lunch.'

That sounded great indeed it sounded very exciting. I found it hard to wait patiently for the time to pass.

Eventually the day came. I wished my wife goodbye and as she was leaving she asked if it was OK if she stayed away another night as she had some other friends she wanted to catch up with? “Ah yes sure, I will miss you.” I said.

I waited only a little while then set of on my way to a pleasant morning discussing something I was really into.

The house when I found it was on a large block and set as Mary had said well back from the street and almost hidden by trees. It was a large old two-story house on a sloping block so it may also have a basement under one side. It looked well maintained. Mary obviously had inherited some money from her last husband.

I knocked on the door and a very good looking young lady answered. Much younger than Mary had said she was, so this must be the cousin.

“You must be Peter?” she said. “I’m Sally; Mary’s down stairs getting some things from the basement. Come in she won’t be a moment.’’

The house was very elegant and stylish and perfectly normal. Sally showed me through to the sitting room that looked out over the extensive back garden. The house really was isolated.

Mary walked in before Sally and I had a chance to talk about anything and Sally went to make some coffee. Mary was tall with red hair and seemed very fit for her age. She also had a sensual air about her and I had a feeling that this woman knew what she wanted and how to get it. Unlike my wife who always had a lack of self-esteem.

We talked for a while about general things as you do when you first meet someone. Sally came back with the coffee, but seemed a bit over powered by her aunty and did not say much.

Eventually the subject of plastic and fetishes came up and I could see by the look on her face that Sally was very much into plastic. We exchanged tales of how we first had experiences with plastic. Mary had started long ago with a friend of hers and had, it seemed introduced Sally to plastic's delights.

My one experience seemed very pale beside theirs. Mary must have sensed this because suddenly she jumped to her feet and said, “Come. Let’s talk about it no more. Let’s do it.”

I followed her out the door and down the corridor. She turned into a large room that seemed to be full of plastic. I stopped at the doorway and was nearly knocked down by Sally who could not wait to get into what must be her favourite room.

The walls were draped is sheets of plastic of many different colours and the floor was also covered in what appeared to be some very shiny PVC.

“Come in come in don’t be shy. Let me show you around.”

She led me to the far corner which had a queen sized four poster bed with plastic sheets, inflatable plastic pillows, Bubble plastic blankets and dark purple plastic curtains. I could not help but sit on it. Wow it had a water mattress as well.

“Lay down, lay back and relax.” I did. It felt great to just be surrounded by plastic and it all to seem so normal.

“I’m sorry,” said Mary “I’m forgetting my manners. You need some plastic.” She reached in behind the wall hangings and came out with a large clear plastic sheet. “May I” she said and wrapped it around me before I could reply. It was a cape. It went completely around me and had a Velcro closure around the neck. It draped all the way to the floor and had no armholes so it wasn’t very practical, but it did feel great. It would have felt better if I did not have any clothes on, but how could I suggest that to my two lady hosts.

Next Mary showed me her vacuum bed. I had seen them on the web but not in real life. This one had a clear latex sheet on the topside and black on the bottom. Sally was really anxious to show me how it worked and explain all the features. I was getting very excited myself. I had that dream about being vacuum packed like a supermarket chicken and here was the very thing in front of my eyes.

Mary almost had to drag me away to show me the next item. It was another simpler version of the vacuum bed. Just a large thick, clear plastic bag that she explained you slipped into and the end was sealed. There was a breathing tube and at the other end a vacuum attachment. There was a thin soft plastic hose that ran around the side of the bag to make sure all the air was sucked out. The advantage she explained over the vac bed was that this was a flexible arrangement so some movement was possible.

The next item would definitely make movement impossible. It was a steel frame, moulded couch, and mounted so that only the end was fixed to the floor. It was padded in vinyl and had a support for your head and a moveable footrest. There was a large thick clear plastic bag that was sealed to the floor and could be pulled up over the person in the couch and sealed. When the air was sucked out they would be stuck very tightly to the couch and totally immovable. This looked a bit extreme for me, even scary. Whoever was in there had no hope of escape and would be totally at the mercy of who ever put then in.

The tour continued to the other corner where there was a large weather balloon and a blow up ball that could be used to imprison somebody. Not for me I thought. Too severe.

I thought the tour was over when Mary pulled back one of the plastic sheets on the wall to reveal lots of latex and PVC clothing. She kept quiet while I ran my hands over then. I had seen latex on the web and wondered what it would be like. It felt supple, sensual under my hands and different to the PVC that was nice and colourful but rather stiff.

Mary watched then seemed suddenly to make a decision. “Peter,” she said, “I can see you anxious to try some of these things. Would you like to stay for lunch and try a few things out afterwards?” Before I could say anything she went on. “We do have a house rule. You must dress for lunch.” She deftly indicated the wardrobe in front of me.

What an invitation? How could I refuse?

“Yes of course. I would love too. I am afraid I have never worn latex before so I do not know how to put it on.”

 “PVC doesn’t interest you” was the reply. 

“No I would like to try the latex. It sort of feels better.” I really meant it was sexier but could not bring myself to say that.

Mary looked at Sally with a knowing glint in her eye. “Sally can you help Peter choose and show him how to put it on while I get lunch ready.”

Sally nodded. And looked me up and down. “Exciting isn’t it. You first time is always special. I think we should go the whole hog,” she said reaching for the largest item on the wall. “This is known as a cat suit. It’s a full body suit from head to toes. It’s a bit of a struggle getting it on but it is really the only way to be introduced to rubber.”

The cut suit was bright red and shiny. It felt very slinky and sexy when I had it in my hands. I looked at it and then a Sally.

“It is really quite easy to get it on,” she said. “It has a full-length zipper down the back. See you just pull the zipper down then you can step into the legs and pull them up. You will need to take your clothes off and cover you body with talcum power. I will show you to the bathroom so you can change in there. Easier to clean up all the powder there than in here. When you have the legs on yell and I will come and help with the rest.”

My clothes came off in a flash. There was a large tin of talc on the shelf and before long I was struggling to get the latex up my legs. It was very tight. I was still struggling when Sally called out “Every thing OK.” “Ah no I’m stuck.” In she walked without waiting and walked behind me. “Ah just a little tight I see. Never mind this will stretch enough.” I was embarrassed, but what could I do.

With both of us we soon had the latex up to my waist and started to get my head and arms in place. Funny as soon as the latex covered my head I felt different. Like being a different person, not the old me any more. A kind of sexy slinky me.

I got even sexier when Sally zipped me up. “Move around, see how it feels,” she said. I did it felt great. My penis had become erect as we were struggling with the latex and now was enjoying the tight feel of the latex confinement. It got even more excited when Sally absent-mindedly rubbed her hand over it and my balls. I was about to say something when Mary called. “Lunch.”

It was then I turned around and noticed that Sally had changed for lunch. While I was nearly totally enclosed in latex Sally wore very little. A skin hugging purple latex bra and an equally skin hugging, but very small set of latex undies.

Mary was wearing a long blue latex dress that was very tight around her body but hung in loose swirls from her waist down.

She walked over to me and proceeded to rub her hands down my body. “Just checking the fit” she said and I sighed. Why doesn’t my wife do things like that?

Lunch disappeared in a flash. I was hot, sexy, excited and must have babbled on like an idiot. The ladies just smiled knowingly and asked general questions about how I was enjoying the latex while they sat there deliberately turning me on with their sexy attire. At the end of lunch I was all but panting with excitement.

“Come” Mary, said, “I think you need to cool off a bit.” She led the way to the bathroom where she and Sally helped me get out of the cat suit. I was soaked in sweat and very erect. They ignored the erection and insisted I have a cool shower while they watched. They didn’t seem to do it openly they just didn’t leave when they pushed me into the shower. They also helped dry me off. Two ladies in latex, towelling me off, wow! What was next I could hardly wait.

“The vacuum bed, you simply must try the vacuum bed while you are here.” Sally was very excited again. She really has something about vacuum beds.

This was a real turn on. Everything was going beyond my wildest dreams.

Sally helped me into the bed. She made sure I had the breathing tube secure in my mouth and made sure I had my feet comfortably spread. Then she closed the zipper. It was warm and cosy inside, much like the cat suit but not yet tight.

“Ok” Sally, said, “I’m starting to pull the air out now. Just wriggle a bit so the rubber settles itself around you.”

The rubber didn’t give me much chance to wriggle as it rapidly embraced me. Within a few seconds I was stuck fast in a tight rubberised embrace. This was much tighter than the cat suit. Scary tight, so scary I forgot to breathe until Sally poked me in the ribs. My head was the scariest; the rubber sucked my nostrils tightly shut and pulled into my eye sockets and my ears. It was like somebody was trying to swash my face flat.

It took a few minutes to get used to the feelings, the tight all over feel, the sense of helplessness; you could not move a muscle.

This was different to being mummified. Mummified felt tight this felt swashed or did I mean embraced. It was tightly constricting and it held you in a very tight embrace.

Suddenly it was different again. There were hands. No not just hands, bodies rubbing themselves all over me. Rubbing my face, my breasts, my penis tickling my feet. I was powerless. I could not move.

Somebody was massaging my balls. My penis was struggling against the tight rubber. This was very sexy. Very erotic. I tried to find a rhythm to work my body with theirs but movement was very limited. Never the less I was about to come when they stopped. They moved to my face one on each side and caressed and massaged. This could be bliss. Again they moved. Now they were stoking my body. Long sensual slow stokes. I was ecstatic I had never felt like this before.

Then they stopped and the air slowly flowed back in. The seal opened. "Oh why did you stopped that was sooo good".

“Yes it is good fun isn’t it?” said Sally “it’s my favourite too, but there are lots of other things to try.”

“If you liked that, lets try the bag.” Well at least I would be able to move a bit in there. Would it be different? Well we would soon see.

Sally held the bag open for me to climb in. Why was Sally doing everything while Mary mostly just watched? Strange it was like Mary was the boss and Sally the worker. Mind you Sally seemed to like her work.

The plastic was cold and thick as I lay down. The breathing tube had a mouthpiece just like the vac bed. Sally made sure I could breath properly that my arms and legs where spread out and that the plastic was evenly spaced around me before she sealed up the end in a large wooden clamp.

The plastic shrank around me. Unlike the latex vac bed the plastic had little give and had to slide over me to fit. Some places it didn’t slide easily and pinched and pulled at my skin. Sally was aware of this and let some air in and told me to wriggle a bit to settle the plastic.

Finally the air was all out and the plastic was tight. You could move but in a very restricted way. The girls proved that when they rolled me over on to a bean bag and proceeded to first lightly spank then to massage my buttocks and then around my anus. They were stroking me again down my back, my sides, down my legs and light tickling strokes on my feet.

They rolled me over again on to my back and immediately started stoking my face and working down my body. When they reached my genitals one of them sat on my legs and seemed to be licking my penis while the other person was massaging my breasts. I was almost erect to start with so very soon I had a blazing hard on. I’m coming, oh this is great, but no they stopped and left me struggling in frustration. Shit that’s not fair.

I must have looked very frustrated when I came out of the bag. Both of the ladies looked at me and Mary said “I know just what you want, but we can’t send you home if we get you too excited. Somebody would notice.”

“I don’t have to go home. There is nobody at home and won’t be for two days. So nobody will miss me.”

“Surely your friend or neighbours would see you are not there.”

“No they are all used to me being away so I can stay as long as I like.”

“Well in that case maybe we can arrange something more exciting. Would you like that?”

“Yes please.”

“Ok come over here and let’s get you settled in.”

They led me over to the funny couch that I had seen earlier. “Would you like to try this out? It is really something. It can really get you going or should that be coming.”

I was a bit apprehensive about this thing. It looked much more a means of torture than sexy. However Sally was smiling and encouraging me. So what the heck I was here for the experience so no point in chickening out now.

Mary seemed very much in charge now and directed Sally to get the kit from the cupboard. Sally soon returned with a bag. The first thing she pulled out was a blindfold made of black latex. “It’s more exciting if you can’t see what happens next” she explained as she stepped behind me and proceeded to put the blind fold in place. It was very soft and seemed to be full of warm fluid so that it moulded to my eyes.

Next I was asked to bend over the couch. Suddenly there was a cold moist feeling around my anus and then pressure as something was pushed against it. I was shocked I had never had something up there before and started to protest and stand up.

“Just relax Peter it’s just a butt plug. Relax and allow it in.”

It took me awhile to relax, but soon I felt it slide in. Immediately it grew inside me and I realised it must be inflatable. It really was filling me and becoming uncomfortable when Sally said. “There that all right isn’t it Peter it is only a small one.” “Uh yes OK.” What else could I say without appearing to be a wimp?

They helped me climb on to the couch. It was quite springy. I was told to move up the table so my head was fully in the head rest which evidently was adjustable sideways as it moved in on the sides of my head. It was soft and fairly high so it covered my ears and made hearing difficult. It also meant there was no way I was going to be able to move my head.

Next they positioned the footrest against my feet and started to pull the plastic bag over me. Like all plastic it was at first cold to the touch but soon warmed up. When the plastic got to my waist somebody’s hand started to masturbate my penis. It didn’t take much to get it fully erect. Then, what felt like a latex sleeve, was placed over my penis and was partially inflated so it lightly squeezed it. What was this thing?

Before I could ask what was happening the plastic bag was pulled over my head and the mouthpiece put in place. Then very rapidly the bag was sealed and the air was being pulled out. This plastic was much thicker than the vac bed or the other bag. The couch also supported it and I was soon totally attached to the couch and unable to move a muscle. Wow, this was tight they must have used a much stronger vacuum cleaner.

Then without any warning it started. There was a buzzing, a vibration in my anus which became stronger and stronger. Simultaneously the sleeve on my penis started to rhythmically pulse. It squeezed my penis then released it every few seconds. This could be very exciting. I had never had a butt plug let alone a vibrator up my anus. It was a strange and exotic feel.

It only took less than a minute and I was ready to come.

But just before I came there was a searing, pulsing pain in my buttocks and worse still in the tip of my penis. It felt like I had been repeatedly struck by lightning. Had I been able to I would have jumped feet high of the couch, but the plastic made that impossible. My whole body jolted and squirmed in unbearable pain and ecstasy as is I came in pulsing waves. My penis shotting hot, pain filled sperm until it was totally spent. I would have screamed but the mouthpiece acted like a gag and allowed only a muffled, gargled Aghhhh to escape.

I collapsed exhausted. What were they trying to do to me? Kill me? That hurt. I wanted out right now. The tight plastic embracing me meant out was not possible. Talking was not possible. Only laying there wondering what I had let myself in for was possible and that only lasted a very short time, because the vibrator and the sleeve were still at work and I was coming again.

Shit no. Once was enough. But there was no way to resist. I was coming ready or not. I tried to resist but the more I though of what was to come the more erect I got. Again just as my penis reach full erection the electricity flowed.

Ahhhh, Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Gahhh.

Surges of pulsating stabbing pain flowed through my penis, My pelvis bucked and throbbed with the pain in my buttocks and I realised in my anus. I came surging, pulsing, and crying in pain. I had never come like this before; it was like all the times I had come before condensed in to one immense exploding orgasm. It was too much I was seeing stars and starting to pass out when finally my penis having done its thing started to subside and the electrical jolts stopped.

Was somebody controlling that or was it my erection triggering it? I never did find, but whenever I had a full erection the electrical torture started.

I was hot sweaty, panicking; struggling for breath and utterly trapped. They could do what they liked with me. How the hell had I allowed myself to get stuck like this? No I had done worse than that I had encouraged them to do this to me without knowing what I was getting into. When would this end? Would it ever end?

Not soon. I realised as I started to come again. NO NO No please NO it was too much I could not stand that again. It did not matter if I could or not my body was betraying me and it was going to happen whether I liked it or not.

Ahhh, Fuck, ahhg, shit! No. No! No!! ahhhhg.

Pain, unbelievable pain, pulsing, surging, erotic pain verging on ecstasy rolled over me. So painful that I could not breathe. Shuddering, shotting pain. Unable to move to release the pain I could only lay there and silently scream.

This time I think I did pass out, as I am not sure what happened for a while. When I came back to my senses it was to awaken to yet another unbearable orgasm. This time just before the electrical jolts started my air supply was cut of. The effect was to maximise everything. Everything felt ten time more intense and I was sure I was about to die. I’m not sure what I was dying of. The extreme pain, the unbelievably erotic orgasm or not being able to breathe. I passed out with a loud ringing in my ears and a head that felt it was going to explode as the rest of my body was exploding.

I came to and felt a cool breeze around my face. The plastic was still in place over my body but no longer embraced me. I tried to move but I was still held in place. There seemed to be straps over my eyes and around my throat. My waist, knees and ankles also seemed to be strapped down to the couch. I opened my mouth to speak only to have a gag placed none too gently in it. It was some sort of inflatable gag that quickly cut off anything I was going to say. It also seemed to be hollow as I could breath through it.

I was totally exhausted and did not resist when first my right and then my left arm were pulled out of the bag placed above my head and placed in some sort of cuff attached to a bar. Next the bar started to move upwards until my arms started to get tight. Then I was unstrapped from the couch and the plastic bag pulled away.

Before I had a chance to do anything my feet were also cuffed to another bar so they were spread some two feet apart. Then the bar my hands were attached to started to rise dragging me upright. I would have fallen over if it were not for the bar. I was exceedingly weak. My head was hanging down until they lifted it up and placed a collar around my neck. It was a large collar that forces my head up and back.

I sort of hung there for some minutes, then I felt somebody close by. Suddenly water was pouring into my mouth choking me. I desperately swallowed as best I could with the gag in place. Once I had mastered swallowing the fluid changed to a thick, foul tasting, slimy gunk. This was even harder to swallow but it was a case of swallow or choke to death.

There seemed to be a never-ending supply of gunk that I had to swallow until my stomach was very uncomfortably full. Then it stopped and I was left alone. How long I stood there I don’t know. It did not seem long before the pain in my stomach started to subside and I had an intense need in my bowls. I needed to go. I desperately needed to go. They must have put some sort of laxative in that stuff. My bowls squirmed and cramped. My anus tried hard to release the pressure but the butt plug held fast. At one stage I though it may blow out, but it tightened as if somebody had pumped it up harder.

My whole body was dancing in pain as it tried to relieve the unbearable need to go. Then I heard the sniggering laughter. “Looks like he’s ready.”

“Well, Peter do you want to go? Nod your head if you do.” I nodded rapidly, franticly.

“If you really want to go Peter we will take you, However you must do exactly as we say. Do you agree?” I nodded.

“We are going to take you down now and you will be led to the bathroom. You will crawl there. Do you understand?” I nodded I could not have walked anyway and I would do anything to relieve the pain in my bowls.

They attached a lead to the collar around my throat and lowered me down so I was kneeling. Next the bar holding my hands was freed from the hoist and I was told to start crawling. With a spreader bar on my hands and my feet crawling was very hard and slow. Too slow evidently as suddenly there was a searing pain in my buttocks as some sort of electric prod was applied and I was told to hurry up.

I did as best I could considering my exhausted state, the blind fold and the restraints.

When we reached the bathroom the bar was again attached to a hoist and I was made to stand and then lowered to sit on the toilet. A strap was placed around my waist pulling me tightly down and without any warning the butt plug was deflated and blew out together with a vast amount of shit. There was laughter at the surprised look on my face. The relief of the shit flowing at last was complicated by water suddenly flowing into my mouth through the gag. I was choking, swallowing as fast as I could and explosively shitting at the same time. All to the sound of two ladies laughing.

I finally finished passing all that I could and they stopped trying to drown me. Oh blessed relief. Oh shit no, what now. There was another intruder pressing up against my very sore anus. I tried to get up but the waist strap held me down. There was no alternative to letting it in, the pressure was too great and I was too weak. Anyway it wasn’t very big. What next. Well next was warm fluid pouring into my anus, filling me up until I had to go. To go again and again and again. They seemed to keep this up for hours. My bowels were cramping and my anus cringing in pain.

They stopped eventually and started to get me to drink again through the gag, This time it was not water. It tasted funny, sort of bitter, they flooded it into me as fast as they could until I was again full. Then they released me from the toilet and led me over to the bath were they made me kneel down and bend over the bath.

By this time my stomach was churning and very uncomfortable. Shit, I needed to vomit and I had a gag in my mouth. As I started retching the gag suddenly deflated and was pulled out. Just in time as I spewed my gut in violent projectile vomiting. I wretched and vomited until I was completely empty. I then was offered a cup of water. I didn’t think it would stay down so I said “No.” My face exploded in pain as I was slapped hard across the cheek. “You will not speak unless told to and you will do exactly as you are told. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I nodded and drank the water. Which, indeed came straight back up. More cups followed it until I finally got one to stay down.

I was hosed off with cold water and lead crawling back to the room. Evidently I was now considered clean enough inside and out.

When we got there I was forced to stay on my hands and knees and my head was forced down despite the collar. Then my buttocks were slapped extremely hard sending me sprawling. Before I could recover there came a series of electric shocks that left me jerking all over. When I looked up there was Sally kneeling in front of Mary with her head down? Mary looked at me. “Well slave are you two ready to serve me?” Slave, I was a slave to nobody. Mary nodded Sally walked over to me with the prod in hand. I reached out to defend myself and found myself sprawled out again, my body in uncontrollable jerks.

“Well” said Mary. I could not say anything I just lay there panting and panicking. Sally approached again, this time she had a hypodermic in her hand and plunged it in my buttock. It did not hurt much compared to the electric shocks but it had the same effect I rapidly lost control of my body. I could still feel, but my muscles had gone completely limp.

Sally had gone into the corner and came back dragging something. “Recognise this,” said Mary. It was the inflatable ball. “You’re going in there and you will stay there with no food or water and no connection with the world until you agree to serve me. Do you understand?” I did understand I was lost. I was not getting out of here.

First they slipped me into a large plastic bag. “So you don’t make a mess”, which was pulled up over my head and tied loosely around my throat. Then Sally rolled the partially inflated ball over me. Sally and Mary rolled the ball and me over so that I virtually fell into the ball. There was a breathing tube, which they taped into place in my mouth, then they taped the top of the plastic bag over my head. They closed the zipper and I felt the ball inflate around me. It was tight, difficult to breathe but sort of snug. Quite comfortable until you realised that you were in here for a very long time.

“Where shall I put him?” said Sally?

“In the basement with the others. If you behave, I will let you play with him after he is broken in.”


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