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Taking Turns

by Abrank

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© Copyright 2006 - Abrank - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mm; bond; susp; chastity; mum; wrap; cons; X

Based on an idea from Hypercat.


“Don’t you remember?  I told you only last week.”

Justin’s brain floundered.  He was turned on by Brianna’s dazzling smile, her hard shapely body, and revealing clothes.  His penis was struggling unsuccessfully to rise.  He was so incredibly frustrated he found it almost impossible to find suitable words.  “No, I’m sorry it must have slipped my mind.”

“You know, Water.”

“What about water?”  Justin tied to concentrate on Brianna’s face and not look at her hard nipples showing prominently through her thin top.  No wonder Kevin had chatted her up, she was absolutely gorgeous.  He must have been successful, she seemed eager to talk to him, to get him to do something.  If only he could figure it out.

“It’s by Deepa.”

The party noise was so loud that Justin heard this as ‘It’s deeper.’  He was getting even more puzzled.  “It’s deeper?” he said.

“Yes.  It’s now playing.”

He became desperate.  He didn’t want to turn her off, he owed that to Kevin, but what the hell was she talking about?  Was it some fountain?  Did she want him to go and look at a stupid fountain with her?  “Where’s it playing?” he said.

“At the Arts Theater of course.  Where else?”

Oh!  She must mean a movie.  “Yes, now I remember.  I really wanted to see it.”

“You did?  You didn’t sound so enthusiastic last week.”

“Well I read a review which gave it a really good write-up.”

“What did it say?”

‘Oh shit,’ he thought, ‘Now I’ve put my foot in it again.’  Out loud he said, “It said it was very creative, very artistic.”  That ought to be safe.

“Oh good, so you’ll take me Saturday?”

“How about the Saturday after that?  I know I’ll be free then.”

“It might not be playing then.”

“Look, I’m sorry I’m so disorganized.  I do want to see it with you, but there are lots of things going on.  But I think I can make it.  If you haven’t heard from me, could you call me Saturday, early afternoon, just to make sure.”  That should help Kevin he thought.

He hadn’t seen or talked to Kevin for several months.  It was something Crystal insisted on.  He accepted that, but it made their social life dreadfully complicated.  He would like to have left a message for Kevin, but it wouldn’t reach him in time.  Justin usually left notes at work on Friday for Kevin to find on Monday, and Kevin did the same for him.  Although Kevin had mentioned Brianna last week, he hadn’t said anything about a water movie.

Justin sometimes wondered if all these complications were worthwhile, but it was not up to him to set the rules.  He consoled himself with the thought that he would be having sex Saturday night, and probably every night the following week.




On Saturday morning Justin went to Crystal’s house as was his custom.

“Oh good!” she greeted him as she opened the door.  “I hope you’ve had a frustrating week and are fully charged.”

She never addressed him by name.  Justin wondered if she greeted Kevin the same way.  Perhaps she had forgotten who he was.

He kissed her and said, “Yes, I feel very horny.  What’s it going to be this week?”

“It’s a surprise,” she said.

He followed her down to the basement.

“Take your shirt off and put your arms up,” she ordered.

Justin saw manacles and an iron collar fixed to chains dangling from the ceiling beams.  He took his shirt off, and Crystal climbed onto a stool and locked his wrists and neck in the cold metal bonds.

She removed the rest of his clothes then unlocked his chastity belt.  His penis sprang to attention.

“My!  It does look eager for some fun,” said Crystal stroking it gently.

Her caresses made his erection even harder.  He badly wanted to cum.  He wished he could put his penis into her; any orifice would do as long as it gave him the necessary friction for an orgasm.  But it was not to be.

She left him standing, chained and helpless to do anything about his erection.

He knew Crystal would clean the chastity belt and lock it on Kevin who was bound somewhere else in the house.  She would then release him for a week of relative freedom allowing him to see Brianna.  Justin wondered if Kevin wanted to develop a serious relationship with her.  That would be difficult, Crystal seemed to really enjoy the current arrangement and would be reluctant to terminate it.

He stretched his neck, trying to reposition the collar which was not sitting comfortably.

His thoughts returned to Kevin, his identical twin brother.  Kevin and he had both dated Crystal.  She had not known that there were two of them and for a joke they had dated her alternately, Justin pretending to be Kevin.  The problem was that it soon went beyond a joke and they both fell in love with her.  She wanted to get married and they considered tossing a coin to see who would become her husband, but neither could bear the thought of losing.  They decided that they could keep up the pretence even after marriage.  They thought that the problem might eventually solve itself if one them became tired of her and left.

So they both married her, Justin going through the Church ceremony and Kevin the civil ceremony.  They had a two-week honeymoon in Hawaii, and changed places halfway through.  After the wedding they decided to take weekly turns with her and this arrangement seemed to work well for a few weeks.




Justin’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door closing and Crystal’s footsteps as she descended the stairs into the basement.

“OK,” she said, “it’s time to get you prepared.”  She washed and dried him, then left the room.

She returned a few minutes later carrying a cardboard box which she placed on the floor in front of him.  She looked up and smiled at him.  He tried to interpret her smile, tried to figure out what mood she was in. Was she feeling playful, or romantic, or was she going to be cruel?  He couldn’t tell.  If there was such a thing as a poker smile, then she had it to perfection.

She extracted a black leather ball stretcher from the box and walked over to him.  Grabbing his balls she squeezed them and pulled them down making him wince.  She wrapped the cincher tightly round the base of his balls and pressed the snap studs closed.  She pulled his scrotum skin down through the cincher and then fastened the separator strap on its tightest setting.  The manipulation and pain gave him a strong erection.  He felt he would cum if she gave his penis just a couple of strokes.

“I think it likes that,” she said.  “And I like to see your balls separated.  Why God put them both in one sack I don’t understand.  They each deserve their own little sack.”

She reached into the box and pulled out a roll of bandages.  She held it up saying, “This week you’ll be a mummy.  I just read a story on the Internet about a sex mummy.  Only that mummy had a fake penis, you’ll be a mummy with a real one.”

She began to wrap his arms and legs.  She wrapped each one separately, the legs from ankle to groin, and the arms from wrist to shoulder. 

“How long are you going to keep me wrapped?” Justin asked

“Oh dear.  Mummies don’t talk.  You’re spoiling it,” said Crystal.  She disappeared into the next room and reappeared carrying a large ball gag.  She forced this into Justin’s mouth and buckled its strap.  Although he was used to ball gags, this was an extra large size and he regretted speaking.  He hoped she would reconsider and replace it with a smaller one, but feared she might be in a sadistic mood.  Perhaps Kevin hadn’t pleased her and she was now going to take it out on him.  He became very worried; he couldn’t imagine what his jaw would feel like if she left it in for more than a few hours.

She wrapped his body starting at his chest and working down to just above his penis.  She kept touching it as she worked, just enough to keep him excited.

She picked a tube out of the box.  “You’re going to be a mummy for the entire week,” she announced.  “So we have to make a few arrangements.”  She inserted the enema nozzle into his rectum and pumped up the inflatable ball that held it in place.

Justin’s heart fell.  It looked as though he was in for a tough week.

She unlocked his wrist manacles and he gratefully lowered his arms.  His neck was still locked in the collar and he knew better than to resist her.  This was his life; he was always in bondage, either locked into the chastity belt or chained up somewhere in her house.

She made him hold rubber balls in his hands and tied bondage mittens tightly over them.  “I don’t want your fingers working their way out of the bandages,” she explained.

With his hands now useless and his arms at his side she wrapped him from shoulders to ankles leaving his penis and balls exposed.  She added three more layers of bandage completely immobilizing his arms and legs.

When she was satisfied with her handiwork, she undid his collar.  She helped him hop over to a mattress and lie down.  She lifted his feet and wrapped several layers of bandage round them.  From the cardboard box she retrieved a container of thumbtacks and carefully stuck a dozen of them into the bandages on the underside of his feet.

“If you feel any little pricks,” she said, “they’re thumbtacks.  Don’t try to stand up this week else you’ll drive them into your feet.”

Justin realized he would be lying down for the week.  Crystal carefully wrapped more layers of bandage around his feet to hold the thumbtacks in place.

“Now for your head, “ she said.  “Try to sit up.”  She helped him raise his body and wedged a cushion under his back.  She then removed his gag.

“Thank you,” he said feeling very relieved.

“Yes.  Well, I wanted us both to enjoy this week,” she said and kissed him.

“My balls are aching.  Could you loosen the strap a little?”

“Maybe later tonight.  After I’ve had my fun with them.  Don’t worry; they aren’t turning purple or anything.  They’re probably just too full of little spermies.  Just wait until we’ve made love a few times.”

He knew better than to argue with her, and tried to ignore the dull pain.

Crystal fitted a bondage hood over his head and laced it tight.  She applied the blindfold, and inserted breathing tubes into his nostrils.  She forced a rubber ball into his mouth.  “Hold it in,” she said, “while I finish bandaging you.”

Justin was tempted to push it out with his tongue, but knew that this would have serious consequences, so he remained passive while she applied several layers of bandage to his head.  She removed the ball, and replaced it with a ball gag of the same size.

“You’ve been talking too much,” she said as she buckled its strap.  “Mummies don’t talk so you’re going to spend the whole week gagged.  I’ll remove it only for feeding.”

Justine didn’t mind, it was not the large one she had used earlier and he was used to being gagged.

Crystal applied another layer of bandage around the lower part of his face to conceal the gag.  She stood up.  “Almost finished,” she said.

Justin heard her leave the room and return a few minutes later.

She began to pull something over his head.  “Mummies need masks,” she said.  “All the ancient mummies had them.  I’m not sure if it was to represent what they would look like in the next life, but in your case it’s just a little fantasy of mine.”  She stood up and clapped her hands.  “Oh wow!  You look so sexy, I can’t wait any longer.”

Justin wondered what her fantasy was, but his thoughts were cut short as he felt his penis slipping into her wet pussy. 

“Oh God, I love furry animals,” he heard her say as she began to ride his penis.

Justin couldn’t wait either.  After a week of deprivation this is what he needed most.  He began to thrust upwards into her, reacting to her moves, trying to exceed them.  It was an exquisite mix of pain and pleasure, pleasure for his penis, pain for his balls as she crushed them at the end of each stroke.  But within a few strokes he had his orgasm and she had hers and they bucked together in glorious ecstasy.  He knew that this was the high point of his life, making love to a beautiful woman.  He would have liked to have seen her, to have embraced her and kissed her, but this was enough.  If his bondage gave her pleasure then he was more than content.

She lay on him and said, “Wow you make a fantastic mummy!  Better than I hoped.  This is going to be a marvelous week.”  She lifted herself off him.  “I would like to stay and make love all afternoon, but I have to go out now.  Try and get some rest; I don’t think you’re going get much sleep tonight, you look so irresistible.”

He heard her leave and was left in silence and darkness.  His body was compressed and made helpless by the bandages.  He felt comforted as if he were being cradled by someone he loved.

He thought about the events that had led him to this position.  He wondered if he would do anything different if he had his life to live over.  He decided he wouldn’t; he loved Crystal and she satisfied his sexual needs.  In a perverse way he had come to enjoy both the weeks of sexual bondage and the intervening weeks of delicious sexual frustration.  He fell asleep, looking forward to a week of sex with his mistress.  Life would be simple and devoid of worldly concerns.  There would be no decisions to make, all he had to do was give and receive sexual pleasure.


Because Justin and Kevin could not communicate fully with each other, Crystal began to suspect that her husband’s memory was defective and a month after the marriage suggested he see a doctor.

The twins met at a restaurant to discuss the problem.  She happened to walk by and saw them sitting together.  Her initial amazement turned to anger and outrage when she discovered that they had been deceiving her.  It made her both a bigamist and an unfaithful wife.  They said they both loved her.  She didn’t know what to do but finally agreed that the relationship could continue, but on her terms.  She saw this as an opportunity to satisfy one of her fantasies, one that she had repressed.  She told them they both had to be punished for what they had done.  She couldn’t trust them any more, so had to take strong measures to assure that they would both be faithful to her.  She would continue to spend alternate weeks with them, but one would be put in bondage to be used however she wished as a sex toy, whereas the other would wear a chastity belt so that she could be sure of his fidelity.  They would exchange places every Saturday, and if the free one were late they would both be severely punished.  Justin had the better job, so Kevin would give up his and they would both work the same job on alternate weeks, Kevin pretending to be Justin.

After some discussion they agreed to her conditions, and the arrangement had now lasted for almost a year. 




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