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That Crackling Sound

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2012 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; wrap; cocoon; cage; toys; tease; torment; tickle; domme; leather; reluct; XX

That crackling sound is starting to get to me now. I know she cannot help it, but it is seriously starting to get on my nerves. The source of that terrible sound is in front of me on a table. A sturdy table with a sole occupant who has very little choice in the matter. Every tiny movement she makes is accompanied by a faint crackling sound, and no matter how hard she tries she is quite unable to stay still. And I cannot really blame her. If it was me on that table I doubt I would be able to keep still either.

I didn’t see them bring her in so of her appearance I know very little. When I woke from my doze she was already there. Still and silent then, but now wracked with torments that keep her moving to the very limits of her tiny little world. She looks about 5ft 6 inches tall, but it hard to judge when someone is lying on their back, and from what I can see she has a lovely pale complexion. Mind you, all I can see are her rather lovely looking feet so I could be quite wrong. I guess she has vivid red hair as I can see a long ponytail spilling neatly out of the top of her bondage, but who knows whether it is natural or not.

Every other aspect of her being is hidden from me. Hidden by a terrible bondage that both horrifies and excites me at it’s very thought.

She is wrapped from ankle to the crown of her head in shiny black PVC. Wrapped so tight she can hardly move with just her wriggling feet sticking out of the bottom of that gleaming back cocoon and a lovingly combed ponytail sticking out of the wrapping over the crown of her head. Under the heat of the room lights her black wrappings have shrunk tighter and tighter about her shapely body until every curve of the naked body beneath is revealed. Somehow even more sexy than if she had been naked.

I can see the features of her face writhing under their tight black covering as she suffers in a frustrated silence. A silence occasionally broken as a tiny whimper escapes whatever gag has her voice it’s prisoner. I can see her nipples rising slowly to erection as they fight against that tight black embrace, then settle back until the next time.

When she lies back in a brief moment of silent repose I can see the source of her torment. A fine wire reaches between her thighs and gives power to whatever vibrating electronic demon has been slipped between her legs. Once, when she near rolled over in her torment I saw other wires entering the midriff of her bondage and I knew then why she was so unable to keep still and silence the terrible crackling of her wrapping. She had every orifice plugged with an electric demon, all no doubt carefully placed to drive her wild with passion.

I hear the faintest of sounds and moments later she is writhing on the table, the air once again full of the sound of her crackling wrapping. Part of me feels for her, while another part of me wants to be her. The utterly helpless victim of such an insidious torment. And I am spellbound as I see her feet writhing and wriggling in the warm air. So sweet looking, and so vulnerable. I so want to cross the room and gently caress them with my fingertips to see if my anonymous companion is ticklish and perhaps add yet another dimension to her torment.

But I am all the way over here, and a very simple cage door keeps us separate. There is even a key in the lock of the door of my cage, but it is of no use to me. For the thousandth time I look down at the useless stumps where my hands used to be. With a few wraps of the same gleaming black tape as now hold my crackling friend captive my once dextrous fingers were reduced to useless stumps. My fingers were gently folded over, and with a silly smile on my face I watched as two of them quickly wrapped my hands and took their use from me. Then I somehow fell asleep and when I woke up I was here. Across this bare white room from my crackling companion.

Those same people also made prisoners of my feet. I had entered the building in sensible walking shoes, yet when I awoke they had been taken from me and I stood in shoes with teetering heels. Shoes wrapped tightly to my feet by that same terribly shiny material. I tried to get them off, really I did, but my useless hands just slid off their wrappings, and as the heat made it shrink further and further those stupid shoes were pulled tighter and tighter about my feet until they feel like they are now part of me and will never come off.

Once I even had proper clothes, but when I awoke from my sleep they too had been taken from me and replaced a few scraps of rough cloth that do little more than preserve the very tiniest part of my modesty and look as if they could fall off at any moment. And if they did they would slip through my useless hands and I would be as bare as my companion.

I feel myself sigh, and the coarse material about my breasts scratches them, and as I look down I see my own nipples rise at the unexpected stimulation and I feel tears welling in my eyes at the sheer frustration of my situation.

Over to my right I hear a tiny sound and door opens quietly and she walks into the room. She is tall and curvy with breasts that make her leather top strain at the stitching. She smiles over at me before strolling over to my shrink-wrapped companion and turning her back on me. She’s wearing leather hotpants that match her black leather top, and for a fleeting moment the frustrated lesbian that lurks inside all women imagines them settling gently on my face as her thighs squeeze my head into silent submission.

I watch her reach out one hand towards the crackling sexual wreck her prisoner must by now be and I see she has long fingernails. It is as if she has read my mind as I watch those long fingernails reaching out and gently scratching at the defenceless soles of one of those writhing bare feet.

At that first scratching caress the already writhing figure gave a squeal and her movements doubled as she desperately tried to remove her tender feet from those scratching, tickling fingernails.

Then I felt as much as heard the vibrators kick in again, and her squeal came close to turning into a scream as both soles were roughly assaulted by tickling fingernails. Her body leapt and jumped on the tabletop as she desperately sought some escape from her predicament, an escape which she had no hope of making.

Then the woman turned from her lovingly wrapped prisoner and back to face me. With swaying hips over teetering heels she walked over and reached out to me through the bars. Almost as reflex action I reached out with my stumps and I almost burst into tears as they curved round her delectable curves and I felt the warmth of her body against mine.

She pulled me tight up against the bars of my cage and I felt her lips pressed tightly against mine, a probing tongue searching out for me and my body responded to her as I feared it would. I felt leather against my nipples as they eagerly rose to meet her top and I felt the scratch of a needle against my bare buttocks before I crumpled in a confused heap to the floor.

When my eyes flickered open I was upright again and facing my refection in a tall mirror. I tried to move but my body was no longer my own. And all I could hear as I tried was that dreadful crackling sound, only now it was far, far closer to me.

I dragged my disbelieving eyes back to that mirror and forced myself to take in the sight before them. I was leaning back against a shiny metal pole that ran from the floor to the ceiling, and every inch of me was as wrapped in that gleaming black plastic as my writhing companion had been. And as I felt my body growing warmer and warmer under the lights I could feel it pulling tighter and tighter about my curves, pressing me tighter and tighter back against that gleaming pole.

Only my eyes, a bright flash against the shining darkness of my bondage revealed my presence within my wrappings. I tried to speak, to cry out, but the tightness of the wrapping about my head kept my mouth firmly closed and the terrified cry for help emerged as a near silent mewling sound.

I made a far louder mewing sound as I felt something between my legs spring into a vibrating life. It was gently nudging my clit and it washed a wave of sheer sensual pleasure over me, making my body squirm under it’s wrappings and that terrible crackling sound flood my ears.

As the vibrations subsided for a moment I detected another intruder and I froze as I awaited it’s springing into life. There was a quick movement visible out of the corner of my desperately restricted eyeline and I got a fleeting glimpse of that gleaming black material being raised and I could hear a tinkling peel of laughter as it was wrapped about my head and my sight was finally taken from me.

I could still hear that laughter as both those vibrating intruders sprang into life and then my whole world was a dark one filled with the sound of that evil crackling plastic wrap and the hum of those vibrators. For a fleeting moment I thought I felt a caress against one of my breasts and then I was alone with my torment and I wondered how long it would go on. And what would happen to me once it had ended. If indeed it ever did end.


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