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That's a Wrap

by Lambrètto

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© Copyright 2019 - Lambrètto - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; naked; wrap; shrinkwrap; cocoon; tease; torment; mast; oral; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

The next day, Richard was hardly present at work. Fortunately, there were no important meetings or report deadlines, or he would have been in trouble. Instead, he just sat in his office, re-starting to read memo's multiple times, and the only thing his eyes would see were scenes from the night before. The sight of Marjorie when he was done, it already was a classic painting to him, and for Richard the picture would be in his mental museum forever. 

Inspite of his best efforts, his mind kept returning to what had happened and how he could repeat it. His body still ached from the exhaustion, yet it yearned for a rerun of the memories. His fantasy worked all day how he could repeat the experience, what he should change, what he should do again, imagining vividly how she would react. But then again, yesterday she had surprised him too in his surprise for her, the way she had taken to it, how she had looked.

She had baffled him at first, had almost taken the joy away, until he had realised she was delighted and excited and turned on by what he was doing to her and with her, so he had played & toyed with renewed zest for two.

He left punctually at six to be home with her again. His legs felt light, as did his head. He caught himself making small dance steps and humming on his way to the car.

When Marjorie heard him coming home, she looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes, and saw the same thing in return. Obviously, he had had good memories all day too, just like she had been glowing inside and outside. After he had left for work, she had replayed the scenes and images time & time again in her mind, cherishing the memories of the warm and cosy feeling of the plastic, enjoying over and over again the feeling of being at his hands as he played out his surprise for her.

At the same time, her fantasy had become active in competition with her memory and had put her into action. She knew what would be next.

They kissed and held each other in the open doorway, scanned the pools of each others' eyes. "Were you as paralysed today as I was?" Richard said. "My mind was just stuffed with images of you and me last night"

"Hmmm, yes, it was wonderful. Thank you again, darling, for doing what you did." She kissed him on his chin, one of her favourite teases as he always touted his lips in anticipation. "You understand, of course, that justice will have its course sometime?!" she replied, with a smile in her eyes.

He cast her a questioning look, but she said no more, just hummed lightly as she turned for the kitchen.

Throughout dinner she looked at her husband with a mischievous look in her eyes, not offering any clue of what was in her mind. Dessert came and went without any announcement of what was up ahead, she just hummed in between sparks of conversation, looking at her husband with a 'I know something you don't know'-look.

When they were sipping a glass of wine together, Richard asked: "Marjorie, I can't wait any longer. Just what is on your mind, break the spell or I'll go mad!"

"Would you really? And just what would you do when you'd go mad?"

A short hesitation, his eyes looking for clues. "Well, perhaps a bit more of last night...?" he said, not quite sure where he was with her.

"Hm, I guess that might be one of the possibilities, yes. Any other one in your mind?" she replied dryly.

He thought for a second, then looked at her. "Perhaps I do, but I'm not sure I'd tell you. If you didn’t like it, it would spoil the surprise. If you did like it, you might just drive me mad just to get me to do what I said!..."

She waited a few seconds before replying, enjoying having him dangling on the hook of his curiosity. 

"Richard, Richard, Richard, so much talk, so much hot air. You know what, you have finished the meal, why don't you go upstairs and shower off all the other hot air of today. I'll meet you in the bedroom”. When he did not move at first, she added sternly with a frown: “Shoo shoo, off you go now!" 

He moved, though clearly in doubt what his wife had in store for him, looking at her puzzled, yet anxious and excited at the same time.

She quickly turned her back to him, to hide the upcoming smile on her face, and started cleaning up. When he had gone, she quickly threw everything into the dishwasher and went upstairs, to be ready before Richard finished showering. She had put everything in place during the afternoon, after her return from the long shopping trip. She had been amazed how difficult some things can be found.

She tiptoed into the bathroom as she heard his shower come to an end. She took his towel away from the hook and held the newly bought roll there instead.

His hand appeared from behind the screen, looking for the familiar towel. She let him search a bit, then put the roll in his hand.

His body language was great: she could see the "What the h...?" on his face in the way his hand checked out this new thing.

His face appeared, dripping, wet hair over his face.

"Marjorie, what is this, some kind of joke?"

"No joke, my dear, I am very serious" she said with a smile. "The time has come to return the favour. Step out of the shower, please."

She saw him think for a second, his eyes once again looking for clues, his anxiety fighting his curiosity. The latter won and he stepped out of the shower booth, dripping, looking at her. "Well?" he said, "what's up?"

"This is" she said, holding up the roll of red-coloured foil. "This is much better then the clumsy stuff you used last night. The colour will look much better then that bland household wrap, and the other great advantage, well, I will tell you later. Now place your arms like you know how!"

"Wow, Marjorie, this is a surprise!", he grinned, as he began to cross his arms before his chest. "But..." he stopped in mid-air, "I'm all wet. Can't I towel off first?"

"Don't you think I would have let you if you could? No, you'll be packed just as you are, fresh from the shower. Now fold those arms, Dicky-Boy!" she said firmly as she unrolled the roll.

This time he obliged, the curiosity clear in his eyes, the excitement starting to show lower down. 

Slowly and carefully, she wrapped his upper torso many times in the red foil, his hands across his chest flat on the opposing shoulder, the elbows tightly to his thighs. 

His eyes followed her every movement as she walked around him. He said nothing, just looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

When she was done, she was sure he could not move much. She looked at him with delight: he looked great, just like a candy waiting to be licked, all wrapped in shiny plastic. Still, she was not ready... yet.

"Now then, my dear Wrapper of Last Night, enjoy the experience you gave me. Feel the warmth building up, as your shower wetness is replaced by your sweat. And... prepare for step two." As she spoke, she had taken her hair dryer from her closet and plugged it in.

Now his eyes changed, excitement got mixed with uncertainty, she tought she saw a brief trace of fear. Still, he said nothing, though his eyes were firmly fixed on the hairdryer. Marjorie was enjoying her role. They should have done this long time ago!

"This, my dear" she said, waving the tool as a pistol, "will bring out the second advantage of this foil over what you used. You see, this is no ordinary foil, it is shrink-wrap, used for packing stuff for transport. Just have a look, or no, have a feel what a touch of warm air will do to your escape-proof suit. It will improve your Mummy-Special of last night to a 'Mummy-de-Luxe'!" 

With that, she switched on the hair-dryer to 'high' and waved the hot air over the foil that surrounded him. He was too surprised or transfixed to move or protest.

Quickly though, he could not have moved even if he had wanted to. The foil shrunk, becoming tighter then she could have ever wrapped it. Gently Marjorie waved the flow of air all over him, an occasional blow over his head or lower over his loins, but mostly over the foil which held him.

It only took a minute or so until upper-Richard was firmly immobilised, looking like an industrial packed mummy, if it wasn't for his free legs, his excitedly standing manhood and his face moving about.

Richard tried to see what movement he had left, but it was very little. He could breath, and that was about it. At first he had found it a bit scary when she came about with the hair dryer, even though deep down he knew he could trust Marjorie. Thus far the wrapping had been OK, exciting, but sort of what he had imagined it would be. It was warm, though, and soon he could feel the sweat starting... and then she came with hot air on top of it!

Now he knew there was definitely no way he could get out of this until she let him, and wondered what else she had in store for him.

"Marjorie, wow, I don't know what to say, you sure got me tied down. This is like a iron corset, I can't move anything between my neck and my hips!".

She looked at him triumphantly, looking big with a self confidence he had not seen before. "Precisely, my dear, that way I know you won't do anything foolish. Remember what you said last night? Consider it more like a friendly surrender, no black leather, chains or your typical domination stuff. Well, to my very own surprise, I enjoyed being on the receiving end (as you clearly noticed), but now to your very surprise, I intend to enjoy being on the giving end this time."

She slapped him joyfully on his buttocks, picked up the foil and the hairdryer with one hand, took his manhood gently by the nails of her other and with a "Follow me, please!" she walked out the bathroom

Richard had to walk quickly to follow her, her nails were clearly present..... He realised how much you use your arms to stable yourself now that he had to walk without them.

Next to the big bed, she turned him around and positioned herself in front of him. She had a look in her face he had never seen before, one of lust and of control, one of joy and of child-like 'I have a secret for you...', all in one.

"Now then, my Big Sausage, your big little popsicle down here is eagerly staring at me, I'm not sure I like that. You think we can do something about it?" 

Richard was getting into the game, although he still was not sure quite what Marjorie's game was.

"I'm sorry, you know how He has a mind of his own. Could you 'handle' the situation perhaps? I seem to be a bit tied up at the moment". He heard the dry echo of his voice, not as casual as he'd liked it to be.

"Hmmm, nice idea, perhaps I might just do that" she smiled.

Her eyes looked straight into his as she took the matter firmly in hand. Firmly yet shaky, in fact, and though he tried to hold out as long as he could, it did not take long before Richard had to let out a deep groan and something else too. He struggled to stay upright, she had to balance him with her other hand.

The excitement had been wonderful: here he was, captured right out of the shower, standing naked in his bedroom, with his wife casually yet lovingly taking care of him.

"There, now I have some peace of mind, not everyone looking at me, just you and me." 

Richard watched, as his lovely wife switched on some slow love music, walked slowly to her clothing stand and started to undress herself, teasingly, slowly. She took her time, enjoying playing with him, slowly showing what she had put on underneath to surprise him. Richard's amazement took yet another jump, she must have been planning this all day!

His eyes were feasting on his lovely wife, who by now was standing in the lacy underwear he had bought for her on their last holiday. She paraded slowly on the spot, obviously enjoying herself by performing for him.

Richard felt excitement from his little toes all the way up to his boiling brains, his eyes felt like bursting out of their sockets. His arms wiggled a bit inside the plastic, though they seemed to have accepted the futility of it.

He started to understand what Marjorie had said last night before they had fallen asleep. "After the initial scary feeling of being restricted and helpless, your mind starts to feel more open, free even, as all the energy for the arms and movement can now be spent on enjoying yourself. The harness actually becomes a close friend, holding you nice and cosy, protective." Richard could not agree more, as he felt his manhood slowly recovering, watching the slow dance in front of him.

Marjorie saw Richards' eyes glaze over occasionally, as she undressed. She felt the music taking over her movements, she was almost in a trance as she tossed the last piece of clothing in some corner. She paraded across his view, watched his eyes light up as he spotted the shortly trimmed hair below (something that always turned him on), motioning slowly he was not to move, as she picked up a chair and sat it in front of him.

So far her plan had gone perfect, she felt good, so confident in fact she decided on a little detour. What was it again he had said yesterday? Ah yes, "tease to please, please to tease". Well, he would get both for sure tonight. 

She sat on the chair, in full view of her standing husband, who could do nothing but stare at her. Judging by his eyes, he wouldn't want to break the spell anyway. Her hands started to move over herself, slowly, tenderly. She did not have to think, the hands were driven by her deeper instincts and desires. After the striptease, she started to please herself in front of him, and because he had full view but no control of her every move, she felt extra charged.

Within moments she felt the familiar hot streams of burning fireworks and volcanic heat coming into motion all over her body, gliding like a avalanche toward her love centre. Her hands were making the familiar movements, that subtle combination of circles, pressure and rhythm only they knew, no matter how often she explained it to Richard. As the avalanche approached the peak, she tried to consolidate as long as she could. Briefly she opened her eyes, and saw Richard almost drooling by what he saw. She smiled at him.

"Do you like tonight's entertainment, Sir?" she whispered softly. As in trance, his head nodded slowly. 

"Well then, I guess I'll have to continue to the end then, don't I?" she whispered back.

She continued her little personal extravaganza and soon the fireworks exploded, an earthquake trembled her in her seat, a deep moan escaped her lips, her limbs went numb and heavy as her head became light. 

She took her time in recovering, enjoying the feeling of the retreating lava-flows through her numb and heavy limbs. 

When she could move again, she got up and got two glasses of water. She stood in front of Richard, whose face was sweaty, his eyes glazed and excited at the same time. As she drank herself, she gave him a drink too. She looked at him, he looked at her. He seemed to have come back to reality. 

She could not remember seeing such a look in his eyes before, the stories they told. The admiration told how he loved her, the surprise said he had never before seen her play in such full view, the excitement showed he wanted more, the relaxed surrender indicated he felt at ease with being the submissive one (at least for tonight), the tenderness told her he trusted her to do whatever she was about to do.

When his glass was almost empty, she let the last water drip over his chin, to slowly kiss the drops off his lips, off his chin, off his throat. He softly 'Mmmm'd in response. No words were needed, they were in perfect harmony

Slowly she felt her mind getting back in order. Ah yes, phase 2 was up. She picked up the foil and hair-dryer and slowly dangled them in front of him. His dreamy eyes turned puzzled.

"So far, my darling husband, I've merely been improving on what you've done to me. But now comes the icing on the cake. Hold still for phase 2."

Richard was wondering what would come now. Phase 2? Surely she could not pack him more then she had done already, or ...? As she bent down, it struck him: his legs!

Indeed, she motioned his feet together and proceeded to tightly wrap his legs together. The warm air did its job once again and within minutes his movements were limited to his head and hips.

He had to balance carefully on his feet, as he considered his new position. Marjorie had left his hips free, and he could feel his buttock and front area being cooler then the packed rest. Well, cooler, one thing certainly was not cool at all....

So this is how Houdini must have felt, totally no movement possible. The difference however was that Richard did not want to get out, he was wiggling to see what he could do to counter or accommodate Marjorie. Not much on that front though, she seemed intent on keeping the initiative very well to herself.

As to prove her point, she moved closer to him, so close their bodies touched. He could feel her lovely curves through the plastic, could feel her breathing. In fact, she was blowing slowly against him, as if she wanted to blow him over. Sensually she rubbed herself against him, purring like a kitten, her breasts going over his chest, her hips rubbing against his, her hands toying with his hair, his ears.

She turned around and toyed with his Toy with her buttocks. Suddenly, she bumped backward, trying to knock him over, but by bending quickly he could catch her and stayed upright.

Richard was fighting for balance, yet surprisingly enough was enjoying himself intensely. He liked Marjorie's new attitude, he never realised how good it could feel to hand over the initiative, although being totally immobile was almost too much of a good thing. The New Marjorie however was still captivating him, and he surely wanted to see what she thought of next.

She frowned briefly when her 'buttock-attack' had failed, then smiled at him in admiration, although her eyes told him, "I'll get you anyway, dear Package of mine".

She looked at him thoughtfully for a second. Started to gently kiss him, his chest first, then slowly up across his throat and chin, until she had reached his lips. Once again, he had closed his eyes in anticipation, his lips pointed forward.

And indeed her lips touched his, gently at first, then powerful suddenly, pushing him back, so he could not help loosing his balance.

Agonisingly slowly Richard felt he was loosing his battle against gravity, and as he fell backwards onto the bed, he saw the little triumph in her eyes. He landed with a soft "thud" on the bed, and before the bouncing had ended, Marjorie had jumped after him and sat on him, right where he would have wanted her.

"Hmm, you look wonderful, my cylinder husband. Yesterday's Tiger seems a little tamed now, isn't he? I seem to remember a certain look of victory in your eyes when you laid me down, thinking I was all helpless." She teasingly rocked her hips over his, looking at him with eyes and mouth half open. He could not tell if she was half dreaming of half seducing him. He settled for both.

Her voice continued softly. "I remember the ease with which you moved over me and slowly down on me. Oh yes, you gave me pleasure, and then you took me. Gently, lovingly indeed, but very much in control, weren't you?" I said nothing. "I was in total surrender to you last night, but already I was planning my revenge. And as you can see, I am very much having it!"

With that, she started to move upwards. Richard watched her in anticipation, eager, not surprised at anything anymore by now. He saw her belly coming ever closer to his eyes, as she slowly inched across his stomach, his chest, until she settled just above his face.

For a brief moment he looked at the view from below. He had seen it before, but he had always seemed pre-occupied with the next move. Helpless as he was now, he could take a good look at the slightly curved stomach he so often caressed when they cuddled up, leading to her breasts, pointing a bit outwards and capable of holding a pencil (his ultimate beauty test which she had always passed), to her finely sculptured neck and chin.

Marjorie looked down at him, saw the admiration in his eyes. 'Gosh, he is so lovely, he is all mine, and I am all his!' she thought. As if by link, she heard his voice, slightly overcome: "Marjorie, you look terrific. Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

She nodded.

"Tell me what you want me to do. I want to hear you say it" he continued.

Without a word at first, she took a pillow and put it under his head, looked him in the eye as she saw it dawn on him. Without sound, her lips formed the words: "Eat me".

His eyes lit up, and he did.

Marjorie leaned slightly back and closed her eyes, enjoying his expert lips and tongue at work.

She opened them again to see him looking at her, lovingly, not needing any guidance where he was active. To reward him for the effort, she moved her hands over her belly, her breasts, her face, down again, caressed his face and hair.

He kept on pleasing her special pleasure points as he knew so well. Soon, the tingling started all over her body, sending shots of electricity throughout. Her breath got deeper, the lava streams started rolling down from deep in her belly. She moaned, moved her hips a bit over his face, her hands now holding him firmly in place.

The moans turned louder as he employed his special tricks. Her breath became shorter, almost panting.

And suddenly, the electricity jolts and the lava streams all collided in a huge explosion. Fireworks erupted in her eyes, a long scream escaped her lips, yet unlike other times, she held on. Her body shook all over, yet her hands held him firmly in place. As if on cue, Richard continued his magic and to both their surprise, Marjorie exploded again, and soon after yet another time. 

When the waves of lightning and eruptions were subsiding, she slowly let go, her mind and body ablaze yet empty at the same time. She opened her eyes and looked down. Richard's face was all wet, red, sweaty, and he was gasping for breath between her clenched thighs, but his eyes sparkled.

She smiled at him as she released him. His head fell onto the pillow and he gasped for fresh air. She had to take a few breaths herself before she could speak. Her hand caressed him gently on his forehead, wiped the sweat away from his brow. "Oh my god, Richard, that was wonderful, it was fantastic! You've never achieved that before. I... I thought I would explode!"

He coughed as he cleared his throat. "It sure felt as if you did. You held me like there was no tomorrow! But I did nothing more then usual, you are the one who exploded, you lost total control as you were in control."

She thought for a second. "Hmm, I lost control because I had total control? Nice idea, I like it. But what’s more, you gave me heaven and you have deserved your reward!"

She moved down again, just as slowly as she had moved up his chest some eternities ago.

As she reached his hips, she used her hands for guidance. That was easy enough, as he provided a solid spear her hands could not miss. Behind her back, she let her hands fondle and play with the prize a little bit, before she positioned it properly and slowly sank onto him. All the while his glassy eyes looked at her in an ecstatic bliss. His body was encased in foil, and his Toy was encased in her.

She looked him in the eye, and saw a sparkling set of eyes looking back. She began to slowly rock her hips back and forth, tense the inner muscles that could drive him wild, bob slowly up and down his flaming manhood. 

They had done this position before, her sitting on him, but now it was incredibly more intense. Marjorie had much more control this time, and she could feel Richard could devote all his energies to one body movement, instead of wiggling underneath her.

Their eyes remained locked, as she basked internally in the heat he was madly pulsating into her. Though she had climaxed already, it was again giving her great joy throughout her erogenous zones, as they rocked in harmony. If only they could do this for hours...

When she sensed he was getting close, she stopped all motion, except for her firm internal grip. She frowned at him mockingly and waited for his pulses to quiet down. Only then would she slowly restart 'her program' of maddening him and his desires.

This came and went a few times, until he shouted, "God, no more delay, please! I can't stand it any longer, let it happen!"

She looked down at him, his face red, the eyes on fire, appealing for mercy from this lustful torture. She gave him a last frown, then smiled. Without words, her tempo quickened and her muscles tightened.

This time she had created a volcano, and when he exploded with a bellowing scream, the force with which he thrust his hips skywards almost threw her off. His violence was just the last kick she needed herself, and she let out a scream too as her own explosion rocked her body internally and externally once more.

She fell forward and almost crashed her face into his. She lay panting on top of him, the hot breaths in each others' ears, neither capable of uttering any other sound..

Finally, after uncountable eternities, a voice cleared his throat, then croaked dryly into her ear: "My God Marjorie, you nearly killed me with your delays and U-turns. Then you nearly killed me when I did come. But holy wow, what a way to die..!"

"HMMmmh, yeah, I never knew you had such a volcano in you, my dearest Richard. And, I never knew I could be one myself either."

They turned their heads, looked into each others' eyes. She kissed him, or did he kiss her. Perhaps both. She cuddled him, as he couldn't.

"Love you, Richard", she whispered into his ear, "with all my heart."

He looked her in the eye, as he said: "I know.... love you too".

Later, Richard pondered the evening and the feast Marjorie had made out of it. And he had thought he knew her. 

He may have managed to surprise (and excite) her by enacting his fantasy last night, but he had also unleashed a new side in her he had never known nor imagined. A side in his beloved wife she had never known nor imagined herself.

The energy, the passion, the dedication, the love, the domination and yet the gentle care for him with which she had played with him, toyed with him that evening, it was truly a new Marjorie who lay firmly on top of him, already fallen asleep.

Carefully she had lifted him after they had recovered their breath, carefully she had cut the plastic from him. He had felt released, cold from the cool air after the cosy sweatiness, but also exposed and weak now that his harness had gone. He had given up control of his arms and he had to work hard at moving them. Not for long though.

Marjorie had stood closely in front of him, ordered him to stand still next to the bed. With her final burst of energy, she had wrapped their feet together, then slowly moved the rolling of the foil upwards until she had bound their hips together. He had once again been surprised, but at the same time he had felt joy to be harnessed again, even more joy she was going to join him. 

It was here when she looked up at him and with a smile and twinkle in her eyes: "You know how we like falling asleep in each others arms. I'm making us a Big MacMummy for tonight, so we can sleep closely together as we've never been close before!".

He had put his arms around her, held her tight as she wrapped their upper torsos together, then tightened it with the hairdryer she had put within reach.

As she was done, they had stood silently for a moment, bound together as if cast in concrete. He could feel her every breath, she was so close, he could have sworn he could feel her every heartbeat. It was warm, it was sweaty, but it was their warmth, their sweat, and they shared it. The moment had been beautiful, the quietness, the togetherness, they were united in body, mind and in spirit.

Slowly she put her free arms around his head, briefly caressed his hair as she bent lightly forward to make them loose balance. Again he fell forever backward, she had her face to the side of his as they landed with a "Whump!" on the bed.

"Here we are, my darling," she had whispered in his ear, "soundly together to sleep the sleep of exhausted lovers." Her voice trailed off by the end of the sentence, her head drooping slowly beside his, looking down. He had kissed her on her ear, gently bit the earlobe. "Goodnight my darling, I will watch over you. Sleep in peace." he had whispered back, not sure if she still heard him.

He searched for the feel of his arms on her back, they were not telling him where they were as they normally did. His left hand was between her shoulders, and with his fingers he could just caress her lower neck. His other hand was at the end of her spine, one finger gently moving up and down the top of her lovely bottom-split.

Richard felt in heaven, at peace.

They can have my car, the house, even my job, as long I can be with Marjorie in ways like this, he thought. His last vision before his closed eyes before his mind close as well, was of Marjorie in foil, looking at him with anticipation of what he would do. It brought a smile to his lips, to his face, and it stayed long after he had fallen asleep, in the gentle fortress with his princess.


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