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The Mass

by Diplodicus

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© Copyright 2007 - Diplodicus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/ff; bond; tape; packaged; nc/reluct; X

The wriggling mass of tape lay in the corner of the factory with now and then soft moans coming from either end of it.  Nobody who saw it or heard it took any notice of the wriggling bundle that occasionally rolled over and continued on its way around the factory. It was because of them, the bundle was now doing its own thing.

Now and then, it would roll over into one of the women working at the factory. She would kick it about three quarters of the way along and it would scream out and roll over again!

The story of the mass was that Bryony and Pat hated each other. They constantly run each other down to all and sundry that happened to walk into the factory! The women were getting fed up with their continual arguing, the women decided to take action and put paid to it for once and for all!

The women split themselves up into two groups. One lot took on Bryony and the other Pat.  The women told them they would love each other before the day was out. Pat said they had more chance of Osama bin Laden being given the Nobel peace prize. Bryony told them that Sadam Hussein would be declared the next Pope first!  If that was what it was going to take to get the two to pack it in, then they would have their wishes fulfilled.

Sadly, they would never happen, so plan “B” was brought into action.  Both the women were grabbed by the women. Both were stripped naked and were told that they would be punished for disturbing the workforce.

The problem was that the women thought the world of the pair of them, but not when they got together!  All hell was let loose. It would take a special arrangement to get the two to stop rowing! And something special was what the women had in mind!

Both the women were held down on the floor and the women shaved their heads, so they had no hair on their heads except eyebrows. Pat was left on the ground face up. Bryony on the other hand was turned face down and lifted up off of the ground!   The women turned her round so she was facing the other way from Pat.  Bryony watched as Pat’s naked body rose to meet her as they lowered her onto Pat. Pat saw the same view of Bryony!

Holding Pat’s legs apart, Bryony was forced facing between Pat’s legs. Duct tape was taped over the back of bryony’s head and she had her head forced down so her tongue was able to reach Pat’s vulva! They lifted Pat’s bum and taped that end of it to her bum! Bryony could not pull her head back from Pat. Pat’s legs were forced over Bryony’s shoulders and taped crosswise over each other. Bryony’s hands were taped together very tightly behind Pat’s back, so Pat could not lift herself off of Bryony.

Carefully Pat and Bryony were rolled over and Pat’s head was taped to Bryony’s bum so her tongue could reach Bryony’s vulva. Bryony’s legs were forced over Pat’s shoulders and they too were taped in a crossover pattern together. Now the two women could not pull their heads away from each other.  Pat’s hands were taped together very tightly around the back of Bryony, securing bryony in Pat’s loving embrace as well.

By lifting Pat and Bryony very carefully, they started to roll duct tape up starting from Pat’s bum and overlapping each turn until they reached Bryony’s bum. They kept rolling until they could not see any part of their bodies at all. They had put small breathing tubes into the tape to allow Bryony and Pat to breathe. But inside the cocoon, it was all dark and quiet!

Having satisfied themselves that the two women were well and truly stuck with each other, they told them that if at any time, they did not hear moans of pleasure coming from one end, the person whose head was the furthest away from the quiet end would get a thrashing! So, it was up to them to give the other person the best licking they could, or they would get a licking of a different sort!

One of the women gave them a push and told them to get on with it. A few times they had to hit them with a stick, but not that often! One or two cries of pain cured that!  Off they went, each one feeling the strength of a tongue gently lapping against their now moist vulvas. Each one enjoying the treatment they were getting and giving it back to the other!

The mass continued to visit each person in the factory. But the two inside had no idea where they were. Each was trying to be the person on the bottom, but the other one did their best to stop them.

The odd shape of the mass of tape kept changing occasionally, but they soon resumed their work of satisfying the other, and it went back into shape once more! It did not take long for the moans of pleasure to start again!

All afternoon Pat and Bryony rolled around in their little world of their own. Each being cuddled by the other. Each being licked out giving them little explosions of pleasure!

By the late afternoon, the bosses were due to visit the factory. This was not expected, so Pat and Bryony were lifted into a crate and the lid nailed down. The box was stacked with some others and no one could hear a noise from Pat or Bryony. They would get them out later to give them both a smack with the stick.

But after the visit, the women went to look for the box Bryony and Pat were in and found they had been put on the back of a lorry and shipped to Bristol.  At least someone in Bristol was in for a shock when they open the crate up. Perhaps, if they are wise, they would watch the wriggling mass trundling its way around their factory before they release Pat and Bryony!



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