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The Sentences

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/ff; mum; cocoon; entomb; nc; XX

This story is written in the style of Filador50’s classic story, the sentence. 

Just a little warning, this story does not end happily. 

The two of us stood side by side. Well, we were ten feet apart, both housed in tall steel cages, but at least we were close to each other. 

The room was silent. In front of us was a panel of judges. We had been brought down into this complex two days ago, captured after my sister had made one too many phone calls from one building. After tracing the calls, agents had burst in on us. We were arrested and taken into custody. 

And now, two days later, we had been brought into this “courtroom” to receive our punishments for years upon years of stealing, theft, burglary, you name it. But this was no due process. Everyone knew that we were guilty. They were just doing it as quickly as possible, so they could get rid of us quickly. 

The judges debated loudly amongst themselves, discussing our crimes and how we should be punished for them. In an ordinary trial, we would have testified and given our sides of the story. But we couldn’t do that. 

For one thing, both of our mouths were plugged shut with ball gags, tied down exceptionally tightly. With our hands cuffed to the bars of our cages, we couldn’t get the gags out. No amount of struggling or rubbing would remove the gag. So we were forced into silence during the “trial.” 

I only wish that the two of us had been given more decency. We were wearing skin-tight white body suits that covered our entire body in tight spandex. Only our eyes were uncovered. We looked like something out of a fetish club. Clothed in skin-tight outfits, gagged, and locked in tall and narrow cages, we were a sad sight. 

The six “judges” continued to debate endlessly. I privately wished for them to get it over with. What would our sentences be? No doubt we would be locked away for the rest of our lives. I looked over at my sister. She stood in her cage, a few tears running out of her eyes. She instinctively tried to rub them away, but her handcuffs clinked and held her hands fast to the steel bars in front of her. My own cuffs clinked as my hands moved. 

Finally, the chief “judge” stood. “We have debated your crimes of theft, burglary, and grave robbery…” I smiled. The labs had always paid big money for bodies. Ahh, those were the good old times. 

“…and we have found you guilty of all charges. For your sentences, we have decided to follow the example of what you did during your time of social mischief.” My eyes widened. What did he mean? 

“Because you robbed numerous bodies for years, we have decided to bury both of you alive.” My sister and I stood in shock, so stunned that we couldn’t even give a muffled protest. 

“And to make it even more interesting, both of you will be mummified alive.” The chief judge turned and looked at me. “Because we have determined that your part in the crimes was more serious, you shall endure a greater punishment then your sister. You will be forced to watch as she is mummified and buried before the same fate is bestowed upon you.” 

No! This couldn’t be! These men were not so cruel as to impose that horrible fate upon us! A loud clang caught my attention. 

Looking to my left, I saw three armed guards forcing my sister from her cage. She was crying as they cuffed her ankles and her wrists together behind her back. She looked at me, tears pouring out of her eyes. Then one guard covered her eyes with a black leather blindfold. 

The guards grabbed my helpless sister and forced her down a corridor. I could only watch helplessly as her form vanished. 

The bastards! They took my sister from me! If it’s the last thing I’ll ever do, I’ll kill them! I’ll kill them all! I’ll… 

A sudden clang interrupts my violent thoughts. Rough hands grab my spandex clothed body. Before I can kick out and whack my captors, I hear a clinking noise as a pair of cuffs are produced. 

The cold steel touches my left ankle. With a quick twist, the cuff clips into place and takes my ankle in its grip. The procedure is quickly repeated with my right ankle. I curse in frustration. My legs are now restrained to the point where escaping would be extremely difficult. 

I still have a chance. They’ll have to unlock my wrists to cuff them behind my back. I manage a small smile despite my gag. They obviously underestimate the punching power that I… 

An incredibly sharp pain stabs my sides. I scream involuntarily and collapse, my sides burning with horrible pain, beyond almost anything I can imagine. 

The guards put away their tasers as they quickly release my arms. I’m still too shocked and stunned to resist. I can feel my hands being forced behind my back. My brain knows what’s going to happen. If they cuff my hands, then it’s all over. Any chance of freedom or escape will be gone forever. 

But despite my brain’s best efforts, it’s too late. With a click and a snap, my right wrist is locked into the embrace of cold steel. Locking my left wrist is easy. It’s too late to escape now. My arms are locked in handcuffs. All of my burglary and theft skills are useless now that I am locked into this simple piece of steel. 

With my limbs restrained, the guards grab my white covered form and drag me out of my cage. I am helpless as they drag me on the floor down the corridor. 

I was one of the famous duo of thieves, renowned and whispered about in the shadows. I was at the top of my game not three days ago. Now, handcuffed, shackled and gagged, I am a prisoner, bound and being held captive, never to be released. I cannot help but release a few tears as I am lead to my fate. 

I am dragged into a dark room, sparsely lit. In the dim light, I can see that this is a well-used room. There are many tables with shackles scattered about the room. Chains with well-worn cuffs dangle from the ceiling. A few wooden coffins lie next to one wall. 

My sister is down there, already strapped to a table. They are ready to begin her mummification. 

I am picked up and carried over to her. “You must now watch as your sister is punished for her actions.” One of the guards says. I shake my head and look away. 

The guards laugh. “You’re not getting off that easily.” 

I am placed on a wooden table. While lying flat on my back, thick leather straps are placed across my body and tightened. I groan with pain as my cuffed arms dig into my back. 

A sinister looking mini cage is placed around my head and neck. I moan with fear. What is this thing? What is it going to do to me? I let out a scream of fear as it begins to tighten around my head. Then, as suddenly as it started, it’s finished. I try to shake my head, but to my sudden fear, I can’t move! My head is locked in position! 

Another strap is placed on my forehead and tightened. The table is rotated so I have a clear view of my sister. She’s still clothed and gagged. She looks at me with pure terror in her eyes. In less then an hour, she will cease to be a human. She will become a living mummy. And after that, I’ll follow her. 

And so the process begins. Five guards go to work on my sister, taking rolls of bandages and wrapping them around her limbs. Spread in an eagle position, she’s helpless to stop them as they wrap her body. 

When her body is wrapped in its first layer, the guards then begin a second layer. All the while my sister lets out muffled screams of fear as her body is encased within this second skin. 

I try to look away, but my head restraint forces me to look straight ahead, at her. I try to close my eyes, but then the guards force my eyelids open. The message is clear. I’m going to have to watch this, no matter what. 

And so for an hour it goes on. My sister giving muffled screams as her form is wrapped within three layers. Then her legs are forced together and wrapped as one within three more layers of bandages. 

They then take her arms. She thrashes and struggles as the guards force her arms across her chest in an “X” pattern, like the Egyptians. Her arms are sealed in place as the wrapping envelops her upper body. Again, three layers are applied. The guards obviously want to make escape impossible. 

As I watch three more layers go over her entire body, I shiver with fright. This whole process is going to happen to me! When I’m finished, we’ll probably be placed into two of those coffins and carried someplace to be entombed forever. What a horrible thought! 

The guards next to me notice my fear and smile to themselves. They won’t have to wait long to see me mummified. 

At last, an hour and a half after it began, my sister is mummified in nine layers of bandages. The only part of her that is still showing is her eyes. They are full of terror as her limp form is picked up and carried to another table. Her already gagged protests are now totally silent, sealed away forever within the bandages. 

The guards turn to me. It’s my turn to be mummified. I shake and tremble as they undo my straps. I don’t want to be mummified and buried! Lock me away forever, chain me to a wall, just don’t mummify me, please! 

My unspoken pleas are not heard. The guards take my struggling form and carry me to one of the tables. Already, guards are taking out more rolls of fresh bandages from a locker, ready to weave them around my body. 

I am placed face down on the table, helplessly moving my bound arms. I have to act fast. If I can smack them while they… 

More stabbing pain assaults me as the tasers dig into my body. I let out a long, muffled shriek of pain as horrible fire sweeps through my body. 

Momentarily stunned, my limbs are released from the steel restraints. I am flipped over, and faster then I can blink, I am locked in a spread eagle position. Too late again. 

The guards advance on my helpless form, eagerly twisting the bandages in their fingers. I look on, helpless as they begin the process of turning a captured criminal into a living mummy. 

I am put through the same wrapping process that my now mummified sister went through. My limbs are wrapped individually in three layers of these confounded bandages. I struggle against my captors and against my embalming, but it’s no use. 

My wrapped legs are then taken and placed together. I try to kick, but a few tightened leather straps force my legs to stay next to each other. I sob as my beloved legs are wrapped together, and my freedom to walk is taken away from me forever. 

While one set of guards work on my legs, another set advances towards my arms. I know all too well what’s going to happen next. 

When my arms are released from the restraint cuffs, I thrash and punch. My legs may be mummified and useless forever, but I can still punch. 

But it’s to no avail. There are simply too many of them. My arms are forced into an “X” position across my chest. It’s too late for me now. My last chance to escape is now gone forever as my arms are quickly wrapped and forced down onto my chest. 

I cry as the embalming and mummification of my body nears its end. With all my limbs held in place and cocooned, my captors begin the final three layers. I continue to cry even as the bandages are wound around my head, leaving me only with my eyes to watch the ceiling above. 

I feel as the last three layers are wrapped around me, containing and cocooning my body for all time. Escape will never come. I will never be released from this horrible cocoon that will hold me prisoner for the rest of my life. 

Then, at last, it’s finished. The guards stitch the last bandage into place and step away. I am no longer a human. I am a living mummy, a person who was mummified while still alive. Movement is now completely impossible. Breathing is a great struggle. 

Pleased with their work, the guards pick me up and carry me over to the table that my sister lies upon. I cannot move to see her, and she cannot move to see me. We lie there together, not twelve inches apart, yet unable to even move. Even though we are condemned criminals, we are still sisters. 

We are both picked up and placed on stretchers. The guards carry us out of the mummification room. Where we are going, I do not know. It is probably to the location where we will be entombed. 

I am correct in my guess. We soon leave the building and come outside. Dark clouds cover the sky. Distant thunder can be heard. The guards prop the stretchers up so we can see the place in front of us. 

The “judges” and the remaining guards are standing in front of us. In front of them are two graves, freshly dug into the ground. A cement mixer lies next to the graves. And in front of each grave is a wooden coffin. We are about to be buried alive. 

“We are gathered here today.” The chief “Judge” says, “to bury these two criminals alive. They will lie in these graves for all eternity, held tight in the embrace of death. We will now begin the burial of the younger criminal.” 

My sister is carried forward on her stretcher. Even when wrapped in nine layers of inescapable bandages, the mummy that was my sister still tries to escape, managing a gentle rocking motion. But escape will never come for her. 

Her mummified body is picked up and carefully placed inside the coffin. The guards pick up the lid and slowly place it onto the coffin. The last thing I ever see of my mummified sister is her eyes, which are full of terror. 

The lid is placed on and pushed down with a thunk. Nails are produced, and the lid is nailed down, ensuring that it will never be opened. 

The coffin is picked up and carried over to its grave. Working with many ropes, my sister’s coffin is lowered into the earth. It vanishes from sight. The coffin is lowered down about seven feet, then the guards let go of the rope. 

The cement mixer is moved into position over my sister’s grave. Taking lots of shovels, the guards scoop wet cement and pour it into the grave, covering my sister with the inescapable material. For several minutes they continue pouring. Then the gooey mixture is level with the ground. The guards pat it down, then put the shovels away. 

My sister’s entombment is complete. I cry for her, and for myself. I will stay aboveground for only a few more minutes. 

I am carried to my coffin, each step pounding with the sound of death. After so many years, this is where my life ends. Mummified, locked into a coffin, and buried alive as punishment for wrongdoing. 

The guards carrying my stretcher stop. Hands reach down and pick me up. I struggle for all I’m worth, squirming and twisting as much as I can. But it’s not nearly enough. 

I’m placed into my coffin. The hands move to make sure I’m tucked in tightly. I squirm like a caterpillar, futily trying to escape, which is now only a fantasy. 

I know all too well what’s coming next. Soon enough, the lid appears. It comes down on me slowly. Agonizingly slowly. My vision grows dark as it comes down, down…and then everything is darkness as the lid is put into place. 

I hear the nails coming on, locking the lid down tightly. Then the rocking as my personal coffin is picked up and placed within the earth. 

Then the sounds of mushy material as the concrete comes down on me. Little by little, the sound of concrete fades as more and more is poured on. 




I am alone, entombed within the earth. This is my punishment, my sentence. Be mummified and buried alive. We will never again see the outside world, a world that we walked on not so long ago. But no more. While others walk, we lie here in our coffins, waiting for death to come and claim us. 

It is not a happy ending. I lie within my cocoon of bandages, struggling to get air into my lungs. It won’t be long now, before the air runs out. 
I keep breathing. Got to breathe. Got to breathe. 

Got to breathe 

Got to breathe 

Got to breathe

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