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The Test

by mrdoogles

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© Copyright 2007 - mrdoogles - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/ff; kidnap; bond; wrap; reluct; X

Gromet what’s up how are you I have just created my first story and was wondering if you could post it up on your page as a mummification story? It’s called THE TEST it’s my first work it might not be the best but I think its pretty good. Please take a look at it and if possible post it on your site for other people to read as well thanks a lot. Also let me know how u think the story came out.

The Test.

Hi my name is Jenna, I am 24 years of age, I work in an office building that is not far from my house, and so I don’t need to use a car. I walk every day between home and work. One day while walking home I spotted some thing really strange. I saw a car pull up on the other side of the road, the occupants reach out and snatch a woman that was walking, being the hero that I am I go over to investigate. I got up to the car and knocked on the window, as soon as I knocked, before I could realise, a man came from behind me and knocked me out with something. 

When I woke up I was in a daze, but I realised that I could not move from where I was and the room I was in was very dark. When I regained all of my senses I realized that I was tied to a chair and that the other woman that was kidnapped with me was also sitting tied up right next to me. We both made eye contact and I asked her what happened. She said she did not know; first thing she was walking down the street and the next thing she knew she was knocked out cold, then she awoke here. The women said she thought that we were in a basement to someone’s house. She didn’t know why we were there or what they were going to do with us.

The next day.

When the next day came, we were awoken by a tall blonde haired blue-eyed man. He was quite cute if I did say so myself. He came down with a bowl of cereal for the both of us. He also told us that we were going to get showered in a little while. After we ate we were both untied but we were cuffed at the wrists and ankles so we wouldn’t try to escape, we were taken up the stairs out of the basement and up to the bathroom. We were told to take off our clothes and instructed to get into the shower. The shower was quite large; it fitted both of us in at the same time, they turned on the water for us, set it to a decent temperature. The guys that were helping us do all this then left the bathroom and told us that we must wash each other and that they would be outside. We couldn’t even try to escape through a window because there were no windows in the bathroom, just one on the ceiling, kind of like a skylight.

When we were finished showering, the men took us back down to the basement and tied us back up to the chairs. While being tied up we asked the two men what we were here for. They said we were going to find out soon. As we sat there all afternoon tied to these chairs we both figured out that there are four men in this whole operation so the possibility of trying to fight them off was pretty much impossible in the sense that there are only two of us.

Later that night.

The two of us were starving, we hadn’t eaten anything since that morning, they came down with some dinner for us, it was one of those TV dinners. I didn’t care too much what it was being as hungry as I was, I devoured all of it pretty quickly. About an hour after we ate our dinners the four men came down the stairs and told us that it was time for us to find out why we were here. They then told us that we were held here for an assignment, in order for the four men to be initiated into a secret society they had to kidnap two innocent women and take them to a hide out place, keep them there for two days and then on the second night wrap them up from head to toe in saran wrap and duct tape. After that the mummies were to be brought back to the main society headquarters where they would be graded on how good the mummies were. As we both heard this we both shit in our pants, I’ve never been mummified before and didn’t know what it was going to be like. They told me that I was going to watch the other girl be wrapped first.

Let the wrapping begin.

The other women was untied from her chair and was cuffed to a spot on the ceiling, this held her arms high so she couldn’t try and struggle, she was then instructed to spread her legs apart. One man grabbed a huge roll of saran wrap; it must have been at least 1000 ft long when rolled out. I was told by one of the men that it wasn’t saran wrap but pallet wrap. I asked what the difference was and he explained pallet wrap is a lot stickier and stronger. I watched as they started by wrapped her legs separately, they went from the ankle to the top of the thigh, and then they cut the wrap. 

They then started wrapping her upper body around her chest and torso area, the wrap looked so smooth and shiny against her skin. She was then instructed to put her legs together, they then began to wrap her legs together beginning at the ankles and going all the way up to the neck. They continued until they’d wrapped about 5 layers of pallet wrap over her body, she was now covered from ankle to neck in wrap all except her arms. You could barely see her body any more, just wrap. 

But it was good wrap, it started to get me excited the way the wrap looked all over her body. Then the men wrapped both of her arms separately, they were wrapped from her shoulder to her wrist, her arms were let out of the cuffs and her hands were then wrapped also. She was then told to put her arms at her sides; they once again began at the ankles and worked their way up her body until she was completely wrapped including her arms pinned to her sides. The women was then lifted up and put on a bed where they wrapped her feet up, they then continued from the feet and went up her entire body again. This woman must have been covered in about 12 layers of wrap. 

She then began to get a little scared because it was getting hot and she couldn’t breathe that well. She began to scream very loud, the men solved the problem very fast and took a piece of tape and slapped it on her mouth. Now there was no more noise other than a muffled “Mmpph” sound. So now the woman was cocooned in wrap from neck to toe and also tape gagged, she was totally immobilized. I watched her try to get free by wiggling around but it was no use, she couldn’t compete with the great strength of the wrap. The four men were also getting a kick out of this. After watching her squirm around they took a break and got themselves a couple of beers. After a little break they returned and said that I was next.

I get wrapped now.

I was then untied and also handcuffed to the ceiling it was the same procedure as the woman before me. They began with my legs and worked there way up. I really enjoyed the way the wrap felt against my naked body. It was so tight and smooth. I was getting wetter and wetter down under after every wrap. It was absolutely amazing. I was so amazed by the pleasure that that’s all I could thing about. I was then wrapped with my arms pinned to my sides and my legs pinned together. The procedure seemed a lot faster than the other woman’s but then I realized that I was hardly paying attention to the wrapping I was too concerned with how great I felt. I was then put on the bed next to the other woman, my feet were then wrapped. I was also covered in about 12 layers of wrap. 

What amazed me most was how great the wrapping job was. It was so tight and so smooth. It was perfect. But then again I had nothing to compare it to. They also gagged me as well. So now there were two mummies’s lying right next to each other. We were totally immobilized, I could not budge, the wrappings were too tight. We both lay there like caterpillars in their cocoons waiting to become butterflies. The men told us that we were to stay like that for about an hour. I said to myself an hour I don’t know if I can last that long. It was getting very hot and I was hot and bothered.

The hours finally pass.

After about an hour the men returned with about 6 rolls of duct tape. They told us this where the fun starts. We were both lifted up and wrapped at the same time. Two men on each one of us. We basically watched each other being mummified. They started with our feet. They began to wrap so much tape over our feet. It began to get so tight, I enjoyed the feeling though. They then moved slowly up the legs making sure every wrap was perfect; it had to be smooth and tight at the same time. It was not a problem for these guys they seemed like professionals. I watched as the tape crawled up the other woman’s body nice and slowly, the same thing was happening to me. 

Now the tape was about up to my bellybutton, they had completely covered my legs and feet; it was amazing the way the grey duct tape looked over our bodies. It was getting me all hot and wet. Now the tape was up to my breasts, then my breasts were gone and next thing I knew I was completely wrapped in pallet wrap and duct tape from my feet up to my neck. They then took another roll of tape and continued downward to make sure they didn’t miss anywhere. The cocoon was so tight I was having trouble breathing but I didn’t care because it felt so amazing. As they admired their work, I saw one of them reach for the wrap again, I wondered what they were going to do with it and then I realized they said total mummification so that meant the head too. I began to freak out but it was no use, I couldn’t break my bondage, I was stuck. 

As the wrap hit my face I started to panic, what if I suffocate? But I was safe and with every wrap around my head they ripped the piece from under my nose. They put so much wrap around my head that I couldn’t hear or see. It felt really weird. I realized though that the woman next to me was getting the same thing done to her and I wondered what she was going through at that same moment. I was able to tell when the duct tape was being added to my head because it got a lot darker all of a sudden. Now the two of us were totally mummified from head to toe in pallet wrap and duct tape. I have to say it was quite an incredible feeling. 

After about a half an hour of standing around, I was lifted up, but I couldn’t see where I was being taken. The only sound I could make out was the sound of a running car engine. I remembered them saying we were going to be taken to another place and put on show, to be judged.

The trip to headquarters.

The car ride was the craziest thing I had ever experience because I couldn’t see or hear a thing, so I didn’t know what to expect. I just lay there with the other woman next to me; I realized she was there because I felt her keep falling over onto my shoulder. I really hoped the woman was alright. We finally arrived at our destination.

The final step.

We were then taken out of the huge van and taken into another building of some sort. We were then placed on two surgical tables to be examined. There had to be like 5 judges because I heard so many voices mumbling to each other. I was getting a little restless because I was probably wrapped for about 4 hours now. I couldn’t believe that I was able to last this long being the first time anything like this has ever been done to me. We lay there for about another hour, I was turned over a few times, I guess so they can take a look at my backside. I had hands rubbed against my body, it made me feel real wet inside and once again I began to get all hot and bothered. It was amazing and then it happened a hand was rubbed over my vaginal area and the way the wrap was pushed against my pussy just made me explode, I orgasmed right at that moment it was incredible.

The cocoon comes off.

Once again I finally saw light as the tape and wrap was removed from my head, it was a great feeling. Then they took a pair of scissors and cut straight down my back and removed everything. My skin was all pale because lack of oxygen to the skin. The other woman was also released and she to looked the same as me. It was a great feeling to be let out of the cocoon, but in a way I was disappointed because I had enjoyed it so much. I asked the other woman what she thought and she said it was one of greatest experiences of her life. I was so excited that she also enjoyed it. They told us that we must never tell anyone about this little escapade and to make sure we didn’t they gave both of us $500 cash. They then told us that we would be taken back home.

The car ride home.

On the way home the two of us discussed with the four men that kidnapped us in the first place, how great it was and that at first we were a little scared but glad we could help out with their test. They thanked us for being such good mummies. We thanked them for wrapping us up; we also asked how they did?
They said that they’d passed the test and were admitted into the group. The car finally pulled up to the spot where we were grabbed and we said our good byes and what not, then they were gone and never to be heard of again. Meanwhile I and the other woman both agreed how great being mummified was; now we both meet like twice a month and we wrap each other up.

The end


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