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The Tomb

by Joserbond

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© Copyright 2007 - Joserbond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; mum; bandages; nc; X

July 2000, Brandi and her team of archeologists finished packing the artifacts that were found in a tomb located in Egypt. Brandi took one last look at a peculiar key that she had found on there first day exploring. The key was very strong and clean but also very old. The head of the key was rounded and had an inscription on it that looked like a table. Brandi placed the in the final crate to be shipped back to the university in the states. Brandi sealed the crate and loaded it on the plane. Brandi and her team returned to camp as the plane was taking off to the USA. Brandi and her team returned to camp and ate dinner and went to bed.

The next day the team awoke and ate breakfast and proceeded to break camp. Once all the gear was packed in the trucks the team started on the five-hour drive to the civilian airport. Brandi having her own truck informed the team that she will make one final run through the tomb and catch up with them later. After an hour of more packing, Brandi proceeded to the tomb. Brandi entered the tomb and looked around one last time. She walked around the tomb running her fingers across the stone table in the center. 

Brandi stopped at the end of the table and looked around and at that exact moment two metal arms came out of the ceiling and clamped tight on her wrists while at the same time two more arms came out of the floor and clamped tight on her ankles. The steel arms stretched her poor body so tight that she thought her limbs would pull out of their sockets putting her in a standing spread eagle. Two additional arms came out of the walls and started to wrap bandages her legs and arms. 

Once her limbs were wrapped. The arms that held her legs let go and wrapping arms then started to wrap her legs together the wrapping was so tight that Brandi could barely stand it. The wrapping was now at her hips wrapping her as tight as it could. 

The wrapping now pinned Brandi's arms to her chest. Brandi tried to test her bonds but they were so tight that she could barely wiggle her fingers. A seventh arm came out of the table with a syringe type device the then inserted the tip of the syringe into brandies mouth and began injecting a liquid filling her mouth to the bulging point. But it didn't stay liquid for long, in time the liquid began to harden effectively gagging Brandi. 

The wrapping arms continued wrapping and wrapped her from her ankle to the top of her head. One final arm came out of the table and clamped around her waist. All the other arms retreated and the one arm raised Brandi and placed her on the table. On either sides of Brandi's body were slots out of these slots came steel straps but these straps could not be cut but they were very flexible like nylon straps. The straps locked into place in the slots in the other side of her body.

Brandi struggled as hard as she could but couldn't break free. The more she tried to struggle, the more the straps tightened. Now the straps were digging into her ankles, shins, above and below her knees, thighs, hips, waist, above and below her breasts, shoulders, mouth and eyes, effectively locking her to the table.

Brandi is now permanently locked to the table. On the head of the table is an inscription with a keyhole the drawing is of a key with a rounded head and a drawing of a table on the head. Little does Brandi know that her only means of escape is now 6000 miles away

                      the end


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