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The Worm

by XVX

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© Copyright 2002 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; M+/fff; body stocking; plastic; vacuum; suit; worm; cocooned; boxed; kidnap; electro; condition; captives; pets; cons/nc; XX

Millie swallowed the water down that was offered to her.

“Please let me go.” She whimpered staining against the chains that held her to cold marble slab.

The woman dressed in white from head to toe took back the cup of water and stood at attention like some one just stuck a rod up her ass.  Her bleach white hair had black tips that was cut short to just past the neck.

“My master Markon takes what he wants when he wants it. He wants you for his pleasure. If I release you I will take your place. That is a thing I do not wish to do.”

“But don’t you see. You can stop him. He trusts you. You can make this world better for every one. I've seen the way he treats you. You’re no better than his pet Marsh hound.”

“Markon trust no one. Only he has the Ivory wand and knows it secrets.”

“That is not true! There are other males that can….”

“Silence outlander. The Master comes.”

Markon enter though a grated door.  He slammed it shut watched with a leering gaze her jump to the sound of metal on stone. He tossed his cape over his shoulders showing his bare massive hairless chest.

“You have done well Minion.”

“Thank you master.”

Markon grasped her head and forced her gaze to meet his. “You have caused me much trouble. I will enjoy making you into my slave. You will live and die at my whim.”

“I’ll fight you. If not me, then others.”

“I think not outlander. Your rebellion is at an end. I could not have your mother. But I have you. You shall be made a lesson for others to learn by.” He secured a restraint harness on her. Her mouth was gagged with a white ball.

Markon then turned to Minion. “Prepare the Chamber of Zeal. I shall have her transformed into …a worm,”

“MMMMMNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!” She screamed through the gag.

Then a bell rang

“Cut!  Print!” shouted George. 

The film crew came onto the set

Millie Watt a.k.a. Jillian Hutton slipped free of the chains and unfastened the gag. Then took an offered robe to cover her half-naked body from a stagehand.

George Jones was a director of odd ball films that rated R to rated X films. His current work which Jillian was performing, as its leading star was Star Wars/Buck Rogers/Flash Gordan rip off called Dark Mounds. 

“Mike. Rose.  Nice work. Jillian Good job. Remember you got a 3 am wake up. Mel in make up has a lot of work do for an 8 o’clock shoot. Jillian nodded. This was the first serious role she had in a long while and the worm transformation was the pivotal scene. She had met Mel Lynn only once. It was during a pre-production meeting where the cast had gotten together. The worm was where you became a sexual slave devoid of any thinking. You became a sucking and fucking machine. A preliminary sketch looked like an albino woman bound inside a white-segmented sleeping bag. But a job is a job.

She got it because she was extremely flexible and could go from a lying position to a full standing position without using her hands. She did a lot of interpretive dance and gym in school.

“Oh Jill. Don’t forget what Mel asked.”


Jillian remembered what Mel told her. She was to completely shave every part of her body and have her hair cut short. Which it already was. She was going to shave when she got home. Also she was not eat anything 12 hours before showing up for makeup. She was going to be in the suit for awhile.

The alarm rang.

Jillian showed, shaved, and washed her hair.

If Mel was right she was going to be in a worm suit all day. So she better skip breakfast because it was going to take four hours to get her fitted and just about as many to get her out. So going to the bathroom was a going to be hard if not impossible. Mel’s studio was in one of those unremarkable places in row upon row nameless drab buildings. Mel’s assistant and his girlfriend Moria greeted her at the door. There was a third person Mel introduced as Moe.

“We made some changes to the suit “ Mel smiled. “You will have a little use of your hands.”


“Had any breakfast.”


“Good, but have a shot of orange juice.” He opened a bottle of vitamins. “You will need this.”

Jillian stomach rumbled. She took vitamins and the o.j.

“Okay. Follow Moria and she will get you dressed in a cool suit.”

Jillian with Moria’s help got dressed in a body stocking that covered her from head to toe. A wide slit at the back of the head is where Moria pulled her hair through. To Jillian it looked like the mane of a horse. The crotch and ass had large cutouts. The suit was laced with tiny tubes, which as Moria explained they would run cooled water through.

Then Moe entered. “Okay. We worked out a way you can pee. Because we can only do this once with the budget we have. I got this catheter tube.  Don’t worry. It will feel funny but a lot better than holding it for all day.”

Jillian felt better about that. At least she would be able to drink. So her Pee tube went down the right leg and the cool tube went down the left leg.

“To pee.” Explained Moe after inserting it in and make sure it went into the right ‘hole.’ “You press your heels together and that covers a valve and just let it go.”

The catheter felt funny but she remembered watching a friend with two broken legs and fractured hip have one. The next step was setting up appliance and make up. First Mel inserted an oversized contact lens that made her eyes completely white orbs. Looking in the mirror was shocking but oddly fun. She was told she could keep these. It would be fun to scare a friend or two with these. Next was eye make-up around the eyes and mouth. All white and shiny like boot polish. He clipped back her eyelashes so with her eye open or closed you could not tell. Then came a mouth piece that made her teeth look like a solid white gummy mass. She made some sucking sounds. And her speech was a kind of mush mouth. Due to the lower part of her appliance holding down her tongue slightly. She could still swallow some water.

There was an erotic thrill looking at this form. Really alien.

“Here is the change.” Explained Mel, “I’ll need you to put you hands up by your shoulders with your elbows in.  You fingers will be tendrils that will allow to grab the key that you will take to free Bustom.”

Bustom was another actress whose name is May Weather with shocking red hair. Her role in the film was as her sidekick. She would be captured in order to save her but she manages to free the sidekick, which in turn manages to transform her character back to human. They then overthrow Markon. End of story.

“Here is something I think you will like.”

Mel slipped on a pair of white gloves with cables running out of them. The cables connected to a pasty looking clamshell thing.

By moving his fingers the clam began to make sucking and mouthing motions. It was almost a mouth without a tongue.

“You will be wearing it down here.” Indicating her crotch. “It’s where you hide the key to free Bustom”

Jillian was fascinated with it. “Can you have sex with that?”

“Yes. In fact with the right motions you could suck a mans penis without using your real mouth.”

He said it so matter of factly Jillian wondered if he actually had experimented with it. Mel had her put the gloves on. She practiced with them for awhile. She even let it ‘speak’ while she supplied the voice like a ventriloquist dummy.

Next Mel needed to strap her elbows almost together to keep her shape hourglass figure. Then her hands where strapped to her armpits. It was not comfortable but then Lon Chaney suffered for his craft in the original Hunchback. How could she do any less. She looked like she was doing an impression of chicken with its ‘wings’ strapped to its body. She laid face down on a table. They were connecting and securing all manner of things to her. Chest and back braces straightened her spine and pushed up her breasts.  Then a bra that was more like a cross between Madonna’s bullet bra and two Tupperware bowls. She was grateful for this addition because some trial and error at home had reveled she would be rubbing them on the floor a lot trying to free her sidekick. 

Then came the head pieces. It looked like across between C3PO head and the Intel alien. It was cream colored white with eyeholes but the nose blended smooth to the circular oval mouth hole.  Worms were mouth breathers according to the story. The Helmet snapped together on the back and her mane of hair was pulled through matching slots. A brief look in the mirror held by Mel caused a shudder. It was frighteningly real. Being a sex toy used for only the pleasure of her master. There was a moment of anger and a tingle of excitement. Mel then secured the clamshell to her assisted by Moe. She could not see what they where doing because the helmet went down her neck keeping it rigid. But she could feel something being placed deeply inside her. Mel explained it was the best way to keep the clamshell secured while fitting on the suit.

Worms were like a queen bee of the world George Jones had penned but Markon had changed it some how. Only he could repopulate the Realm. But Markon had created a sterile field which all males where rendered infertile unless the ivory wand was used. Millie Watt however had found men who where deep into the earth and had not been subjected to the sterile field. Hence the sexual revolution.

But the budget and Mel’s schedule had forced them to do the worm scenes first. Then she laid still. Straps where placed about her securing the knee and ankles with foam pads between the joints. Then they lifted her up and moved her to another table. They laid her on a sheet of milky white film and then covered her up to her neck with the same substance. They vacuum-sealed it and used heat guns to melt it into place then cut out the necessary holes. There was a moment of anxiety mixed with humor.  She was helpless chicken being vacuum packed for the market.

The purpose of this was so she did not rupture the cool suit against the tough interior of the worm suit. Then came the suit itself. It looked a lot better than it had in the drawing. To put it on she was slid in headfirst and her head literally popped out of a hole. It sealed around the neck nicely and did not choke her because of the helmet/faceplate. Fingers where pulled through then her breasts popped out. Then she was rolled over and they began the task of lacing the suit closed. Her arms were disguised by a white patch like hump somewhat like a real worm has. The lacings where disguised by a spinal ridge on her back. The feeling is like she was in a tube of toothpaste and being squeezed.

They wheeled her to a room with mirrors on all three sides. On her front she has a line of fur that went from the tip of the tail to the where it ended at the clamshell. The end of her tail looked liked the head of penis only slightly flatter. A double headed dick. Male on one end and female on the other. There had to be some merchandizing possibilities there. She twisted around and even attempted the worm crawl. It was better than she hoped. Worm crawling was more of humping action with the butt rising and pulling the knees up. Then ‘gripping’ with the knees and shifting your weight forward. Then sliding on her breasts.

“Mush Butter.” She spit the words. 

Mel seemed pleased. “Okay, Now we get you on the truck and we will go to the location.


Mel put a hood over her.  She was a little concerned but he did not want the sun in his truck to ‘bake’ her make up. They moved her to a gurney and strapped her down. It was an odd feeling. Blind to the world and helpless. Much like a newborn puppy. She relaxed a little and drifted off. 

Jillian did not wake up until she felt them unstrapping her and lowering her down. It was getting warm but then there was someone at her feet and then she could feel a change in temperature. She thought she heard George in the background and some mewing humming and buzzing sounds. As if some one had swallowed a kazoo. Then the hood was removed and then something snapped around her neck. She blinked to readjust her eyesight. She was in a dungeon. But she was also not the only worm, there where two others. Chained to the wall by their necks. Just like she was. She tried to remember if this was in the script.

The other two, one with a white mane with black tips and the other in a shocking red color, kept trying to say something but their mouth holes had something in them. It was a ruby red oval that had a six-pointed star valve looking seal. It made them look like they where in stuck in a pucker. That talked in a kazoo singsong

“Ooot ett emmm ett oooo” Said white.

“WUUUNNN.” Said red.

Then Mel took something that looked like an oil can opener spout and with other two holding her began to insert it down her throat. She imagined now that she had the same ruby pucker lips to other two. But this was uncomfortable. She talked in a kazoo singsong and her neck was chained to the wall as well. Her feet seemed nailed to the spot by the coolant tube. Something did not feel right. It then dawned on her that the other two ‘worms’ where her fellow actresses. Rose White a.k.a. Minion and Bustom a.k.a. May Weather.

Both red and white seemed agitated by something and she could not tell what. George approached her and they really started kicking up a fuss.

“Will you two ladies be quiet. Please.”

She saw them both shudder a moment and where silent.

George turned his attention to her. “Okay. Just nod if you understand.”

She did and even hummed an affirmative.

“Good. This is where Markon enters after your transformation. He will have the wand with him.  Follow his cues. At first you are totally taken as a worm. His touch causes you to hum and moan with pleasure. But then as he back away and leaves. You realize what he has done to you and your friends and you when get mad and I want you to shed a tear. We will do second cuts after the master shot.”

The bell rang. Jillian prepared herself.


‘Markon’ entered from the stone steps and then looked at her. Jillian and the others hummed and buzzed with anticipation.

“So I see you have survived the process. I also stopped your rebellion. Your only allies have joined you as you can see. Their minds where not as strong as yours however. I will take great pleasure in breaking your will.”

He drew out the ivory wand from its sheaf. It was a long thin white rod the looked like a stretched penis with a red tip.

Jillian actually became emotionally excited. She began to softly whine like a puppy.

“Rise. Rise my worms. Show your master your devotion.”

She started to work her way from a lying down position to a kneeling position. Then leaning backwards. She arched her back and started flexing her tendrils.  The clamshell began it mouthing movements. The other two worms where matching her moves. Then she struggled to her feet and stood on her tail. She began to sway slightly and grind her hips to an unheard music. All three where moving in unison. Swaying to the slow moving movement of Markon wand. God she was getting horny.

“Down my pets, down.”

She fell to the stomach with plop.  She managed to keep her eye on Markon. Even though she knocked some of the wind out of her. There had to been some last minute changes to the script and realized they could not go over with her about them. It was the only explanation. But the others where doing a better job of acting than she thought they could. Markon touched her on the cheek, she snuggled to it acting as if she had not had the warm touch of any man for such a long time. She let out a small hum of pleasure. Then Markon pulled his hand away. She started to beg. Whine like a puppy. Or hum and buzz like one any way.

“Yes. You understand. You know what is needed of you. And what you need. But I have other duties.”

Markon drew away and Jillian began to scream/hum louder.

When the door closed she let a cry of anguish. She began to cry. The other whimpered along with her.


There was applause and Jillian felt like she had won the academy award. Mel and his two assistants came forward with bottle with long straws. They reminded her of hamster water bottles. Rose and May or White and Red she thought of them. Still seemed agitated but settled down when given their bottles.

“Okay people Lunch.” Yelled George.

Lunch. How long had the make up taken? Much less the ride to the set? After awhile George and Mel’s team where the only ones on the set.

George stood in front of all of them “I’m sorry to say this, but I wanted you ‘ladies’ to know that your services will not longer be required.” Jillian tried to say anything but choked a little on the water. Then the light went out. The bottles where removed.

A soft glow came from their eyes. Jillian too. It nearly blinded her. It was from the make up. It must be the glow in the dark kind. It began to fade to where it did not hurt to open her eyes. Looking at her other two captives. She saw they had glowing white orbs for eyes and the ridge down the back glowed. There was a glow down each of their backside ridgelines down the worms back.

“Mmooorrzzzz” She yelled out.

“Millz” said another worm beside her.

This was not funny. She tried to snap the chain like she had on the table yesterday but it held. It was a real iron collar Also the wall was a real wall.

“WWRozzz” Jillian tried to say. She tried spitting out the pucker gag but it would not come out. 

“Morzz izz zzaa zahver!” said Rose. Or she thought it was Rose

Jillian did not get what Rose was saying and May was sobbing terribly. She tried worm crawling to one of the others. Maybe she could unhook them or something but the chain and her  ‘tail’ nailed to the ground did not help any. She could only brush up against another. That caused a jot of electricity and she felt numb for awhile. More like a static shock but it went right to her head.

“MMEELLZZZ” No one was here but the three of them. Where were they anyway? She never did see the outside of the building. The light came back on. Six men she never saw before carried three boxes. They looked like coffins. Jillian wanted out of this damm worm suit now. She tried but her arms where too well secured against her body and she did not have any leverage. The movers unlocked the chain from Rose first and all six of them began to lift her and drop her in the box and strap her into it. Rose struggled but they held her down quite easily. Jillian began to scream at the top of her lungs. 

“Quiet.” Said one of the movers. Jillian kept going. Something was wrong. The crew or somebody had to know what is going on. “Ok sweetheart. You asked for it.” She barely caught sight of the device as one mover aimed it her. There was a buzz and a shock to her throat cause her vocal cords to go numb. It hurt like hell and numbed her vocal cords. She wanted to get free. 

Then it was May’s turn. She did not struggle or put up any fight. She had all but given up. Now it was her turn. She could not scream or even say anything. Her throat was raw and that little shock was intensely painful but she was not going to go into that box with out putting up a fight. Although they did not seem to have any trouble with her. She had some satisfaction it took all six to hold and secure her. The lid was secured and with the exception of the slowly fading soft glow from her body. She could not see anything. What was worse was that all that struggling made her hot and she was not connected to any sort of coolant. She lay still hoping that natural convection would let her cool off. 

She knew she was not going to die. They had gone to a lot of trouble so far and who ever they where, did not want them dying on them. But it was getting stuffy in this box. It was ironic how she was nearly in the same situation her father was in when they went on camping trip right before she went to collage. Dad avoided hitting a dear and drove off the road. The car rolled over and some how had him pinned. Dad had taken one of his shortcuts and taken the back roads so there were no other cars on the road and there was a ranger fire watch station in distance. She ran to get help and could have easily given up but did not. Dad was rescued but died on the operating table. Mom committed suicide three months later. That left her all alone. Just like she was now. Alone and in the dark. Some how she knew she was going to survive this.

There was some movement and she felt the box shift. Then cooled compressed air filled the box. She drifted off and having no sense of time. She was deaf and blind to the world. The glow had faded and her body ached form being immobile for such an indeterminate amount of time. When the box opened the bright lights of the room blinded her. After a moment she focused on where ever she was. The room was stark white with the exception of black strips on the floor that looked like leather. She was weak from not eating and stiff from not moving. She did not put up a struggle.

She was the last one out of the box. She saw Rose and May across the room. Their faces planted against the far wall. One person dressed in black jumpsuit with a blue circle on his shoulder got her attention and indicated to her with out saying a word that she was to go to a small blue circle on the far wall. He mimed an eating motion and pointed to the circle. The symbol was small and about three feet from where Rose was lying. As she worm crawled to it. She saw a tube protruding out of it. The prospect of eating something made her stomach growl. Jillian moved quickly to the feeding tube and placed her sucker pucker mouth over it. There was a slight click and she reflexivity tried to pull away but couldn’t. She felt like she had been tricked or fooled. 

She could not taste what was being pumped down her because the thing they slid down her throat bypassed her tongue. But she was able to swallow it. She felt like an animal being bottle-fed. Which in retrospect she was or had become. Moreover she began to feel like her body had somehow recharged itself. There was a feeling of electricity around her. In fact the feeling grew the closer she got to the feeding tube. Jillian realized there was a lot more going on than she knew. A brief glance to the side saw Rose suckling from a red triangle. She could not see May past Rose but she suspected that each of them had a different color and shape. An odd thought came to her. Red, white, and blue. Or rather red, white and blond.

If this was a joke. She was not laughing

Jillian was being forced to eat to her fill or digest what ever they thought she should have. People came. She could see Rose bring led off out of the corner of her eye. Then it was May’s turn. Then finally hers. It became clear that they where not being allowed to relatively free together. They handled each of them one at a time. The food tube let her go,

“HHEETT MMEE HHMOOO” Trying to demand that they let her go sounded like some preschool TV character.

They ignored her and the fasten a collar and leash to her. She didn’t move. Blue circle held out a small box. Then held out three fingers. Then one by one the finger began to count down. At zero. Or when he made a fist. The person pressed a button on the box. She felt a shock that went down the length of her body. Never had she felt such blinding pain. It brought tears to her eyes and then she felt a tug on her leash. When she did not move she saw him do a finger count down. Immediately she slithered to the indicated direction. Jillian got the message.

Either she was getting better at this inch worm type of movement or it was the incentive of not getting shocked again. Down another passage way with the regular black striping on the floor. She felt the same feeling again when she was going to the feeding tube. Like she was getting recharged. She could feel electricity around her. Some how she was building up a static charge when she passed over the strips. She flashed on something she learned in high school. That when two materials pass over each other, Friction will generate a static charge. She then remembered Mel putting that coating on her. The one they had so carefully sealed around her. It reminded her of the way a battery was constructed. She was a living battery. Which made her, her own worse enemy. That was why when she touched one of the others, she grounded out. It also explained their handlers mode of dress.

That little revelation did not seem to be any of immediate help as she was led into a circular room with three equally spaced circular sunken beds in the room. Rose and May where already in theirs ‘beds’. There was a blue circle over her bed.  The last symbol she found out was a green square. The room or rather she was getting hot. Her trainer or handler jerked upward on the leash. It took moment but her trainer signaled up with a pointed finger. She raised up and struggled to her knees. He held up a hand in a stop motion. Then went behind her. Jillian could feel him inserting a probe in at her feet. Soon she could feel the cool water circulate around her. She also could relieve the growing pressure in her bladder. Her handler mimed going to sleep. Then left the room. Rose and May looked like they were out and she realized she could not keep her eyes open either. Was the food drugged or was she truly exhausted.

There was no day or night. She had no sense of time. So when her handler got her she could have been asleep for an hour or a day. She always seemed to be last to be attended to. She had not tested her umbilical cord to see if she was anchored down or not. Jillian wanted to get out of this nightmare but there did not seem to any way of doing that. Again she was finding herself inch worm crawling down the striped hallway to a room with three platforms in a circle, the center had a pillar or cylinder. A sharp yank on her leash stopped her. Inside she was boiling mad. She knew this was degrading and not a movie. The fantasy had taken a life of it’s own and in the process took her life. She was lifted up on to the platform and she felt herself being secured to it by the neck and feet. Then something seemed to crawl into her through the clamshell.

She screamed. More from than shock then anything else.  Jillian could see both May and Rose must have felt the same thing because they where writhing and screaming too. She was panting and oddly enough getting excited. Then she heard a sound of a heel sharply striking the floor. She turned her head as much as she could to seek out the source of the sound. A man dress in a tux came into view. He had a cane with a large crystal at one end. He inserted it into the cylinder and walked around it. He was tall and she could see his dark hair and hazel eyes only through the tops her eyes. Rose called out to him but he ignored her. After awhile he paced around in a circle like he was admiring a trophy.

Clearing his throat he spoke in a very low sinister type of voice. .

“Greetings my pets. That’s who you are and who you will stay. I do not know who you are nor do I care. You are who and what I say you are.” Rose started kicking up a fuss and her trainer held out three fingers in front of her. Immediately she quieted down. The man continued speaking. “I am the only voice you will ever hear. Each of you have a handler. They are never to speak to you. You may have learned that they can inflict incredible pain. But only I can give you pleasure.”

He held up an another control device and pressed it. Immediately Jillian felt her entire body become alive. She could feel the slow building of the most tremendous orgasm she would ever have in her life. She swooned and her voice hummed a moan of expectation and wanting. Then it died. She hummed and moaned disappointment. Rose and May where also begging for more. What did they do to her?

“Your lessons began today.”

Her handler forced a tube into her mouth. “Each of you are dependent on the other survival. Air, food and comfort are now randomly controlled by each of you. To provide these things you must grip the plunger inserted into your clits. Then pull upward. Release. And push downward and repeat the process.”

It was becoming warm and it was getting harder to breathe. She pushed up her ass and closed her hands. Making the clamshell clit grab the plunger that had been inserted into her. Then pressed down making sure to open her hands. He said that with a purpose. Jillian had no doubt that he meant every word he said. Air began to return and she started to cool off. May was pumping way like a trip hammer but she was going to burn herself out and here was no way to know how long they would be on this.  Jillian started to hum out a cadence. Soon both May and Rose when humping in time.

Jillian realized that if they where to survive they where going to have to work together and then find a means of escape. Any means necessary.

That or she was going to be a worm forever.


The end.



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