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The Wormrace

by JefWee

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© Copyright 2011 - JefWee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/f; MF/mf; club; D/s; bond; catsuit; armbinder; gag; sleepsack; bagged; chast; toys; race; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

So here you are. Saturday. You just arrived in the city of Las Vegas. You are here for business, however you noticed that there is some serious kinky stuff happening in the “City of Sin” this week. You hope to have some pleasure in the weekends as well, therefore you planned to stay the weekend before and the weekend after the business week. The local BDSM munch is organizing the “Kinky Gambling Campaign”. Before your trip you ordered the brochure, to see what is happening this week.

There is a long list of activities to chose from. This evening the recommended activity is the Kinky Garden Wormrace and after party. Dress code: from naked to white tie. You decide to check it out. First you wander around the Las Vegas Strip a bit, have diner, change your clothes into something which makes you look rather delicious and go to the Kinky Garden.

The Kinky Garden is located in a basement hall of one of the big casinos, and it wasn't hard to locate. The entrance doesn't look very appealing. It is just a simple door, with two big bouncers standing next to it and a counter-desk. The bouncers aren't kinky at all. They are just big, and they look a bit dangerous in their tuxedos.

“Hello, can I enter.” You ask the least scary bouncer.

“It is your first visit?”

“Yes it is.”

“Then you have to become a member of the Kinky Garden Club. This is because the club is only opened for members. If we would open for the general public we would have some serious problems with the state of Nevada. The membership fee is for free if you wish to go through an initiation ritual, otherwise it is 50 bucks. We also need a copy of a credit card. When you leave all items will be payed for charging your credit card. You receive a chipped key to pay inside the club. Furthermore you will have to fill in a rather long list of questions.”

You are very tempted to be initiated in an unknown kinky club. And all kind of weird fantasies explode in your head. However you decide to play it save.

“I would like to pay the 50 dollars.”

The other bouncer just makes one statement: “Pity.” While he tries to smile friendly to you.

After filling in the membership form and paying the money you finally enter the Kinky Garden.

Behind the entrance door is a 30 foot long tunnel. Near the end of the tunnel a man dressed in a leather tuxedo sits behind a counter.

“Hi, what do you want to do today?”

“What are the possibilities?”

“You could go through an initiation ritual.”

“No, thank you, I just payed the membership fee.”

“Pity. How do you feel today, dom or sub?”

“I feel curious today, but I would go for dominant.”

“Well that makes things easier. All subs wear a collar, if there is a little padlock attached to it it means they are owned. When they do not wear a padlock they can approached. When they wear a transparent collar they are actively looking for a dominant, and are hear to chat. When they wear a white collar they want to play today, here and now, we call them the “playful”. When they wear a black collar they belong to the club. Remember that it is not a sub hunt, and that subs should be treated respectfully. Do you want to have a tour around the Kinky Garden?”

“Yes, please.”

“Do you sexually prefer women or men?”


The man in the leather tuxedo moves to a phone and you hear him ask for a “tour sub”. You do notice that the man is also wearing a black collar with a padlock. So he is a club owned sub.
One minute later to your surprise, a secret door behind you opens, you hear it click and you turn around. A stunning beauty walks through the door. Wearing black high heels she is exactly your height. She wears a transparent mesh catsuit, which shows you all her curves, and do not hide anything to your imagination. You can only think that this is the way a woman should look. Her arms are tied behind her in a spandex darlex armbinder, making her breasts stand out. She is blindfolded and gagged. The man in the leather tuxedo walks to her, and removes the blindfold and the gag. When he does that her long red curly hair falls over her shoulders. You also notice almond shaped green eyes. You notice that she is wearing a white collar without a padlock. This puzzles you a bit.

Did the dominant who tied her remove the padlock and left her standing in the middle of the club? Or did she volunteer to be introduced to newbies?

The man in the leather tuxedo moves away. And the sub speaks to you while her eyes are lowered to the floor.

“Hello, my name in cassandra and I would like to show you around the Kinky Garden. Can you please follow me?”

Without saying a thing the man in the leather tuxedo puts a padlock around her collar and leashes her to a long dog leash. He hands you over the leash and the key of the padlock. “When the tour is over can you please return her to the sub distribution master.”

“The sub distribution master?” You ask puzzled.

“Yes that is where all the unplayed playful go. The distribution system keeps them busy until a play opportunity is available for them. We used to leave the playful wandering the great hall, but now that there are so many white collared subs, we need some extra logistics. Especially know with this Kinky Gambling Campaign the number of playful increased.”

You really wonder where you are heading this evening. It seems that you have entered paradise.

You follow cassandra through the next entrance. She pulls you a bit forward, like a dog that wants to go out. You notice that she walks with a lot of grace and confidence on her high heels.

The place is huge, at least as big as one soccer field and the ceiling is high. There are bars everywhere. There are adult playing facilities everywhere. You immediately notice that there is a girl, an angel, suspended to the ceiling, 20 feet high at least. She slowly moves along a rails in the ceiling and she seems to travel around the whole place.

Cassandra notices that you look at the angel. “You are looking at the sub-coaster. It is a very nice experience. After filing my membership, I was assigned to it as my initiation ritual. The sub has a safety switch and there are inbuilt monitoring systems. People can make various bets on the sub-coaster. How long will the sub stand it, or rather fly it. What will the heart rate be after five minutes. I liked it very much and did the circuit 5 times before the coaster master ended my ride.”

So this cassandra lady really knows the place!

“So how long have you been a member cassandra?”

“I have been a member for two months now.”

“How long have you been into BDSM?”

“Since I became member of the kinky garden.” This somehow amazes you, because she seems such an hardcore sub. “This is one of the bars. The bartenders are club owned subs. The serving girls can be  playfull, or club owned subs.”

You notice that one of the bartenders is a naked club-owned man, and a locked chain connected to the bar is attached around his balls, his cock is encased into some kind of chastity device. The black collared serving girls are attired in conservative french maid suits and behave like normal serving girls. The white collar serving girls are dressed in the same way as “your” cassandra. High heeled, armbinders, mesh catsuits. They carry a serving tray, which is buckled to there waist and kept in balance with straps to there shoulders.

“How do those white collared serving girls take orders?”

“Well we just have to remember, subs are not stupid. Off course if we make a mistake we are punished.”

At that moment a serving girl bends over and presents her ass to a customer. This customer takes a cane, and hits her ass a couple of times. The customer is a man in his late forties. He is talking to some friends. Transparent collared people and non-collared people.

“How can you prove if somebody makes a mistake, when no notes are made?”

Cassandra needs to think on that question for a while.

“Honestly, white collar serving girls tend to make a lot of mistakes. And as a rule the customer is always right.”

Cassandra now tells you some things you already read in the membership agreement.

“In this hall sexual intercourse is prohibited. We have some smaller play halls, where you can fuck a sub until he or she cannot remember her name. Of course the place is monitored by “Garden masters”. We have a lesbian, gay and hetero playroom. There is also an orgy room where all types of activity can be done between sexes. On average this great hall exhibits the most stringent bondage and discipline. Most activity happens here, and occasionally when a few couples go to the other playrooms it might happen that most activity shifts to that room. Off course the gay room has a no woman policy and the lesbian room has a no man policy. However all rooms have adjacent voyeur rooms with windows to look at the action and seats to relax. Especially the lesbian room voyeur seats are very popular. Each playroom contains a bar and a play hall. By the way being a serving girl in the hetero room, means that you will have a lot of action as a sub. I volunteered once as a serving girl in the lesbian bar, that was my most masochistic experience yet, my ass and nipples still hurt. Dominatrices can be very cruel.“

Cassandra tells you with a smile.

An announcement is made over the hall speakers “The first round of the worm-race is starting in 10 minutes.”

“Do you like to go to the worm-race?”

“Yes I would like that very much. So what is a worm.”

“You will see.”

She keeps pulling you forward, and the leash is strained. It annoys you a little bit that she does this, however you can not help it, because you clearly don't know where to go. You admire her ass as you walk behind her. You look around you and although most people don't seem to care some people look at you. Or at least you think they look at you. You think that they think you are another newbie who is overwhelmed. You decide to walk beside cassandra. How hard can it be to keep up with a high heeled armbinded woman? Not hard indeed. And you can forgive yourself from smiling when you walk next to your cassandra with the unstrained leash in your hand. She escorts you to the middle of the hall. It is a circular place with elevated seats around it. This area is called the arena. The floor is made out of white marble.

“Normally this area is used for pony play.” Cassandra informs you. Today you do not notice any ponyboys or girls or carts.

You immediately notice what a worm is though. One is laying on the ground. Judging the size you think it is a girl. She is covered head to toe in a red spandex sleep-sack. She tries to move forward in a snake like manner, curling her small body in such a way that she moves forward. There is a man dressed in red spandex catsuit with I microphone behind her. He seems to be commanding her to go in a certain direction.

Another worm is prepared in a golden spandex sleep sack. It is a fairly big well-muscled man. An announcer announces that this worm is last year champion worm. Therefore this year he has a extra handicap. The man will receive 4 pounds of extra weight. And a ball-gag, but-plug and ball-stretcher are weighted on a weight scale. 4 pounds exactly. One black collared assistant girl ceremonially inserts the but-plug into his anus, while another black collared girl attaches the heavy looking ball-stretcher around his balls. The big muscled man groans a bit. The girl who inserted the but-plug also pushes the ball gag into his mouth. The other girl plugs earphones into he ears. A dominant looking woman wearing a golden PVC catsuit, with the front zipper down just far enough to admire her full decollete says: “Test. Test” into a microphone” and you see the man nod his head.

The golden dominatrix then makes a hand-gesture to the assistant girls, apparently a sign to continue. The man is dressed up into the golden spandex sleep-sack. His arms go into special interior sleeves. He is rolled to his stomach and he is zipped up with the rear zipper. Then the assistants roll him on on his back, and unzip his cock and balls. Now his cock, balls and the ball-stretcher can wiggle freely. 

Somewhere else a box is open and another worm is rolled out of the box. This is a green worm. Probably it is also a man. There is is a man in a green spandex catsuit controlling this worm. He coaches him to the starting point.

An announcer now announces that in this first heat of the first round there are six contenders. The first two worms go to the second round, which will be held on monday or wednesday. They need to worm themselves somehow from the starting position around four anchors in the arena. In total the circuit is a 200 feet long circuit. They can't see, so they will be coached by their trainers with wireless earphones.
Contender number one is apparently a 27 year old professional athlete from Texas. It is the golden man: “bruno”, last years champion, but now he has to pull 4 pounds of strategically placed extra weight.  This announcement makes the audience grin.
Contender number 2 is the green “hornet”, an 35 year old architect from Colorado, last year he failed to go through to the next round. Number three is a 40 year old housewife from San Francisco dressed in a pink spandex sleep-sack. It is her first wormrace and her wormname is “pinky”.
Number four a black worm named “scumbag” is a 30 year old man. He is a used car salesman, and he met his current dominatrix by selling her a shiny Mercedes which broke down after a month, apparently they are best friends now. Last year she guided him worming out of the arena and into the gay playroom. She was stopped by the arena masters though. Her slave afterwards went willingly into the gay area and she went to see the action through the voyeur room.
Contender number five is a 33 year old associate professor from Boston, her research involves amoebas, she is wearing a leopard sleep-sack, and you notice that she looks very slim. It is her first race and her wormname is “five of six”. Contender number six is the red ladyworm “scarlet”, she is a local 24 year old local girl who finishes her MSc in psychology this year and is also a gymnastic. 

“Please make your bets.” Says the announcer.

“Can you give me advise cassandra.”

“This humble sub can only tell you that she knows the red girl. She comes here a lot. She is tough as a rock and I know she practiced for this event. However, all the others have probably also practiced, off course. And off course Bruno was last year champ. It is fair to say that to my knowledge no previous champ ever achieved to go through to the second round in the next year though.”

You go to the betting table. It is like a roulette table. There are six colored circles. You decide to gamble $50 buck on the slim scientist in the leopard sleep-back. If she studies amoebas she might know how to move as a big single cell sleep-back. You decide to spend another $50 on the girl in red. She is a gymnastic, practices and is the youngest contender. You receive a chipped token. You think bruno is helpless with the piece of iron around his balls, you saw how the hornet was rolled out of his box and wonder if that is the right preparation. Worm scumbag and pinky are not real contenders in your mind.

Together with cassandra you go and stand in the audience. Five worms are in the starting position. You worry, because scarlet is missing. She is still worming around her handler, while her handler is talking confidently to somebody. scarlet seems to be stretching her muscles. The handler of scarlet is interrupted by an assistant girl and he simply lifts scarlet from the ground, and puts her gently on her starting position. He gives her a tap on her but. The starting procedure is done by a beautiful woman dressed in a very nice black and purple gown. “lay still” She waits for twenty seconds and the audience is very silent. All music in the great hall stops. You could hear a coin drop to the ground, if it did. Then she simply shoots a starting pistol. An the worms start moving.

Bruno in gold takes an early lead he moves in a very aggressive motion. He uses his body as a spring, jumps a bit and moves at least one and a half meter with each motion. It's hard to explain how he moves. But after 5 or 6 of his awkward jumps a loud tick is heard because his ball-stretcher hits the marble floor. He already gained 10 feet on the others but he clearly is in pain and he stops for at least ten seconds. His handler is talking through his earphones to relax him a bit. You see her nodding her head with a caring worried face.

The girls on which you placed your bet are in second and third place. scarlet is moving like a red viper. She  moves on her side curving her legs and spine in a smooth way. Her motion looks elegant and erotic in a weird way. You also see her feminine curves best because she is on her side. It is nice to see a girl worm around like that. Worm five of six is moving like an amoeba. It resembles brunos technique, only it is less aggressive and it seems to be more fluent and more energy efficient. You feel confident that you placed your bets right.
The other three contenders first rolled around to their back and use their legs. They bend the knees and try to push their heels to the floor to push away. This would probably be a winning technique... However on the smooth marble floor they do not seem to get enough traction on the heels of their body.

Soon bruno is overtaken by scarlet and five of six. First to reach the first anchor is scarlet.

“What are you thinking about cassandra?” You ask as you see cassandra looking concentrated to the race.

“This humble sub definitely wants to participate in these races once. Scarlet really looks great and she is doing well.”

You smile. You are in the kinky heaven you always wondered about.

Worms scarlet, five of six and bruno pass the first anchor. Worm bruno is not moving as aggressive as he used to do. Although he now seems to keep up with the two ladyworms. You are worried that he might sprint in the end. This bruno surely would be capable of speeding up, it all depends how concerned he is about his balls.

A clear gap is forming between the first three and last three worms. Worm scarlet is in the lead and worm five of six and worm bruno chase as fast as their sleep-sacks allow behind her.

Worn scarlet passes the last anchor on the wrong side. Her trainer starts swearing in her microphone and you see scarlet making a fast roll to adjust her error. Meanwhile five of six passes the anchor and the worms bruno and scarlet collapse into each other when scarlet makes her turn again. In this derby worm five of nine clearly moves on target for the last couple of meters for her first victory. You cheer because you know you at least earn some money out of this event.

Worms bruno and scarlet now are side to side, lined up for the finish, and actually scarlets knees are pushing against brunos naked cock for a couple of times. The golden trainer stands up and starts swearing to scarlets trainer.

“No fair.” she swears.

“Go girl go girl” says the trainer of scarlet ignoring the woman in gold.

Now the trainer of bruno realizes she made a mistake by saying “no fair”. Poor bruno, who was already in agony, because his balls hurt like they have been in the middle of a piece of metal and a piece of marble, just stops for a few seconds. If he would have been capable of thought. His Mistresses words “no fair” meant he probably already lost. “No no keep going. Go you big fool go go go.” Poor bruno now moves on but it seems that his agony has taken over. He just doesn't have the power to speed up his pace. Viper-like scarlet wins in second place.

Now the race screen says:
First: leopard - five of six - 0
Second: red – scarlet – 5 ui
Third: gold – bruno – 15 ui
fourth: green – hornet - 90
fifth: pink – pinky - 100
sixth: black – scumback 2 - DNF

You cheer but you wonder. You ask cassandra: “What does the ui mean.”

“This humble submissive thinks it means under investigation.”

After some time the announcer says: The second and third place have been under investigation. It was clear that red has hit gold in the balls. However according to the judges this can happen in a worm-race and it has not been done intentionally. Out of leniency red has offered that scarlet will suck brunos cock to release a bit of his pain. His mistress Victoria has announced that every lady who want to join, can also suck brunos cock after scarlet has drawn first cum. This will happen in twenty minutes starting with scarlet at 20:35 in the orgy playroom, and sucking will continue till 21:35. A betting table will be in place and you can bet how often bruno might come in this hour. Victoria gives you one hint: he hasn't had an orgasm in three weeks. The next worn race will be postponed till 22:00.

With a smile on your face you go to the betting table.

“Lucky you.” The man behind the table says. He also eyes cassandra. “You get 6 times $50 for having picked the first finisher. As well as a jackpot round because you placed two bets on first and second. That is an additional 30 times $100. Totaling  a $3300. So your gain is $3200.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Shall we continue our tour.” You ask cassandra.

“Well I am afraid the tour is over.” cassandra tells you.

“Should I bring you back to the distribution master?”

“Yes. But since you do not know where it is I will bring you.”

You walk beside cassandra to a corner of the great hall. Two man in leather are talking to each other.

“Done playing with her already?” One asks.

“Actually she was only my tour sub guide.”

The man looks puzzled.

“Cassandra, you did explain your rules, did you.” the other man says to cassandra.

“Not yet.” she smiles.

Cassandra starts explaining “This is the sub distribution corner. As a sub you can come here and you will be given a form to give your preferences. How you wanna play, with what kind of person you wanna play with, you know: the things. The padlock around my collar contains a chip with all my information. You can read the chip with one of the computers in this area. As a dominant you come here and you have to explain what kind of play you want to play, and what kind of sub you prefer. This humble sub has been selected as your tour sub based on the preferences you gave in your membership form, as well as the preferences I gave in my sub form. When you entered I was just being prepared to serve as service girl in the great hall. Hence my attire. The sub distribution corner has a secret door to the entrance. I was blindfolded and gagged and had to walk 6 or 7 steps before I met you. Please look into my profile.” She says while she bends over to a chip reader to show her profile on a big 50 inch screen.

You see a menu and you select top 5 photos. You see a photo of cassandra acting as a serving girl, not wearing the spandex armbinder, but wearing a bolero straightjacket. Next you see a photo of her being punished by a dominatrix, stretched on a table, her nipples almost seem to be ripped of by this dominatrix, her face in agony. Next you see her is a hemp rope Japanese bondage karada harness, smiling innocent. Then you see her flying the sub coaster in a complicated hemp rope bondage. And finally you see her the way you first saw her spandex armbinder, ball-gagged, blindfolded, mesh catsuit, high heels. This picture has the date tagged, today 19:14.

You look through her resume.
Cassandra Waters, bisexual, student psychology, Las Vegas, 24 years. Natural red hear.
Slutty preferences:
Hardcore bondage slut. Notes: very flexible. Gymnast, ballerina. She is very fit, and wants to be tied up tight. Likes challenging positions.
Minor to Moderate pain slut. Notes: serving in the lesbian playroom was a bit too intense ;-)
Minor to Moderate fuck slut. Notes: I really don't like it up in my ass. Medium but-plugs are OK though. Curious about gang-bangs, but not willing to try yet. I like giving oral pleasure.
Moderate obedience slut. Notes: This humble submissive is here to serve.

You can only exclaim one thing at this moment

“You seem to be a dream coming true.” You say smiling to cassandra.

“Do you want to play with me?” cassandra asks you her eyes lowered to the ground, her face in an innocent smile.

You have got $3200 of pocket money you are in a bondage amusement park and a willing submissive presents herself. Have fun! You answer her question.




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