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The Three Mummies

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2004 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; mum; enclosure; cocoon; kidnap; nc; X

Part 1 - Anakamum

Egypt, the year 500 B.C.

Princess Anakamum was very suspicious about this new advisor that her father had appointed to look over the family affairs.  She didn't like the way he moved, the way he talked, or the way his attitude indicated that he was interested in more then just the families well being.

Princess Anakamum was a beautiful tall woman with golden flowing hair, who had a sweet personality and was a joy to get to know.  She was the fourth daughter in the royal family of Egypt.  She also had two sisters, Demetriery, and Salalo.

For the past month, the new family advisor, Targonamey had been sneaking down to the basement at night when nobody was around.  Except for Anakamum.  She would watch quietly from behind a pillar when he went through the mysterious wooden door into the dungeon beneath the palace.  Princess Anakamum didn't know what was down in the dungeon.  Only the family elders were allowed down there.  She did know that her ancestors were buried in there.  On several occasions she had also watched, as condemned prisoners were lead down there, never to be seen again.  She asked her parents what was down there, but they had never told her.  But now she was going to find out for herself.

Late that month, on the last day of summer, Anakamum watched as Targonamey went down into the dungeon through the wooden door.  Anakamum followed him quietly, her bare feet gently slapping against the marble floor.  She was dressed only in a white gown, desiring quietness of movement over covering her lovely form.  She paused behind a pillar as Targonamey went through the door and down a mysterious dark tunnel.  Amazingly, he left the door open a slight crack.  Seeing that her chance to see what he was doing had come, Anakamum quietly went up to the door and went through it, stepping into the tunnel that led to the dungeon.

Inside the tunnel, Anakamum found a spiral staircase.  Curious and cautious, she followed it downwards, wondering where it went.  She could faintly hear Targonamey's footsteps from down below, for he was still going down the staircase.  After several minutes of careful walking, Anakamum reached the bottom.  There was another wooden door waiting for her.  She carefully opened it and went through it.

Anakamum found herself in a huge brightly-lit tunnel that seemed to stretch on forever.  Torches lit the tunnel, the light stretching upwards into the ceiling.  Up ahead she could make out the faint form of Targonamey, walking into a door.  Determined to see what he was up to, Anakamum quickened her pace, knowing that whatever he was up to, it was behind the door.  She quickly reached it, and found it slightly open, just like the ones before her.  Some sixth sense was buzzing, telling her that something was not right.  But she ignored it and pressed on.  She gently opened the door and went inside.  Inside there was darkness.  Targonamey was nowhere to be seen.  Anakamum quietly went forward, when something slammed on her head.  She instantly fell to the ground, knocked unconscious by the blow.  Targonamey went forward, looking at his captive.  "Good work."  He told his bodyguards.  "Take her to the room.  You know which one."

The next morning, Anakamum's parents and siblings sat down together for breakfast.  But when Anakamum did not show up, they decided to eat withought her.  So they ate.  But when she did not appear by lunch, they started getting concerned.  They dispatched the guards to search the entire palace for her.  But even they could not find her anywhere within its walls.

Anakamum moaned a little, coming out of her darkness.  A large bump was on her head and it hurt.  She tried to rub it, but found that her arms wouldn't move.  She looked and found to her surprise that her wrists were manacled in black steel.  Frightened she tried to move them, but the manacles that cuffed her wrists refused to let go of her.  She looked down and saw that her ankles were cuffed in the same way.  She also noticed that she was now quite naked, her white gown gone.  She looked around, trying to see where she was. 

Anakamum was in a large dimly lit chamber.  She was lying on a stone tablet in the middle of the room.  "Hello?"  She called out, seeing if anyone was there.  "Is there anyone there?"  The only response was a small giggle.  Then Targonamey came out of the darkness. 

"Targonamey!"  Anakamum said.  "What's going on?  Why am I here?" 

"Why are you here?"  Targoanamey asked.  "Why, I'll tell you.  You are here because you are an important part of my plan." 

"What?  What plan." 

"Oh, you will see soon enough."  He giggled.  "But right now that is not your concern.  Your concern should be with your brother and your sisters." 

"What?!"  She shouted.  "What are planning to do to them you monster?!" 

But to this Targonamey does not respond.  He simply smiles and indicates to the darkness.  His five bodyguards appear.  "Prepare her."  He says.  "And make sure she is comfortable."  Grinning, the bodyguards come towards her. 

Anakamum panics, trying to get away.  But the manacles on her wrists and ankles refuse to let her budge.  The five bodyguards surround her stone bed.  Each carries a large chest.  They put it down and open the chest.  Anakamum cannot see what is inside the chests.  Then the bodyguards rise up, each holding a large thick roll of white cotton bandages.  Anakamum's eyes go wide, wondering what they are planning.  From the back of the room, Targonamey's voice is heard.  "Wrap her up."  He says.  The bodyguards grin and descend on Anakamum.  They move quickly, making sure that the process takes a minimum amount of time.
Three of the bodyguards go to her upper body and grab hold of her arms and chest and press down hard, making sure that her movements are all but eliminated. 

Anakamum struggles and squeals, but it is in vain.  The two bodyguards get to work on her legs.  They unlock the manacle from her cream white right leg.  She tries to kick them, but before she can, her leg is grabbed and forced out straight.  One bodyguard holds the leg while the other takes the bandages and begins to wrap her foot.  Wind by wind her foot is encased, then the bandaging moves on to Anakamums leg.  The bandages wind around it, encasing the creamy white color behind the bandages.  The bandaging is doe up to her hip.  When the leg is wrapped, it is re-cuffed and the process is repeated with her other leg.  When it too is wrapped, both legs are placed together and another layer is done over them, combing both legs into a solid white mass of bandages.

Anakamum watches in both amazement and horror, wondering what on earth these men are doing to her.  Then they begin to work on her mid-section, wrapping her chest and buttocks up into the rapidly constructing cocoon that she is being encased in. 

When Anakamums body is wrapped her arms are wrapped as well, the hands and fingers becoming formless white masses.  Then her arms are forcibly crossed over her chest.  She struggles and fights for all she is worth, but it is too little, too late.  The bandages are wound around her, tighter and tighter, her cocoon becoming more and more restrictive and confining.  The cotton bandages embracing her, ever wrap encasing her even more then before.  Very soon, all of her body is now white and compressed under the wrappings.  The only part of her that is left unwrapped is her head.  The bandages stop just under her chin.  The bodyguards lie her back down on the stone table and then get out three leather straps that are applied to her body, holding her down on the table.  She struggles and squirms, but her body cocoon does not permit her any movement outside of a wiggle.  But her head thrashes and buckles.  Then Targonamey comes in, looking over her bandaged body. 

"My, my," He says.  "You look very attractive I might say, encased from chin to toe in white cotton bandages.  Compressed and tightened, freedom taken away from you.  Don't you just love it?" 

"You are insane!"  Anakamum yells.  "My father will torture you for this!" 

"Oh really?"  Targonamey laughs.  "If my plan goes well, your father will be dead before the week is over.  But to ensure your family's downfall, I will have to take care of the possible family heirs." 

"Not my." 

"Oh yes, your brother and sisters."  He giggles.  "I shall have to take care of them as well, in the same manner that I have taken care of you." 

"But you do not have to worry about that."  He says.  "You are now my prisoner, and you will remain so for the rest of your life.  Condemned to be cocooned like this, lying helpless and at my mercy.  But do not worry.  I will make sure that you are comfortable.  Look, I even made you your own comfortable bed!" 

Anakamum looks over at where he is pointing.  To her horror, there is a coffin waiting for her.  She begins to scream loudly. 

"Don't scream Anakamum."  Targonamey says.  "I think you will enjoy it.  But you have to be quiet for me." 

He snaps his fingers and his bodyguards quickly wrap over Anakamum's mouth, sealing her screams inside her.  She thrashes and struggles while Targonamey looks at her.  "Time for your nap."  He says.  The bodyguards undo the leather straps holding her down, and lift her up and carry her to the coffin.  They lay her down inside it.  Targonamy has kept his promise that it would be comfortable.  It is lined with pillows and blankets.  But that is no comfort for Anakamum. 

"MMPPFHHHHHFFFF!"  She screams through the bandages on her mouth. 

"Sleep tight Anakamum."  Targonamy says.  The lid is placed on the coffin. 

"MMPPPPHHHFF!!!!!"  Her screams are rapidly cut short as the lid is tightened, securing the occupant inside it. 

Targonamy looks at his bodyguards.  "One down, two to go."

Part 2 - Demetriery

When we had last left our story, the villainous family advisor Targonamey had captured and mummified princess Anakamum as part of a plot to eliminate the pharaoh of Egypt.  Now Targonamey moves to begin the second part of his plot, the capture of princess Demetriery.

"Anakamum, where are you?"  Demetriery called out in the palace hallway.  "This is no time for fun and games!"  But there was no reply from her sister. 

Demetriery frowned as she continued her search of the palace grounds, trying to find out where her sister Anakamum was.  But she was having no luck, and neither were the rest of the family or the palace staff. 

"Demetriery!"  A familiar voice said.  Demetriery turned and saw her mother walking towards her.  "Have you had any luck finding your sister?" 

"No."  Demetriery groaned.  "I haven't found her, and I haven't seen any sign of her.  And none of the palace staff can remember when they last saw her." 

"Oh I hope she's all right."  Her mother says.  "I don't want anything to happen to her."  Then she starts walking away, continuing her search as well. 

"Mother?"  Demetriery said.  "Have you seen Targonamey by any chance?" 

Her mother stops and frowns.  "Now that I think about it, I haven't seen him in over a day."  Lines appear on her forehead.  "Perhaps he knows something about Anakamum's disappearance."  She summons the nearest guard.  "Find the advisor Targonamey."  She says.  "Find him and." 

"Why I am right here your highness."  Targonamey says, stepping out of the shadows. 

"Targonamey!"  The queen says.  "Where have you been?" 

"I have been.attending a family emergency." 

"Well we have been experiencing an emergency as well.  Anakamum is missing!" 

"What?"  Targonamey says urgently.  "Missing?  When?" 

"She vanished a day ago, and no one has seen her since." 

"Oh no this is terrible!"  Targonamey says.  "I will use every option available to me to try and find her immediately!" 

"Oh good."  The queen says.  "We need everyone searching for my daughter.  Heaven forbid what would happen if she was harmed!" 

"Oh I'm sure he is quite all right."  Targonamey says.  He casually glances at Princess Demetriery.  "I'm sure she is fine." 

"Well then, if you are so confident, then go find her!"  The queen snaps. 

"Yes your highness."  Targonamey says.  He bows respectfully and then walks away. 

"Mother."  Demetriery says.  "I don't like him." 

"Neither do I."  The queen says.  "But he is one of the most dedicated people in the kingdom, one who loves serving your father.  And he is a good politician as well.  But I do have this feeling about him.  And I have a feeling he knows something about Anakamum."  She sighs.  "Let us continue our search." 

Deep inside the dungeons of the palace, Targonamey walks through a well-hidden door and into his private chamber.  There are three tables in the room, with three coffins on each of them.  Only one is occupied however.  Targonamey walks up to this coffin.  "Comfortable my sweet?"  He asks.  The coffin bounces a little as it's occupant struggles inside.  "Don't worry.  You will have company soon."  He whispers.  "Very soon.  Everyone is worried about you, but they will never find you here, I can guarantee it."

That evening, the search for Anakamum continues as the entire palace keeps searching.  Riders have also been dispersed all over Egypt to see if there is any trace of her in any of the cities and towns in the kingdom.  Late at night Demetriey goes into her bedroom, tired from a day of searching for her sister.  She starts taking her clothes off, getting ready for bed.  Suddenly three people are upon her, wrestling her to the floor.  Before she can resist, a damp cloth goes over her face, and she blacks out. 

When Demetriey wakes up, she opens her eyes groggily and finds that she is lying on some sort of soft couch.  The room she is in is dark and dimly lit.  She moans, trying to shrug off the effects of the Chloroform.  But it doesn't do much.  She still remains groggy.  "Awake my sweet?"  A familiar voice asks.  Demetriey looks around and sees Targonamey sitting on a couch next to her.  Demetriey begins to ask what happened to her, but finds that her ability to speak has been cut short.  She tries to say something, but then she realizes that some wads of cotton have been stuffed in her mouth, and her mouth has been wrapped around in several bandages.  She panics and tries to bolt, only to fall on the floor.  Her wrists and ankles have been cuffed in manacles, and she lies on the floor helplessly.

Targonamey turns to his assistants and motions for them to put Demetriey up on the couch again.  They pick up the struggling woman and place her on the couch.  "Now Demetriey, I just want you to listen to me."  Targonamey says.  "If you are patient and listen, then you will not be harmed.  If you struggle and fight, I might decide to sew your lips shut to make sure you never speak again."  At this threat Demetriey stops struggling.  "Good girl."  Targonamey says.  "Now listen carefully."  As he begins to talk, Demetriey decides to play along and relaxes in her restraints.  "You might think that your father has the country well under control and is leading it into a new era of prosperity and happiness.  However, I know the truth.  I know that the country is falling into financial ruin.  I can fix all that.  But I need your help."  Demetriey makes no move to show her feelings.  "What I need for you to do is cross over to my side and help me overthrow your father."  Demetriey's eyes immediately narrow and glare at Targonamey with a simple message.  "No way." 

"I can tell by your eyes that you are not going to go along with this."  Targonamey says sadly.  "Very well.  I tried to reason with you, but nobody is going to follow me."  He says.  He turns to his assistants.  "Release her."  Demetriey cannot contain her look of surprise.  After revealing this plot of his, Targonamey is going to let her go?  And to top it off, a door at the end of the chamber has been opened for her to leave.

The manacles are unlocked and released from her ankles and wrists, and the bandages around her mouth are removed.  "You may leave Demetriey."  Targonamey says, pointing to the door.  Withought waiting for anything, Demetriey gets up and dashes towards the door as fast as she can.  But as soon as she does, Targonamey gets up and points his hand at her.  He begins to chant in a strange tongue.  Suddenly, Demetriey feels a strange feeling around her left ankle.  She looks down and sees that a white bandage has mysteriously wrapped itself around it.  She looks back and sees a literal wave of bandages coming for her, flying through the air towards her like magic.  She screams and tries to run.  But the bandages quickly reach her and begin to wrap themselves around her body.  She stumbles as her legs are entwined in the bandages and she falls on the floor.  She turns and tries to tear away the wrappings encasing her legs.  But as quickly as she tears a bandage away, three more wind themselves around her leg to take its place.  And as she continues to try, bandages seek out her fingers and quickly wrap around them, and then quickly immobilize them.  More and more bandages fly around her hands until they are white mitts.  Her fingers now immobilized and useless, Demetriey can do nothing to tear away the bandages rapidly encasing her body. 

The bandages just keep coming, keep wrapping themselves around her body.  She tries to tear her legs and arms apart, but soon they too are completely wrapped up in bandages.  Demetriey somehow gets to her feet and struggles towards the door, being slowed by the never ending bandages that wind themselves around her.  But as she reaches it the guards quickly move in and lock it shut.  Now trapped, Demetriey struggles even harder to the door, but it's much more difficult now.  Her entire body below her head is covered in white bandages, giving the impression of a new skin.  Demetriey cries as she pounds on the door, trying to get out.  But it's too late for her.  The bandages start coming exceptionally fast, and within a few moments both her legs are beginning to get wrapped together.  Unable to keep her balance, Demetriey falls to the floor.  The bandages move faster and faster, eagerly wrapping up both her legs until they are a sold white mass of bandages.  And then her arms are forced to her side, and they too are wrapped next to her body.  Then the bandages seek out her head and neck, wrapping around it. 

"Oh my go." Demetriey thinks.  "What on earth is happening to me?!  He's wrapping me up as a mummy!  To be buried alive!!!"  It certainly seems that way as the bandages bind her neck, and then flow over her head, enveloping her face, nose and mouth, making a VWIPPP sound as they go.  But the bandages avoid her eyes. 

Within thirty seconds, Demetriey's head has been wrapped up.  The bandages now begin to focus on wrapping the body in layers and layers of bandages.  Five minutes later, Demetriey is wrapped under five layers of bandages, completely and totally helpless, unable to move a muscle.  But the bandages still come, wrapping her up even more.  Her mouth buried under almost half an inch of bandages, Demetriey goes "Mmmphhhff!"  In terror as her mummification continues.  Finally Targonamey walks forward.  "All right."  He says.  "That's enough."  He snaps his fingers.  The last bandages quickly apply themselves and are still.

Targonamey walks up to Demetriey and turns her onto her back.  Demetriey stares at Targonamey, her eyes wide with fright.  "I hope you enjoyed my magic act."  He says.  "I've seen this before.  Except you put up a more interesting show."  Demetriey wonders what on earth Targonamey is talking about.  "You don't know?"  Targonamey asks.  "Well, I did this to your sister Anakamum.  She's currently a mummy lying in its coffin, and now you will join her."

Targonamey moves away and motions to his men to come and pick up this newly created mummy.  They come over and pick her up and start towards a large door in back.  They open it and go down several flights of stairs into a long underground corridor deep in the palace dungeon until they reach Targonameys hidden room.  Inside they bring Demetriey up to a table where three coffins are waiting.

Buried deep within her cocoon, Demetriey desperately tries to struggle, but her cocoon is serving its purpose of keeping her immobile and helpless.  Then she manages to twist her head and she sees some more of Targonamey's henchmen going towards a table where three coffins await.  She watches in terror as the henchmen go to the first coffin.  Then they take off the lid, and to Demetriey's horror there is another perfectly wrapped mummy inside.  Then the thugs go over to the mummy and prop it up by the shoulders.  Then they cut away some bandages over the mummy's face to reveal the eyes of Anakamum. 

"Well Demetriey, you wanted to see your sister."  Targonamey says.  "And now here she is."  The two sisters look at each other with terror filled eyes.  "All right, that's enough."  Targonamey says.  "Wrap Anakamum's eyes up again."  Anakamum lets out muffled shouts of protest as the guards grab her bandaged body to hold her still and they wrap several bandages over Anakamum's face, her terrified eyes vanishing under the white bandages.  When they finish wrapping her, they lay her struggling form back down in the coffin and replace the lid.

Targonamey turns to Demetriey.  "Now it's your turn."  He snaps his fingers and the second coffin lid is taken off to reveal a coffin lined with some pillows and blankets.  "I can promise you that you will be comfortable."  Targonamey says.  He turns to the henchmen holding Demetriey up.  "Finish wrapping her, then place her inside."  The henchmen place Demetriey down on a table and pull out the last bandages.  Demetriey lets out a muffled scream and squirms for all her might within the body hugging bandages.  But there is nothing she can do to prevent the henchmen from taking the bandages and wrapping them around her eyes, taking away her sight.  Five layers of bandages go over the eyes and Demetriey is complete.  The henchmen take the mummified body of the still living princess and take it to the second coffin.  As Demetriey is laid inside it, she lets out a faint muffled scream and her bandaged form squirms. 

"Sleep well Demetriey."  Targonamey says as the lid is shut on the coffin, sealing its owner and occupant inside. 

Targonamey turns to his henchmen.  "Two down, one to go."

Part 3 - Salalo

Targonamey  looks over at the third and final coffin, waiting to be occupied.  "Get all the supplies ready.  I will go ensure that our final princess does not go anywhere soon."  His henchmen nod and walk off.  Targonamey looks over at the two coffins that now hold two out of three princesses.  Only one left to go.  Targonamey giggles and walks out of the chamber.

Inside her coffin princess Demetriey lies still and tries to collect her thoughts.  "OK, I'm currently wrapped up as a mummy by my families psychopath advisor, and there is nothing I can do to improve my situation."  She tries to move again, but she still cannot achieve anything outside of a wiggle.  But the thing that disturbs her most is the fact that her face is covered by half an inch of bandages, denying her the ability to open her eyes.  She moans as she is left to herself in the darkness.

Five hundred feet above Demetriey, her remaining sister Salalo paces in her room, trying to think of any sign that might lead to her missing sister.  But that is proving rather difficult. 

"Princes Salalo!"  A voice says.  Salalo turns and sees the family advisor, Targonamey coming into her room. 

"Yes?" She asks.  "What is it?" 

"I have terrible news."  Targonamey says. 

"What?"  An alarmed Salalo asks.  "What is it?" 

"I'm afraid your sister Demetriey is missing!" 

"What?!"  Salalo says.  "That cannot be!  I saw her only ten minutes ago with my mother." 

"I know," Targonamey says.  "But now she is missing, but I think I know where she is." 

"Where?"  Salalo asks.  "Take me to this place you speak of." 

"Follow me."  Targonamey says as he walks out of the room.  Salalo eagerly follows, her flowing white gown trailing behind her. 

"So where is it that you think Demetriey is missing?"  Salalo asks. 

"Somewhere in the dungeons beneath the palace."  Targonamey says.  "How she got down there I cannot guess.  I found the door open, and everyone I talked to said that none of the guards have gone down there.  I think your sister went down there." 

"Oh that's good."  Salalo says.  "It's a good thing you're here Targonamey.  Where would we be withought you?"  To this, Targonamey only smiles.

"We're here."  Targonamey says several minutes later as he leads the princess deep within the catacombs under the palace.  "This door should be it.  I don't think there is any other place she might be."  Targonamey opens a door in front of him.  "Wait here princess.  I should go first.  In case there is danger."  Salalo nods and Targonamey walks into the room.  For a few seconds there is silence.  Then he calls out, "It is safe, come in."  Salalo slowly walks into the room, not sure what to expect.  Whatever it is though, is not what awaits her. 

As soon as she steps through the doorway, the door is slammed shut and locked.  Before she can move to do anything, Targonameys thugs jump on her, force her hands behind her back and clasp handcuffs onto her, along with leg cuffs around her ankles.  Salalo is too stunned to do anything, her brain not keeping up with the events unfolding.  "Take her to the table."  Targonamey says.  The henchmen carry Salalo over to a stone table and lock her down on it in a spead-eagle position.   Salalo begins to struggle against the cuffs holding her wrists and ankles, but they refuse to budge. 

"Targonamey."  She asks.  "What are you doing?" 

"Only engineering the last part of my plan."  Targonamey says.  "Ensuring that the only three heirs of this family never have a chance to take control of the throne, because they will all be mummified and buried deep underground.  And you'll be one of them." 

Salalo's eyes go wide.  "What?"  She asks, not believing what she just heard. 

"I said, that you are going to be mummified and buried with your sisters." 

"Oh my." 

"Curse, scream, do whatever you want."  Targonamey said.  "It wont do you a shred of good down here, because nobody except me and my men can hear you.  I can do whatever I want to you."  He looks at her dress.  "For example, lets take that dress off you."  He snaps his fingers and his men come forward and quickly rip the white silk dress off, leaving Salalo quite naked on the table. 

Targonamey looks at Salalo for about a minute.  "Of course, I am willing to compromise.  Do what I want, and I'll give your life, even if it is a life permanently wrapped in bandages." 

Salalo thinks about it for a few seconds, then asks, "What do you want?" 

Targonamey goes up to her.  "I"  He strokes her bare tummy with his finger.  "Be my toy, and I'll let you live and I'll take care of you.  Who knows, you might even enjoy being a wrapped up child's toy." 

Salalo gulps, trying to recognize the magnitude of what he is offering her. 

"What's it going to be Salalo?"  Targonamey asks. 

Salalo looks at him.  "If your only plan is to take over the country and murder my sisters and I, then the answer is no." 

Targonamey sighs.  "Too bad."  He says.  "Then I'll just have to mummify you like your sisters."  He snaps his fingers.  Salalo hears a clinking sound and looks up to see two wrist cuffs coming down from the ceiling on chains.  They stop just above her.  The guards undo her wrist restraints, only to forcibly lock her wrists in these new chains.  The ankle restraints are undone, and Salalo is pulled into the air, dangling from the chains that bind her wrists. 

"I'd like you to meet a few friends of mine."  Targonamey says.  Three ibis birds are brought into the room. 

"They are specially trained birds, each trained to do one, and one thing only."  He looks Salalo straight in the eye.  "The wrapping of a living human being." 

Targonamey's henchmen come forward, each carrying a six-inch thick roll of white bandages.  They go to the three ibis birds and put a roll in front of each.  The birds take the bandages in their talons.  "Time to see if the birds know what to do."  Targonamey says. 

The birds squawk and take off into the air.  They fly to the back of the large chamber everyone is in, and then they turn and fly directly towards the princess dangling by her wrists.  Salalo looks on in fear as the birds close in on her dangling body.  Then the birds reach her, and being what they were trained to do.
The birds begin to twirl around Salalo, trailing the bandages while they do.  They spin around the princess at dizzying speeds until they become little more then moving blurs.  As they spin Salalo feels something down at her feet.  She looks down and sees a white bandage winding itself around her left ankle.  Then another one winds its way around her right ankle.  Then another begins to wind itself around her legs.  Salalo watches, frozen by fear and unable to resist.  The birds keep spinning around her, trailing bandages and letting them wind themselves around the princess legs. 

In thirty seconds Salalo's legs are completely wrapped up to her waist.  She watches as the bandages quickly bind themselves around her mid section and then up to her breasts, which they curl around and wrap tightly.  Then the bandages wind completely around her chest and reach her neck.  Panic finally sets in and Salalo screams and thrashes, but it's too late.  Bandages wind around her neck and over her mouth, sealing her screams inside her.  Her panic filled eyes vanish underneath the whirlwind of bandages that embrace her face.

With her head fully wrapped and packaged, Salalo's arms are then wrapped up, the bandages going over the cuffs and wrapping everything up tightly.  In less then three minutes Salalo has been completely covered head to toe in bandages, still dangling from her wrists.  Targonamey watches as her bandaged form squirms and thrashes.  "Too loose."  He says.  He whistles twice and the birds begin to spin again, encasing the princess in another layer of bandages from her wrapped toes to her bandage covered hair.  A minute later Salalo has been wrapped in another layer of bandages.  Her struggles are fierce.  "She's got some spirit in her."  Targonamey thinks.  Then he whistles three times.  The birds spin again, wrapping the princess even tighter then before in yet another layer.  Targonamey grins, enjoying this whole process immensely.

And so for an hour it goes on, the birds wrapping the princess in layer after layer after layer of bandages.  When they run out of a roll, they go back and get some more.  After three rolls each, Targonamey finally decides that they've done enough.  He has the chains loosened and the mummified princess comes down onto the table.  Targonamey rubs his hand longingly over the princesses bandaged tummy.  The soft bandages feel wonderful.  "I want you so much."  He mutters.  "You could be mine."  He leans over to the princesses wrapped up head.  "You still have a chance."  He says.  "At the end of this fiasco, you'll have one final chance to save yourself.  Think about it carefully."  Targonamey isn't sure, but he thinks he sees a faint twitch from within the bandages.

Targonamey motions to his henchmen.  They come over to the mummified princess and wait.  Targonamey says a few magical words, and the chains binding the wrists of the princess shoot out of the bandages, which magically re-apply themselves.  The princess is sat up on the table and her bandaged arms are forced behind her back.  The two arms are then wrapped together as one, each hand touching an elbow.  With that finished, the final princess of the royal family is carried over to the table where three coffins lie.  The third and final one is opened, and the living mummy is placed inside.  The lid is shut and locked.  Targonamey looks at all his henchmen and grins. 

"Three down, one final part to do."

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