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Three Strikes 2

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2006 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; F/mmm; mum; enclosed; casket; death; cons/nc; XXX

Please read the first story before reading this sequal


"Come on Joe, get that net up!"

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you!"  The winch on the old fishing boat groaned and creaked as it was turned to full speed.  Smoke began to belch as it continued hauling in the large net that was dragging in the ocean far below.

"I'm not sure the winch can take it!"

The captain was not daunted.  "It'll take it!  Just relax already!"

"Relax?  We haven't gotten a big load in two weeks!  We need to hit big on this one Frank!"

"Relax!  I can feel the big one.  It's coming, and we're gonna get it!"

"Yeah, sure."  Joe muttered under his breath.  "Like that's going to happen."

At that moment the boat shook violently as the net caught something.  The winch screamed as it tried to haul up the net.

"Whoa!"  The captain ran inside the bridge and shut off the ships engine.  Joe ran to the end of the boat and looked down.  Seeing anything was impossible with the thick and dark water below him.

"I think we may have just gotten your big one captain!"


The next twenty minutes became an agonizing wait as the overworked little winch pulled up the net.  Whatever was in it was big.  Really big…and really heavy.

"You ever encounter something this heavy before?"

"No.  You?"

"Nope."  The two men looked down at the water.  Frank's eyes focused on the choppy water.  Then something came into view.  "There!"  He shouted, pointing at the mass appearing below them.

The net slowly came into view.  Much to the two's disappointment, there was no fish in it.  Instead, there was a single, shiny object caught in the net.  Although it was still far below the surface, both men got the impression that it was human sized.

Sure enough, when the net came up a minute later, they saw what was in their net.  "By Neptune's beard…"  Frank whispered. 

"What on earth is that?" Joe asked.

There was what appeared to be a casket on the net.  But it was unlike any casket either of the men had ever seen.  It was human shaped, complete with curves, neck, and head. Constructed of stainless steel, it was quite beautiful. Joe cautiously reached out and touched it.  The surface was smooth and shiny.  On the side of the casket, where the thing seemed to come together, there was a hard, clear substance covering it.  The same went for the thing's face.

But what was most disturbing about this casket was the heavy ball and chain tied around the ankles.  The chain was rusty, as was the heavy ball locked around it. 

"What do you make of that Joe?"  Frank asked quietly. 

"I don't know.  Apparently somebody wanted this out here in the water."  He eyed the silver body casket for a few more moments.  "Why don't we cut it open and find out what's inside?"

"Sounds good to me."


Several minutes later, the casket was lying on the deck, the two sailors using tough saws to hack away at the clear, solid goop that was keeping them from getting to the locks and bolts.  It took almost two hours, but at last they were able to cut it away. 

With the hardened goop cut away, they began to undo the locks and the bolts.  When they could not undo a lock, they cut it or sawed it off instead.  It was tiring, back-breaking work, but at last the final lock was cut away and fell to the deck in a heap.

Grabbing the upper half of the casket, the two sailors pulled at it.  With a thud, it fell off, revealing the contents inside.

"Good God!" 

There was a woman inside the body casket.  Whether she was alive or not, the men could not tell.  She was wrapped head to toe in grimy, gunky bandages.  If they had once been white, they were now an ugly grayish black. Only the woman's eyes were unwrapped.  The skin of her eyelids was a dark grey.

Without speaking the two men picked up the bandaged body and carried it into the cabin onboard the ship.  Gently putting the body on the bed, knives were taken out and the bandages were cut away, revealing the body they contained.

The woman's body too, was a deathly grey color.  Her skin was thin and clung to her thin and shriveled form.  There was dried and caked on faeces and urine near her crotch. 

The men couldn't tell if she was breathing nor not.

"Do you think she's alive?"  Joe asked.  Frank didn't reply.  He slowly reached down and touched the woman's neck, recoiling at the cold and clammy skin.

"I don't think so."  He sounded disappointed.  "I don't feel a pulse…"

" AHHH!!!!!! "


How long she had been in that hell, she could not tell…

Day night, minutes, hours…all useless terms.  Completely and utterly useless….

Lying in the darkness, unable to move, completely alone, cut off from everyone and everything….alone in silence and stillness…

Had she died?  She couldn't tell…alive or dead, she was in hell…

All alone…

Completely alone…

The air had gone stale, then thick, then almost impossible to breathe.  Every breath had been a struggle, every desperate rasp of her lungs brought her closer and closer to utter insanity…

No food to eat, and only the sweat she could suck out of her bandages.  Faeces and urine pouring out of her, the utter humiliation of having to put up with it, with no hope of escape…

After an eternity, she felt death coming at last.  After time in this dark and silent hell, death was a welcome friend.  So she had closed her eyes and given up, ready and willing to die…

But then the light…

That bright, bright light…

Come back to life…



The woman let out an ear splitting shriek that didn't seem possible for a person in her state.  Her bone thin hands covered her eyes as she writhed back and forth on the bed, screaming in sheer agony.

"Joe!"  Frank shouted.  "Turn off the lights!  Cover the windows!"  For once in his life,

Joe didn't argue as he ran through the tiny cabin, turning off all the sources of light until it was completely dark inside the cabin.

At last the woman stopped screaming.  She was breathing hard, taking in deep gulps of air as if this was her first time breathing.  After five minutes she stopped.  It was another two minutes before she spoke.

"Where…am…I?" she rasped, her voice barely audible.  She sounded dead.

"You're on a boat off the coast mam."  Frank said quietly.  "We just cut you out of that silver case you were in."



"No, you're not dead.  Though you got really close to doing so." 




More silence.  The woman moaned.  "A…week…" she sighed, almost inaudible.


More silence.  Then the woman suddenly sat up in bed, and if the lights were on the two men would have seen her shrunken eyes bulging out of their sockets in anger.



It took a few minutes for the men to calm the woman down, to try and get to relax, to rest.  It took a while, but at last the woman quieted down, and her raw anger turned to heartbreaking sobs.

She grabbed at Joe, the one closest to her.  She grabbed him around the waist and sobbed like a baby, pouring out tears for over ten minutes.  Tears of untold sorrow and misery, of relief and unparalled joy. 

Then, unable to take any more, she fainted.

Joe didn't waste any time.  Running up to the bridge she turned on the engine and immediately sped off towards land.

Frank tried to wake the woman up, but she could not be roused. 

Was the lady going to live or die?  Frank didn't know.  All they could do was wait.


When Julia opened her eyes again, she was no longer in the dark place where the voiced had talked to her.  There was light here, but it was not hard.  It was soft and inviting.  So it was with the thing underneath her back.  What was it…oh yes, a…a…dang, what was it called...a mattress.  Yes…that was right.

"Mrs.?"  She looked over to her left.  There were two men there.  For a split second she thought they were thugs, coming back to drag her into hell.  But she didn't recognize them.  They didn't match anyone Mario had employed. 

"Are you all right Miss?"

She groaned.  Her eyes felt so heavy, so tired.  All she wanted to do was give up and fall back into the blessed darkness and warmth that was within her reach.  But…she was curious at the same time.

"Where am I?"  She asked.  Though her voice was no longer raspy or drawn out, it was still weary.

"You're at the hospital miss.  You've been here for a week.  Sleeping mostly.  We weren’t sure you were going to make it."

"Maybe I shouldn't have."  She mumbled.  She groaned.  "So, what's the diagnosis?"

The men were quiet for a second.  "Well, if you work at it, you'll live."

"That's a first step I suppose."  She said quietly.

"But I'm afraid your skin is no longer going to be the color it once was."  Julia looked down at herself.  Her skin was no longer a tannish color.  It was grey.  She looked like a corpse, with all the needles, tubes and who knows what going into her skin.

"You mean…this is permanent?"

Frank nodded quietly.  "I'm afraid so.  I'm sorry."

There was no emotional outburst this time.  There was no screaming, no crying, no sobbing.  Just a horrible, horrible emptiness. 

But ever so slowly, that emptiness began to fill with rage, hatred and anger.  A desire for revenge.  Yes, that was it…revenge.

Sweet, sweet revenge…


Over the next three days, Julia was given food and water, letting her body build itself back up.  Her muscles slowly came back, as did her strength.  Julia was silent throughout the entire treatment.  She only spoke when asked a question. The rest of the time, she was completely silent.  Unknown to anyone around her, she was already planning the downfall of the Godfather that had gotten her here in the first place.

When she was released on the fourth day, Frank took her to his small home, where he helped her exercise and recuperate from her ordeal.  Julia was silent as he led her around his house.  "Now, this is where you're going to be staying," he said as he showed her the guest bedroom.  "Is this okay for you?"

Julia looked at the room.  "Yes."  She muttered.

"Oh good.  Why don't we find you some clothes for you to wear?"

When it came to choosing what to wear, Julia choose the billowy, robe like clothes, mostly to cover her grey skin.  "Ah, the gothic type?"  Frank asked.

"No.  I just prefer many layers of clothing."  Julia said.

"Ah.  Well, personal choice is always a big factor in life, no?"


That night, the two were eating dinner.  "I hope you like Spinach puffs."  Frank said.  "I cooked them up myself!  They're my own special recipe you know!"  Julia looked at the less then appetizing rolls and tried to keep from gagging.  Oh well, maybe it was the thought that counted.

"They're nice."  She said with a faint smile.

"Really?"  Frank asked, his face blushing.  "Oh that's great!  I can get you the recipe if you want."

As the two continued to eat, Julia's eyes browed the pictures on the walls.  One in particular, caught her eye. 

"That's a lovely woman."  She said. 

Frank turned and looked at the portrait.  It was of him and a smiling woman, standing side by side.  "Oh yes, that's my wife Jane."

"Where is she?"

Frank was uncomfortably quiet.  "She's dead."  He said quietly.  "She died a year ago while on a boating trip with me.  The trawler sank and she drowned."

"I'm…I'm sorry to hear that."

Frank gave a weak smile.  "That's okay.  One has to move on I guess.  Pick up the pieces, do what you can with what you've got.  You know, if there's one thing I've learned is that when you focus your mind on a goal, you can accomplish anything.  I guess that's how I got through all this."

While he went on about the difficulties in adapting to the life of a single, Julia grinned silently.  Frank's words rang true in her mind.  With her goal in mind, the death of Mario, she would be able to accomplish anything.

"By the way, how's your skin?" 

"Not good.  It seems to have gotten greyer as the days go by.  These injections aren't helping."

"Hmm…allergic reaction?"

"It's possible.  But it doesn't matter now.  No trivial thing matters anymore."

"Aw come on.  We gotta get that fixed!  Here, let's try another injection."  Taking a syringe, Frank came over and looked for a vein.  "You want to try it?"

Julia nodded.  Finding a good spot, Frank injected the clear fluid.  "There we go!"  He said.  "Good as new!  With any luck, that'll get your skin back to normal in a short time!"

Julia looked at her host with a sly smile.  "Do you ever stop talking?"

"No.  My wife pointed that out too."


She made her move that evening.  Waiting until her host was snoring loudly, she slowly put on her two trenchcoats, buttoned them up, and silently made her way out of the house, leaving only a note on the table.  "Don't follow me."

So she went through the streets of New York, heading towards a very specific destination.  In addition to being the godfather of New York City, Mario also happened to be quite the technology buff.  So when she arrived at the pizza parlor, she went straight on through to the back, towards a broom closet.  Bushing aside a fake panel, she typed in the secret six digit code. Immediately, the wall sprung back, revealing a hidden staircase.

Walking down the stairs, she arrived in a dark room filled with shelves.  A small man came towards her.  "Who might you be?"  He asked, focusing his glasses.  "I don't recognize you."

She looked at him with contempt.  "I am the ghost."  She said quietly.  "I'm here for some of Mario's stuff.  He sent me."

"Ah yes, he did say to expect someone like you.  Here, let me show you what we have.  Over here we have this little tranquilizer pistol.  You do want a non-lethal weapon, correct?"

"Yes, that's correct."

"Oh good.  And over here we have some incapacitating sleep gas grenades.  Oh yes, and here we have the sticky gun."

"Sticky gun?"

"Yes, one of our most powerful tools.  Here, let me show you."  He picked up a small, but fat grenade launcher type gun.  "You see that dummy over there?"


"Watch this."  Aiming the fat gun carefully, the little man fired it.


Instantly a gigantic wad of sticky goo shot out of the barrel.  It slammed into the dummy and immediately enveloped it in the sticky goo.

"It's perfect for disabling your enemies.  It's so sticky that your foes are essentially harmless."

Julia smiled.  "What else do you have for me?"

There was the sound of the hidden door shifting.  Looking over, Julia and the small man saw three men in suits coming down the stairs.  They looked up and stared at the two.

"Julia."  One of them said.  "Mario sends you his welcome.  He asks if you enjoyed your bath."

"Oh really?"  Julia asked.  "Well, why don't I tell you what I thought of it?  It stank, it was uncomfortable and it was rotten."

The thug smiled.  "Well, he asks if you're ready for another bath anytime soon.  Are you?"

Julia glared at him.  "Well, why don’t I show you what I think of your boss and his offer?"

Raising her tranquilizer pistol, Julia fired.  The needle went straight into the thug's forehead, knocking him out like a light.

“One down, two to go."  Julia smiled.

The other two pulled out their pistols and fired at the woman, who quickly rolled behind a table.  Grabbing one of the sleep gas grenades, she pulled the primer and chucked it across the room.  There was a loud explosion as gas filled one corner of the room.  A loud thud followed as another thug fell to the floor.

"Two down, one to go."  Julia said with amusement.

The last thug quickly crossed the room, firing his pistol as he went.  When it ran out, he simply pulled out another one and kept firing.  Rounding the corner of the table, he expected to find Julia, alone and defenseless.

Instead, he found himself looking at the barrel of a gun.


The pink goo enveloped the man.  Startled, he fell to the ground, where he instantly stuck fast.  Slinging the gun over he shoulder, Julia got up and smiled at the man, who was squirming in the goo that encased him.  "You can tell your boss," Julia said.  "That I'm out looking for him.  Comprendae?"

Considering how the goo was filling his mouth, it was no surprise that the thug couldn't speak.

Several minutes later, Julia finished her last task of the night.  Throwing the last empty roll of duct tape away, she looked at the taped thugs on the ground, both still unconscious.  Their wrapped and bound forms would send a strong message to Mario no doubt.

Turning, Julia quietly walked towards the stairs.  She paused, looked back.  "Thanks for the toys."  She said.

The little man poked his head out of a cabinet.  "Oh, you're uh…quite welcome I suppose."

Thankfully, Julia managed to make it back to Frank's house before he woke up.  Sneaking back into the house (Being careful to find her note and tear it up), she hid the toys and got back into her bed.

She managed to catch a few hours of sleep before Frank came into the room.  "Good morning!"  He said.  "Are we feeling better today?"

Julia yawned.  "Oh yes."  She said.  "Much, much better."

"Well that's great!  I've got lots of activities planned today.  Maybe a trip to the petting zoo can help cheer you up!"


The rest of the day went by quietly.  Using her talents, Julia was able to keep up her innocent disguise of the poor little woman who was still recovering from her terrible ordeal. The two did go to the petting zoo that morning, where Frank immediately disintegrated into a bawling mass at seeing all the adorable animals. Though she had never cared for animals, Julia did find herself smiling as she petted and stroked an inquisitive goat.

"Isn't this great?"  Frank asked.  "Do you feel any better Julia?"

It was at that moment that Julia's tough guy image began to break apart.  "Well…to be honest, yes."

"Aw, that's great!  Hey, come back here pig!"

Julia couldn't help but chuckle as she watched her host chase after a pig.  The only thing that disturbed the moment was the man in a dark suit lurking outside Frank's line of sight. She recognized him instantly.  He wore the outfit of Mario's thugs.  He saw her too, and quickly vanished before she could shout out. 

Instinctively she stepped towards Frank, to warn him about the thugs.  But as she did, she stopped.

Should she tell Frank about him?  "No."  She decided.  "Best not to get him involved in this."  But what was the man doing there?  Julia didn't get the impression that he was out to get her. 

"Hey, I got you!"  Frank said as he grabbed the pig, who squealed loudly.

That evening dinner was quiet and cheerful, much like the previous evening, with Frank doing most of the talking.

"And so the bartender says to the mouse, "Hey little fellow, where you going to put that grenade?" 

The two laughed at the punchline of the joke, sharing a moment of merriment.  "Wow, you really like my jokes?"  Frank asked.

"Oh yes, why not?  They are quite funny."

"Oh that's great.  You know, my wife always laughed at my jokes.  It's been such a long time since I was able to make someone laugh."

"Well, I have read that laughter is the best medicine."  Julia said.  As Frank began to start another joke, Julia glanced at the window and froze.

The man was there again.  He only appeared at the window for one brief moment.  And again, he vanished when she saw him.  Looking as calm as possible, she glanced at Frank.  He was still telling his joke, completely oblivious to the game going on around him.

Though she was a tough nut to crack, Julia was starting to get worried.  Mario and his thugs were up to something.  She didn't know what it was, but she had no doubt that it was big.

"Here, you ready for another injection?"

"I don't know."  Julia said.  "My skin hasn't improved at all."

"Ah, balderdash.  I'm sure it'll get better after this one."

After the shot the two continued to joke for a while, then quietly went to bed.  "Good night Julia."  Frank said.  "Sleep well!"

"Thank you Frank."  She said.  "Here, why don't you take this."

"Take what?"

She answered by kissing him on the cheek.  "Just a little goodnight kiss."

Frank didn't say anything.  His eyes seemed to cloud over.  "Oh…" he whispered.  "Thank you.  I've forgotten how good that feels."

Julia smiled.  "No problem.  After all, your jokes deserve a reward, don't they?"

Frank smiled as well.  "Well then, I guess there's going to be a lot of jokes in this house from now on!"


The next morning had a great surprise in store for Julia.  For once, Frank did not wake her.  Instead, the wind did, for her window was wide open.  And on the desk next to her bed lay an envelope. 

Who had sent it?  There were no marks on the envelope itself. 

Opening the envelope, Julia read it's contents.  "Dear Julia," it said.  "I am aware of your fight against Godfather Mario and I wish to be a part of it.  I can help you if you desire aid in your quest to bring him down.  If you want my aid, come to the alleyway behind Marino's diner at noon today.  Come alone."

Julia was silent as Frank administered her morning injection of skin restorer (it still wasn't working) and as she ate her breakfast.  Her quietness did not go unnoticed.  "Are you all right Julia?"  Frank asked.  "You seem…well…more quiet then usual."

She looked up at him and smiled.  "It's nothing really."  She said.  "I'm going to be going out for a walk at noon today."

"Oh, okay.  I'm going to be out getting some groceries.  Do you happen to like apple sauce?"

Another smile.  "Yes, that'll be nice."

"Berry flavored, or normal flavor?"

Another smile.  "Berry please."


Shortly after Frank left for the store a few hours later, Julia put on her trench coats and a hat.  Setting off into the streets of New York City, she headed for Marino's.  The trip there was uneventful, save for the usual stares at her grey skinned face.

"Yes," she thought.  "Look at me.  Look at the ghost who will take its revenge on the godfather."

The alleyway came into sight in front of her.  Quickening her pace, she went into it. 

Looking around, she saw no one, save for a stray cat that poked its nose into a garbage can.

"Over here!

Julia spun.  There was a figure coming out of a doorway.  It was completely covered head to toe in black clothing, including sunglasses and a scarf.  The figure was so tightly bundled up that Julia couldn't see any skin.

"Are you the figure who sent the note?"  Julia asked.


"What's with your voice?"

"It's an electronic scrambler.  Makes it so my voice is neither male nor female.  I can't take the chance of having my identity discovered, due to my position as one of Mario's highest enforcers."

"You mean thugs."

"Yes, if you want to put it that way."

"Okay, cut to the cheese.  Why do you want to help me?"

"Because like you, I've been hurt by Mario.  He has messed with me before, many years ago.  You were with Mario for a short time, correct?"

"Yes, about a month."

"Ah yes, I remember you now.  You weren’t shown Mario's true colors.  On the outside he was treating you very nicely.  But on the inside, he's rotten to the core.  He loves messing with people's minds, twisting them and forcing them to work for him."

"Why doesn't anyone just kill him?"

"Because he's too powerful.  Plus, he spends most of his time at his secret mansion."

"Secret mansion?"

"Yes.  I don't know where it is, but I've heard about what goes on in there.  All those who fail him usually go there, never to be seen again.  What he did to you was child's play compared to what he does to others."

Julia's hands turned into fists.  "All the more reason to kill him.  How do I find this mansion?"

"I don't know where it is, but I do know who can lead you to him.  There's a meeting tonight at an abandoned warehouse near the bay.  Mario's second to last enforcer is going to be there.  If you can get him to talk, you'll find out where Mario's mansion is."

Julia nodded silently, pondering the information.

"Like you, I have been hurt by Mario.  I want his reign of terror to end, and I'm willing to sacrifice my life to do so."

"What about Frank?  Is he in danger?"  The form was silent.

"I don't know.  Mario seems interested only in youBut be wary.  You don't know what he may try next."

Julia nodded.  "Thank you for your help."  She turned and started to walk away.

"One last thing."


"Be very careful Julia.  Mario has eyes all over this city.  He sees everything that happens.  He's been sending spies to watch you since the moment you were fished out of the ocean.  He's watching you all the time.  Be careful."


Julia didn't go to Frank's house after the meeting, save for a quick trip to get her tranquilizer pistol and sleeping gas grenades.  She could have brought the heavy toys, but she was more interested in being a little more…creative.

Although the informant had avoided the question, Julia knew full well that Mario was most likely targeting Frank.  It was a basic rule of being a Godfather.  Always target the ones your thugs love and use them as a bargaining chip.

And though the desire for revenge was very strong in her, other feelings had come up as well.  For kindness breeds kindness, and that was the case with Frank and Julia.  Frank had given her kindness, and she had felt the kindness beginning to spring up inside her.

Slipping the gun into her belt, Julia vowed not let anything happen to Frank.  Even if she had to kill someone to do it.


When night fell upon the city, she ran through back alleys and streets, until she finally reached the dock.  The abandoned warehouse was in front of her, old, ragged and ready to fall down at any moment by the looks of it. She took her time sneaking inside, pistol in hand, ready to be used at a moment's notice.  As she went deeper and deeper into the complex, she heard voices.  She climbed a ladder and climbed up into the rafters. 

Continuing her sneaking, she crept through the girders until she reached the main storage area of the warehouse.  There were three thugs far below her, all wearing black suits and glasses.  She stopped, and listened to them.

"So Johnny, is the boss pleased with how everything's going?"

"Yes.  He's very pleased.  He sends his congratulations on your spying abilities."

"Aw shucks, it was nothing.  So, what's next in the gameplan?"

"Mario wants us to up the ante a little bit.  Give Mrs. Julia a little shock to get her going."

"What's she been doing this evening?"

"One of our spies called in to say that she was on her way here."

"Here?!"  The other thug peered up into the rafters, forcing Julia to take cover as best she could.  "What are we going to do?"

"That's easy."  Johnny said.  "We'll show her how powerful Mario really is."  He looked at the third thug, who hadn't spoken.  "Bring him in."

He nodded, then went into a small side door.  He came out pushing someone in front of him, someone frightened. 

"Who are you people?!"  He shouted.  "What do you want?!"

Julia gasped.  It was Joe, the other man from the boat.

"Oh nothing.  Just a little moment of your time.  You're going to be the little prize for Julia."

"Julia?  What does she have to do with this?!"

"That is none of your concern.  What is a concern is how quickly she gets here.  You see that camera up there?"  Johnny the thug pointed towards a camera in the rafters.  "That's a direct feed to our boss.  He's watching this right now.  And now, let's get you all set up."

Julia watched in horror as the three thugs quickly tied Joe's hands behind his back, then tied his ankles together.  His tied ankles were attached to a chain, and the chain pulled up into the air, taking Joe with it.  The thugs maneuvered the chain over to a hole in the floor, where the ocean was right underneath it.

"Now my friend," Johnny said.  "We'll slowly begin to lower you down into the ocean.  If Mrs. Julia does not rescue you in time, she'll loose one of her friends."  With that, a switch was hit, and ever so slowly, the chain began to descend. 

Joe squirmed and thrashed on the chain, fighting his bonds.  "Please don't do this!"  He shouted frantically.  "Please don't!  I have a wife!"

"Yes, we know.  But Mario wants you to drown for his amusement."

"Amusement?!  What kind of psycho is he?"

"If you must know, a godfather."

"Godfather?  You mean a mafia godfather?!"

Johnny smiled as he took out a cigar and lit it.  "You catch on quickly, don't you my friend?"

The chain continued it's slow descent, getting closer and closer to the dark water below.  Joe kept fighting his bonds, but could not escape them.

A few minutes later, and he was ten feet above the water.

"You know," The second thug said.  "I heard that drowning is a peaceful death.  Of course, what do I know?  I've never drowned!"  The thug pressed the switch for the chain, making it drop faster.  Joe let out a terrified scream as he plunged into the water.  The switch was pressed again, and it stopped, leaving Joe hanging upside down in water, unable to breathe.

"I hope the boss likes this."  The thug said.

Another voice spoke.  "Oh, I'm sure he'll really like this."

Julia swung down towards the three thugs on a chain.  Her boots slammed into the second thugs head, sending him flying across the room.  Leaping off the chain, Julia quickly pulled out her gun and fired at the third thug, sending a tranquilizer dart into his neck. 

Johnny pulled out a sawed off shotgun and fired a blast at Julia, who quickly rolled behind a box.  "So…"  Johnny said.  "You must be Julia, correct?"

"Your insight serves you well."

"Do you remember me baby doll?  I remember you.  I was one of the guys who wrapped you up before we put you in that casket and threw you into the sea."

There was silence from Julia.

"I must say, you were oh so sexy as we wrapped you up.  If you don't mind me saying, I'd have been happy to use you right then and there, but you know how Mario is.  We thugs can't get our way, can't we?  Tell me, how was it?  Was it cozy?"

Julia did not reply.

Johnny the thug looked over at the chain.  "You know, your friend's probably run out of air by now.  If I were you, I'd hope that I can remember CPR."

This time, Julia did respond.  Johnny saw the small, round object coming towards him, but before he could get out of it's way, it exploded.

Then all was darkness…


Julia ran out from behind the box and dashed over to the control panel.  Hitting the switch, she watched as the chain came up, carrying a waterlogged body with it.  She was quick to bring the chain over the floor and deposit it's cargo on the ground. 

She ran over to Joe and flopped him on his back.  His eyes were blank, devoid of life.  Julia pumped on his chest, trying to get the water out.  Three quick breaths to the mouth.  More pumping on the chest.  More breaths.

For several minutes she kept going.  But she soon realized that there was nothing she could do.  Joe was dead.

She slowly stood, unable to speak, unable to cry.  One of the men who had saved her life was now dead.  Gone.  Murdered.

The camera on the rafters kept filming, transmitting the feed to the unseen Godfather of New York's crime circuit.  Julia looked at it.  It stopped, then whirred as it zoomed in on her. 

A thought came into Julia's mind.  If Mario wanted a show, he was going to get a show. 

She turned and began to go through the boxes stationed around the rafters.  If this was a warehouse, there had to be some of it somewhere…


About half an hour later, Johnny woke up.  Julia was waiting for him with a very smug look on her face. 

"Hello Johnny.  How are you today?"


A loud kick to the head got Johnny's full attention.  He instinctively began to reach for his gun on the hip, but he quickly discovered that he couldn't even reach in the first place.  For his arms were behind his back, wrapped up in layers upon layers of duct tape, fingers touching elbows in an armbar.

And as Johnny quickly discovered, his entire body was wrapped in layers upon layers of duct tape.  He was wrapped up like one of those Egyptian mummies he had seen once at the museum.  Only his eyes, nose and mouth were unwrapped. Instinctively he squirmed and tried to get free.  But as he discovered, movement was almost impossible.  He could wiggle, but that was it.

A chill came over Johnny.  He was helpless.  He suddenly realized that he was completely and utterly at the mercy of Julia.  And by that smile on her face, she knew it.

Best to start using those charm skills.  "Julia, baby doll…"


"Don't call me that."  She said calmly.  Johnny reeled, unable to rub his aching head.  

"What do you want?"  He asked through grimacing teeth.  "Money?  I can give you money.  How about fancy clothes?  I can get you those too."


"No thank you.  I only want information."

"About Mario?"

"My my," she said.  "You catch on quickly, don't you?"

"Don't bother Julia.  You won't get anything from me!"

"Hmm?"  Julia sighed.  "Well, if you insist.  Then you can join your friends over there."

Johnny looked up to see his two fellow enforcers, who were in exactly the same predicament that he was in.  Each one wrapped into a body cocoon of silver duct tape, completely unable to move.  But unlike Johnny, their mouths and faces were wrapped, silencing them.

"They're never going to speak again."  Julia said matter-of-factly.  "You want to know why?  Because they refused to talk.  Isn't that right boys?"

The two thugs squirmed and let out muffled mews.  "You're not so tough with your buddies to help you, aren't you?"

More mews and muffled shouts. 

"Well Johnny, still not going to talk?"

Johnny considered his options.  He could talk…but then Mario would probably get rid of him in the most painful way he could imagine.  No, it was better to stay silent.  "You'll never get me to talk."  He taunted.

Julia looked at him, then calmly walked over to the two helpless mummies lying on the floor.  She went over to one of them, the one who had brought Joe in.  Holding up his wrapped ankles, she showed the chain that was wound around him, and the concrete slab that was attached to it.

Smiling, she took the heavy concrete slab and shoved it into the hole and thus into the water below.

The mummified thug barely had time to give a muffled scream before he was yanked off the floor, through the hole, and into the water below.  Julia watched as his silver form sank beneath the waves, then vanished.

Ignoring the whimpering thug that was left, Julia walked over to Johnny.  "You still not going to talk?"

Johnny thought. 


"I'm thinking about it…"

"Well, while you're doing that, I think I'll take care of our friend here."  She walked back over to the second thug, who let out a heavily muffled scream and frantically tried to squirm away.

"Oh pipe down.  You're not going to die…yet.  It all depends if your friend is willing to talk."

She took a hanging chain and attached it to the thug's ankles.  A quick tug, a button press, and the thug was pulled into the air where he dangled like a Christmas ornament. 

Another button press and he was maneuvered over the water, then left to hang there.

Another walk back to Johnny.  "Well, have you made up your mind?"

The mummified thug pondered a few more seconds, then spoke.  "Go to hell."

Julia smiled, but didn't say anything.  Johnny braced himself, but no kick came his way. 

Instead, a chain was attached to his ankles.  And just like the second thug, he too was hoisted into the air and put over the water.

With the two thugs now hanging upside down over the ocean, Julia stood on solid ground.  Next to her were two chains, and a slab of concrete attached to each chain. 

"Now, these chains are for the two of you."  She said quietly.  "Johnny, are you going to talk?"

"You had my answer."

Julia sighed.  "Very well."  Taking the chain, she quickly wrapped it around the neck of the second thug, who was now screaming hysterically behind his tape gag.  "There there," Julia cooed.  "Just exhale when you hit the water, and it'll be over faster."

The thug was still screaming when the concrete slab was shoved into the water, taking him with it.  Johnny and Julia both watched as his mummified form hit the water, instantly being dragged down deep into the ocean.  In a few seconds, he was gone.

"Such a waste."  Julia sighed.  "Gone to a watery grave."

"You never were good at killing."  Johnny taunted.  "Why the sudden desire to do so?"

Julia stared at him dead in the eye.  "To stop evil, one must sometimes do things they don't want to do.  And to stop Mario, I need you to talk." 

"I told you Julia, I'm not going to talk.  And I'm not afraid of dying.  You might as well drop me." 

"Oh, I could…but I wouldn't gain anything from that."  She calmly reached inside her trench coat and pulled out a knife.  "But I could have my fun with you for several hours, or several days.  Depends on how much you're willing to talk."

"I won't talk!"  Johnny said.  "You know I won't!"  But despite his tough guy talk, Julia could see the sweat beginning to form. 

"Well then, we have all the time in the world."  She said.  "I can wait.  Why don't we start with your legs?"

With a quick slice, she made an ever-so fine cut on Johnny's wrapped legs.  Johnny pressed his teeth and hissed, trying not to shout.  Blood began to slowly trickle from the hairline cut.

"You going to talk?"


Slice.  Red trickled from the back of his neck. 

"How about now?"

"No!"  The sweat was now pouring off Johnny's forehead.  "I'll never talk, you stupid, stupid bitch!"

Julia smiled.  A quick slap, and tape was pressed over his mouth.  "Well, since that won't get you to talk…"  She spun him around so that his back was to her.  "This hurts me more then it hurts you."

Johnny's eyes widened in fear just as she cut through one of his tendons.  He let out an agonized shriek, heavily muffled by his tape gag.  The mummy thrashed on the chain as blood flowed from the back of his left ankle.

Julia calmly knelt next to him and ripped off his gag.  "How about now?  If you talk, I'll be merciful."

He glared at her, pure hatred in his eyes.  "You know…"  He hissed through the pain.  "I should have fucked you on that pier.  I should have made you squirm, made you scream for mercy…"  The tape was slapped back on and the other tendon was cut as well.

Johnny's face turned beet red as he screamed into his gag.  His forehead was drenched in sweat, and he squirmed and thrashed in his cocoon, instinctively trying to escape the pain.

"I need to know where Mario is."  Julia said quietly.  "Now are you going to talk or not?!"

Despite all of his pain, despite all of the mind numbing agony that he was going through, he still remembered what Mario did to squealers.  No…that wouldn’t happen to him…it wouldn't!

He glared at her, his eyes burning with hate.  Julia sighed.  "Well then, I guess I'll have to take drastic measures."

She spun him around and cut away the tape near his groin.  Reaching in, she pulled out his genitals.  "You obviously have some testosterone issues."  She said.  "Why don't we solve those right now?"

Grabbing his left testicle, she began to very slowly slice into the skin, drawing blood.

That was Johnny's breaking point.  Unable to take any more, he screamed into his gag "I'll talk!  I'll talk!"  Though Julia was not able to understand the words, she got the meaning.

Kneeling down, she tore off the tape gag.  "Talk now, or I will cut it off."

"All right, all right."  Johnny gasped, his eyes dull with pain.  "What do you want to know?"

"Where is Mario's hidden mansion?"

"It's…under his penthouse.  Go to the kitchen, and head down the basement steps…you'll find it there."

Julia smiled.  "There.  Now wasn't that easy?"  She took the chain and quickly wound it around Johnny's neck.

"Wait!"  He shouted as she buckled the chain in place.  "You promised you would be merciful!"

"I am."  She said.  "I'm saving you from Mario's wrath."  With that, she shoved the concrete slab into the water.  The chain holding Johnny up snapped, and his mummified form plunged into the water, vanishing from sight, joining his companions as he was taken to a watery grave.

Julia stared at the water where the three thugs had fallen in.  "Took you long enough."  She said.  "Asshole."


As Julia walked back to Frank's house, her mind was reeling.  When she had been with Mario, she hadn't discovered what happened to squealers.  But what she had heard from others within the Godfather's circle, they suffered a fate worse then death.

Obviously, that threat had kept Johnny silent up until the very end.  But her mind quickly switched gears.  It was time to take her gear, head down to the mansion and kill the godfather once and for all.  Maybe she would make him suffer.

Frank's home came into view.  She walked up to it, wondering how she was going to explain her long absence.  He wasn't a bad man, Frank.  In fact, he was rather nice.  He'd make a good husband.  If she joined him, maybe they could fish together, out in that ocean where she had been fished out from.

But not now.  All that mattered was getting rid of Mario, getting rid of the asshole who had tormented her long enough. 

Strangely, the front door to Frank's house was unlocked.  And when she walked in the chill was stronger then usual.  Had he left a window open?

Walking into the living room, she had her answer.  The back door had been smashed open.  The dining table was overturned, furniture had been smashed, and groceries were all over the floor.  A broken jar of apple sauce was next to Julia's foot.

"They came for him."

Grabbing her tranquilizer pistol, Julia spun and saw the informant walking in the room. 


"Yes.  Apparently he wants to urge you on."

"But you said Mario wasn't interested in Frank!" 

"I thought so.  But Mario is smarter then he looks.  He doesn't reveal what he has fully planned to anyone, not even me.  Apparently he was going after your friend after all."

Julia's teeth grinded against each other, and some of the plastic on the tranquilizer gun's grip cracked. 

"I can help you."  The informant said.  "Did Johnny tell you where the mansion is?"

Julia regained some of her composure.  "After some persuading, yes.  It's beneath Mario's penthouse, apparently in the sewers."

"Of course!"  The informant's electronic voice said.  "Why didn't I think of that before?  I'll go ahead and clear the path for you.  Take care of as much opposition as I can."  The informant started to leave the house.

"Wait!"  Julia said.  "What do you want from me?  What do I have to give you for my help?"

The form buried within all the dark clothing was silent.  "Nothing.  You owe me nothing. I've waited all this time to get rid of Mario.  Like you, I want him dead.  I want his reign of terror stopped.  Nothing less then his death can satisfy me.  Only then will my soul find peace."

As he left, the figure stopped and asked one more thing.  "What are you going to do?"

Julia glared at him.  "I've got a rescue to do."


An hour later, Julia walked into the large double doors of Mario's penthouse.  In her left hand was the tranquilizer gun.  In her right was the paste gun.  Her long coat billowed behind her as she entered the house.

It was empty.  Where only a few weeks before there had been the sounds of partying, there were now no sounds to greet her either.  Nobody came forward to challenge her.  It was as silent as a tomb.

Wasting no time, Julia went through the hallways, guns at the ready.  She reached the kitchen.  Sure enough, a hidden door was wide open, waiting for her.  She started to enter, but then paused.  This seemed too easy.  Was it a trap? 

There was no way of knowing.  She could stand here…or she could go in.  But there was no way she was going back. 

Taking a deep breath, she stepped inside the doorway.

There was a long staircase heading down.  Gripping the handrail she went down the steps, her path illuminated by bare lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling.  It was at that moment that she heard the first scream.

It wasn't loud.  It was faint, but she could tell that it was coming from somewhere ahead.  But it wasn't a scream of pain.  Rather, it was a scream of despair. 

At the end of the staircase she found an elevator, doors already open and waiting for her. 

She got in and looked at the panel.  There were only two buttons.  Up and down.  But the up button was covered by a clear latch that was locked with a padlock.  Apparently, those who were down in Mario's mansion were staying down there.

She pressed the down button. 

The doors closed, motors ran, and the elevator began to go down.  Slowly at first, then faster and faster.  For almost two minutes the elevator went down into the area beneath New York City. 

Taking a deep breath, Julia focused herself.  Frank was down here somewhere, and he needed her help.  She was also alone.  Completely alone.  No allies, no one to count on except the informer, who was probably fighting his way though somewhere up ahead.

The elevator came to a stop.  Another scream was heard, coming from somewhere ahead.  With a cheerful "ding" the doors opened.  Taking a deep breath, Julia pulled up her gun and stepped out of the elevator.

There was a hallway in front of Julia, dimly lit by hanging chandeliers.  But these weren't ordinary chandeliers.  They were really women, tied up, restrained, hung from the ceiling, and with candleholders chained around them.  They were living ornaments. 

Julia slowly walked out of the elevator, staring at the dangling women with both fascination and fear. 

"Well, hello there!"

Julia spun, aiming her gun.  But she saw that the voice belonged to a lovely woman locked in a cage. 

"Hello there!"  Julia spun, seeing another cage and another woman inside it.  Looking around, she saw that the entire hallway had steel cages embedded in the walls, each holding a woman.  And each woman was wearing a latex body glove, and each was wearing handcuffs and leg cuffs.

"Who are you?"  Julia asked the nearest woman.

"Who, me?"  She giggled.  "Why, my name is Ginger.  I was one of Mario's assassins. 

But after I botched up four tries, he sentenced me to this cage for three years."  She giggled madly.  "I've been in here for two.  No days off, no time out, nothing."  She held up her wrists, showing the shiny handcuffs.  "And these?  They're on twenty four hours a day!"

"And me?"  Another woman said.  "I tried to leave Mario's circle.  So I got twenty five years in this cage for my troubles!"  She laughed madly, tugging at her ankle cuffs.  "I've been trying to get these off for years!  And they won't!" 

"But that's not the worst of it!"  Another woman said.  "You see her, over there?"  Julia looked over at a cage.  Inside was another woman.  She too, was wearing a latex suit, handcuffs and leg cuffs.  "She tried to kill Mario, isn't that right Maria?"

The woman didn't speak.

"She got life!  She's been locked in that cage for the rest of her life!"  All the women began to laugh, their chains shaking as they rolled around, laughing hysterically. 

They were mad, Julia realized. 

Running, she sprinted to the end of the hallway, went through the heavy iron door and slammed it shut.  The women continued to laugh on the other side of it.

She was now on a very large staircase.  It was heading straight down to another doorway about six stories below her.  The sides of the walls were made of steel bars.  Behind the bars was a six foot gap and another solid wall.

What was in that gap was another grim spectacle.  There were dozens of figures hanging from the ceiling.  Some were naked and some were not.  Some were wearing gas masks, others were not.  All of them were dangling from the ceiling, either by chains, harnesses or cables.  All were on display for anyone to see.

Julia slowly started walking down the stairs, her guns at the ready.  The figures were completely silent.  A few heads turned to look at her, but no one spoke.  These humans were completely silent.

Julia hurried down the staircase as fast as she could, trying to get away from this horrible scene.  Only when she reached the door did the chained and hanging people began to moan and scream.  Only when she got through the door and locked it did the screaming die down.


Taking a deep breath, Julia continued on.  She went deeper and deeper into Mario's horrible mansion, every hallway, every room containing bound people, poor souls who had fallen under Mario's wrath. 

Something told her she hadn't even seen the worst of it.

It seemed as if she went through the place for hours.  Distant moans and screams of despair were never far behind or ahead, but always out of sight.  Where was Frank?  Julia thought.  Was he chained up somewhere, suffering some untold torment?

There was only one way to find out.  Find the man in charge and get rid of him. 

Fortunately, every door Julia encountered was unlocked.  The informant had obviously been through here earlier.  Where was he?  Was he somewhere up ahead?

Then the corridors stopped.

There was only one door to go through.  It was big, and it was made of solid wood, elegant and refined.  Something that sharply contrasted the despair this place had. 

Julia's senses told her that Mario was behind that door, just waiting for her.  She reached out, and took hold of the doorknob.  Slowly, she twisted it, easing the door open.

And with that, she went inside.


The room she entered was dim, but not completely dark.  It was very large, almost fifty feet wide and who knew how long.  The floors were solid concrete with holes in them, all spaced evenly apart.

There were candles on the walls, ever so slightly illuminating the room.  As Julia walked forward, she saw a desk, complete with a huge leather chair, it's back facing her. 

She knew who was sitting in it.

"Well well, if it isn't the little rat himself."

There was no answer.  The chair didn't move. 

"Come on out Mario."  Julia growled.  "Unless you want me to shoot you through that chair of yours."

The chair slowly rotated until it faced Julia.  But Mario wasn't in it. 

Rather, the informer was.  His (her?) suited form sat in the chair, looking at her.


The informer said nothing. 

"Are you Mario?"  But no, it couldn't be, Julia thought.  The informer was too thin.  Mario couldn't be the informer.

The person slowly reached upwards and removed his/her hat, revealing bare skin beneath.  The scarf around the neck was unwrapped, and the electronic voice scrambler fell to the floor.

Then the huge goggles and head baklava came off, revealing who it was.  Julia gasped.




"Well Julia?  Are you awake yet?  I'm getting very impatient here."

As she came out of her tazer induced sleep, Julia recognized that voice instantly. 


"Ah, so you are awake.  Very good!  I was hoping you'd come around.  After all, we have so much fun to get to.  Well…"  He chuckled.  "Fun for me at least.  I'm afraid you've come to the last stop in your life."

Julia opened her eyes and saw the godfather standing right in front of her, pudgy, grinning, and with a cigarette in his mouth.

Instinctively she tried to grab him, but found that while her arms could move, she couldn't get them out from behind her back.  To her horror, she found that she was handcuffed.  Her hands were useless now.

And looking down at her body, she saw the horror of what had happened.  Her body was once again wrapped from her chin to her toes in rolls and rolls of bandages. 

"Do you like the blue?"  Mario asked, referring to the color of the horse bandages that now encircled Julia.  "I think it looks very good on you."

Julia struggled against her cuffs.  Her arms and hands were wrapped up like the rest of her body, but were not wrapped against her body.  Apparently, Mario wanted to watch her squirm.

"A prisoner yet again."  Mario sighed.  "You know Julia, I'm starting to wonder why I ever bothered hiring you.  Oh well, no manner now.  I've had my fun with you."

He snapped his fingers.  Two thugs came over, grabbed Julia's shoulders and dragged her across the smooth concrete floor towards the middle of the room.  There was a deep pit there, square in size.  The thugs dropped her next to it.

"You see this?"  Mario asked, calmly walking up to it.  "This is your grave Julia.  This is your tomb.  In a matter of minutes you're going to be sealed up and buried in it, never to be released.  But you think I'm going to kill you?  No no, I'm not that merciful."

Julia peered down into the square pit.  Seven feet below lay a coffin, and a sarcophagus that held the coffin.  Several tubes went out of the sarcophagus and into the sides of the pit.  One long tube was on the lid of the sarcophagus, one that went straight up to the top of the pit.

"You see Julia, this entire room holds all of those who greatly offend or annoy me.  Using all my state of the art equipment, I entomb them in this room and keep them alive for the rest of their lives.  You see all those holes in the floor?  Those are breathing tubes, all of them going into these tombs, enabling the people below to stay alive."

He started to walk around, smiling.  "Some have been here for several years.  One fellow over here," He tapped on one piece of concrete.  "…Has been down there for thirty years.  Still alive and still going.  Nobody's died yet, and it'll probably be another forty years before any one of them do."

Mario turned and stared at Julia.  "And you're about to join them.  I hope you like being mummified, because you're going to be like that for the rest of your life."  He smiled and cracked his neck.  "Well, I'm sure you are eager to be entombed again, so let's get too it."


Shock dulled Julia, made her numb, made her dumb.  After all she had gone though, after all she had done, after all the bloodthirsty thoughts…and here she was, a prisoner again, about to be entombed for life.  There would be no release from this casket.  There would be no boat, no net, no fisherman…

Frank.  She turned and looked at him.  He was standing there, silently watching the whole scene.  His normally expressive face was now dim, empty of life.  He looked dead.

"Why Frank?"  Julia asked at last.  "Why?"

"Ah yes, I love these little moments."  Mario said cheerfully.  "Don't the ones you love always hurt you the worst?  Such it is here."

Mario walked up to his mummified and cuffed captive.  "You want to know the whole story?  Fine.  I'll tell you.  When I shoved you into the ocean, I didn't plan on keeping you down there forever.  So I dispatched my top hitman Frank here, to go and pick you up.” 

“After giving him the coordinates, he did rather well in finding you.  Then he slowly began to edge away at you.  Your skin restoration shots?  Those were really nothing but a chemical that made the grey more permanent.  The informant?  That was my orders too.  Lure you into slowly finding your way in here, so that I can savor this sweet, sweet moment when you realize that you've been nothing but a pawn in a game all for my amusement."

Julia stared at him.

"The goons you killed?  No matter.  I can get more.  I've always gotten more whenever I needed them.  Johnny, he knew what would happen if he squealed on me.  He would have gotten a special place in that tomb there."  Mario pointed to another open tomb.  Instead of a coffin, this one had a small underground room.  "But I admit, your actions surprised me.  I never expected to kill anyone in cold blood."

He leaned in close.  "But despite all your efforts, you still failed."  He whispered.  "When you're lying in your tomb for the next sixty years, don't you ever forget that I always win."

Julia looked at Frank.  "Was falling in love with me part of your orders too?"  She didn’t bother holding back the sting in her words.

"No, no, that was an unexpected factor."  Mario said.  "I never planned for that to happen.  But isn't it better to have loved and lost, then to never loved at all?  Bah, I don't care.  Time to get this over with."

As he reached over to kick Julia into the tomb, he was surprised by her wrapped arm punching him in the ankle, knocking him to the floor.

"What the…"

"You forget Mario," Julia said as she threw her handcuffs off.  "That I have tiny wrists." 

With that, Julia made a lunge upwards and leapt into a standing position. 

Spinning, she saw a gun lying on Mario's desk.  With her legs wrapped together, all she could do was hop across the concrete floor, heading towards the gun, trying to work her fingers through their wrappings.

Mario was surprisingly fast, getting back onto his feet in a manner of seconds.  "Stop her!"  He shouted. 

Frank looked at Julia.  But before he could make one move, Julia did a quick Karate chop on his neck, hitting one of his nerves.  Yelping in pain, he fell onto the floor. 

"Shit!"  Mario shouted.

A few more hops and Julia reached the desk.  She barely managed to work two of her fingers through the ball wrappings on her fist.  Grabbing the pistol, she turned and aimed at Mario.  Moving her wrapped fingers as fast as she could, she squeezed the trigger.

A bullet flew out of the chamber.  But Mario was quicker then he looked.  He leapt into the air and dodged the shot just as Julia pulled the trigger again. 

Again and again Julia fired.  But Mario somehow got ahead of each bullet.  "You always were a terrible shot!"  He shouted. 

Click.  The gun stopped firing.  Julia gulped.  All the bullets were gone. 

Seizing his chance, Mario sprinted across the room and tackled Julia.  Slamming into the ground, Mario pinned the mummified woman to the floor with his weight.  "Well…"  He hissed.  "I guess burying you and keeping you alive would be too merciful.  Time to try something else…"


Five minutes later Julia was dangling in her pit, her wrists locked into dangling steel manacles that hung from the ceiling.  Mario operated a remote control, lowering her deeper and deeper into her pit, until her neck was level with the floor.

"Now for the finishing touch."  Mario said.  "Instead of burying you completely, I'll just entomb you up to your neck.  That way you can look at me for the rest of your life.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

Julia stared at Mario.  With her mouth how holding a feeding and breathing tube that were wrapped into her, it was impossible to speak, now, or for the rest of life. 

But she could still look.  She looked at Frank, who was silently standing next to the Godfather.  "Please Frank!"  She silently shouted.  "Please help me!"

Frank looked at Julia, his face emotionless, blank.  He looked dead.  Both physically and emotionally.

Grinning, Mario pressed a button.  Liquid concrete began to pour into the pit at rapid speed, quickly filling it.  The level of the bubbly liquid rose second by second.  Soon it reached Julia's wrapped legs and engulfed them.  Then it reached her hips.  Then her chest.  Then her breasts.

Then the goopy liquid reached her neck.  With that, Mario stopped the cement.  "Well my dear."  He said pleasantly.  "You have about three minutes before that concrete hardens.  And once it does, you'll be sealed in permanently.  No amount of chiseling will ever get you out.  Hmm…well, I'll have to think hard of ways to torment you for the next sixty years.  So much time, and so many ways to torture you…"

Already Julia could feel the concrete beginning to harden around her.  She frantically wiggled, tears coming out of her eyes, mixing into the rapidly hardening concrete. 

"It can't end like this!"  Julia sobbed silently.  "Not like this!  Please Frank!  Please!"

Frank looked at her, his face still blank.

"Well, almost there."  Mario said happily.  "Have fun in your concrete bed!"

"No Mario.  Have fun in yours."

Frank swung a fist at Mario's head and slammed the Godfather in the base of his neck.  With a loud yelp the man fell.  Grabbing the remote control, Frank pressed a button.  The chains that held Julia's hands above her head began to yank her upwards.

But the concrete was strong, it's hold on Julia almost complete.  But the chains pulled, trying to get her out.  Julia watched, unable to do anything.

Mario was getting back onto his feet.  But Frank was faster.  Punching and kicking the Godfather, he shoved the man back.  Mario countered by kicking Frank in the gut, stunning him momentarily. 

He got to his feet with frightening speed.  "I am going to hurt you so much!"  He growled.  "I’m going to make you beg for death to claim you!"

Frank simply smiled.  "I don't think so."

Giving a sudden yell, Frank leapt into the air and kicked Mario dead in the chest.  Mario staggered backwards to the edge of an open pit, wavered for a moment, then fell in with a yell.

There was a loud bang as the heavy thug landed.  Frank didn't even wait.  Pressing the button on the remote control, a cement tube descended from the ceiling and poured liquid concrete into the pit.

As the chains pulled Julia out of her tomb, she could faintly hear something she had never heard before.  Mario screaming.  The concrete poured into the pit, and his screams were silenced.

A few more moments and the concrete reached the top of the pit, where the tube stopped pouring.  A few bubbles popped on the surface, but otherwise the pit was still.

Frank stood there at the edge of the pit for three minutes, watching as the liquid concrete turned into hardened cement, sealing Mario in his tomb for all time.

Julia watched him from her odd position.  Her hands chained above her, wrapped up, dangling and dripping with semi-hardened concrete.  With the tubes in her mouth, she was silent.

At last Frank came over to her.  His face was different now.  There was regret in his eyes.  Shame too.  And joy as well.  Lowering Julia to the floor (But not enough for her wrapped feet to stand on the ground), he wordlessly removed the tubes from her mouth.

The first words out of Julia's mouth were simple.  "Why?  Why did you do it Frank?  Why did you double cross me this entire time?"

For a few moments Frank was silent.  "For my children.  I did it for my children."

That shocked Julia.  "You have kids?"

"Yes."  He said quietly.  "I've only seen them once.  A year ago, when my wife gave birth to them.  But shortly after that, Mario took them from me, and killed my wife for refusing to kill an important target.  He buried her at sea, the same thing he did to you."

Julia looked at him, at a loss for words.

"Mario said that if I did what he told me to do, my kids wouldn't be harmed.  So that's why I went along with him.  His ordering me to pose as a sea captain and pick you up so he could keep toying with you.  His ordering me to keep your skin grey with those injections.  His ordering to pose as an informant to set up this big betrayal.  All of it, all of it was for my kids."

Any anger Julia had towards Frank began to melt away like dew in the hot sun. 

"And Joe's death was the last straw.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to kill the bastard.  But I had to keep my cover up so I could get in and take my revenge when he didn't expect it.  But now…now that that monster is gone, I can finally find my kids." 

Frank looked at Julia.  "Julia…I'm so sorry.  I'm so sorry for everything.  I'm sorry for the lies, I'm sorry for the pain I've caused you."

Julia knew what was coming next. 

"Can…no, I shouldn’t…I don't deserve it."

She smiled, and for the first time that day, she felt good.  "Yes Frank.  I forgive you." 

Frank looked at her, his shame and his weakness gone, washed away by Julia's words. 

And for the first time in such a long time, he felt…free…light…and…happy.

"Well then…"  He sighed.  "I guess I'm going to go find my kids.  Right after I cut all these people out of the walls and the floor."

"I"?  Excuse me buddy, but what do you mean, "I"?  Shouldn't it be "We?" "

Frank looked at Julia.  "You mean…"

"Yep.  I want to come with you."

Frank sighed, and he felt laughter rising in him.  "Well, okay!  Why don't I start cutting these people out?  Mario of course will remain here for the rest of his life after we seal this whole place, but there's no reason everyone else down here can't breathe the sweet air again."

"Uhm, excuse me, but aren't you forgetting something?"


Julia shook, making her wrist manacles clink.  "Oh, I don't know."  Frank said.  "You look rather good.  You know, all mummified, chained and dangling like that.  I could leave you like that for a while."

"Oh come on!  After all we've been though, you're going to keep me here?"

The two shared a hearty laugh as Frank lowered Julia completely to the ground and released the chain on her cuffs.  He started to unlock her wrist manacles when she shook her finger.

"No."  She whispered seductively.  "Leave them on."

Frank looked at her.  "Are you suggesting…"

"Oh you betcha."

Franks eyebrow raised, and a big smile came over his face.

"Well, I guess these folks can wait just a little bit longer…"

Without another word he scooped the mummified and chained woman into his arms and lifted her up.  They began to walk away into the kinky side rooms of Mario's underground mansion.  Maybe find a nice cage somewhere and have a little…fun.

"Oh by the way," Frank said as he carried Julia.  "Mario and I were lying earlier.  That skin condition of yours isn't permanent.  A few injections and your skin should be back to normal."

Julia laughed, grabbed his head and kissed him.  Frank had to focus on keeping Julia safe in his grip as he quivered under her kiss.

No more crime for the both of them, that was for certain.  The dismantling of the now entombed Mario's crime ring?  Yes.  Finding the kids?  Yes.  Starting a family together?  Most definitely.

But for now, they could relax and enjoy each other's company.

After all, they had earned it.




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