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Tighter Than Expected

by UncomfortablyNumb

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© Copyright 2018 - UncomfortablyNumb - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F+/m; bond; mum; tape; hood; hotel; suitcase; gag; kidnap; enslave; leather; strip; breathplay; cons; nc; X

It had only been about 6 months ago that my girlfriend had left me on discovering my desires to be tightly wrapped and inescapably bound, a fascination that had grown and grown ever since I was a teenager but had been kept largely secret from anyone. It had been a rocky relationship to begin with, but the discovery of all the bondage sites on my internet history had been the last straw. She did not understand the fascination, and as the urges grew stronger it eventually drove us apart.

I had always been shy and reserved - not exactly a social butterfly - so dejectedly I had turned onto the internet; ploughing through message boards, chat rooms and social networking sites. I didn’t even know what I was looking for, I just wanted to find someone likeminded, someone I could talk to. That was when I found Sarah.

We met over a chatroom and we quickly hit it off. She had an easy, playful manner that made her so easy to talk to, with the hint of an edge to her that I found highly alluring. Over the months I found myself sharing more and more about my kinks with her, always to an excited and enthusiastic response. She revealed to me that in the past she had a friend that she had sometimes took turns with wrapping each other up, and she had found it amazingly sexy. As time went on, we started speaking over the phone and swapping photos with each other. It turned out that she was an absolutely gorgeous blonde, but it was her interest in my kinks and my fetishes that made me want to come back and speak to her over and over again.

Then without me even suggesting it, Sarah asked - as I had never had the chance to fully explore my desires – whether I would be interested in meeting up and letting her wrap me up. I was spellbound; I had begun to think that I would never fulfil my fantasies, let alone with someone so beautiful. I felt apprehensive at first, both due to my own nerves and the idea of meeting up with someone I’d only met online and spoken to over the phone and letting her have me helpless in her power; but she was happy just to help me experience my fantasy. We agreed that she would just wrap me up from the neck down and let me experience what it would be like. She reassured me that she would not look to take advantage or have sex with me, and I felt greatly reassured by this – even if part of me did kind of want her to do that. She did also admit that she might not be able to resist a little bit of teasing!

In the end, we agreed to meet at a hotel in-between us both - neutral ground she had joked. For weeks I just couldn’t prevent the excitement from growing and the images of what could happen flashing through my head. I could barely sleep and couldn’t go through a single day without imagining what it would be like - not just to be tightly wrapped like I had always dreamed about, but for it to be done by someone so gorgeous. 

Eventually, the day came and I made my way to our rendezvous. The hotel was nothing fancy but looked clean and comfortable as I made my way over to the reception – not that I would be having the need for any hotel facilities once I got up to the room, I mused to myself.

As I made my way up to the room, butterflies began to build up in my stomach. I could not really believe that this was going to happen. I had never thought that I would ever experience some of the things we had talked about together, and yet it was all potentially about to happen. Eventually I came up to the room and – with my heart feeling like it was hammering against my ribcage – knocked on the door. There was the muted sounds of footsteps on the other side and before I could even prepare myself, the door was open.

“Hey you!”

Although I had seen pictures and photos of Sarah, my first glance left me completely stunned. Her blonde hair framed gorgeous green eyes, with a face that showed a casual beauty that made me melt. Though I had not asked her to, she had clearly been making careful notes of what turned me on during our chats; she was wearing a sexy form-fitting black leather jacket, open to show the red dress that accentuated her curves. The nylons and knee high, black leather high heeled boots completed the image. It took me several seconds before I realised I was staring. I must have blushed, eliciting a giggle and a smile from her.

“I’m guessing you approve of my outfit then!” she smiled, giving a little twirl. She leaned forward and gave me a small peck on the cheek with a friendly smile. “It’s great to finally meet you!”

“ too,” I managed to stammer, still trying to fully process what I was seeing. 

Sarah smiled. “Well what are you waiting for? Come on in and we’ll get this show on the road.”

I followed her into the hotel room; it may not have been that high-end, but the room was spacious and clean. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the sexy girl walking in front of me, watching as her heels clicked on the floor. I watched as she walked over to an overly large suitcase she had placed against the wall and pulled out a variety of rolls of wraps and tape. 

Sarah turned and winked at me “Starting to feel nervous?” 

“A bit...” I nod, “I mean you know I haven’t really done anything like this before.”

She flashed me a warm and easy smile “Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands!” She let out an infectious giggle that already made me swoon over her and grinned seductively, “Don’t you think you’re a little overdressed though?” 

I dutifully - and slightly nervously - began to strip down naked. I should have been much more apprehensive than I was, but somehow Sarah’s smile and warmth helped to put me at ease. As I finally got down to removing my underwear, I stood completely naked with my cock shamelessly standing rigid in front of her. She sauntered round and stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

“And we haven’t even got started yet!” she teased, eyeing my crotch with a playful grin. As I stood slightly sheepishly in front of her, she strolled across to the large suitcase. “There’s something I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing for me – I know we didn’t discuss it but I thought you might like it...” As she said this, she pulled a black leather hood out of the suitcase; it had holes for the mouth, eyes and nostrils and was clearly made of very soft leather.

“What’s that for?” I asked, unsure whether to be nervous or excited.

“Well, I was hoping you might want to wear this while I wrapped you – then I could take some pictures of the process. Then you could keep them or post them online or anything you liked without worrying about people knowing it was you?” She smiled holding it out in front of me.

“What about you?” I asked playfully. She gave me a seductive grin “Well, maybe I’ll keep a copy for myself. I do so like souvenirs!”

I laughed. I could not believe how at ease she was making me feel. I took the hood from her hands and pulled it on. I had never worn anything like it before and at first it felt quite strange, but after Sarah came over and pulled it taut it felt like a second skin. 

“Now I think you are all set!” she smiled. She escorted me over to the foot of the bed. She would normally only have been a little shorter than me, but the heels on her boots meant that her gorgeous green eyes were almost completely level with mine as she held me in place.

“Are you ready?” she purred. I nodded, suddenly too excited to get the words out. “Then let’s begin...”

With that, Sarah reached behind me and picked up a large roll of cling film. She instructed me to hold my legs apart, and started to wrap each leg individually. She slowly and methodically wrapped, explaining that the cling film would protect my skin from the more sticky adhesive wraps she planned to use and was better for being wrapped in for a long time. I suddenly started to wonder exactly how long she had in mind!

Once she was satisfied with her work on my legs, she moved up and started to repeat the process on my arms, wrapping each one individually. Once this was done, she continued adding layers of wrap over my shoulders and around my torso. As she worked down she eventually reached my waist and my still rigid cock. She looked up at me with a playful look in her eye, before touching my cock only to hold it down as she wrapped it tight to my body. Just that touch made my whole body tingle. By the time Sarah was done - and several rolls of cling film had been expended - I was covered from neck to ankles in shiny clear cling film.

“Try and move,” she instructed. The layers of wrap had had a serious effect on my mobility, making it quite difficult to try and bend my knees or ankles. When I tried to move, it was almost like someone trying to walk around with all their limbs in casts. Sarah giggled uncontrollably as I attempted to move around the room, snapping a few photos as I went. She came across and helped me back to my starting position.

“Not going anywhere fast!” she teased, as she picked up another roll; this time she selected a roll of stronger, black pallet wrap. She then proceeded to repeat the process of wrapping my legs individually with the new bindings. As she wrapped I could feel the added compression and tightness – not uncomfortable in the slightest, but very secure. Once she was happy that my legs where adequately encased, she slid back up my body and began the work again on my arms. It only took a few minutes for my arms to be securely wrapped in black the same as my legs.

Once the second arm had been wrapped as comprehensively as the first, Sarah stepped back for a second and took some more photos. She then put the camera down and picked up the pallet wrap again. Her sexy eyes locked with mine, biting her lower lip as she gave me a devilish smile and began to peel the wrap from the roll.

“Ready for the point of no return?” she purred. Again, I could only nod in anticipation.

She moved forward with a purpose, as if it wouldn’t have mattered what I’d said or done. Within moments, she had forced my hands into balls and wrapped them securely so there would be no attempts at escape. With that accomplished, my arms were firmly pushed to my sides and a single strip of black pallet wrap quickly wrapped around my torso, pinning my arms to my sides. This was followed up by more and more turns of the wrap, evenly spread as my shiny cling film layer begin to disappear. I had already been immensely turned on at my wrappings so far, but this sudden increase in my confinement, coupled with the smell of Sarah’s perfume mixed with the scent of her leather jacket made my cock twitch in its cling film prison.

Sarah made sure to give me a mischievous grin every time our eyes met, winding the wrap round and round; over my shoulders, round my torso and down towards my waist. Eventually my entire top half was swathed in black pallet wrap. I tested my bonds, squirming slightly only to find I was more comprehensively restrained than I could have ever dreamed of being. 

“Hey, none of that, I’m trying to work here!” Sarah cried in mock anger, playfully swatting me on the ass. She finished wrapping a couple of turns around my waist before instructing me to shuffle back and sit on the edge of the bed. Once there, she grabbed a fresh roll of pallet wrap and began to tightly wrap my legs.

“Couldn’t get out now even if you wanted to...” she purred, looking up at me and smiling devilishly as she wrapped down past my knees. My cock gave another involuntary twitch underneath its bindings. She was right, at this point I was going nowhere – not that I wanted to be anywhere else!

As she reached my feet, she stopped wrapping at my ankles and picked up another roll of cling film. Propping my feet up on her lap as she knelt down, she quickly wrapped my feet and up my ankles, before repeating the process with a layer of pallet wrap. I was now covered literally from the neck down.

Under Sarah’s instruction (and with her help) I managed to shuffle myself onto the bed properly. Sarah laughed at my pathetic wiggling, and I was turned on immensely by my sudden helplessness.

“Almost done, just need to make sure you’re a little more secure”, she smiled as she reached into her suitcase and brought out a large roll of black duct tape. More secure? I can barely squirm, I thought to myself.

Sarah pulled across one of the pillows on the bed and slid it under my feet to prop them up as she wrapped several turns of the strong, sticky duct tape around my ankles. Just the sound of the adhesive tape ripping from the roll sent me into raptures. She slid the pillow along underneath me in order to add more winds of tape around my knees to secure my wrapping.

“Is that really all necessary?” I queried.

“Maybe not, but I like to be thorough,” Sarah replied, “Why? You complaining?”

“Not at all,” I grinned.

She gave me another mischievous grin and jumped onto the bed straddling me, leaving me with a perfect view of the back of her tight leather jacket and her golden hair cascading down. The added pressure of her weight in addition to my bonds just made me feel even more helpless.

“You need to stop squirming, this will be all over soon” she teased as the tape was wrapped tightly round my knees. When she was done, the same was done at my thighs, waist, elbows and shoulders each time scooting back a little more. When she reached my elbows, she looked back at me with another evil grin.

“Sorry about this,” she said, and firmly pressed her nylon covered arse down on my face. I squirmed in resistance, unable to breathe but her booted feet either side of my head kept me from doing anything more than wiggle. I felt the tape wrap round and suddenly I could breathe again.

“I told you to stop squirming,” she chastised playfully “That way I’ll be done quicker. Let’s try that again...”

Before I could protest, she had shuffled down a little more and this time planted her crotch down firmly on my face, her legs again keeping me in place. As I felt the tape wrap round my shoulders securely, I fought desperately for air, breathing in the strong musky smell of her arousal at my predicament that was evident even through the nylons and underwear.

After what felt like an eternity, I finally felt cool air on my face as she got up and sat next to me on the bed. She smiled down at me as I recovered, breathing in hard.

“I must admit I liked feeling you squirm down there,” she grinned winking at me. She ran her hand down my tightly wrapped body. “So how does it feel? Just like you imagined?”

I tested my bonds and tried to see how much wiggle room I had. I quickly found that I was completely and utterly helpless. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Here I was inescapably bound and helpless with a gorgeous, leather clad beauty gazing down at me.

“No, it’s even better!” I breathed, testing my bonds. “It’s tighter than I could have imagined!”

Sarah smiled a predatory smile. “Good!” she purred, as she jumped up and straddled my waist. She leaned down and brought her face close to mine. All I wanted to do was reach up and feel the folds of her leather jacket against her body. The smell of her perfume and the leather was so strong now, I could barely contain my feelings. “Only one more thing left to do then...”

“One more? Wha...mmmpppphhh!!” I cried out, as suddenly out of the pocket of her jacket she pulled a red rubber ball and roughly stuffed it in my mouth. Before I even knew what was happening, I heard that familiar arousing sound of the duct tape being pulled off the roll and my lips where sealed shut. 

As Sarah roughly pulled my head forward and wrapped layer after layer of tape around my head, my mind was reeling. What was she doing?!? We agreed no gags, I had just wanted to feel the experience of being wrapped. I squirmed and bucked as best I could, but Sarah’s vice like legs coupled with my thorough bindings made this pointless. As I struggled, I could feel her adding more and more tape until my head and neck where wrapped as completely as the rest of me. Only my flaring nostrils and panicked eyes were visible by the time she was finished.

With a contented sigh, Sarah finally got off me and took a step away from the bed. She let out a short laugh and had a massive, evil grin on her face as she eyed her handiwork. Suddenly her whole demeanour had changed. The warmth and friendliness were gone, replaced with a predatory and sexual desire. 

Without a word, she turned around and walked to the other side of the room. She pulled a mobile phone out of her bag and started making a call. By now, the layers of tape around my head made it hard to tell what she was saying at such a distance. I squirmed and thrashed as best I could, panicked and scared at this sudden turn of events. I screamed into my gag as I looked at her pleadingly, but this only elicited a fit of laughter from Sarah as she ended her call. She sauntered back over to the bed, the heels of her leather boots clicking on the floor as she walked over. With a seductive smile she jumped back onto the bed, straddling me once more. 

“Guess you’re a little freaked aren’t you?” she smiled, “Wondering why I forgot that this isn’t what you wanted...” she stroked my cheek with her hand “...or maybe you’ve realised that I didn’t forget. This is just what I wanted.” Sarah laughed again as I let out a desperate gagged moan. “When I found you online I could just sense all that pent up frustration and desire. I knew if I stoked the flames just right when the time came you would come running at the chance of being oh so tightly wrapped! And you cannot imagine how much I’ve wanted my own tightly wrapped and gagged plaything...” 

“So let me tell you what’s going to happen now. You were very open with me in our chats, I feel like we really got to know each other. So much so that I’m willing to bet two things – if I may?” she asked mockingly, gazing at me with those beautiful eyes and stroking my tightly wrapped body.

“First, I very much doubt you told anyone you were coming to meet me tonight. Or even where you were going. You’ve been very clear that you keep your kinks a secret and I reckon that would mean you wouldn’t feel comfortable telling anyone you were meeting someone to be wrapped up!” I moaned softly; she was right, I hadn’t told anyone. I’d known it might have been stupid, but how could I have explained it to anyone or made them understand?

“Secondly, I don’t think you’ve told anyone about me either, have you? You’re far too shy and private to be telling people about your online ‘friends’ aren’t you?” There was a devilish look in her eye as she said this. I nodded my head weakly, none of my friends knew I was even talking to Sarah, let alone who she was.

Sarah looked down at me hungrily with a seductive grin “So to recap, no one knows where you are, and no one knows who you are with. So if you were to just disappear...” She let that hang in the air for a second “...then no one would ever know where to find you.”

My heart almost stopped at the realisation of what she was saying. Sarah smiled as she saw the pieces fitting together in my brain.

“So this is what’s going to happen; you’re coming back to my place, where we can have a lot more fun and no one will ever think to come looking for you!”

I screamed into my tight gag and bucked and struggled as much as my bonds would allow, however the rubber ball and swathes of tape reduced my cries to muffled whimpers and Sarah simply tightened her grip on me with her thighs. She seemed to revel in my struggles.

“Oh come on!” Sarah cooed “you know this is what you want really! You’ve told me endless times of how you’ve dreamed of being a tightly bound and gagged plaything for a sexy mistress!” She slowly rubbed her hands over my tightly wrapped chest with a satisfied expression. “And I think you’d be hard pushed to be any more tightly restrained then you are now...”

“Mmmmppphh!” I moaned with a mixture of panic and frustration. For all the peril I was now in, she was right. This is the sort of thing I had fantasised about all my life and I could feel my cock straining against the layers of wrap despite everything. 

“I do hope you appreciate all this effort I’ve gone to for you,” she teased as she stroked my face, “I put a lot of effort into planning our little liaison tonight. And I’m glad you didn’t question when I suggested wearing the hood, I’d have hated to have to ruin the surprise. It makes it so much easier to make sure your head and mouth are wrapped up nice and tight.”

Sarah seemed to sense my subconscious arousal, and climbed off of me to lay beside me, propping herself up with one arm as her other hand moved down my restrained body. I suddenly felt the pressure of her hand rubbing the wrapping right where my penis would have been.

“I kind of regret not leaving this out to play with though”, she sighed, looking at me and biting her lower lip, “but I thought you might get a bit too suspicious of me doing that given what we had agreed.” Her fingers touched and probed, finding the outline of my cock under the wrapping and giving it a playful squeeze.

“I don’t think you’ll have complained though, would you?” she smiled, as she brought her face close to mine and looked into my panicked eyes. All I could see was her beautiful face looking hungrily down at me.

“Shame, would have given us something to do while we were waiting,’ I moaned softly as she withdrew her hand, even that limited contact enough to make me almost forget the perilous situation I was in. She leaned in closer and closed her eyes, parting her lips to softly kissing my gagged mouth.

“Still, there’s plenty of time for that later...”

Suddenly, through the layers surrounding my heard I heard the muffled sound of someone knocking on the door of the hotel room. I was snapped violently out of my reverie, fear and panic suddenly flooded through me once again. I was not helped by the sudden excited look on Sarah’s face.

“That was quicker than I thought!” she smiled at my confused and fearful reaction “That call I made? Do you remember I said I had a friend who used to help me with some of my wraps? Well, as soon as I planned what I was going to be doing with you, I asked her to give me a hand to make sure I get you home nice and safe.” She beamed as she bounced across the room and opened the door. I struggled to try and turn round enough to see what was happening as I heard excited voices and the door closing.

“I’d like you to meet Becky,” Sarah said, as she came back into my field of vision. With her appeared another woman who was just as beautiful as Sarah. She stood around the same height, with straight brown hair that framed a seductive and alluring face. Where Sarah’s eyes were like crystals, Becky’s brown eyes were like dark alluring pools that pulled you in. She stood wearing a tight fitting brown leather biker jacket that was much like Sarah’s, with a tight white top underneath. She wore tight blue jeans that were tucked into a pair of brown leather calf boots adjourned with several straps and buckles.

“So you really did it?” she grinned, admiring Sarah’s work. “I can’t believe he was so stupid!”

“He’s not stupid, he’s lovely” Sarah defended, as the two stood at the foot of the bed, like lions eyeing up their prey, “just a little naïve. He’ll make a wonderful toy, I can’t wait to get him home!”

Becky gave an amused glance at Sarah, before walking round and sitting next to me on the bed. She carefully inspected my bonds and wrapping, running a hand slowly over the smooth layers and turns of the wrap. She slowly worked her way up my body, her touch both sensuous and thorough as if searching for any defects. I squirmed and ‘mmpphed’ softly as Sarah watched quietly.

“Bet this wasn’t what you was expecting, was it hun?” Becky asked looking at me as her hand worked up to inspect the tape covering my head. “How does it feel to be so helpless? To be completely at someone else’s mercy?”

Her fingers suddenly clamped my nose shut. I cried out into my gag at having my air cut off, thrashing as much as I could while the two girls just laughed. 

“See? Just my finger and thumb are all it would take...” an evil glint appeared in her eyes, “you’re lucky that Sarah wants to keep you as her pet. I bet I could have a lot of fun with you!” She finally let go and I savoured being able to breath once again. I was terrified, Becky’s little display demonstrating just how vulnerable I now was.

Sarah gave a chuckle from the foot of the bed “Stop scaring him Becky! Don’t worry she’s only messing with you...mostly anyway!” Sarah winked at me as Becky got up from the bed, still looking at me like a cat would eye a canary. “Anyway, let’s get him all packed up so I can take him home!”

I watched in trepidation as the girls pulled the suitcase over to the bed and started pulling more items out of it. I whimpered slightly as Becky pulled out what looked like too straws or pieces of thin tubing while Sarah continued rummaging in the suitcase.

“This is gonna hurt a bit hun, but it’s for your own good,” Becky stated as she came across and sat next to my head. I tried to struggle and move away out of her reach.

“Cute,” she grinned, as she easily held my head down and started to insert one of the tubes into one of my nostrils. I screamed into my gag at this invasion.

“Stop squirming and this will be a lot less uncomfortable,” Becky chastised, “these will make sure you can still breathe once we’ve got you how we want you, even if your sinuses stuff up. Unless you enjoyed my little demonstration earlier?”

That did enough to snap me out of my panic. Becky was right, when I calmed down it was more uncomfortable rather than outright painful. I certainly didn’t want to suffocate during whatever these crazy girls had planned for me! 

Becky slowly and carefully inserted a tube into each nostril. Once she was happy the tubes were in place, Becky ripped off a piece of black duct tape and put it over my nostrils, removing what had been one of my only areas of skin that were still exposed from view. I was now totally reliant on these long tubes for air.

“All good?” Becky smiled playfully. She glanced over to make sure Sarah was still busy with the suitcase before pinching the two hoses shut, just for a moment. She stifled a sultry laugh as my eyes bulged at having my air cut off again, before quickly letting go again. “Yep, I think they are working fine!”

“Could you give me a hand with this, babe?” Sarah asked, as she pulled out what looked like a large translucent sheet from the suitcase. Becky slid off the bed and took part of it, pulling it up above my head. As it came closer I realised what it was – it was a large, study plastic sack!

“It’s time to get you all bagged up!” Sarah cooed as she came up on the bed beside me. With that, the bag was roughly pulled over my head. The two girls worked together, pulling the bag down my body, using the pillow much like Sarah had earlier when wrapping me to make sure they could get the bag underneath me. I felt like I was being slipped into a body bag and panicked once more. I squirmed and screamed anew as best I could, realising that soon there would be absolutely no hope for escape, but the two girls just laughed.

“Silly boy!” Sarah purred, “It’s far too late for anything like that now!” It did not take long for them to pull the bag down all the way down past my ankles. The bag itself was not completely clear, but I could still make out the two sexy girls as they worked on me. Sarah came back up to my head and looked down at me almost lovingly.

“Are you having fun in there?” she giggled. Becky pulled the bag at my ankles as tight as it would go, so that Sarah could poke two small holes in the bag for the tubes coming out of my nostrils, and between the two of them they managed to feed these through the bag 

Once they were happy with this, the girls pulled the bag tight again and folded the end of the bag against my body to close up the opening before pulling out another roll of black duct tape and winding several times around my ankles to form an airtight seal. I squirmed as they start to move back up my body, adding more bands of tight black tape around my knees and thighs. By now any resistance I offered was merely token in nature. I was trapped and there was no way of getting out; my bindings were so total, and only being added to. This was unlike anything I could have imagined!

More bands of tape surrounded my stomach, chest and shoulders before the two girls got back up again. Becky went back to the suitcase while Sarah came up and straddled me once again. Even through the plastic she was still a vision - her green eyes piercing into mine, her beautiful blonde hair framing that cute, beautiful face I had so easily succumbed to. The black leather of her jacket fitted so well, ruching up in all the right places.

“We’re almost done baby, don’t worry!” she smiled down at me as she peeled more duct tape from the roll and tightly wrapped the black, sticky tape around my mouth. “I am so looking forward to getting you home. Soon we’ll be taking you down to the car and our long journey home will begin!”

I moaned loudly. For all my arousal, I didn’t want to be disappeared. My only hope was that someone would see them trying to smuggle me out of the hotel. We were ten floors up, I reasoned to myself; you would have thought trying to get a bagged, mummified and struggling captive out of a building would be pretty difficult unnoticed. It was almost as if Sarah was reading my mind as she broke out into an evil grin. 

“You’re wondering how we’re going to get you out of here aren’t you?” she purred “don’t worry, when I go away I always pack light so I can take some souvenirs home...” She laughed and my heart sank as behind her Becky tipped up the suitcase to show that it was now empty.

Now I understood why she’d brought such an overlarge suitcase.

“See? You never really had a chance. As soon as you walked through that door you were mine,” Sarah quipped as she squeezed me between her legs. I screamed into my gag and thrashed against my bonds as best I could, which only solicited a playful giggle from my captor. 

“Poor baby, I guess now you really are all wrapped up tighter then you could have imagined!” she cooed, her hands running over the smooth bag and tight wrappings beneath. With a seductive grin, Sarah picked up the roll of duct tape and start and slowly began to peel it from the roll one last time.

“You’ll be seeing me again soon!” she purred, and with that wrapped one final layer of tape around my eyes, cutting off my vision and keeping the bag tight around my head. I felt her hands stroke my face as she got off of me.

“Perfect...” I heard her whisper.

Suddenly I felt myself being lifted up. It was not a smooth transition, but it did not take much effort between the two girls to get me into the suitcase. Together, they bent my legs and forced me into a compact foetal position (which was a little tricky given my extensive wrappings). I struggled and wriggled but all I really seemed to accomplish was to help them work me into the tight confines of the case. The girls made sure all the while to keep the tubes to my nose clear and then positioned them so they would just poke out of the case once it was done up, ensuring my air supply stayed uninterrupted.

“No-one would ever know,” I heard Sarah giggle, following by the sound of the zipper as the suitcase was sealed shut. My hearing was now even more muffled through the suitcase in addition to the layers of tape and plastic, so I struggled to make out what the girls were saying on the other side of my new prison. I heard laughter and thought I could hear the sound of hands running along the outside of the case.

Without warning I felt myself tipping as the case must have been taken off the bed and stood up on it’s wheels. Luckily, the girls had thought ahead and I was now up the right way in the case rather than standing on my head. I attempted to squirm but found that whatever minimal scope I had for struggling had now totally disappeared. The confines of the case held me completely in place, and the way I’d been folded meant I was incredibly tightly packed. I was glad Sarah had chosen such a large suitcase in the end, any smaller and breathing would have been impossible!

I suddenly felt the case tip again and felt the bumps as I was being wheeled along and out of the hotel room. We moved for a short time, the muffled sounds of the two girls chatting and laughing permeating through my wrappings before I could just make out the ‘ding’ of an elevator door. There was a bump as I was rolled in and a strange sensation as we started heading down. I let out a soft moan - which by now was barely audible – to a few chuckles from my captors.

As I felt myself being rolled out of the lift, I do not know who was dragging me but I suddenly heard Becky’s voice clearly, “Now behave yourself while we check out or you will regret it!” With that, I felt myself being stood up again. I heard a man’s voice and Sarah talking to him. I strained to hear as best I could...

“Oh I’m sorry to hear you are checking out, it feels like you’ve only just arrived! I hope everything was ok?”

“Oh it was fine. I just got everything I came for,” I heard Sarah purr. The man at the counter must have looked at the two gorgeous leather clad women in front of him and come to his own conclusions about the purpose of Sarah’s stay. 

“I trust you had a good time then?” a hint of suggestion in his voice. I realised that this was my last chance – if the girls got me out of the building I was done for. I screamed out as loudly as I could into my gag and tried to shake the case as much as possible. All that came out though was an almost inaudible moan.

“Oh definitely!” Sarah exclaimed, as suddenly I felt my air supply disappear as Becky slipped her hand over my breathing tubes to ensure there was no way I could make any more attempts at drawing attention. My lungs burned as I listened to Sarah finalise her check out, and just as I thought I was going to pass out she was done and Becky had let me go.

“I warned you...” I heard Beck snarl seductively as I felt myself being wheeled away out of the doors and outside, the surface becoming bumpier as I was dragged along. I held back the tears as the true realisation of my fate began to dawn on me. No one knew where I was. I was about to be loaded up and taken away by these two stunning girls to God knows where for God knows how long. This is the kind of thing I had fantasised about my entire life and now it was happening I wasn’t sure how to feel!

I could just make out the click of the girls heels on the tarmac as I was wheeled towards a white Audi parked in the far corner of the multi-story car park. I heard a beep as it was unlocked and a clunk as the boot opened. It only took a few seconds for the girls to pick up my case and I was on my side again in the boot of the car. 

I heard the sound of the case being opened as the compression on me loosened slightly. I felt a pair of hands stroking my wrapped and bagged body as Sarah admired her prize. She had actually done it!

“You were very naughty back there you know” Sarah scolded, “I couldn’t bear to have lost you that close to getting you home!”

“Want me to help you get him out the case?” Becky asked.

“No, I think someone needs to learn their lesson,” Sarah replied coolly, as I heard the zip of the case being done back up and felt myself packed in once more, “he can stay in there for the drive home!”

“That’s mean, even by my standards!” I heard Becky laugh.

Sarah grinned “Well, he’s mine now so I can do whatever I like with him! Thank you again for your help.”

“Well, I hope you’ll let me have a turn with him sometime,” Becky purred with a hungry look at the case, “I think we could have a lot of fun.”

Sarah smiled and came in close, giving Becky a passionate kiss on the lips. “You’re welcome to pop by any time...” Becky smiled as she departed, taking one last look at the case before leaving with a chuckle, walking back across the car park and out of site.

Sarah turned back to the case sitting in the boot of her car. I moaned, both fearful and aroused at the exchange I had just heard. Sarah bit her lip in excitement as she stroked the top of the case.

“You realise that this is it?” she whispered so I could only just hear, “you’re mine now. I own you. You’re basically just my luggage.” She giggled at her own joke.

“No-one knows where you are or where you will have gone. Once I shut this boot, it will be as though you no longer exist.” Sarah laughed at the muted plea from the case – there was nothing more I could do.

“Enjoy the ride, we have a long journey ahead of us baby!” she purred, and with that I heard the boot slam shut. The sound combined with her final words knocked any resistance I still had out of me. I heard the sound of the car door opening and closing, the engine starting and the muffled sound of the radio being turned on. 

I felt the car begin to move, reversing out of the bay and into the car park, then out onto the road outside as my journey to my new life began.


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