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Time to Wake Up

by Dr. Pterible

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© Copyright 2011 - Dr. Pterible - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sleepsack; cocoon; mum; bdsm; bond; breathplay; urine; tease; torment; cons/reluct; XX

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

Dan had been awaiting the package from Winter Fetish every day since he ordered it. The recent holiday weekend made the mail take even longer. Dan’s wife Susan was not as excited. The two of them have been married for just over three years and she was aware of Dan’s enthusiasm for bondage before they got married. Though she helped him indulge on occasion, she liked to remind him that it was not sexually interesting to her.

His most fantasized about activity was mummification; being completely immobilized and at her mercy. The feeling Dan got from the act of being mummified was the driving force behind his dreams. He would try to wrap himself in plastic wrap as completely as possible, but never got the desired feeling, as he could not get his arms restrained enough. The first time he brought it up to Susan; she was reluctant but, because she loves him, agreed.

The few times she completely mummified him in plastic, it was an amazing feeling. He wanted her to take control and make him suffer; leave him alone, wrapped, helpless for extended periods. Making him cum multiple times, whippings in between, wax play, ice cubes, and other tortures all entered his mind when thinking about mummification. The most he could convince her to do was to ride him and some flogging, she once exposed his nipples and put ice cubes on them as he came.

The package arrived on Friday, when Dan got home from work and opened the package, it was marvelous, the black Darlex sleepsack was heavy in his hands, and he instantly began to get an erection. The sleepsack was ordered because Susan didn’t like the amount of time it took to wrap him in plastic and this seemed like a good compromise. The sleepsack would restrict his movements and could be gotten into very quickly (or so he told Susan). His wife however was already watching a movie and not interested in playing around.

Dan went to bed before Susan that night, she wanted to watch the end of her movie, and wanting to respectful, he left her to finish the movie in peace.

In the middle of a most pleasant dream Dan was awoken by a vicious hit to his mid section.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” He yelped. Not knowing if it was in his head or reality. Until it happened a second time. As he was just getting his bearings, he spotted his wife, whip in hand, getting ready to land a third blow. “WAKE UP!” she said sternly, as the third one landed “You have sixty seconds to get into that stupid sleepsack you bought”

Taking a second to process what she said. She mentioned “Every second over 60 will cost you”

Not knowing what she meant, but not wanting to find out, as this was a first for her, “Oh shit…where did I leave it last night” he thought. He was racking his brain as he swung his legs out of bed. As he ran down the hall to the living room he noticed that his cock was already growing, partially from the dream and more so from the rude (and exciting) awakening.

Finding the package on the end table, he pulled it out of the box and ran back to the bedroom. Never having had one before he wasn’t completely sure what he was doing, and it took him a few seconds to get his bearings with the sleepsack.

Running the zippers to the bottom, he jumped on the bed, pushing the covers over the side and slid his legs into the sack. He knew time was getting long and slid his arms into the internal sleeves as fast as possible.

“Done, I am in as far as I can get by myself” he said, breathing quite heavily.

Without saying a thing, Susan clicked a stopwatch he hadn’t noticed before, walked over and pulled the sleepsack up over his shoulders. The Darlex felt very strong yet stretched easily around him. Still breathing heavily, Dan held his breath for just a second as she pulled the zipper up from the shins, careful to tuck his rigid manhood into the sack, pulling the zipper completely up to his neck.

He took a moment to test the sleepsack’s properties. Unable to move his arms from his sides or separate his legs, it was quite restrictive. Looking down at his solid black form, he felt a new rush and thought his member was going to break through the fabric.

Dan had not noticed but Susan had left the room and when she came back she was carrying a bundle of rope. As she separated the ropes, Dan couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She had changed while getting the rope and now had on black satin panties with a matching bra. She looked taller than normal, and it wasn’t until she stepped on the bed with the ropes that he saw why. She was wearing the pair of high heeled patent boots he had bought years earlier and previously could not convince her to wear.

“Don’t make a sound” she said as she walked up the bed, one leg on each side of him. Looking up at her, dressed as she was he couldn’t help but shiver in anticipation for what was to come. She picked up the stop watch from the bed side table and sat down on his chest, her satin covered pussy just inches from his face. She looked at the stopwatch and shook her head back and forth, making a disapproving Tisk Tisk Tisk sound.

As she turned the watch around, Dan could see in her face that it had taken him longer than 60 seconds. The watch read 2:03:07; he couldn’t believe it; it felt as though it had taken him no more than 45 seconds.

“Now I will explain how this is going to work” she said sternly “It took you an extra 63 seconds to complete a simple task, one which you have spent countless hours recently thinking about”

You will remain in this sleepsack for Six hours and three minutes. “WHAT!!” he exclaimed not recalling her instructions from only a moment before, eliciting another Tisk Tisk Tisk from her. She quickly jumped off the bed and began tying a rope around his feet and securing it to the bed frame. She repeated this at his knees, hips chest and shoulders. Now he wasn’t able to roll over, lift his legs or even bend at the knees. It was almost as restrictive as being wrapped in multiple layers of plastic. After completing the last knot, she abruptly left the room, and he could just barely hear her making noises in the kitchen, then the bathroom but couldn’t make out what she was doing.

A few minutes later she came back into the room with her hands hidden behind her back. He could barely see her now, as he could only turn his head left and right and lift it slightly off the bed. She sat whatever she was carrying down, out of his view. He struggled to see what it was but couldn’t get even a glimpse. Susan then took a piece of black duct tape and put one end of the tape on his left cheek. He wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but knew it was going to be a gag of some sort, and as such, kept his mouth shut.

“Now for you punishment for making undesired noise” she said as she reached down and stripped off her panties. This didn’t seem like a terrible gag and his worries subsided, but then she picked up something from beside the bed. It sounded like a liquid sloshing around in a thick plastic bag.

“What in the hell could that be” he carefully (and silently) thought to himself, recalling she had gone into the kitchen and then the bathroom after his earlier outburst. Vinegar, pickle juice, toilet water; it could be almost anything he realized. While he was contemplating the possibilities, Susan reached up and pinched his nose with a clothes pin. The pain and instant lack of air, caused him to gasp, at which point she quickly pulled the panties out of the bag and stuffed the still dripping cloth into his mouth, sealing it in with the tape, and removed the clothes pin.

He was instantly aware of the liquid, he had tasted it once before. It was urine, her urine, still warm urine.

The only other time he had tasted it was when he requested she pee on him, he thought the idea was interesting after reading about it in stories on Gromet’s Plaza. He laid on the bedroom floor on top of a small tarp and she straddled his chest as he played with himself. She let go when he was about to cum and her warm fluids hit his chest and splattered into his mouth. They both had mixed feelings about it and didn’t discuss it again.

This time, it was potent, the smell filled his nostrils, he could feel the drips running down his cheeks and he couldn’t help but swallow the excess liquid now sealed in his mouth. The feeling was awesome, being forcibly gagged not being able to do anything about it.

“Don’t go anywhere” she laughed as she left the room.

Lying there, Dan didn’t know how long she had been gone, but didn’t care, because during that time, he was in space, just imaging what was to come. He was brought back to reality with a hard thwap from the whip.

She continued to flog his stomach and chest through the Darlex. With each strike, he exhaled through his nostrils, but could not get a complete exchange of air between the painful hits. The longer it went on, the heavier his breathing, the more pain, and the more excited he got. She stopped momentarily to place the Hitachi Magic Wand over top of his cock which had gown hard during the ordeal.

“HOLY SHIT…I am going to cum” he tried to yell through the gag, but as she expected it came out in muffled sounds causing Susan to laugh. This only served as a sign for her to hit him with all her might. The lack of oxygen combined with the pain, caused him to careen over the edge of sanity into the waves of pleasure that lasted longer than any time he could remember. As he came back to reality, he realized she had left him again; still breathing heavily, the taste and smell of urine still abundantly clear, he lay there recovering.

She came back a while later wearing nothing but her birthday suit. Completely naked, she always looked better than when she wore anything else. She had been gone long enough that he began to get hard again just seeing her climb on all fours onto the bed.

He felt her manipulating the sleepsack zippers at his shins feeling her bring them up to crotch height. Separating the two zippers, she exposed his once again rigid manhood. Taking it into her mouth, she sucked, licked and bit her way to further raise a hard on like she had never felt before. Climbing on top of the bound form, she let herself down slowly onto his rigid mast, taking him in inch by aggravating inch. Dan tried to rush the entrance by bucking his hips, only to be held tightly in place by the sleepsack.

For someone who “wasn’t sexually interested”, she sure was wet. Maybe it was seeing Dan so excited and so horny that made her juices flow. In his mind Dan hoped that she had found something about this that she too enjoyed.

Before long, she had taken his entire shaft into her soft, wet, and warm hole. Sitting there, she told him “Do not cum; I have a special surprise for you if you can wait” and with that, she began rhythmically rocking back and forth.

It was pure ecstasy; Dan knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on long if she kept at it. She would stop every thirty seconds or so to let him recover and he knew she was just prolonging the experience for herself and to give him a fighting chance. With his limited vision, he could see her getting more aroused, having less control as time when on. Finally she grabbed the Hitachi and pressed it to her clit. Almost immediately she was quivering and shaking on top of him. He could feel her cum in three consecutive waves before relaxing and climbing off of his still rigid shaft. Susan climbed up his body like a tiger stalking prey and laid on his chest looking into his eyes; her eyes glazed over in ecstasy.

“Now, are you ready for your turn?” she purred.

Shaking his head, he looked into her eyes trying to convey his eagerness to be allowed to cum again. With that, she turned around and straddled overtop his head. Her pussy was dripping with juices from the orgasms she had just minutes before.

“Listen carefully my slave” she said “I have been checking your internet history and picked up on the not so subtle hints you have been slipping into our conversations recently”

“You want to be smothered; you want me to be in control and make you suffer, and now I am” Dan listened intently as she spoke, not wanting to miss anything.

“I am going to give you your wish, I will smother you…but on my terms” she said in such a way that made Dan shiver. “I will give you the honor of being smothered by my sweet flesh but you will pay the price”

“Don’t make a sound or this will end right here” she said removing the tape and panties from his mouth.

He took a moment to stretch his jaw and breathed in a deep breath through his freshly released mouth. With that, she sat down, leaning forward slightly. The wetness allowed his nose to slightly penetrate her, eliciting a moan, while his jaw was forced open by her pubic bone. She sat there reveling at the feeling of his face sliding around under her.

With air running low, Dan began to panic. The Darlex material was stronger than he anticipated. The sleepsack continued to hold tight. Struggling under her, just made her moan more.

As his panic continued to escalate, she sat up, allowing the now sweet smelling air to flow once more.

“That is just the beginning” she said with a chuckle, relaxing back into position on his face as she said it.

“Wait…” he attempted to say, still trying to catch his breath. Just getting a breath in was all he could do. As he lay there relishing the situation, she brought the whip down with a tremendous force across his thighs, followed by his chest. Causing him to scream out, expelling the little breath he had in his lungs. Trying to inhale only brought more juices from her pussy into his nose and mouth. The sucking caused by his attempt not to asphyxiate only added to her pleasure.

His thrashing about brought her back to reality enough that she sat up and allowed him to breath, but continued the relentless flogging of his legs and chest.

Without warning, he felt her weight come back down on his face. This time, she was grinding her hips with a constant rhythm causing his nose to rub in an out of her pussy and his chin to rub on her clit. Her juices were now not only covering his mouth and nose, she was gushing so much that is was beginning to flood his eyes.

She leaned forward and took his concrete member in her hand and began the most pleasant hand job able to be imagined. The pleasure was almost as intense as his body’s cries for air. Still grinding her pussy into his face he could feel her starting to shake with the onset of another orgasm.

She sat up, forcing his nose into her pussy as far as it could go, completing a seal so tight, not even a trickle of air could go in or out. As her orgasm built, she began flogging him again, this time focusing on his stomach, a few of the stray tails catching his shaft, causing a confused feeling. The pain was intense, but the pleasure was building with each strike. The lack of air brought him to a height he had not achieved before, and as she began to crash over the edge she unconsciously squeezed her thighs, adding to the intensity. The onset of orgasm caused her to miss his stomach and land a shot squarely on his shaft. The lightning like pain combined with the asphyxia sent him over the edge faster than ever before.

He was so engulfed in the orgasm, not even trying to breathe at this point, that he didn’t notice at first when she collapsed off his face and onto the bed next to him.

“WOW” was all he could say with the first breath in what felt like minutes.

The only sound Dan could hear from Susan was her panting breaths and he could feel the bed tremble as she recovered.

Lying there, still trapped tightly in the Darlex sleepsack, he wondered when she would come to and release him. While he waited for her to recuperate he was amazed at how tight the sleepsack still felt around him. Even with all the struggling, it had not budged.

It now appeared as though Susan had fallen asleep, and after what had to be an hour, he began to worry that she might never wake up.

“Will I ever get out?” he mumbled aloud as he drifted off to sleep, the sleepsack providing a warm comforting embrace.


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