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Total Enclosure

by Mummygirl

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© Copyright 2001 - Mummygirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; mum; wrap; latex; encased; plaster; buried; cons XX

Both Kerry and Sara were into bondage in a big way, both were very fond of mummification bondage. The girls had planed to have a bondage session this coming weekend and Kerry was going to organize it.  As Kerry was the most experienced in bondage out of the two lovers she usually took the dominate role, she had always said it was in her nature anyway and loved to see what positions she could put Sara into.  The girls had been experimenting with extreme encasement and where running out of new things to try, Kerry was forced to search the web to find some new techniques and ideas - this is when she struck on an ingenious plan to beat all previous bondage and mummification sessions she would call it TOTAL ENCLOSURE.

The weekend finally arrived and Sara was shaking with excitement over what Kerry had planned for her, Kerry had gone out to buy supplies for the weekend and had left a note for Sara…

Dear Sara
My slave, I have gone to get supplies for tonight when I come back I expect the work to be done and the front room covered in the decorators sheets, and I want you to dig a hole in the back garden big enough to accommodate the sarcophagus we brought back from Egypt - I will explain later, be ready.

As Sara had already finished the housework she decided to finish her final task, although she did not know what the sheets where for she dutifully covered the front room entirely in the sheets and waited for her mistress to return.  Kerry returned around six in the afternoon, it was still light outside but starting to fade as the sun set, she quickly unloaded the boot of the car and got Sara to carry the items inside.

“Now the fun begins my slave, now the fun begins,” said Kerry as she shut the door to the front room.

Kerry instructed Sara to strip whilst she changed, Kerry changed in to a shiny pvc catsuit with built in butt plug and 10” vibrator to be used at her control, she also wore thigh high black leather boots and latex gloves with no fingers to let her ruby red nails show through. By the time Kerry had changed her slave was completely naked and dripping with anticipation.

“Now I shall unveil my master plan my slave, the plan is called ‘total enclosure!’”

Sara nearly had an orgasm as she heard this.

“Slave,” Kerry commanded, “you will experience a combination of everything we have experimented with over the last few months and more, can you handle this?”

“Yes mistress!” Sara answered with passion,

“Then let us begin slave”

Kerry started to unpack the first of many boxes her slave had unloaded from the car, the first box contained several jars of liquid latex, Kerry slowly poured every last drop of the liquid latex over Sara’s naked body including her face. To prevent her hair from being damaged a swimming cap was placed over Sara's hair and then covered in the thick substance.  It did not take long for the latex to dry and Sara’s body was now that of shiny black and barby pink latex.  Kerry now opened the second box to reveal three items, the first was a butt plug nearly 10 inches long. Sara nearly shrieked out loud, half out of fear the other of pleasure and excitement. The second object was a dildo with random vibrating times and settings to torment and please; it was nearly 14 inches long! The third was a ring gag made of black leather and shiny steel. 

Kerry slowly coated the two probes with a mixture of strong super glue and the rest of the liquid latex and slowly, ever so slowly inserted them in to her slaves anus and cunt, Sara was so filled up on the inside that both dildo and butt plug met inside her with only a few centimetres of flesh separating the two sex probes. The ring gag was covered in the same substance and slowly inserted into her mouth and tightly fastened around her latex enclosed head. It was only a few minutes before all three objects had dried solid, secured in place.

Mistress Kerry now opened the third box to produce large quantities of saran, pallet, and shrink wrap, a few rolls of silver kitchen foil and nearly 20 rolls of black, silver and pink duct and pvc tape. There was also a large container of wall paper paste and some wall paper, Sara moaned with pleasure at the wonderful sight.  Kerry started to wrap Sara with the kitchen foil totally enclosing all her limbs separately, not together she secured these with a roll and layer of pink duct tape.  

After the two layers of foil Kerry started to cover Sara in saran wrap, nearly 500 meters, the wrap was applied very tight and always secured with a layer of duct tape.  After all the saran, pallet and shrink wrap had been used and all the duct tape and most of the pvc tape mistress Kerry took out a high powered hair dryer and started to heat the entire mass that was Sara.  The heat started to shrink Sara’s body shaped cocoon in to a normal size person, even though Sara had nearly 25 layers covering her, she was still the same size as normal.

Kerry now proceeded to wrap her slaves legs together with ace bandages securing with tape as she went, the bandages reached all the way up to Sara’s cunt before Kerry stopped.  She now took her slaves arms and crossed them over her chest and wrapped the torso in bandages and then finally the head. The only part of Sara's body which was still uncovered was her nostril openings and her mouth, Kerry proceeded to put an inflatable gag in to her slaves mouth and inflate it to full capacity, Sara would have moaned if she could have but the gag completely filled her mouth. Kerry attached two tubes to Sara’s nose and the proceeded to completely encase her head in ace bandages.  Sara now looked like an Egyptian mummy, this was soon to change.  Kerry produced from the final box two large packages of plaster of Paris and a sack of cement mix. 

Kerry momentarily left the room and returned laden with a large sarcophagus and this was placed on a trolley made of shining steel.  With great difficulty she managed to place her slave/mummy into the sarcophagus and proceeded to fill the whole thing with plaster completely covering Sara in her mummified form, only the two breathing tubes emerging from the sarcophagus.  Kerry now secured the lid with nails and wheeled the extremely heavy mass into the back garden to the hole that Sara had dug as one of her chores, she was now placed into it.  Mistress Kerry now proceeded to fill, completely, the hole with the cement mixture and let it set.

The ground was later grassed over, apart from two things the first was two small ends of pipes jutting out of the ground and the second a small plaque, which read---



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