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Training My Sub

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; wrap; bandages; board; firsttime; cons; X

The story below is what every one wants who is into mummification. A personal helper who is willing to be trained to the standard required and beyond, so what ever your whim she will obey

Part One

I had always been into mummification so when my partner went away on business for sometimes a week or more I would resort to self bondage. Well it worked quite well for me to a point; I had several adventures from time to time by nearly being discovered by window cleaners and various tradesmen who called unexpectedly. But the real love of my life was Mummification either reading about it or being mummified myself and it is not the sort of thing you can advertise for in the British press,

Person to mummify a
Lonely Mummy
Apply with all possible

I am sure I would probably have a little van with men in white coats knocking at the door before the first edition hit the streets. So when my neighbour’s daughter Jean called round one day and showed an interest in my collection of books on Egypt and the Egyptians I was overjoyed. She was a little young, she had just turned sixteen and after her next birthday she informed me she would be leaving for college. She asked if she could borrow one of my books and would return it by the weekend. “No problem”, I said as at the back of my mind I had visions of converting or educating her to the delights of BDSM.

Sure enough on Saturday Jean called around to return the book, we sat there chatting about the subject for over an hour, then looking a little coy she picked up the book she had borrowed, opening the back cover she produced a sheet of paper. 

"I found this story inside the back cover. I hope you do not mind that I have read it, it is a great story and I found it a bit of a turn on sexually". 

I was a little taken back at her openness but it saved me having to introduce the subject. I took the piece of paper from her, it was a story I had downloaded off Gromet’s site called   "Buried!"   I did not know it was in the book but it had served a purpose, she then went on about mummification and being entombed and got quite excited the more she discussed the subject. 

I then said,  “I had a collection of similar stories and if she would like to borrow them and she was welcome”. She was overjoyed with her new collection of reading matter; she thanked me and then disappeared back home.

In my mind I was now convinced she would like to be introduced to the subject of being mummified. I think it was about Tuesday when Jean called round to return my stories. We sat down over a cup of tea discussing the various stories and then she said, " I think I would like to be mummified just to see what it was like!"  

Well the door had been opened, I realized she was young but I thought she was old enough to know her own mind and what she was getting herself into. I asked her to follow me upstairs as I had something that I think would interest her, sure enough she followed me up to our spare room were we kept all our gear, in the centre of the room was two trestles with my body board on top. Jean looked wide-eyed at the board and I explained I was into mummification, that I enjoyed being mummified as a form of relaxation. 

She walked around the board, it was made to fit me perfectly and as Jean was about the same height as me but a bit fuller in the body I suggested she lie on it to try it for size. She thought for a moment then climbed up and lay down, I explained how I am bound and secured to the board and then I suggested she allowed me to bind her to the board to get the feel of things. At that she bounced off the board   "I must go, I promised my mother I would not be long. Sorry!! I will come back again". At that she was gone.

A couple of days had passed I had convinced myself that I had frightened her off; perhaps I had rushed things. Then the doorbell rang, I was a little more than pleased when opening the door, in bounded Jean.  "Sorry I had to dash the other night but if you have a few minutes I would like to try your body board again!"

Hardly had I said  "No problem", when she bounded up the stairs, she was dressed in a chunky sweater and pleated skirt, as soon as she reached the room she started to climb on to the board. I called to her, "It would be better if you removed your top and skirt!" She hesitated for a moment then took off the chunky top, I was amazed just how well developed she was compared to me, for a young girl, her boobs were really well developed, she then removed the skirt.

Instantly bounding on to the board, she lay there in just her bra and pants with her hands folded over her tummy, I told her I would secure her the same as I usually was when I am being mummified, she agreed on condition that if she asked me to stop I will. I agreed and told her there was no problem we were both here to enjoy ourselves. At that I bound her feet together and then placed a piece of rubber foam between her legs to stop the skin touching, I then bound her ankles to the board. I placed a foam pad under her knees then bound above and below her knees, then bandaging above her pelvic bone. Next I placed her hands by her sides, I had never realized what a turn on it was to secure someone in such a manner! Even through Jean was chatting away mostly due to nerves; I was getting very sexually aroused. I continued up the body above and below her ample breasts, and then placing padding under the neck I lightly but firmly bound her neck to the board then finally across her forehead.

At this point she told me not to cover her eyes, I then loosely bound her in light bandages from head to toe leaving her eyes, nose and mouth free. Her boobs stood up well with very little sag. I now realized how my partner gets his kicks binding me to the board and mummifying me. After about ten minutes I undid her, she stood there in her bra and knickers looking a little guilty and said, "You won’t tell my mother anything we have done together?” 

I knew she was now hooked and replied I would not dream of telling her mother as long as she promised to come back again.  She looked at me and smiled, “I think you will have trouble keeping me away after that episode!” I asked her if she would like to come over Saturday night and stay till Sunday morning, she could tell her mum she was keeping me company as Len was away.

On Saturday Jean turned up all keen to be mummified again, just before starting I told her I wanted her to do it in the nude, as it is more effective. She did not seem to mind and began striping off her clothing and lay her naked body on the board. I fitted a rubber mouthpiece and taped it in place and then started binding her to the board as we had on the previous evening. Once I had her completely secured I placed two cloth patches, one over each eye and taped them securely in place. She was mumbling behind the rubber mouth piece, I think she was protesting but now I was in charge and I have always maintained once you take your clothes of in front of someone and allow them to tie or bind you up you cease to be a person, you become a product to be dealt with as the Dom thinks fit. 

I then fitted earplugs into her ears and bound her whole head with bandages completely. Wow!!! What a turn on! I had this young girl bound the board unable to move a muscle and completely at my mercy, it really was a turn on. She tried to mumble through the mouthpiece, I took no notice I just sat back and looked at my new plaything. After a while she stopped mumbling and became still, the only movement was her breathing as her chest rose and fell. I switched the light out and closed the door behind me and went to bed. Next morning I entered the room, there she was all mine, just looking at her I realized just how vulnerable a mummified person is, there was nothing I could not do to her. But I had plans for her and her beautiful body in the coming months.

I undid the bandages slowly and very gently leaving the head covered, she was still secured to the board and her breathing had not altered at all so I assumed she was still asleep. As I cupped my hands around her firm breast and kissed the nipple I could feel her heart gently beating at a steady fifty eight beats a minute. I slid my hands over her tummy feeling her I now knew she was all mine. I removed the eye patches and found out she was still asleep, I started to peel back the tape from the mouthpiece and just as I eased the rubber from her mouth she woke. I asked if she was all right, she said yes but would like a drink.  I kissed her on her lips then I undid the rest of the binding and helped her off the board, holding her up to steady her she commented she had dozed off but had no idea she had been bound all night!  I congratulated her on becoming my personal mummy.

From that day on there was no turning back, I decided I was going to train her as my personal sub, she had a good, well proportioned body that was soon being used to its full potential.  I started teaching her the art of fisting I must admit she was extremely tight to start with but eventually she loosened up and was a pleasure to work on. When I had taught her the pleasures that fisting could produce then it was her turn to return the favour and become a good sub. 

It was about two months since we’d started, she would now do anything I asked. I was now slowly introducing punishments, if she did not please me I had a small cage that had been used on me in days gone by that measured 36 inches long, 24 inches wide and 16 inches high. I would make her kneel inside the cage, then lay her body on her knees and then close the lid locking her in, sometimes I would make her get into the cage outside and turn the hose on her, which was a real punishment in the cool of winter. At other times as she was a shy person, I would make her strip off and sit in the car, she was allowed a long coat in case we were stopped by the police but most of the time I ordered her to remove it, her face was a picture when we were in traffic or at the lights staring straight ahead not daring to look at the male in the car next to us who could not believe his eyes and thought it was his birthday.

Jean by now was what I had hoped for, she enjoyed women to women sex, at least she would not end up pregnant with me, and on the whole we were very gentle and loved each other. She could and did mummify me or me her, I was now giving her stories involving sado masochism to read as she now was ready for part two. As I have always maintained a person who strips off in front of another person and does not lay down conditions then becomes a product to be dealt with as the Dom thinks fit and in Jean's place it is too late to lay down any conditions, the only conditions laid down would be mine, there was a long road in front of Jean but she learnt quickly. I was sure as she learned to endure pain and torment part two would become even more of a pleasure. As she now realized she was all mine and I could do what I wanted with her when I wanted.


In part two I will explain the pleasures of pain and how Jean embraced the pleasures of serving me.



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