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Trish & Amanda

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2009 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; wrap; plastic; cocoon; gag; tape; toys; caught; M/f; D/s; bond; sex; climax; cons; X

“Are we ready?”

Trish looked at Amanda with a mixture of eagerness and trepidation. She’d never dreamed her blurted tale of fascination with bondage would lead to this.

She had, after all, been at least partly drunk from the wine the two friends had been drinking. Trish still wasn’t sure how the conversation got onto the topic of bondage, but, her inhibitions dulled by the wine, she’d told Amanda all about her desire to experience the helplessness of being bound.

Standing now in Amanda’s bedroom, Trish remembered her shock when Amanda called and offered her the chance to live her fantasy. Amanda’s husband, Paul, would be gone for the weekend, so the two women would have the privacy to explore Trish’s desire for helplessness.

“Trish?” At the sound of Amanda’s voice, Trish started, realizing she’d lost herself in her thoughts. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she glanced at Amanda, returning the smile she saw on her friend’s face.

“Are you sure Paul won’t get home early?” she asked nervously. The last thing she wanted was for Amanda’s husband to catch them ‘in the act.’

“Don’t worry about Paul,” Amanda replied. “He’s out hunting, and he never comes home early from a hunting trip. He won’t be home till tomorrow night.”

Trish considered this as she looked at the items Amanda had placed on the bed. There were rolls of saran wrap, plus a couple other items she couldn‘t even guess the use of. “Um, ok. So what do we do first?”

“First, you take off your clothes.”

Trish blushed. “Do I really need to be naked for this?” she asked nervously.

“Well, you don’t actually have to be naked,” Amanda admitted, “but it does increase your feeling of vulnerability, so it makes the helplessness more intense.”

That seemed to make sense, so Trish quickly removed her clothing. Amanda watched appreciatively as Trish’s large breasts, trim waist and toned legs were revealed. Once naked, Trish stood facing Amanda, one arm across her breasts while her other hand covered her crotch.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Stand with your feet slightly apart,” Amanda instructed. “I’m going to wrap you.”

“Wrap me?”

“Oh, yes. Mummification is one of the best forms of bondage. You’ll love it, I promise.”

Nodding, wondering how her friend seemed to know so much on the subject, Trish obediently spread her feet. Using a roll of saran wrap, Amanda wrapped her left leg snugly from ankle to thigh, then repeated the process on the right leg.

“Now the arms,” she said. “Hold them out from your sides.”

Once her arms were wrapped, Amanda instructed her to place her legs together. Trish noticed that the wrap on her legs seemed to stick together, something she asked Amanda about.

“Oh, that helps keep you from being able to shift your legs around once you’re completely wrapped.” Again, this made sense to Trish, who placed her legs together at Amanda’s instructions.

Taking up another roll of wrap, Amanda knelt at Trish’s feet. She took what looked like a thick doll’s pillow and placed it between Trish’s ankles. “To keep the bones from rubbing together,” she explained as she took the roll and began wrapping Trish’s legs together tightly.

Trish watched with fascination as the wrap climbed her legs, fusing them into a single column. On reaching her upper thighs, Amanda cut off the wrap and smoothed the ends, then placed the new end against Trish’s stomach, wrapping her to just below her breasts.

“Ok, arms against your sides,” she instructed. Trish obeyed, again noting the slight stickiness of the wrap on her arms against that on her stomach. Again Amanda wrapped her from stomach to just below her breasts, firmly pinning her arms to her sides. Finished with the arms, Amanda stepped back.

“Is this it?” Trish asked, squirming slightly while trying not to fall over. She did, indeed, feel helpless, but she also felt like there was something missing.

“It?” Amanda asked with a smile. “Oh hon, we’re just getting started.” Reaching down, she took up a foam ball from the bed, holding it toward Trish’s face. Trish opened her mouth to ask what it was for, only to feel the ball pushed into her mouth. With her arms pinned to her sides, there was little she could do to stop Amanda from packing the whole ball into her mouth. Next, Amanda pinched her lips closed, sealing them that way with a strip of tape.

“Mmmmph!” Trish grunted, nervous (and a little excited) of the fact that she now had no say in what happened. Experimentally, she tried to talk, fascinated by the muffled sounds that emerged. Naked, her arms pinned to her sides, mouth filled by the foam ball, she realized she was now totally at her friend’s mercy. The thought excited her in ways she hadn’t thought possible. Anxiously, she waited for whatever came next.

As she watched, Amanda cut a strip from the saran wrap. Stretching it carefully on the bed, Amanda rolled the strip into a band perhaps a half inch wide. This done, she took up what, to Trish’s eyes, looked like a small, pink rubber bird with its wings spread. A cord led from the bird to what looked like some kind of control box. Smiling, Amanda held the bird up.

“Butterfly,” she said, which only added to Trish’s confusion. Butterfly? It looked like a bird. “I took the straps off,” Amanda continued. “I like it better this way.”

Walking behind Trish, Amanda pressed one end of the rolled plastic strip against the plastic wrapped around her waist, then gently pushed the other end between her thighs. This done, she stepped in front of her bound friend, reaching down and placing the butterfly against her crotch, wiggling it until satisfied with it’s position. She then drew the end of the plastic strip up over the butterfly and pressed it against the wrap on Trish’s stomach, lightly holding the butterfly in place.

“It won’t hold long,” she said, ‘but it should hold long enough for me to cover the area properly.” Trish had no idea what she meant by “properly,” but she had a feeling she was about to find out.

Taking up another roll of wrap, Amanda pressed the end against the plastic holding Trish’s legs together, then began wrapping upwards, pulling the wraps tight as she went. The butterfly was soon thoroughly sealed in place, Amanda carefully ensuring that the cord emerged smoothly from the wraps, the control now dangling beside Trish’s leg. The wrapping continued upwards, pinning Trish’s hands with her palms against her hips. Just under Trish’s breasts, Amanda reversed and began wrapping downward, replacing the roll when it ran out. When she reached Trish’s ankles, she carefully lowered the bound girl onto the bed, then thoroughly wrapped her feet together. Once finished, she stepped back to examine her work.

As she watched, Trish tested her bonds. Wrapped as she was, she soon found that all she could do was wiggle like a worm. She was totally helpless, and she loved it. Relaxing, she glanced up at Amanda, mmmphing in a questioning manner

“Now comes the fun part,” Amanda said, taking up the control. She turned a dial, and the butterfly began slowly vibrating against Trish‘s crotch. Something that Trish thought might be the bird‘s beak touched her clit, sending vibrations through the sensitive bud. The sensations soon had Trish moaning softly, her body writhing slowly.

Stepping back, Amanda watched as her friend closed her eyes, losing herself in her helpless arousal. Unconsciously, her hand slipped to her own crotch, rubbing lightly as she leaned to whisper in Trish’s ear.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to get you like this,” she whispered. Trish opened her eyes, gazing questioningly up at her friend. “Oh, yes,” she continued, “I’ve wanted to bind you ever since we met. And now you’re mine.”

“Who is yours?” At the unexpected new voice, both women’s heads turned to find Paul, Amanda’s husband, standing at the bedroom door. Amanda quickly turned to face him, while Trish squirmed in her bondage, wanting nothing more than to simply vanish.

“Paul! You’re home early. Is something wrong?”

Paul smiled. “Someone forgot to pack any ammo,” he said softly. “And I think I know why. Someone had her mind on other things.”

Still smiling, he stepped past his stunned wife to stand by the bed, gazing down on Trish. Embarrassed, maybe a little frightened, she writhed in her bonds, knowing even as she struggled that it was hopeless. Paul watched her for a moment, then turned back to his wife.

“Nicely done,” he said. “But I don’t recall giving permission for something like this while I was gone. Did I?”

“Well, no, not exactly,” Amanda stammered. Trish was amazed by her friend’s response, as well as the question that provoked it.

“Not exactly?” Paul repeated. “That is not a proper answer. Did I or did I not give permission for you to play bondage games with her while I was gone?”

Amanda’s head fell. “No,” she murmured.

“No what?” he demanded. Amanda flinched slightly, then raised her head to face him squarely.

“No, Master,” she replied, “you did not give permission.” She smiled nervously. “You did tell me to enjoy myself, though.”

“And you took that as permission to do this?”

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry.”

Throughout this exchange, Trish was amazed to feel her arousal continue to grow. She moaned softly, drawing the attention of the other two.

“Well,” Paul commented, “she seems to be enjoying it. Maybe she’d enjoy it more if she had company.”

“Um, Paul,” Amanda said nervously, edging toward the door, “if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking……..”

“Stop.” At the quiet command, Amanda froze. “Now strip.” Slowly, blushing furiously, she removed her clothing. Once she was naked, Paul drew her across the room, beyond Trish’s limited viewpoint. Unable to see them, she focused instead on the sounds they made.

First, there was the sound of a drawer opening, then things being shuffled around.. Then she heard Amanda grunt.

“Too tight,” Paul asked.

“Just a bit, yes Master,” she replied.


“Much. Thank you Master.”

More shuffling sounds, then, “How’s that? Comfy?”

“Mmmmph. Mmm mnnn mmmph. MMMMPH!”

“I guess it’ll do. And you’re already nice and wet, I see. Now, assume the position.”

Suddenly, Amanda’s head appeared over Trish’s, her eyes wide over the panel that now covered her mouth. Craning her neck, Trish could see that Amanda had inserted her head between the bars on the bed’s head rail, her shoulders resting against the cold metal. Leather straps encircled her shoulders, vanishing behind her, and Trish could only assume they were attached to the top rail, holding her friend in place. Her arms were not visible, leading Trish to believe they were somehow bound behind her back. For a long moment, the two helpless women simply stared at each other.

Suddenly, Amanda’s eyes widened even more. A muffled grunt burst from beneath the panel as she pushed forward, rocking the bed. She drew back slightly, then pushed forward again, gradually settling into a strangely familiar rhythm. Trish watched for a moment, puzzled, then her own eyes widened. Paul was taking his wife as she bent over her helpless friend. Somehow, this made her own arousal grow even greater, and she moaned into her gag, a sound quickly echoed by Amanda.

Now Paul appeared once more, naked, his erection glistening with his wife’s juices. For a moment, Trish thought he meant to take her as well, but he simply smiled, picked up the butterfly’s control, then vanished from sight again. Amanda began her rhythm once again, and, as she did, the vibrations against Trish’s crotch began to speed up. Soon, the two women’s moans merged in an almost continual chorus of need.

“You see,” Paul’s voice rose over the moans, “Amanda has been my slave almost as long as she’s been my wife. As my slave, she has certain rules she is expected to follow. One of those rules is no bondage play without my permission. She got herself stuck in self bondage a couple times, so the rule is really for her own good.”

Trish saw Paul’s hands appear on the top rail on either side of Amanda, and the rhythm rocking the bed increased. The speed of the vibrations between her thighs also increased, telling her that Amanda held the control. This was verified by Paul’s next words.

“She looks almost ready, doesn’t she? Well, you can cum when she does, but not before. And if she doesn’t cum before I do, you’re both out of luck.”

Amanda stiffened, and the vibrations suddenly seemed to double. Trish’s helpless body writhed, then tensed. Locking her eyes on her friend’s, she screamed into her gag as her orgasm engulfed her, the sound quickly echoed from above her. For long moments, both bound bodies shook from the force of their orgasms, then both sagged.

Through half closed eyes, Trish watched as the straps at Amanda’s shoulders vanished. Her friend sagged down, her head nestling beside Trish’s on the mattress. Paul appeared again, sitting beside Trish and stroking both women’s hair as they softly moaned in the afterglow. Trish closed her eyes, beyond embarrassment now, simply enjoying the soft touch on her hair. Her eyes snapped open, though, at Paul’s next words.

“That was fun,” he said, “but you, my dear, still have a punishment coming for this little scene. As for you,” he continued, turning his attention to Trish, “I do hope you enjoyed your first bondage experience. If you did, I might be willing to allow Amanda to bind you in the future.” He smiled. “Who knows, it may even keep her out of trouble.”

Amanda’s head raised until she was looking down at Trish. Even behind the panel covering her mouth, Trish could see the hopeful smile on her friend’s mouth. She thought about what had just happened, and all the sensations she’d just experienced. Turning her head away from Amanda, she looked up at Paul and nodded once.

Paul smiled and rose from the bed. “I was hoping that would be your answer,” he said softly, moving out of her sight once more. Amanda’s head was drawn from between the bars, leaving Trish once more dependant on sound. After a bit of shuffling sounds, she heard Amanda’s voice whisper, “Thank you, Master.”

‘You’re welcome, my love. Now cut her free, then both of you join me in the living room. We have a lot to discuss.”

Paul left the room as a smiling Amanda sat beside Trish and gently peeled away the tape over her mouth. She carefully removed the foam ball, then placed a light kiss on her friend’s lips.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked. Trish thought for a moment, then nodded.

“I had no idea it would be so intense,” she replied. “And knowing what Paul was doing to you, right over my head, and there was nothing I could do about it, I thought I was going to explode.” She smiled. “Actually, I did. Luckily, the wrap held me in one piece. I want to feel that again. And again.”

Amanda smiled as she took up a small pair of scissors and began carefully cutting the wrap. “Oh, I think that can be arranged.”

Trish returned the smile, then closed her eyes, waiting patiently for her freedom. Her physical freedom, that is. Her true freedom, she knew, had come with that first helpless orgasm. She couldn’t wait for the next one.


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