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Storycodes: F/m; bond; strip; pantyhose; multilayer; encase; cocoon; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

Matt was idly looking at the Television. It was after all the play off and nothing was really on. Sally sauntered up to him holding her gym bag.

“Trust me?”

Matt was curious as to why his wife would even ask that question. “Should I not.”

“Do you trust me?”

Knowing full well this could lead to some augment he did not want to engage in. “Yes.” he answered.

“Then be quiet, Do not say a word. Do not move unless I do it for you or tell you.”

The word ‘why’ was about to escape his lips when he just nodded. Something was cooking in that brain of hers.

She removed his shoes and socks. Then with minor assistance from him. Pulled off his pants. Then she opened the gym bag and rolled knee length panty hose onto each leg.

Sally was pre-med and training to be an ER nurse. Okay this was some sort of practice thing. He was fine with that. Maybe she was learning to do plaster casting.

That thought changed when she put his legs together and rolled more panty hose up onto them. Fusing them together.

Each panty hose seemed to be bigger. It slid up his leg below the knee. Then above the knee. Then mid-thigh. Upper thigh. Then below the waist above his shorts. Then the stomach. Then above the waist. Then at the chest. She stopped and took off his shirt.

“Good boy.“ she planted a wet kiss on him.

She stopped to admire her work. He looked down not to see his legs but a single flesh colored limb. Smooth and silky. He twisted side to side and gave a little flipper like movement. 'Merman' he thought? He was getting excited. A small bulge was growing.

The next layers were the two legged kind of panty hose but one leg slide up his legs and the other was pulled over his shoulders with his arms fused behind him.

Mummy? Okay. Now he was worried. But he had said he trust her. Curiosity was overriding caution. Where was this going?

Arms and legs now fused into a single limb. She laid him out on the floor with pillows supporting his backside. He never knew panty hose could be this strong. That and not having the proper leverage to break free.

Then she placed layer over layer on his head and down to his shoulders. He was completely featureless. Just a flesh colored silky shape.

“Lie still.”

Looking down she placed a layer of cloth over his groin. It looked like rubber or something just like it. Flesh colored. She then began to sew it through the layers of nylon and silk. Once the patch was secured. She worked the hooked needle up and down forming something like a button hole.

His dread increased when she brought out a scalpel. She carefully sliced the slot between the button hole and his penis popped out .

“There we are. Now hold your horses lover.”

She rolled a condom over his member. She sealed it edges to the patch. Then he felt more than saw a needle in his side.

“That will start its work in half an hour. That should give you a hard on like no other. I need to get ready.”

His whole body began to feel erect. Taunt. He felt like a bow string pulled to its limit.

He heard the clock chime two and saw something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like his wife dressed up as he was. Her arms were free. But just a silky flesh colored mass crawling it way to him.

She slides on top of him and impaled herself on his engorged penis.

“I like you this way. I like the feel of us. The smoothness. How I can slide around you. You are my little love snake.”

He could not remember how long he had sex. But god in heaven it was tremendous. With limited movement and no hands. Improvisation and inspiration took hold.

Once she cut him out. He wanted to do the same to her. So the following week I had a gym bag with his own little surprise. He came into the kitchen. She was doing some final cleaning as I came up from behind.

“Trust me...“ He asked.


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