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Trust me I'm a Doctor

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

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Its funny it seems to me most people who come to hospital seem to think all the staff are real nice people the sort that butter would not melt in there mouth types and would never get involved in anything like bondage. Well taken on the whole I suppose you are right, having joined the health service as a school leaver I must admit there are a lot of bottom pinchers, a lot of male personnel who would love to lay you, telling you how much they love you and that their wife does not understand them. 

And there is the odd female who prefers females to sleep with mainly because a fellow female will not make you pregnant and can work you up just as well as any male probably better. And on the whole a lot more truthful than most males and their hygiene standards are higher. 

But when it comes to bondage I have met very few, four to be exact in fourteen years! I have met several who like to play at it and haven't a clue, but what I call a knowledgeable bondage types out of the four just two. My dearest friend Sue and a Doctor John Ward who I met recently. The meeting came about purely by chance we were all sitting in the rest room when he was called to the phone in an adjoining office, he was a very quiet type but quite chatty when engaged in conversation but on the whole a quiet sort and in his spare time always reading a book or magazine. 

On this occasion he left to get the phone putting his book down, I reached over and picked it up it was a large soft back type book with a boring medical title. I flicked open the first page only to find it was typed paged the sort you download from the net, but what stood out like a red traffic light was the heading Gromet's mummification Plaza then immediately below was a title of a story called   "Malevolent Seizure " A story written by my good cyber friend Rob <[email protected]

This I found hard to believe I thumbed through the rest of the pages amongst the rest of the stories was a couple of my stories "A Holiday to remember” this was a turn up for the book a senior respectable member of our medical staff who reads bondage, I thought to myself perhaps he is only researching the subject. I replaced the book on the table, Dr Ward returned picked up his book and sat there reading and giggling to himself at times as he read the contents. 

A few days later we met in the canteen and sat at the same table I had now decided to ask about his book, we chatted about everyday hospital trivia, then taking the bull by the horns I mentioned that I knew he was reading bondage stories and I had read one of the stories in his book. He looked a little embarrassed, stared and said, "Don't mention it around here you know how narrow minded this lot are." 

I smiled and then added,  "I wrote one of the stories in your collection!"  I held my breath waiting for his answer. 

He seemed to hesitate for a moment then said; "I had given up hope of ever meeting anyone with an interest in bondage stories. Once I had reached the age of fifty and two I thought anyone as young as you would not want to talk to me about bondage this is a turn up for the book.” 

For the next couple of weeks we exchanged stories I told him  "Malevolent Seizure “ I reckoned was one of the great classics as great stories go and that I had corresponded with he writer, but the story that really got through to me was   "A Matter of Preservation".  If I could have swapped with Amanda the girl in the story I would have.  I now decided to let him know I was into bondage both with a trusted person and self-bondage not just a storywriter. His Eyes lit up, “Why don't we go out for a meal and discuss each others experiences?” An evening was instantly decided on, John picked me up and we went for a great meal in a small restaurant in the Conway Valley, the meal and conversation was a great success it was nice to have a male to discuss bondage with and not worry about saying the wrong thing. 

Any way to cut a long story short he invited me back to his place we sat in his lounge I had had a couple of rather large brandy’s so most of my inhibitions had floated away on a alcohol haze, We both were now like long lost bondage buddies as expected my blouse was soon being unbuttoned his hand was exploring my breast fingers massaging my nipples soon the wondering hand was exploring my whole body I was all ready beginning to feel the felling of ecstasy. 

"How would you feel if I told you I could turn one of the stories from fiction to fact"  he added looking down at me while at the same time massaging my left nipple.  

I looked up at him, "Well providing I am not late for work in the morning and arrive there in one piece I suppose it would be OK." I replied giggling mainly due to the alcohol.

"Ok," he added, "I may not equal "A Matter of preservation or "Malevolent Seizure "  but I could subject you to a new experience that is if you are brave enough and I guarantee to get you back to the hospital first thing in the morning and guaranteed in one piece."  I suppose looking back I was backed into a corner and I just did not want to appear chicken, so I nodded and said I am always game for a new experience. 

At that he again asked me if I was really sure I wanted to participate as the real life victim, as in a lot of my stories I end up bound and unable to move or imprisoned in plastic or concrete, but he added believe me I will guarantee to get you to work in the morning on time and in one piece! Thinking to myself well if he was getting me to the hospital the next day nothing unusual could happen, so I nodded and said you had better make a start and let me see you do your worst! 

At that he lent forward and picked up what at first glance appeared to be a silver metal chrome glasses case, then he picked up a single chocolate liqueur out of the open box off the coffee table and asked me to hold it between finger and thumb, he then opened the metal case and extracted a syringe complete with needle already fitted. I think my heart missed a beat but managed to retain that alcohol induced smile, he smiled and asked me to hold the chocolate between my fingers he then pressed the needle into the chocolate and injected half the contents of the syringe into the figure. 

"Now think again and think carefully If you are still brave enough to participate in a real life session as my victim, then eat the chocolate. I advise you swallow it in one go as I have just injected two mm of muscle relaxant ante into it and as you say in your stories you like to be taken control of.” 

I thought for a moment looking at the chocolate, John then added "Trust me I am a doctor, I would not do anything to harm you permanently and I have tried it on myself.”   

At that any fear I had evaporated, I popped the chocolate in my mouth and as advised swallowed it down in one go followed by the last of my brandy in my glass. John now informed me it would take a few minutes to take effect, at that he started to feel my body, and then reaching around my waist undid my skirt and started to pull it off me. I went as if to resist, a sort of token of resistance as any good girl would but my arms seemed like lead and refused to move, John smiled noticing my changed expression. Now he slipped off my knickers, my body refused to obey my commands it was as if I was paralysed even my voice was experiencing problems. 

John now cleared the top of the coffee table slipped his hands under me and in one go picked me up turned round and placed me on the body length table, I mumbled at him I was not sure I liked what was happening to me. 

He looked down at me, “Well think again as I said before do you want to go on or would you like me to call it a day or are you brave enough to be my victim and experience bondage as you have never felt performed on you before?”  

I do not know why I smiled and said, “I had no intention of stopping and wanted him to continue.” 

He smiled again saying, “I was sure you were the brave type and would be willing to face the challenge ahead.” 

Then pulling my head to the end of the table and opening my mouth with his fingers and peering down my open mouth and telling me to be still for a moment, then attached a thin plastic tube on to the end of the syringe, this he fed into my throat as he manoeuvred my head to enable him to watch the tubes progress till it reached the area of the vocal cords. Then he squeezed the syringe and a few droplets dropped on and around the voice box, I felt a warm glow in my throat. He informed me he had put a couple of droplets of the muscle relaxant on and around my vocal cords this would effectively paralyse them for a hour or so this would do away with the need for a gag, Not only had I lost the use of my limbs but had now lost my voice as well. 

He asked me again if I wanted to continue if so blink your eyes, which I did. He smiled again and stripped off. I was now subjected to a very severe sexual session, it is strange having sex and being totally unable to move a muscle. At least I was able to have an orgasm that at least was not subdued, as he thrust in and out I noticed my breasts were moving back and forth with the motion, soon the first load of sperm was pumped deep into me. He had a short rest then I was then subjected to deep oral sex, this is something I can never quite manage as normally I start to gag as soon as the penis reaches the back of the throat, but this time due to the muscle relaxant the penis slid in and down my throat with no problem and after a session of hard thrusting he deposited a load of sperm deep down my gullet. 

Now rolling me over on to my tummy he gave me deep hard anal sex, this I have never liked but this time I think due to the muscle relaxant it was quite a turn on. As he thrust into me I was sliding up and down the table my breasts being used as a sort of roller. Now I was turned back on to my back, he now returned to my clit massaging and playing with it and stretching the thin pink clit upwards arousing me even more, then placing a thin glass tube around the aroused clit and pressing the tube down against me, then lifting a plunger fitted to the tube causing a partial vacuum in the tube this caused the clit to be dragged up into the tube. He was fascinated as he watched the stretched clit now fill with blood and become a distended blob within the tube more than doubling its size. Then locking off he plunger so it kept the clit distended.  The same procedure was carried out on each nipple till they almost filled their separate tubes. The tubes holding the nipples were lifted upwards one at a time dragging the nipple upwards and the base tied off with thin strong nylon fishing line almost separating the nipple from the aureole then the tubes were removed leaving the nipple greatly enlarged and blood red and purple, the same was done to the clit as the tube was removed after tying off the clit at the base, it now appeared as a large round blob tied off from the body. 

John admired his success it was nice to have a female to work on who was into extreme SM. John Looked at Jenny and commented, “I tend to agree with your remark in one of your stories, ‘once you take off your clothes and allow yourself to be tied up you lose all your rights’ and safe words are such a silly nonsense anyway."   

Jenny tried to say she didn't mean it but no words came out from her paralysed voice box, Jenny blinked her eyes to attract John’s attention, but to no avail to John now she was now just a product to be dealt with. John ran his fingers over her silky smooth skin feeling the taught body, for a thirty odd year old she was not in bad nick, her breasts small but firm now enhanced by the distended nipples. 

He now slipped a leather hood over her head with a ‘D’ ring at the top, to this a rope was attached then to a ring in the ceiling and Jenny was lifted up till her feet just touched the floor. He now started to bind her body starting at the feet with vinyl adhesive tape overlapping each turn by two thirds, working his way up the body pulling the tape as tight as possible. Her waist was pulled in giving her that hour glass figure, he continued over the lungs still applying the tape tightly, this tended to flatten down her all ready small breasts till they almost disappeared, a small dot showed through were the enlarged nipples were. The taping continued till the whole body up to the neck was covered. A second layer and a third layer was applied to stiffen the bindings. The leather hood was now removed and Jenny was replaced on the table, her head was bound completely leaving just the nose and mouth to breath through. 

Now a stiffer layer of thick bodge tape was applied from head to toe, her breathing was now greatly restricted and she adjusted her breaths to small gasps. As John lifted her feet her whole body lifted, she was quite ridged he was well pleased with his work. He loaded her into his van sliding her body into the back and then drove off. About ten minutes later he entered the hospital grounds backing up the van to the mortuary doors, then going inside returned with a trolley. He slid Jenny out of the van and onto the trolley and wheeled her into the mortuary, opening one of the small square doors in the wall he slid Jenny inside and closed the door writing on the label  "for the personal attention of Dr Ward" after all he had promised to get her back early and in one piece. 

Jenny was now inside her new home unaware of where she had been taken, she was completely mummified in tape and totally unaware she was to be the centre of attention at tomorrow's autopsy to be conducted by some of John’s medical friends who were also into extreme SM. 


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