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Turn of Events 3: Events Unfolding

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2008 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; wrap; plastic; gag; femdom; tease; mast; denial; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

This is a continuation of "Part 2: Developing Events," which you'll find posted here. This is a work of fiction of a sexual nature with mature themes. If that's not your cup of tea (we'll ignore the obvious question as to why you're visiting this site), read something else. If you think this is you - it's not because I don't know anyone that's ever had this happen to them. Copyright remains with me unless specifically released, although reposting to sites without any membership fees is permitted.

Part 3: Events Unfolding

I shifted slightly, and my mind rewound itself back to that first night I’d spent wrapped to the pole for some reason. “For some reason,” hah! The fact that I was once again wrapped in plastic from head to toe probably had something to do with it.

Two weeks had gone by, and I had to admit – Karyn knew her stuff. Both as a therapist and as a temptress. In those two weeks since she’d wrapped me to a pole and left me to my thoughts, I’d done many things I’d never have thought I’d do.

I’d spent entire day she’d cut me from the pole naked “to learn that vulnerability is a natural human condition.” With the exception of when the cleaning crew showed up, I was required to wander the suite in the nude, spending much of the day talking to Karyn.

I’d spent a day with my hands tied in front of me with a pair of her nylons, having to serve her and make sure she was comfortable. Sure, I could have escaped, and I might have even turned the tables on her, but by that point I was pretty intrigued.

She’d picked some museums to see and shopping to do, and my job was to spend the day with her without rolling my eyes in disgust, complaining about what we were doing, or expressing any desire to do something else (no matter how much I might have wanted to). “You need to figure out how to get enjoyment from the enjoyment the people you’re with are getting, Stephen.”

And so on, and so on, and so on. I was surprised that the “therapy” didn’t involve more bondage since it had started out that way, but Karyn had an answer for that.

“Stephen, it’s not about me dominating you. That can be fun if you’re into it, but that’s not the point. You need to let go a little and let someone else take the reins in life every once in a while. Otherwise, you don’t give them room to be them and learn to enjoy just being with them doing what they want to do.”

That made more sense than I liked it to, particularly since the libidinous side of my brain kept remembering how it felt to be naked, wrapped to a pole in saran wrap, and completely helpless as she brought me to climax. I was surprised to discover I sort of wished that we’d head more in that direction. Partly, I wrote it off to the simple fact that we’d now been in the same hotel suite for two weeks and three days and I hadn’t managed to get into her pants.

I’d learned a whole lot about her, though. Things I probably should have learned before she ended up sharing the suite with me in the first place. She was between boyfriends and had vowed never to date anyone in the same degree program she was in again. When I asked why, I laughed out loud at her answer:

“I’m not dating anyone who’s going to psychoanalyze everything that I say.”

Given our current relationship, her attitude toward me, and the way we were spending our days, she wasn’t surprised when I laughed quite hardily at that, and even joined in. Then she threw a pillow at me and had me get her a soda.

I’d learned that while her father died when she was young, her mother was still very much alive and reasonably active in her life. She’d started down the path to medicine because of her father’s early death, hoping she could help find a cure for the Alzheimer’s that had eventually killed him, but realized that she wasn’t so interested in the medical part of medicine. What really intrigued her was people and their actions. So she’d switched to psychology instead.

“I may go back and finish off the med studies so I can be a psychiatrist instead,” she said, “but that’s a whole lot more work and I’m not sure I’m up to it.”

When we weren’t “in lessons”, we spent the time quite amiably by just talking and getting to know one another. A real friendship was growing. Of course, it was a friendship with some very interesting lessons, and once or twice she’d “rewarded me” for doing well by getting me off, but still no actual sex. I’d taken advantage of the solitude of my room a few times as well, but I was really beginning to wonder where the hell this one was going.

Then today rolled around. I suppose I should have suspected something when she said she was going down to the front desk to see what DVDs they had for us to borrow – just about everything thus far had come with “a twist.” But it wasn’t until she got back and announced it was movie day that I started to dread what was ahead: chick flicks. Hours, and hours of chick flicks. I’d seen a number of them with Marie before…

Marie – thinking about her reminded me what I world-class jerk I’d been to her on more than one occasion. Probably the worst was that the relationship had lasted three years without it going anywhere. That was mostly my fault, but I’d been surprised when Karyn had gotten angry at her in one of our conversations.

“Women like that need to get a clue, sometimes,” she’d said. “She’s waiting around for you to get the hint or take the lead or do something instead of laying it on the line and getting out if she wants something you’re not ready to give. She let you treat her that way, and probably hated it more than a few times but didn’t have the guts to tell you to get lost.”

Then she’d turned to look at my surprised face and smiled. “Stephen, it’s not all you, hon. It takes two to make a dysfunctional relationship.”

Anyway, today was to be movie day and I was to sit and watch every last one of them with her, get her soda and popcorn and snacks or whatever and find a way to enjoy it. We started right after lunch, and I gritted my teeth and did my best to make it through and find a way to enjoy it. We’d made it through two movies, around three and a half hours total when she decided a bit of variety would be nice, and I silently breathed a sigh of relief. She told me to get my bathing suit on for a trip to the pool, and I heard her ordering room service to deliver dinner in an hour as I did. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I hadn’t closed my door until I saw her head into her bedroom.

She emerged and I suddenly wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the pool. Red hair, a bit of a tan, gorgeous green eyes, and a emerald bikini that shone like it was made out of metal. She wore a short white robe that was semi-transparent and obviously designed to reveal more than it hid. As I sprung to attention slightly, I was reminded why my eye had been drawn to her in the first place. She smiled, grabbed my hand and we headed down.

It was a nice, relaxing forty-five minutes. We swam for a while and I discovered her primary form of exercise was doing laps. That explained the even muscle tone wonderfully. After about twenty minutes in the water, we headed for the bar serving the pool area and had a few cocktails. We talked more, largely about what else would be fun to do over the next few days. I had my own ideas, but since we were in public, I kept them to myself. When she told me it was time to head back to the room to clean up for dinner, I suddenly remembered the movies that were waiting, and hoped it wouldn’t be too much longer.

We returned just as room service was knocking on the door. They deposited a nice selection of seafood, shish kebob, vegetables, and assorted deserts in the dining area, then departed politely. I started heading for my room to change, but Karyn had other ideas.

“You know what, I’m starved, so let’s just eat like this. Throw a few towels on the couch so we don’t ruin it and we’ll eat and view at the same time.”

I groaned inwardly. Even dinner wouldn’t be away from the movies. But I remembered the goal, and stuck to the idea of her enjoyment.

She popped in “Love Actually,” which was a bit of a relief. While there’s no doubt it’s a chick flick, at least it’s one that I can laugh at here or there. Sadly, Karyn had decided I’d have to wait on her instead of helping herself, and it seemed like she was managing to send me for more shrimp, mussels, wine, water, or another slice of cake just when the good parts were hitting. I did my best, managed a few laughs, but it was getting hard not to show being a bit peeved.

The credits were rolling, the two of us still sitting around in our bathing suits and Karyn leaned forward to deposit her dessert plate on the table. She glanced over at me and smiled. “Having fun?”

I smiled back, but I’m sure she could tell it was forced. While I loved her laugh and smile, and even could understand how the movie brought out a tear or two, it was getting to be more than I could bear. But I had a job, so I just said, “Of course.”

“Good,” she said. “Do me a favor and pop in the first disc of ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ It’s in the stack there and I never got a chance to see it when it was on A&E.”

I was still holding the smile when she said that, but it faded to a thin frown. I had seen it. Twice, actually. Marie loved the book and that particular production of it, so she’d watched it when it was on and I’d sat through it completely once because she wanted to. The second time, the other TV was on the fritz, so I’d had to catch most of it then to. Again, not bad, but definitely not my thing.

I suppose having two stiff vodka tonics and at least a half a bottle of wine in me had a good deal to do with my response, but it brought a predictable reaction when I said.

“Karyn, I’m sorry but there’s no fucking way I’m going to watch that. It’s like five hours long and I’ve already seen it twice. If you want to, that’s great, but I’m done.”

I stood up and started heading toward the kitchen with a couple of plates, her face serious as I turned away from her. I’d made it about half way when she spoke.

“Stephen, we had a deal, right? Trying to get enjoyment from my enjoyment today, right? Are we done with that?”

I stopped and managed to avoid swearing under my breath. I turned back to her, and she was standing, walking towards me slowly. Her hair was disheveled in that marvelously attractive way that swimming can make it. Her tone hadn’t been angry, nor was it scolding. Just matter of fact and straight talk.

“Karyn, I know. But it’s been like five hours already and if we watch all of that, it’ll be 11:00 before we’re done. I’m not in the mood.”

“That didn’t answer my question. Are we done with our deal, or are you going to do what I asked and put the movie in? I’m sure I can find another hotel quickly…”

The sentence just sort of drifted off, and I knew I was beat. While I really had no desire to watch, I also had no desire to let our “situation” end.

“No, stay. I’ll drop these in the kitchen and be right back.”

The mood seemed brooding when I returned. Karyn was on the sofa in her bikini, but her look was thoughtful. I’d ruined her mood. I swapped DVD’s and hit play. After the delay to figure out what to do with the disc, the screen filled with the title menu, and I went to grab the remote.

“No. Wait. Go to the bathroom and relieve yourself. Then wait there until I call you.”

That didn’t sound all that promising, and the booze wanted me to object, but the part of me that had invested the time already shouted it down. Plus, there was some hope that I’d get something sexual out of this if I obeyed appropriately. My libido joined the choir and the booze went away, sulking.

I did as instructed, and could barely hear motion through the door. Karyn was definitely moving around while I waited, which piqued my curiosity. After what I guessed was five minutes, the bathroom door opened and Karyn stood with a sleep mask in her hand, along with a roll of plastic wrap.

“Take off your suit and put this on. Oh, and hand me a washcloth.”

Again, the urge to resist arose, again it was shouted down. I handed her a washcloth before I complied with the other requests. As I slipped my suit off, I watched her walk over to the bed, unroll several feet of the wrap flat on it, and place the washcloth in the center. As I slipped the sleep mask on, I could see her roll the wrap around it and twist it like a candy wrapper.

Unsurprisingly, that found its way into my mouth when she returned. She didn’t speak as she begun wrapping the sleep mask and gag in place, stopping to tear a hole for my nose every two or three turns. After six or seven turns around my head, she said “Arms out.” Already in for a penny, I went for the pound and did as ordered.

The wrap was torn free of my head, and my arms and legs were each individually wrapped, as well as several turns around my torso. Then she gently pushed my arms to my sides and began the process of welding them to my torso. The wrap went around and around, occasionally going up, occasionally going down until the criss-cross pattern enclosed me from neck to the tips of my fingers. My penis was wrapped snugly to my body, but wasn’t pointed down, which allowed it to become engorged.

That didn’t escape Karyn’s notice.

“Ohhh, you’d better not make the mistake of letting that go to the natural confusion or you’ll be in even more trouble.”

I grunted a response that would have said “I don’t know if I can stop that,” but it obviously didn’t make sense and she chose to ignore it.

It had seemed to take a long time, and I guess it had because I didn’t hear her tear the wrap. She must have burned through a full roll on what she’d done so far.

“Walk carefully and slowly, and turn where you feel me push you.”

I would have protested, but it was a bit late, so I complied. She steered me a bit left, a bit right, and probably back into the living room, since I could hear the dull hum of speakers.

“Turn around where you are slowly and carefully.”

I complied, and stopped when her hands contacted my shoulders. A pause, then more wrap began finding its way around me, working from my waist down. It was quite snug until it approached my knees, where she started letting it go looser for some reason. Once it was below my knees, the snugness returned all the way down to my ankles. Again, many turns of wrap working their way down, then back up, snug except at the knees.

“OK, Stephen, listen carefully. You’re going to sit, which won’t be comfortable. Then you’re to wait for me to tell you to and kneel. Once that’s done, we’re going to turn you sideways and lie down on your back. Understand?

I nodded and grunted, slightly confused. But events unfolded as she described and I sat, then knelt with her assistance, then turned and lay on the floor on my back with her help in making sure that I didn’t fall hard and hurt myself.

The looseness around my knees made sense now. She pushed my knees up, bending my legs until my ankles met my thigh. If the wrap there had been snug, I’d never have made it. She didn’t bother to tell me to hold them there, and I quickly felt the wrap start locking them into position.

As she secured me in this position, somewhat uncomfortably since it forced my hands upward as well, all I could do was picture this lovely woman in her green, metallic bikini welding me in place. I couldn’t help but get harder.

I think she noticed because I heard a laugh. After many more turns of the wrap, she was apparently done. I felt her start pulling up on one side, and figured out that she was trying to roll me over. Since that would straighten out my hands and relieve that discomfort, I did everything I could in my condition to help. In a minute, I was face down in a plastic hogtie. I felt her hair brush against the wrap around my ear.

“OK, Stephen. I’ve given you rewards before, now it’s time for punishment. Your behavior was terrible. So while I’m enjoying my movie, you’re to lay here and not move, not make a sound. Once you do that for one hour, I’ll let you loose and you can try again. I know you’ll need to shift occasionally, and I’ll accept that. But no struggling, no grunting, nothing more than the occasional twitch or shifting position. Got it?”

I nodded and grunted. I felt her move away from me, and the opening music of Pride & Prejudice began to play.

I was able to comply for a bit, perhaps five or ten minutes. I even tried to focus on calming down and thinking about why I couldn’t find a way to enjoy watching her show with her. But something strange started to happen – as I thought about that, I naturally thought about her and the last two weeks. I thought about that dynamite red nightgown, her smile, her laugh, her bikini. And I found myself inevitably wishing that I finally would get to make love to her.

The turn-on was incredible. And I decided to do something about it and started struggling. I groaned.

Then I felt a foot run up my side gently.

“Stephen, it’s only been seven minutes and I’m resetting the timer now. You’re distracting me, and need to stop.”

When she spoke, I replayed her talking to me as I was wrapped to the pole, the nightgown handing from her body in its seductive sheerness. Rather than comply, I struggled more, trying to get enough friction and leverage to get myself off.

I’d been impressed with Karyn’s ability to read me before, but her intuition positively shocked me at this point. I could hear the dialogue in the movie stop, obviously paused or halted. I could hear her kneel next to me.

“Stephen, you devil. You’re so excited you’re trying to take care of yourself, aren’t you?”

A combination of the laughter in her voice, the smile I could see on her face and the booze in my body caused me to groan loudly and nod.

“Well, we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?”

I read that the wrong way, and helped her to roll me over.

“I need a few things, so don’t move or you’ll only be in more trouble.”

Excited, I decided to comply. I heard her walk away, a moment or two’s silence, and then the soft padding of her bare feet returning. She lifted up my shoulders, and I felt her position something soft underneath them – a cushion from the firmness. She grunted a bit as she shifted the weight of my feet and legs and repeated the process. Now I was balanced on what must have been the cushions from the chairs. Then she began rolling me over again. Confused, I helped until I was face-down again. Then I felt her positioning something softer under the sides of my stomach – pillows from the bed, I guessed. She then seemed to feel around for a moment and I heard what sounded like a satisfied noise.

Then it dawned on me – she hadn’t planned to help me along, she wanted to prevent me from coming. She’d elevated me off the floor and propped me up in such a way that there was no physical contact with my manhood except for the wrap itself. And since that shifted as I shifted, the friction by not touching anything to the wrap cut down significantly on the rubbing I could get done on my own.

“I’m impressed, Stephen. You’re getting interested in the submissive side of things very quickly and even getting to enjoy it. That’s not as easy as you think, learning to enjoy being out of control like this.”

Her voice grew softer and I could feel her hair brush against my ear again.

“Unfortunately, you’re not in control, I am. And I want you to hold still and let me enjoy my movie for an hour. If you do, I may reward you. If you don’t, then I don’t need to let you really enjoy yourself. In fact, if you keep struggling then there’s a full tray of ice in the freezer that I’ll be forced to use to help you control yourself.”

He voice was barely over a whisper.

“One hour, Stephen. One hour for me to enjoy my movie and for you to focus on letting me do that. Or I can guarantee I’ll find a way to keep you under control, understood?”

I moaned plaintively, but nodded.

“Good. You can shift every now and again, but if you struggle that way again…”

She didn’t finish the sentence, and the audio from the show resumed.

It took amazing will to do little but shift every once in a while. My position wasn’t terribly comfortable, but wasn’t unbearable, either. My legs were aching a bit, and I had to alternate between holding my head up off the floor and resting my forehead on the floor to avoid a kink in my neck. I fought the urge to struggle, not wanting her to make good on the promised ice treatment. But when I shifted, I couldn’t help but test the amount of pressure on my manhood. It wasn’t really sufficient on its own, but if I disobeyed, maybe I could…

I shook my head slightly to chase the thought from my mind. As excited as I was, I doubted I could bring myself to climax before Karyn could stop me. And I also found that I didn’t want to disappoint her, didn’t want to disobey her. I wanted her to enjoy having me this way and getting to watch her movie.

So I listened to the voices of Elizabeth, Darcy, Jane, Mrs. Collins and the rest of the characters in Ms. Austen’s story and tried to keep still.

When the sound suddenly cut off, I damned near jumped. Hands slid the cushion out from under my legs and knees, then began pushing me into a kneeling position. I did what little I could to help out.

I felt the scissors begin their work, first cutting behind both of my hands close to my buttocks. She pulled them out a bit so that they no longer bent along my thigh, which was far more comfortable. Then I felt it start to work around my manhood.

“Stephen, you’ve made great progress in the past few weeks. I’m very impressed. Even wrapped up, horny, and obviously enjoying the experience, you managed to hold yourself still. Were you thinking about me when you did?”

She spoke as the scissors slowly worked their way through the wrap. I groaned and nodded.

“When you agree, you really don’t mean thinking about me in terms of watching and enjoying my show, do you?”

It took a minute to figure out what she meant, but it finally hit me – she wanted to know if I was fantasizing about the possibility of reward. Again, I nodded.

“Could you have done that two weeks ago?”

The scissors continue their slow, careful work as they cut the line up from below my testicles towards the tip. I shook my head.

“That’s wonderful for you, Stephen. You really are interested in pleasing me, aren’t you?”

I nodded, and as I did, the scissors finished their work and her hand began slowly guiding my erection free. I shuddered at her touch.

I felt her legs straddle me over my knees. There was some shifting I couldn’t figure out.

“Well, we’ll definitely need to reward that. I’ve become quite fond of you, you know. Would you like to keep seeing me once this is all said and done.”

The slight shifting continued as I nodded vigorously.

“I’m so happy to hear that Stephen.”

I felt her slide up my legs, and she whispered into my ear as I felt her slide down on my engorged penis.

“I’m so glad to hear that, because I’d really enjoy that too.”

As her breathing grew more excited and she rode me up and down, I did everything I could to make sure that she got the maximum enjoyment of our first lovemaking as I could.


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