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The Two Day (or more) Mummy

by Techie

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© Copyright 2012 - Techie - Used by permission

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Well, we're the craziest old couple on the block. Last week Techster was reading one of the Mummy stories on grometsplaza and remarked, "Someday I'd like to try this mummy thing. I wonder how they deal with feeding, fecal waste and urine- no one ever mentions that and yet for more than a 12 hour mummification it is inevitable." So I designed a mummification system and dealt with the reality of feeding, urine and fecal waste as techster was my unwilling volunteer for several days - to be exact 3 days.

Last month I had to go tend to our eldest son’s daughters 200 miles from our home while he and his wife went on a “romantic retreat”. Techster was reading a story about a person who was “mummified” for a day while they were displayed tormented and teased. That made me think about it and I decided that I would design a system that would leave him mummified and yet provide for all of his needs:

His need to urinate was the easiest to deal with a simple catheter installed through his CB6000 male chastity device. The CB6000 has been modified with 2 electrical contacts, one that contacts the tip of his cock and the other in the Testie ring around the base of his cock between his balls and his body. This will be attached to an electrosex set with a random timer and varying strength of the output. His need to have a bowel movement would be made possible with the use of a hollow butt plug that would be hooked to a smooth hose that will feed his feces into a plastic bag. His need for fluids and nourishment will be dealt with via a nasal gastric feeding tube, the tube will deliver a measured amount of the high protein and water mix that will be cycled every 6 hours. He will be silenced with a gag. It would be a full mouth gag with breathing tube in it. I plan to use a CPAP machine with a nasal pillow mask to insure that he receives adequate air and has no problem breathing. Nancy, a good friend and registered nurse, agreed to install the catheter and feeding tube. She also lent me a small EKG and a pulse ox that measure the level of oxygen in the blood so she could monitor Techster with mini USB ports that she can hook up to our computer so that both Nancy and I can monitor Techster’s condition.

Now to the design of the structure of the mummification. First: Using my drafting program I designed a padded steel frame. This frame had a curved section for his torso with a cut out for the fecal tubing, and extensions that his arms and legs would be strapped to. Three straps on each arm and leg would be enough to insure his immobility. Four straps would hold his torso still: One at his neck, one mid chest, one lower chest and one just about his groin. Second: Using his custom fitted motorcycle as a pattern I put plastic wrap as a shield I created a plaster cast of the back of his head. I used this mold to make a fiberglass section that attached to the torso frame. I planned to use fabric straps to keep his head still. Third: The head restraint will have a “face plate “ which will be a small television . Large earphones will cover his ears and insure that, while he can hear the TV, he cannot hear anything else. His right hand will hold the channel and volume control for the TV.

Fourth: the armature or structure of the mummy frame will be mounted on the frame that was used several years ago to rotate the frame when I was spread eagled, put on display and let stand in the sun for an all over tan. The rotator is built using an industrial device known as a “linear actuator. ” I welded the tube that had bearings on each end to the lower torso area of the mummy frame and hooked up to a timer. Every 8 hours the mummy will go from a standing position to lying down.
Fifth: I had a seamstress I know stitch up a loosely woven spandex sack that will encase Techster for his two day mummification.

The moment of truth

After all of the individual parts were completed I assembled the rig in an unused bedroom of our home. It was then I invited Techster to check it out. “Take a look at this new bondage frame I designed. Why don’t you strip and check it out.?” I invited. I know Techster loves to experiment with bondage games and as I expected he quickly stripped and lay down on the frame.

“Now let me test the restraints.” I said as I placed the straps around his arms and legs. “Now time for the body restraints. Then the head.” I advised him as I tightened the straps around his neck and torso. “Check and see if you can loosen the bonds. You have 15 minutes or face the penalty.”

I went into the living room to watch and set the timer at 15 minutes. While watching TV I called Nancy and asked, “Can you come over and install the feeding tube and catheter. I think Techster is ready for a long term mummification experience.”

When the timer bell rang Nancy and I went into the bondage room. Techster opened his mouth to protest and I used the opportunity to shove the gag into his mouth and buckle the strap. Looking back at Nancy I said, ”There he is quiet and ready for you to do your job.”

Nancy walked up and showed the catheter to Techster, ”This is a catheter. It will be your urine drain for the next several days.” Techster’s eyes opened wide and he made muffled sounds through the gag.

I explained, “There is no use complaining. You said you’d like to try being mummified. Well now is your chance. You will be a mummy for the next several days while I am babysitting for our son.”

Nancy lubed the catheter and slid it through the CB6000 and down Techster’s cock. “Comfy now you won’t have any urination problems. Next we are going to install a nasal gastric feeding tube. It goes through your nose into your throat. Again you have no choice, but I will need your cooperation in order to make this as painless as possible. When I tell you to please swallow.” Nancy was a professional and it only took a second to install the tube.

I held a small piece of equipment up in Techster’s view. “This is a feeding pump. You will be fed every 6 hours with a protein shake and water mixture. We only have one more part to install.” I held up the butt plug up so Techster could see it. ”This will be your fecal relief hose it and the urine drain will empty into plastic bags in the plastic buckets but first I’m going to rotate you so I can insert the butt plug.”

Techster muffed through his gag but soon found any resistance was useless. I lubed the plug and inserted it into his butt. We then turned Techster so he was in an upright position I kissed him. “One last kiss- Now to install the nasal pillow mask for the CPAP machine, the mask and the mummy covering and your bondage will be complete.” I held up the faceplate and told him, “This is a mini TV the controls for it will be taped to your right hand, and we’re going to put noise cancelling head phones on your ears so you can’t hear anything but the TV. Lastly I’m going to monitor you, Nancy will install the wires for a 3 lead ECG and a pulse ox will be taped to a finger of your left hand. “

I gave him one last kiss on his forehead, patted his balls as Nancy shaved his chest and wired up his monitors. Nancy and I pulled the sack over him and set the timers for feeding, rotation and torment (the electrosex stimulator set to random timing and random voltage on his cock). Lastly we turned off all of the lights, pulled down all of the shades and closed the doors. Unlike many mummy masters I was not worried about Techster as his ECG and pulse ox were hooked up to the USB port on our computer which I could visit on my I pad and Nancy had agreed to visit him several times per day. I drove down the driveway to the interstate thinking , “I may stay a day or 2 longer than planned. I know Techster won’t be getting in any trouble! I wonder what he’ll have to say when I release him? ”

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