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Storycodes: F/m; bond; kidnap; wrap; breathplay; oral; sex; reluct; X

Tyler had just walked into his house after a long day at work. He kicked off his shoes and casually took off his shirt, leaving just his jeans and socks on. Tyler always kept his house a little warm so that he could lounge around comfortably, but with his shirt off, he noticed that the house was a little cooler than he expected. As he made his way into the kitchen, he glanced to his right, into the dining room, and noticed the cause for the subtle chill in the house; the side window was left open. As quickly as his mind wondered at how or why the window had been opened, the answer made itself known to him, in the form of a gun being pressed into his back and a feminine, yet serious voice telling him not to move.

Tyler's mind began running in many different directions. "Who is this woman," Tyler wondered, "and why has she broken into my house?"

"Breaking" though, was a generous word for such a simple task. The open window in the dining room had never actually locked correctly, and Tyler silently cursed himself now for never taking the time to fix it. It looked normal enough from the outside, but all it took was a quick jerk upwards and the window would quickly garner access to the inside of Tyler's home.

"Give me your hands," the woman said with a commanding tone, "behind your back."

As soon as Tyler presented his hands to his captor, she deftly snapped a pair of handcuffs onto his wrists. "Be still, and shut your eyes," she demanded, before wrapping a blindfold around his head and knotting it securely.

Tyler was still asking asking himself all kinds of questions in his head, he wondered if this was a burglary, and maybe he had just happened to come home and get in the way of her business? Maybe it was something more personal, like a kidnapping? He began to speak, to ask her what she wanted, but before he could say more than a couple words, she pushed something into his mouth to silence him. Tyler bit down on it and found that it was a scarf with a knot tied in the center of it. The knot filled his mouth and made his pleas unintelligable as his mysterious kidnapper tied the scarf snuggly behind his head.

"I suppose you're wondering why I'm breaking into your house like this aren't you?" the lady asked. "Well I'll tell you what I'm not here for, I'm not here for your money," she said as she put her arm around him and stroked his chest with her fingers, "no, I'm here for something more special." She now began kissing his neck softly, dragging her tongue lightly up and down his neck, letting the tip dance across the surface of his skin playfully. "I'm here for satisfaction," she said sensuously. As she said this, she leaned her head around in front of him and began playing along his gagged lips with her tongue. "But first," she said, pulling away suddenly, "I have to make sure you're not going anywhere, so that I can enjoy myself fully, without worrying about you escaping." Tyler felt her hand press something soft and cool against his chest, and as his captor stretched it around his torso, he suddenly realized that she was binding him with plastic wrap.

"This will definitely keep you right where I want you," the woman said with a sense of satisfaction. She wrapped around his body many times from his shoulders down to his waist, before forcefully unbuckling his pants and pulling them down around his ankles, with his boxers following close behind. "I would stand very still if I were you," she said as she walked around his left side. She must have noticed somehow that his couch had a fold-away bed inside because she leaned down and pulled it open so that it was spread out across the living room floor. She came back around to Tyler's right side and turned him to face her. "Brace yourself sugar," she said, and with that, gave him a quick shove, sending him falling backwards onto the recently unfolded bed.

The fall onto the bed scared Tyler, but it didn't hurt him. His head was still spinning a bit though, since he was wearing a blindfold it had thrown off his sense of balance. His kidnapper took advantage of his momentary confusion and quickly wrapped his legs together, starting at his knees and working down towards his feet. When she got down to his ankles, she took his pants and boxers off, as they had been bunched up around his feet, and continued to wrap his ankles tightly together, making sure that he wasn't going to be running away anywhere soon. Just as Tyler thought that she might be done with him, she began wrapping again up towards his hips, starting where she had left off at his feet. Tyler's legs were already hanging off the edge of the bed a good bit, and now the woman grabbed his hips and pulled him down towards her to give herself even more room to wrap him to her satisfaction.

"No, I'm not done with you yet, I have to see just how far this roll of plastic will go," the kidnapper said, giggling slightly at how helpless her captive was to stop her. She continued on with her task, wrapping around Tyler's legs from his knees up to his stomach and back again, and of course, leaving his special parts (which, by the way, were becoming quite aroused ) free from her wrapping so that she could have fun with them later. She weaved her work together to meet the wrapping she had done earlier that reached down to his hips, melding them into one erotic work of art. By the time she was finished, the only parts of Tyler that were not covered in the smooth, shiny plastic were his feet, his head, and one part of his body that seemed to be proudly bringing attention to itself.

"After all the hard work I've done," the woman said as she wrestled to pull his body all the way up onto the bed, "I think I'm quite deserving of a reward."

Tyler heard the woman moving around beside the bed and he quickly guessed at what she might be doing. His suspicions were confirmed when he felt her undressed and completely naked body crawling up on top of his.

"You might even enjoy this," she said as she slowly wriggled her way from the bottom of the bed up onto his body, "but if you don't like it, I don't really care, because I'm in charge here, and you're in no position to argue, are you?"

The woman continued her slow, seductive crawl up his body until she was kneeling with her legs on either side of Tyler's head. She was keeping her bodyweight supported by her ankles and thighs so that her crotch was held a few inches above Tyler's face. "You might be able to guess what I'm about to do" she said as she began fiddling with the knot that held Tyler's gag in his mouth, "I'm going to take your gag out and you're going to be silent, do you understand?" Tyler nodded.

As she pulled the gag out, the woman lowered her crotch directly onto Tyler's mouth. She let all the support go from her legs so that she was solidly resting on her captive's nose and mouth. Tyler was now being smothered beneath her and he began twisting around under her, trying to wrestle her body off of his. "Ooh I like feeling you squirm around like that," the lady said to her struggling captive, "but there's something from you that I'd like even more, and I'll let you breathe if you do it." She lifted herself up for a moment before continuing with a dominant, yet seductive tone, "now open your mouth and pleasure me, my little plaything, or else I'll keep torturing you until you do." With that, she lowered herself down onto Tyler's mouth, and was met with an eagerly probing, yet delightfully gentle tongue, much to her delight.

"Ah, I knew you'd obey your new mistress," the woman said as she let her eyes drift closed in ecstasy. She let herself feel the pleasure that was slowly building and spreading through her. She sat in delight for a few moments before lifting up slightly to give her captive a good breath of air, and then lowering herself back onto his wonderfully pleasing mouth. The woman was more turned on now, and she was moving her hips around slowly to maximize the sensations she was feeling.

Soon, she raised herself up again, giving Tyler time for another breath before letting herself back down onto what was fast becoming a very intense ride. She began grinding her hips more solidly now, feeling the beginnings of an exceptional orgasm building within her. "You're going to make me cum very hard now aren't you sugar?" the woman said as she raised herself up and gave her captive one more deep breath before her big finale. "Are you ready for me, my little slave-boy?" she asked with a fire in her voice as she lowered herself onto him once more.

The woman was now burning with desire and she couldn't help herself as she squeezed her legs against the sides of her captive's head. She ground her crotch hard against his mouth as he pleasured her as swiftly as he could. It was difficult for Tyler to breathe and his kidnapper's vice-like legs were certainly not making it any easier for Tyler to find a breathe of much-needed air. Just as he thought that she was not going to cum before he passed out, the woman's body shuddered and she clenched her legs tight around his head as she rode out a strong, shaking climax.

"That was really good, I love to take a man's breath away," the woman said with a weak laugh as she rolled off of Tyler's body and onto the bed beside him. Her poor, tortured slave was breathing heavily. The woman began stroking his plastic-encased body, her hand drifting slowly towards his private parts, which were showing strong signs that he had indeed enjoyed the torture that he had been put through. "Oh look here, there's still something left of my helpless little toy for me to play with. Perhaps I can last through another round," she said, before replacing the gag in Tyler's mouth and getting up off of the bed.

Tyler heard the woman's footsteps go into his kitchen and they lingered there for awhile. Tyler wondered what the woman was doing in there, but all he could do was wait. Eventually the footsteps returned and the woman crawled back onto the bed. "As I said before, I like to take a man's breath away," Tyler heard the woman pull apart something velcro as she spoke, "and if you want to recieve any pleasure from me tonight, you'll have to play by my rules."

Suddenly Tyler realized what his kidnapper had been looking for in the kitchen as he felt her pull a medium-sized plastic bag down over his head and around his neck. The woman now put a strip of double-sided velcro around his neck, and pressed it against itself, closing off the opening of the bag and leaving Tyler with only the air left in the bag to breathe. "The velcro I put around your neck is a very long strip, and I have one end strapped around my wrist so that all I have to do is pull on it to release you from that bag and give you air. It's a fun little trick I thought up and have wanted to try, and I wouldn't want you to pass out now would I?"

Tyler took a deep breath and the bag pulled in towards his face, he exhaled and it expanded outwards again. He was a bit scared but as he felt his captor touch his member, he realized that the arousal that had dissipated while he was waiting for her in the kitchen was quickly returning. He breathed in again and the bag touched his face lightly.

"Are you ready to cum sugar? I know I sure am," the woman said with a renewed passion, "oh, you look so good all bagged up like that, I do think I'm going to take you right now." With that, the woman guided Tyler's manhood directly inside her and began slowly gyrating her hips.

Tyler was getting quite worked up inside the bag, and he was breathing faster now, partially because the air in the bag was getting thinner but also because he was being pleasured immensely.

Tyler's kidnapper was really enjoying herself, she was riding him as hard as she could, and was holding nothing back. Tyler was nervous but his arousal was far outweighing his fear. He began squirming hard underneath the woman who was pleasuring him, and she reciprocated his passion with fire of her own, moving herself up and down aggressively. She ground herself against him hard and fast. She knew that the air was getting thin in the bag, as it outlined her poor captive's face in plastic when he breathed in, hugging his features, making them smooth and shiny.

Inside the bag, Tyler was getting hot, and he was feeling overwhelmed by the many sensations that he was feeling. Though he felt completely helpless, it was turning him on unbelievably, this woman had blindfolded him so that he could not see, wrapped him tightly so that he could not move, gagged him so that he could not speak (intelligably anyway), and bagged him up so that even his breath was being controlled by her. He felt a strong and sudden passion for his dominant captor and he began moving against her harder.

"I know what you want sugar," the woman said, seeing that Tyler was going to cum soon, "now beg me for it!"

Tyler began making unintelligable pleas from his gagged mouth, and it urged his captor on. The plastic was squeezing Tyler's face tightly as he sucked hard against it, and the woman consciously got ready to yank the velcro away and give him air. She knew he still had plenty of time though. She also knew that his orgasm would be immense, and that it was seconds away.

Before she could finish that thought, Tyler's kidnapper felt him cum inside her and she bucked him hard to ride his orgasm out. She pulled the velcro away and took the bag off of Tyler's head, still riding him slowly, milking his orgasm as she ungagged him and slowly took his blindfold off. She slowly stopped moving and let herself lay down on top of him, putting her arms around his wrapped body.

"That was intense," Tyler said as he took a deep breath of fresh air, "you always know how to make my day don't you?"

His girlfriend just smiled and kissed him passionately. "I wonder what else I could do with my poor little package today," she said as she held him tightly. ...

To Be Continued?


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