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The Ultimate Bondage Session

by pcman

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© Copyright 2007 - pcman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; wrap; bond; cbt; cons; XXX

I felt that She was intending to make this session one which She was going to show me something of her expertise and experience. A session which would stress me to the absolute maximum... and I was right.

She had told me that She was going to make me aware of all my parts and all of my holes... I believe that She meant it. I didn't really know what was to happen but I was going to find out.

She talked to me first. She was very calm and relaxed about this. It was interesting to see her so at ease with what She was about to begin with me. She said that She no longer had any time pressures and She knew what She wanted with me. She explained that this was to be a long-term session. One which would last hours and hours and then into the night. The time now was 3:30 PM.

I could see that She had been planning this ahead of time. There were many things laid out or in boxes or bags around the apartment. I had played tennis that morning and I could see now that She had used that time to prepare for this session. I was beginning to wonder if this was something that I could endure and still be at a sexual high...

I was ordered to remove all of my clothing. She made it very, very clear that I was not to speak at all during this session unless She asked me to do so. She did not want to have her thoughts disturbed. I began to realize that She did indeed have all the time in the world to work on me in anyway that She wished... Morning did not arrive for another 18 or 19 hours! And I had not eaten for about four hours. I wondered if this was planned this way?

I was now naked and She approached me, feeling my nipples and then my cock and balls. "I will be taking you nice and slowly to the most extreme bondage and play that you have ever done. But it will be over hours and hours, you will NOT rush me", She said as I tried to stay quiet. "You will be my bondage and little pain slut to use as I wish." Know I knew this was to be something I had never felt before but I also was sure that She wanted me to be turned on throughout the entire session... at least I hoped so :-)

I was told to just stand there. She reached for some saran wrap and told me to place my arms behind me. She started wrapping at my hands and going up just to my elbows and then once more around tightly. Now it was the duct tape. As She worked it around my hands and arms She brought my elbows together. The wrap was done twice and done tightly and very neatly. There I stood with my cock and nipples now sticking out into the air. "I have something to gag you with my dear", She said as She went into the bathroom. I heard her doing something and then She came to me with a bowl and long 10 foot rope in hand. She reached up and forced my mouth open and then shoved a warm very wet cloth into my mouth and then ran the rope around my head and onto my mouth looping it deeply into my mouth and tying it off behind my head.

The liquid was warm and very salty. "Ah my slut, now you begin to taste ME, you have my fresh piss in your mouth!" She then tried to seal my mouth off with several pieces of duct tape to fit my face. This forced me to swallow her urine. "Get used to it, I'll be forcing you to drink it down much more later!" She now bound me to a chair with my feet bound back and my cock hanging over the edge. I looked as She took a medium size probe and pushed it up my cock. She played with it some and used her fingers to spin it around as it was deeply inside of my cock. Now She took another probe almost as large, showing it to me, and then slowly forcing it along side of the other probe. Again, She took time to use her fingers to play with the probes inside my cock. She spun them rotating them fast and slow, She reciprocated them up and down like pistons in an engine... She was trying to get the insides of my cock somewhat raw. I could see it in her eyes. She saw me looking and then slapped me. "I'll fix you looking at me my love", now She got some cotton and taped my eyes shut. Taking some rope around my eyes and head She made a halter to pull my head down behind the chair. She pulled and pulled making my head go back toward my feet.

"Now I will do some real work on that cock and balls of yours slut". She had me just as She wanted me. My cock and balls totally exposed to her. She played more with the probes and placed two smaller ones inside me. She played and played with them like I where a toy. She seemed to really enjoy the reactions of my body to her play. Now I felt my cock being bound with all of the probes inside me. The pressure causing the probes to bite into my cock.

She was using pvc tape but that did not seem to be enough for her. She takes up cable ties and begins placing them along the length of my cock. She tightens them slow oh so slowly. Very, very tightly... She is not satisfied so She takes a pair of pliers to tighten them more, much more. The head of the cock must be turning purple by now...

Now the end of the cock is tied off and pulled up and out of the way of my balls. "We want to isolate those things between your legs", She says. She pulls and massages my balls pulling them further and further down. Taking a piece of rope She isolates just the balls stretching them down away from my body. Then She begins a tight clothesline rope tie around the skin connecting my balls to the base of my body. She creates a looped wrap forcing my balls further and further away from my body. She is amazed that it is getting to be six inches from the base of my body with the two balls shaped into one round sack at the end of a roped column .... but the structure MUST be made final and strong. She wants it not to fall apart. Using black 1/2" pvc tape She totally and tightly wraps the rope up and down the column which now connects the ball sphere to the remote and isolated body. The cock and ball (?,hehehe) now look disconnected and themselves isolated from one another. The ball is becoming red as it hangs from it's column of black pvc tape.

"Lets play with that tight ball sack" She says taking a cane in her hand. She holds my single sack in the other hand and lays the cane directly into it. Oh the pain....... The play and beating goes on for 10 minutes. At the end She tells me more pressure will be applied. Taking the pvc tape She directly applies it and begins wrapping it around and around the single ball sack. The pressure in the sack itself is amazing....... She completely covers and distributes the pressure around my balls.

Hummmmm, She begins to look at me now. My cock is totally distorted with the ends of four probes sticking out the head of my cock. The head is almost purple. The one ball hanging low doesn't even seem to be part of my body any longer. "Oh my dear slut, lets play a little tune on that cock of yours." She reaches to her kit of tools and brings up a metal rod. Taking it She begins to tap the end of the probes which is poking right out of the front of my cock head opening. The hit of metal on metal causes a vibration all the way down my cock shaft. "I need to keep that cock in place a little more so I can play it better." My cock was standing out over the end of the chair. She took out a ball of string and started by tying a guide string right behind the head of my cock. Two strings were placed there and then brought back to the edges at the outside of the chair. This stabilized my cock so that it would not be able to move side to side. She also did this at the middle of the shaft. Now the cock was stable and isolated for her instrumental playing. She began hitting the probes again buried deep down in my cock. The rhythm was quick and smooth but started to become faster and harder. She began to hit the probe ends from the top and bottom and sides. She enjoyed seeing me react to the feeling inside of my cock. She took her time and even began to hit the probes into my cock .... tapping and hitting, hitting and tapping. Another metal device was picked up and now with both hands She played my cock in an incredible rhythm. My cock felt like it was no longer mine.

She tied of this after about 10 minutes and placed a lead weight around the single ball that I had. She dropped it to let me know it was there. I felt her come around my chair and I could feel her body heat and knew She was close. Then... SMACK, to the side of my head was her hand. My face stung and the weight on my ball moved back and forth. SMACK again from the other side. Now with both hands She hit both sides of my face together at the same time. She held me now, cradling my face and head. Now She began tapping my eye sockets with a spoon as She held my head steady. Faster and harder it became and I began to get disoriented. The hitting of my head began again... all over, harder/softer, slower/faster.. it was everywhere... I couldn't understand because now I was feeling that She was playing on the probes in my cock again and also slapping and hitting my head and face AT THE SAME TIME! Did She have someone else here? Was someone helping her? I couldn't tell I was so disoriented by now....

I woke up or became more aware of myself and surroundings feeling that the session had stopped. It had not, it was only changing. I was no longer bound to the chair and my cock and balls had been released.

"Honey, I am getting you ready for bed now... it will take a little time but then you can sleep as long as you want. This will be something that I know you have wanted to experience and I am going to take all the time I need to get you ready. I want this to be an experience you will never forget." I looked around me and I saw all types of equipment and tools. The thing that got my heart going was the assortment of sterile needles that were on the dresser. I asked her why those needles were there. "Oh my sweet, that is really not for you to ask, but if you must know after you are mummified and very securely bound for your nights rest I do intend to decorate your cock head with at least 10 of those." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was turned on and apprehensive as the same time. "Now my little slut, lets get started with your bedtime bondage."

I could see and tell that She intended to use the Vetwrap for most of the mummification. First She wrapped each of my arms and hands separately in saran wrap. I knew She wanted to conserve on the Vetwrap. She had me standing and then began the tight cloth wrapping around my body just below my neck. She did this down to just above my cock and then up again making two tight passes around me. To secure it even better She used duct tape and made passes at where my wrists were located and at my elbows. This really secured me!

I was led over to the end of the bed and told to bend over. Now She took some vaseline and fingered my ass hole lubricating it for what I thought might be one of the butt plugs. It was! Slowly it entered my ass. "This is not your regular plug, its inflatable." She said looking very, very devious, sinister and excited all at the same time. The plug held itself in place since the neck of the plug was so much smaller than the body of the plug which had already been inserted.

She told me to sit down on a stool in the middle of the room. "Now my dear slut, you need some fluids. Wait here while I get you something." She was back quickly with a glass half full of yellow fluid. "Here you are my dear, this is from my body and it is good for you." She brought it to my mouth and I turned away. "Honey, if you waste this you will receive more pain from me than you have ever experienced. This is good for you now open your mouth and drink it." She began playing with my nipples and talking with me as I tried to drink her warm piss. It was hard for me since I was not that much turned on and She knew it. She picked at my nipples and pulled on then. She used dental floss and bound my nipples tightly all the time working to have me drink her golden nectar. She worked on my cock and nipples until I was glad to drink from her knowing it was of her body. I had become so turned on by her now that I wanted to receive ANYTHING from her that She would give to me! She looked at me and smiled broadly. She seemed very happy...

I was informed that my face and head were to be bound for the entire night. First the eyes. I saw that She had taken some vaseline and then used it on my eyebrows. Cotton that had been shaped from cotton balls into large single pieces were fitted into each of my eye sockets and then taped in place using duct tape. She was careful and sure that the cotton filled my eye sockets and the duct tape was fully around the eyes and keeping the cotton in the sockets.

"Now that you are blind dear lets work on your hearing!" She had been prepared for this. I felt an ear plug stuffed very deeply into my ear channel. It expanded further after it was in place sealing off the opening. I was held over so my left ear was up as I felt a hot wax pouring into my ear socket, directly inside of my ear. She totally filled it until it began dripping out of the opening. She was working with it to actually have it somewhat higher than the outside of my head! It cooled with her breath and then solidified. Now She did exactly the same to my other ear..... I could no longer hear anything. I was not longer sure of my world or what would happen or what I would experience.

Sitting me back up I felt the black plastic throat protector being taped into position. It ran from right under my chin down to the start of my chest. I knew why that was there. I knew She would wrap my neck, face, chin and head all in one cover. Yes, it was true. The wrapping began with nothing on my mouth except a couple of cotton balls. The VetWrap cloth did pass over my mouth and everything was covered at least three times with the wrap. My nose was left uncovered and then She took a small pair of scissors and cut out the cotton balls that were on top of my mouth. This let me speak and gave me an alternate air passage if needed during the night.

She now walked me over the U-bolts in the ceiling and made a patchwork of rope holding my head and body up so I would not fall. It was relatively first to wrap the rest of my body in the VetWrap to completely mummify my body. She covered me from my knees on up all over with at least three full wraps. Now I was let down and with her guiding me She brought me to my bed for the night. Here She wrapped the rest of my legs and feet doing to wrapping again at least three times. I was now totally covered in black except for the two heavy passes of duct tape keeping my arms and hands in place. I thought it was bedtime now. Oh how wrong I was.

I felt a slap, and then another... She then was working down near my crotch. She had cut out a small hole in the stretchy VetWrap and literally PULLED my cock and balls right out of the small hole. Again I began to get HARD. Suddenly I felt the plug in my ass begin to enlarge... it went on for minutes getting bigger and bigger. I was glad that I could speak so that I could use my safe words if needed.

She slapped me again and then again. I was so disoriented... but now I felt plastic coming down over my head and face. I think it was a medium size plastic bag that She completely sealed off with a rope around my neck. As She played with my cock and I breathed my own air I felt a sharp pain around my cock head... my breathing got faster and I felt the pain many more times. It seemed like 10 individual times that I felt it but I wasn't sure, it was so very hard to tell. My cock was very hard and She was working on it and pushing down on it. My breathing was short... it seemed like She wanted me to CUM for her. I felt what I thought was a probe in my cock but I later learned that She has used an inflatable catheter inside of me and was blowing it up inside my urethra! My world was spinning... I didn't know where to go inside my own head. I felt more slaps to my face and my breath had less and less oxygen to use... and then I CLIMAXED... Oh God, it was unlike anything I had ever, ever experienced before in my entire life!

I was allowed to come down as She removed the plastic bag from my head and withdrew the catheter. The butt plug was to stay all night. As I was still relaxing She positioned my body to the center of the bed. I felt many ropes being tied around my body and being drawn like a spider web over all ends of the bed. The object here was to stop me from making any moves at all during the night. A rope harness was made underneath my chin and head which was drawn tightly in conjunction with ropes bound to my feet. I was effectively stretched out for my nights long needed rest. And rest I did, I slept until dawn.

In the morning, I awoke and She freed me only for a short time but then and only then did I see what had caused the sharp pains from last night. The head of my cock was decorated by at least 8 needles that entered from below the rim of my cock and pushed their way up and out through the top of the head of my cock! It was hard to believe that I had slept all night long with my cock being so decorated with the artistry of this wonderful abuse by the women that I love.

THE END (or just the beginning?)


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