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The Ultimate Display

by Breakfast Included

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© Copyright 2003 - Breakfast Included - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF/f; mum; pvc; cocoon; cons; X

Jenna was stood at the other side of the club. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a shiny synthetic top, which caused her breasts to stand out well for all to see.  I knew she loved bondage and it had become my goal to work with her friends to give her an experience she would never forget.  It was hard to imagine a better body than the one that she possesses.  She was about five foot, six inches tall, thin, athletic with very long brown hair, large, firm breasts and a gorgeous tan.  I walked over to meet her and her friends, "Time to go" I said.  I took her hand and led her out, her friends, Abby and Emma followed behind.

As soon as we entered the house, Abby held Jenna's hands behind her while I tied a short length of black nylon rope around her wrists.  She was then moved over to the wall and the rope attached to a large ring which was fastened to the wall.  Her jeans and black thong were removed and Abby dropped to her knees and started to use her mouth on Jenna's gorgeous pussy.

In the meantime, Emma assisted me in preparing the two pillars in the centre of the room.  We secured leather restraints to the tops and the bottoms of the pillars, ready to hold Jenna's wrists and ankles.  I pulled Emma towards me and I held her hands behind her back as I kissed her.  "I wish those straps were for me", she said.  

"Plenty of time for that, pretty one", I replied.

I sent Abby and Emma into the next room and told them to get changed.  They both left and I moved over to Jenna.  "Are you sure you want this?" I asked.  She said nothing, but nodded.  I ran my hand down her body and stroked her for a while.  She moaned and then said one word, "Now".  I untied her hands from the wall and removed the rest of her clothing.  I secured her hands and feet to the restraints in the middle of the room and I took a moment to look at her beautiful helpless body and then kissed her.  

Jenna now found herself stood, spread eagled in the middle of the room, and watched with a smile on her face as I brought out several roles of black PVC bondage tape.  She turned her head, as did I, to see Abby and Emma returning both dressed in tight black PVC catsuits.  Abby and Emma immediately began to run their hands over her body, massaging and caressing ever inch of her smooth, toned skin.

I handed a role of tape to Abby and one to Emma.  The proceeded to wrap the tape around Jenna's ankles and then worked their way up her legs to the tops of her thighs.  Throughout the procedure I kissed Jenna while running my hands over her breasts and body, every now and sliding them down between her legs and stimulating her even further.  The other two girls, having completely mummified her legs, began the same exercise on her arms until they too were completely wrapped.  They then began to wind the tape around her body, from just above her waist to below her breasts.  The bindings made breathing a little difficult for her, but she smiled, she had been waiting for this for so long.  Her hands and ankles restraints were released from the ceiling and floor and she was led over to the bed, when the girls secured her limbs to the four bedposts.

I laid on top of her and began to kiss her again, running my hands over the flesh that was still exposed and her breathing changed as she became more and more excited.  I then shifted my position and slid myself inside the partially mummified, gorgeous girl on my bed.  Despite her level of restraint, she was able to move her body enough to give me an incredible orgasm.  We both came together and laid still for a while; next to us, Abby and Emma were now pleasuring each other with their tongues waiting for their next instructions.  With Jenna needing some rest, I decided it was time for the girls to finish her mummification.  They sat her up on the bed and while Abby held her still, Emma took another roll of the tape and began to wind it round her breasts, each turn overlapped the last and while it was tight, the shapes of Jenna's sexy breasts were still very evident.

They then pinned her arms to her sides and immediately she felt the tape beginning to cling to itself.  They took more rolls of tape and began to wrap from her neck downwards, completely enclosing her arms by her side and creating a sexy black cocoon, where a girl once was.  They held her legs apart as I brought towards her a remote controlled powerful vibrator.  Jenna gasped loudly as I slid it inside her, still feeling very stimulated from the orgasm she had experienced not many minutes earlier.  She moaned further as her legs were pressed together and the girls continued to mummify her, wrapping her legs together completely.  A piece of soft material was placed between her ankle bones in order to stop any discomfort.  This mummification was to be a pleasurable experience for this girl.

Soon Jenna was completely wrapped from her feet to her neck in the tight black tape.  The black cocoon was the shape of the most perfect female form.  The girls had made every effort to ensure that there were no wrinkles in the wrapping and we carried Jenna over to the bed and sat her up.  She wriggled slightly confirming the true level of her bondage.  Abby stroked her hair and tied it into a ponytail.  I kissed her once again and then looked into her eyes, "This is were I take control" I said.  "I am going to be the one to wrap your head with the tape.  I am going to make it as tight as possible.  Eventually you will not be able to see or hear.  You are going to be placed on a display stand next to my bed and then I will be in control of the vibrator inside of you.  I took the tape and wrapped it under her chin and over her head - pulling it as tight as possible.  It then followed up over her mouth and her nose, leaving only the space for her to breathe.  I then wrapped around the top of her head but, for now, left her eyes uncovered.  Jenna was now almost completely mummified.

We laid her back down on the bed and ran our hands over her body.  The wrapped girl struggled against the tape as she absorbed the sensations of the hands roaming over her.  At that point I switched the vibrator on its lowest setting and her eyes closed and she felt the pleasure sweeping through her.  Emma lifted Jenna's head slightly and I wrapped the rest of the tape on the roll over her eyes.  For good measure I wrapped two more, tighter layers around her head and then she was laid back down as we prepared the display stand.

The stand for Jenna was a simple one, looking a lot like a bondage board.  It was positioned on an angle so she was neither standing nor lying down.  We moved her over to the board and while Emma held her still I secured her with leather straps.  On went across her shoulders, one below her breasts, on over her waist and the final three over her thighs, above her knees and at her ankles.  I allowed myself the luxury of a long stare at the awesome image before me, the black pvc cocoon in the shape of a beautiful girl, and then felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turn to face Abby; she stood behind me in her catsuit, which fitted her like a second skin. 

"My turn next", she said looking up into my eyes.  "Please".

To be continued.


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