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Unwilling Model

by Phileas

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© Copyright 2007 - Phileas - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; mum; wrap; fibreglass; public; toys; cons; X

The BDSM Expo is raging, as it has been for already two days now.

We check in at the hotel on Tuesday and from Friday morning me and Carrie were lost in the aisles of the convention floor.

The BDSM Expo has plenty of thing to entertain us, you see. We did also a lot of purchases. I had so much fun watching Carrie squirming when I said that I absolutely had to get those hinged handcuffs, and that latex catsuit and also those latex panties.

Unknown to her, when she was looking at some exhibit, I did also get something else….. a remote control vibe.

It was the first time we visited a exposition like this, so we scurried down the aisles all the time. Carrie was pretty shocked at first on the various exhibits since she was not very comfortable with the models.

You see, in most exhibits there were some women in various grades of disrobing and stuck in various predicaments, handcuffed, rope-tied and so on and everyone who walked by was free to grope, pinch kiss lick where they wanted to with the girl in no way to defend herself.

So every time I tried to talk her in trying something for me right there on the exhibition floor, she was terrified at the idea of the possibility of being touched by complete strangers without being able to defend herself.

And this, no matter how much I guaranteed her that I would keep everyone at bay, her fear overcame her trust in me.

So, on Saturday night, when we were back in our room, I challenged her, if I could assure her no one is gonna be able to touch, will she try something for me.

After a pause, she said yes so I had only the last day to set my plan in motion.

On Saturday night after getting Carrie to bed I left the room to get some ideas. Since the exhibition was close, some of the professional were crowding around drinking and telling stories. As I entered the lobby I saw some groups of people that where chatting around in the lobby.

There were two asian looking people with a t-shirt that struck something in me.

It was white and it had two words on it. Cocoa Soft.

I had seen their site, and boy, I like a lot what they do to their model. Look, I’m not into asphyxiation but their mummification's are a hoot!

I approached one of them and explained my needs, promising some money for the trouble.

He was very helpful, and told me there was no trouble at all, and that he could arrange that for free and that they had something planned with a model the following day. He told me that if I let him tape the action for his point of view it would be just the same.

He quickly explained what he had in mind and I was horny at the mere thought of it. I said that I would return to the room to get my wife’s consent and I would have called him back in a few minutes.

* * *

Brian was gone for an hour, he said he needed some air and that he would take a walk and possibly meet someone in the lobby. I knew there was something in his mind, something about this promise he made me do earlier tonight.

For the whole day he had pressed me into trying some of our purchases, but, you see I’m very shy and clearly I saw that all the women in the expo that were tied or trussed were also subjected to the occasional groping by the people that was passing around.

I was dozing off to sleep when he returned to the room.

“Do you want to model a contraption?”

As he shoot me the question, I could see he was horny.

“Brian, I don’t know, I’m not so sure, I’m not happy about this.”

“I promise I will be with you the whole time, no one will be allowed to even touch you.”

I looked at him, his enthusiasm was huge. In my heart I could feel some excitement growing in me also.

“Ok, I will do it.”

I was intrigued about it, so when I heard Brian on the phone confirming the plan for tomorrow I tried to overhear something about the predicament I was gonna try, but nothing was told of it.

Tomorrow morning we woke up hugging each other. We kissed deeply then Brian got out of bed, had a quick shower and dressed. He was going out when he told me to take a bath, he would return with something and the breakfast in a little while.

I soaked in the tub, constantly fighting from the urge of masturbating myself. Seeing Brian so turned on made me horny as well.

I was still in the tub as I heard him entering the room followed by the breakfast cart. As the door closed I came out from the bathroom dressed with a robe.

He served me the breakfast then he took something from a package he had brought with him.

The first item were some latex panties. When I inspected them I saw they had some implements.

There was a funnel in the rear and there was a tube in the front.

“I know it is a bit uncomfortable but it is necessary for the model.”

And he handed me a tube of lubricant.

Been there, done that, I cursed him between my lips and went again into the bathroom. I disrobed myself and proceed to put my legs in the panties. They were quite form fitting.

“Here let me help you!”

He kneels after me and starts to smear the lubricant in my ass with his fingers, then on the tube.

Then he takes the tube on the front and puts it in my vagina, spreading my lips to insert it.

It’s like a sort of catheter only larger and it rests above the clit collecting the urine. He takes something and puts between my lips under the tube. It’s egg shaped.

Then he starts to work the tube up my ass. I moan, it’s not the first time that I have a go with rear penetration but it is not something I like. Apparently it took forever to insert it, but in a moment I can feel his hands picking up the panties and rolling them on my tummy to trap their tubes in me.

My crotch is entirely covered in black rubber and I can see with my hands the tubes exiting from me.

“Just hold on a second!” Says Brian as he takes a syringe and fills it with water from the tub. Then insert the syringe in a little valve and I immediately feel the tube in my ass inflating.

I protest but he is relentless. When he finishes I feel the damn thing is lodged securely up my backdoor.

He does the same for the front until the catheter is securely fitted as well.

I try to say something as he takes a swim suit, in latex. It’s a one piece and he made me work it up my hands. I realize there are two holes in the crotch area for the tube to fit in. In the inside I see there are some silver patches. They seems to be fitted to be on certain spots of the wearer, on the buttocks, on the navel, on the base of the tits and on the nipples.

“Brian what are those things!”

“Do not worry, I explain later. Come on, we are late.”

As I tug the swimsuit on my shoulder I feel that some pressure is added on my intruders sealing them in me.

Then he handles me an hood, latex as well.

It is black, and it has a gag built in. From the gag there is a tube, and there are also two tubes for the nostrils.

I’m a bit intimidated by it, but I don’t know how, Brian’s words get me to put it on. As he close the zip on the rear, I feel the latex stretching on my face. It’s so wonderful, I stop to breath for a second. Then I look at myself at the mirror. I’m unrecognisable.

“Take these and this and we go.”

He hands me two stiletto pumps that I put on my feet, and then he hands me the hotel bathrobe.

I cannot believe I have been talked in going in public trussed like this.

The gag makes its job to mumble my complains and I’m still trying to protest as we enter the lift.

“Don’t worry Carrie, I will be there all the time. You look stunning, I love you.”

With that he stamps a kiss on the cheek of the hood.

I’m speechless, really. Every movement the lift makes in its descent makes me realize how hugging my outfit is, I feel the tubes protruding from both my crotch and my anus.

I see myself in the mirror in the lift and I’m once again stunned, is that me? I look at a jet black face, nothing resembles my features. There is this tube coming from my mouth, and the only thing I can see are my hazel eyes looking at me thru the eye holes.

The lift stops and there we go, we walk thru the lobby, I see someone stopping on their track to look at me. We go swiftly toward the expo floor and when I’m near the door, Brian stops and tells me.

“Go to Cocoa Soft stand, down the aisle on the right. I follow you.”

My legs are trembling I see there are two people with cameras that are filming me, I cannot describe how turned on I became in a matter of nanoseconds.

I walk in the middle of the crowd, instantly conscious that they are all watching for me.

I pass the stands and the exhibition we saw the day before going directly to the place Brian told me. I see they have prepared a sort of a stage and on the rear of the stage there is a huge screen. The image in the screen strikes me.

There must be some film running and in the bullseye there is a woman dressed in a white robe with her head covered in latex. The picture is taken from the rear. As I turn myself I see Brian, looking at me, smiling and pointing his finger to a tiny camera attached to his glasses. I immediately realize that he had filmed all the preparation I had done earlier in our room. Damn him, as soon as this ends, I’m gonna have to make him pay.

All of a sudden I hear a voice from behind me.

“Here is our model, ladies and gentlemen, make an hoot for her.”

There is a guy on the stage talking in a microphone. He offered me a hand and helped me to climb a little stair to go up there with him.

And there I am in the centre of the flood lights, with all the people watching me, I can see the flash of the cameras taking pictures of me.

I feel like a diva, and when he asks for my bathrobe I disrobe and give it to him without a second thought.

There are cheers and cries all around, obviously they like what they see. He leaves me to take the applause, then he conducts me to a seat.

“Here we have a demonstration of what we do best: we mummify.”

Oh my god. That was not expected.

Once I’m seated four people comes and start to wrap my arms and my legs. But there was a thing, before starting to wrap they made me fold my arms and legs.

I was instructed to grab my shoulders with my hands and to fold my legs. Then they started to wrap my limbs with vet wrap.

I looked at them while vet wrap was covering my skin. I could already feel the pressure of the wrap on my arms.

When they finished their task the fitted some poles on my elbows and knees. Some alloy pole that protruded out of my folded limbs.

“And then the finishing touch: fibreglass.”

They started again covering my arms and legs with some material, it was shaped like some paper tissue, and when they put it on me they soaked it in some chemical solution so that when set it’s gonna be strong as a rock. They use it to cast injured limbs.

I’m pretty interested in what they are doing to me and I forget that we are on a stage, with people watching me, with people filming me.

My eyes falls on the screen and I have a clear vision of myself.

It’s scary. There is this body with arms and legs apparently cut off and covered in white cast. From each cast exits a steel pole, the rest of the body is covered in latex and there are two tubes protruding from the crotch and the ass. Nearly forgotten the body has no mouth, it has a black funnel instead.

They pick me up from the seat and the put me on all fours on a wooden table. Here I see the reason for the poles. They fit in some holes on the table and from what I feel someone is screwing them in place.

I look between my legs and I see the tube dangling there, then they put a collar on me and it is shaped to force my face up, so right now I can see only in front of me. Fortunately there is a monitor so I can still savour the whole scene.

You see in this way part of your brain deduces that these things are happening to another woman.

They start from my neck and wrap it, then they go on the shoulders, I can see the black latex swimsuit vanish under the wrap, then they apply once again the fibreglass.

I’m mesmerized from the images I see on the monitor and I feel the pressure on the mummification starting to hug my body.

On the screen I see that the crotch is already engulfed leaving put the only two tubes.

Last thing is the head. They don’t need even to leave holes for the nose, since there are tubes over there also.

I can feel the fibreglass setting in. It’s a vice, but really it will sustain me because I feel totally blocked not uncomfortable.

Besides my eyes everything is covered in fibreglass. I cannot move anything.

“You see people, she can stay there for any amount of time, she can eat, she can waste.”

And he points to the funnel on my mouth and on the tube on my ass.

“But she needs to entertain herself.”

Oh my god. Brian is gotta be crazy.

Talking about the devil I see Brian in my field of vision. He sits in front of me, then he goes near my ear and speaks.

I can clearly ear him.

“Hi, dear, I hope you like it. The fellows at Cocoa Soft have asked me to let them display you as a proof of their work, so I will come to pick you up at the end of the expo. Then I think I’m gonna drive you home as you are.”

“Ah there is another thing, on your suit and on your pussy there are some vibrating units, just to keep you up and about. They gonna start at random intervals from now. You will have to endure some enemas to get you clean inside, but I think this will enhance the feeling.”

As he goes away I can see in the monitor one of the asian guys that is going near the tube in my anus with a syringe, it’s huge, it can contain two litre of water. He connects it to the tube and starts to push...



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