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The Virgin Sleepsack

by Giveitago

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© Copyright 2012 - Giveitago - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; sbf; sleepsack; hood; gag; bfold; rope; bond; wrap; chairtie; toys; tease; climax; cons; X

The weekend was set to be a wet dreary one, and we couldn't get out into the garden, shopping would have been miserable (for a woman, that's hard to say) so what could we do????

We had been married for 12 years and I must say that I had never been wanting in the sex department and we were both open for new ideas. So on this rainy afternoon we decided to try something new. Our basement had quite an array of bondage items in our collection and our postie had delivered our new acquisition yesterday – a sleepsack!

Who would be put into the virgin sleepsack? The good thing was that we were both about the same size and we worked out that we could both use it – good value for money. We decided to play cards for it, 3 hands of poker and the loser gets to put the winner in for the inaugural use. I won the first hand, and my hubbie won the second so all down to the decider – I lost oh well, maybe next time. My beloved looked like the cat that got the cream so I wouldn't want to disappoint him with his fantasy.

So he didn't get bored in the new sack, I decided that he should have a few toys with him, so his favourite butt plug was inserted – carefully of course. As our sack didn't have a hood, he chose one of ours, nice and tight fitting with a lockable zip. I asked if he wanted a ball gag, but he decided to have the gag that could be attached onto the hood, I was pleased with that as it was an inflatable gag – wouldn't it be a shame for me to inflate it just that little bit too much. The gag was tightened, but not inflated yet and the laces were tightened just before the the zip was closed and the lock clicked shut.

So how long did he want to have in our new sleepsack, it was Saturday morning and so we didn't have anything else to do, but agreed that for the first time we shouldn't over do it. So a roll of the dice would give the number of hours, he agreed with a nod of the head as the gag was working even though not inflated. He held the dice and rolled it on the table 3, phew I thought not too long for him to be able to gloat over. He looked a bit disappointed but I let him know that this was only the first session and there was ages to go until Monday morning, this made him feel more positive and his manhood certainly agreed and began to stand to attention. Not yet, wait, patience is a virtue.

So now was the moment to let our sleepsack lose it's virginity. Laying on the mattress it looked harmless, and really inviting and I was so jealous. So in he got, before snuggling down too far, he slipped his arms into the internal sleeves and I knew then that he was mine for the weekend, but didn't let on. He continued to wiggle down until his feet were at the bottom. I pulled it over his shoulders with a bit of difficulty but managed it.

The zip moved nice and smoothly and I could tell that he was getting excited and I had to be careful not to catch his penis in the zip. All the way up and he looked in ecstasy. The collar was fastened not too tightly. Next the laces, I knew this was going to be a nightmare as it takes ages for him to tighten up my corset and so I went to his feet and started luckily we had the foresight to get one that had split lacings and I got to his manhood and tied off the laces. Now the top half – not so difficult as his weight helped to tighten them. A quick wiggle proved that movement was very limited and it looked as though he was loving it. So time to inflate the gag I told him and he nodded as best he could, we had a certain hum that was used to make sure that it was still ok and so I started inflating. Then came the hum and I stopped, but just as I was about to put the ball down, I accidentally gave it an extra squeeze – honest it was accidental!!! The look in his eyes let me know that he wasn't happy so I released it that little bit. The next thing to go would be his sight, I really didn't want him to see what was coming next, so on went the blindfold.

Before putting on the blindfold, I assured him that he would be fine and I would see him on the other side. He grunted something that sounded like “I love you”, but I couldn't be sure as I was a bit too pre-occupied. The padded blindfold was snapped onto the hood. Just to be sure he couldn't tell what else was going on, I put on the earmuffs which confused him and he started to squirm and I had to say he looked wonderful.

I am not sure if he had noticed, but the sleepsack was laying on the mattress and the sleepsack had D-rings all along the sides. Yep you guessed it, I was going to make use of them. Gently I attached the rope to the base of the bed, and guided it through the first D-ring and then onto the bed and continued up the left side, and then the right. I don't think that he could feel it, so to occupy him while I tightened it, I switched on his butt plug. He jumped into action but soon was moaning with ecstasy, that was my cue to tighten the ropes on the sides. Very gently I took up the slack on the left and tied it off and then the right. Next the shoulder rings were attached to the top of the bed and pulled tight, he felt this and I saw his head trying to look around. To reassure him, I ran my hand over his body and could feel the butt plug working up to a crescendo.

I removed his ear muffs and whispered that his 3 hours started from now and I would be back then. A reassuring humph from behind the gag and I moved away to admire my work. He was wiggling away testing out his bindings and there was no movement at all now after my rope work.

I decided that I needed a cuppa after all my hard work and so I went back up to the kitchen and made my drink, a couple of choccy biscuits to enjoy and then what to do for the 3 hours.

I decided that I could have some fun as well, and went down to the “toy” box, found my favourite vibrator, gag and a set of hand and ankle cuffs. Standing there watching my husband in his ecstasy had made me damp and so I didn't have many problems putting it in, to prevent me from removing it in a hurry a nice crotch rope was applied, I forced my gag in and tightened it and then on went the ankle cuffs. I had shortened the ankle chain so that I only had a short gait and stairs were a problem and I loved having to go up and down on my pert little bottom. Snap and the locks went on and I moved to my wrist cuffs. I had chosen my wrist to waist set to limit movement, and it also meant that I would have difficulty bending in the thick leather and the crotch rope was knotted underneath so that wasn't coming off in a hurry – I nearly came while clicking the locks onto the chains that held me securely, but with that little bit of movement. Enough to get the key into the lock, but not enough to pleasure myself or remove the vibrator.

Suddenly I thought about checking for the keys, a stupid self-bondage error, check for the keys first, but I was wanted to have some pleasure as well and completely forgot. I hobbled over to the box, I started rummaging around as best I could but they weren't in the toy box and neither was my remote. Bugger where the hell were they. Suddenly my vibrator jumped into action and I fell to the floor with its power, it was on high which I didn't expect. Once it had died down, my husband started humming his safety tune and wriggling about, so I removed his gag and blindfold. There was a look of mischief in his eyes.

“I was right” he said. I looked at him with curiosity. “Well I had a feeling that you wouldn't be able to just sit there and watch me enjoy myself, so I secretly put your keys and remote in the sack yesterday, and we played with marked cards!” You bastard, I thought, but he pressed the remote before I had a chance to do anything. So, stalemate..

Part 2

So there we were, him trussed up in the sleepsack, roped to the bed with his butt plug humming away unable to get out on his own and me with my ball gag, hands and ankles cuffed and vibrator on high with the keys and remote inside the sack controlled by my husband.

I had a feeling it was going to be a long weekend!

He reminded me that he had agreed to be in the sleepsack for 3 hours but there was no mention of me taking part in bondage, so he guessed that I would have to be that way as well for the full 3 hours and then expect some additional punishment. I agreed well I didn't really have much choice. He explained that he was able to adjust the remote control as he had it in his hand and promised to turn it down to my usual medium. I thanked him, and to prove it he activated it and I felt it gently bring me towards the climax, but he stopped it before I was satisfied.

After the three hours were up, I started to undo the knots that held the ropes, blimey, they were easier to do without having the wrist cuffs on. I couldn't reach the centre laces so I got him to turn on his side and I could get them, and release the zip and collar. With a lot of wiggling, we managed to get the sack off his shoulders and I held the sack while he pulled out his arms and he was free. I undid his hood and he removed his plug.

He ordered me to go to the bathroom, because I had a long day ahead of me as punishment. This was going to take a while as I had to go up 2 flights of stairs and as I said in Part 1, I had shortened the chain on my ankles. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time, except when you really need to go for a wee!! Oh well, off we go. Up the stairs of the dungeon – sorry basement, Standing back up without using your hands was difficult as well. Up to the next floor with all the same problems. Luckily my toy was fitted in such a way that going to the toilet was easy but I couldn't wipe myself with my hands so I put some paper on the seat and wiped as best I could. Back downstairs, which was slightly easier.

In the time that it had taken for me to go up and down, my husband had rearranged the basement, and put away the sack. My heart sank as I really wanted to try it out, but I guess that it would be pleasure instead of punishment. There in the centre of the floor was the chair and on the table was the rolls of cling film we had. I knew what I had to do.

I went over to the chair and sat down. My ankle cuffs were removed and a spreader bar put on. The cold metal made me shiver and I tried to protest, but the remote for my vibrator was waved in front of me and I was ordered to remain silent unless I wanted it put back up to high.

He picked up the cling film and began to wrap me. He started at my legs and the angle of the legs of the chair matched the distance of the spreader. Yes we had taken time to measure this in the charity shop, and yes we did get some funny looks! It added extra pleasure because before this we only bound ourselves with cling film with legs together. Now we could have legs partly spread. The first few wraps were gently put on but then he started to get tighter, but in a way I liked it. He didn't remove my wrist cuffs and just cling filmed over them to start with and then cling filmed me to the chair. I have to say that looking in the full length mirror, he did a pretty good job.

Next he went over to the toy box and picked up the posture collar that I had purchased on a mad moment – I never really liked it as it was slightly too big, but nothing too uncomfortable for the short times that I have worn it. Now it was put round my neck and tightened and locked. My fate was sealed quite literally. To blindfold or not to blindfold – that was his next dilemma. He decided not to – phew. The ropes that I had used on him, were now going to be used on me. He made a loop and put it round my waist and pulled it tight, I gasped slightly and he pulled it again. Then the rope was looped round me and the chair pinning me in place with no movement possible.

By this time, my vibrator had kicked in and this time he was too pre-occupied with sorting out the knot on the rope that he didn't stop it before I climaxed in an amazing way. WOW, that was good the only down side now was that I didn't know how long I would be stuck here or how long the batteries would last.

My husband stood back and enjoyed his handy work, and looking in the mirror I certainly looked hot, and was beginning to feel hot with the cling film. No use complaining as I know that it was a waste of time. I tested my bonds only to find that he had been practising and it was immovable – which turned me on massively and I nearly came on my own.

After standing and admiring his work for a while, he informed me that he needed to go and have a shower and he would be back in a while. I tried to shift my bonds in defiance, but knew that it was fruitless. I resigned myself to the fact that I was stuck until he released me.

It seemed like hours had passed until he returned. My collar was extremely uncomfortable and making my neck ache a bit, my waist rope was biting into my arms and my jaw was aching around the gag. He was dressed in his casual gear and said that the weather was clearer and that it had stopped raining. He asked if we needed anything else from the shops – like more cling film – I gave him the dirtiest look I could manage and then put on the puppy dog eyes in a plea that he would free me. He said that he would remove one item and he would take my gag out so I could tell him. He did this and I quickly said that the collar had to go. He was true to his word and took it off, but put my gag straight back in.

He tenderly kissed me on my cheek, and said not to go anywhere he would be back shortly. I twisted and tested as best I could and nothing released. At least having the collar off was something.

Again it seemed like hours until he bounded back down the stairs. "Sorry about that", he said, "I met up with John and Kate. They are going out tonight and wondered if we wanted to go with them. I said that you may be 'tied up' but would ask". They didn't know about our hobbies so they didn't really know that I was tied up and at my husband's mercy. I really wanted to go out for a meal, but that was now up to my husband.

He had decided that he did want to go, but there had to be a twist. I had to have one piece of our toy box on me when we went out. My heart lifted because it meant that I was going to be out of here soon to start getting ready. I tried to say "What's the time?" but with the gag it didn't come out quite as planned – but I think he got the jist. It was an hour before we were due to leave for the restaurant. My heart sunk again, it was going to be tight (pardon the pun) for me to get ready, so I tried to wiggle again.

My considerate husband saw my predicament and started to release me. He said that he would decide what I would be using tonight as the final piece of punishment. After unwrapping me, I bolted up to the bathroom, showered and chose my outfit.

Nothing too provocative, but a little sexy. Going back into the kitchen, I saw what my husband had chosen – the corset. I took off my blouse and bra and stood with my back to him. Around came the corset and the hooks were done up. Now the laces and he managed to get them done fairly quickly, but he made sure they were fairly tight and click the cover went over the laces and was secured in place. Bang goes me eating loads tonight. I put my blouse back on and buttoned it up, and decided on a jacket as well to hide everything. Bending was more difficult now and putting on my shoes took some doing. Luckily, getting into the car wasn't a pain as we have a a 4X4.

How long I would be like this – who knows...........................


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