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Wendy's Embarrassment

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; wrap; plastic; caught; hum; toys; cons; X

I am assured the story below is basically true, I have written it as if I was a observer to the scene but much the pity it has been told to me by a new friend Wendy.


Well as some of the readers to Gromet’s Plaza will remember my name appeared at the top of Gromet’s page saying I had taken over, well after that my E Mail went mad, one hundred and eighty on the first morning and it got worse!  (Note: this was a special edition of the plaza).

As I managed to get on top of the problem of answering all the mail and I did,  several mails caught my eye. One was from a lady called Wendy who lived about five miles from where I lived. 

Well to cut a long story a little shorter we decided to meet at a local cafe, Wendy was in her early twenties and very trim, she explained she had always been interested in self bondage and had tried various methods of tying herself up, but it always seemed too easy and she could never quite manage to turn herself into a complete mummy.  But on this occasion she had decided on a new method, her parents were out for the day so she had the afternoon to herself.  She set up a video camera on a tripod so it looked down the room, it had a three hour tape so it should capture her antics before she released herself. Firstly she stripped off then she stretched out on the floor several lengths of plastic wrap stretching the full length of the lounge floor so far so good. 

She now bound her body starting at the feet, on reaching the top of the legs she greased her internal vibrator and slid it in place, it would start up in one minute then switch off for a minute  and so on.  She now bandaged her body up to the neck then inserted a mouthpiece taping it in securely in place, she then bandaged her head very expertly down to the neck. Now she had reached the stage that she had reached on several occasions before a perfect mummy but still her arms were free, but in her mind she had developed the ultimate super plan to finish the job. 

She now lay on the floor at one end of the room, as her hands were still free she started to attach the lengths of pallet wrap to her shoulders, arms and wrists. Now with supreme effort she rolled herself across the lounge floor keeping her arms by her side but as she rolled across the floor the pallet wrap was gathered up around her body, she frantically rolled across the room demolishing a small table on her way and knocking off a vase of flowers sending them to all parts of the room, but she continued the frantic roll across the room till she reached the far wall. 

She came to a halt up against the wall a little out of breath but  Wow!!!!!! At last she was now bound like a mummy both arms pinned very securely to her sides by the pallet wrap that now encircled her nude bound body,  she had achieved her ultimate ambition she had turned herself into the perfect mummy. 

She rolled back to the centre of the room so the video camera could get a good look at her and capture the fantastic image lying on the floor. The vibrator kicked in sending her into a orgasmic state, utter heaven she thought to herself, this was what she had wanted for so long success at last.  She had read the stories on gromets site of all the lucky people who had managed to successfully mummify themselves, she had at last had become a member of the mummy club, perhaps Gromet would send her a certificate to acknowledge her fantastic accomplishment!  After admiring herself and getting the feel of being mummied plus the action of the vibrator, time had passed by at warp speed, she gazed up at the clock on the wall it was just gone three o' clock she had less than one hour left to undo herself, get dressed and tidy the place up before her folk's arrived back home from town. 

Now a slight unforeseen problem reared its ugly head,  her hands and arms were very firmly held under the plastic wrap tightly to her sides,  try as she might she just could not free herself with the frantic effort plus the action of the vibrator and the heat of being wrapped in plastic time flew by. And yes you have guessed it the next second Wendy heard the front door open and her mother's voice call out, “Hi Wendy its only us we are back!”

Now in Wendy's mind working overtime and coming up with very little in the way of good idea's all she could think of was ‘Please beam me up Scotty please, please I beg you.’ 

The next second the door of the lounge opened her mother stood there screaming at the top of her voice, “Alfred! Wendy has been attacked  Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!”  

Her mother bent down hugging the bound figure all most cutting off the air supply, “Oh my poor baby.” 

Meanwhile after a quick look in Alfred was busy phoning the police to inform them of his innocent daughters fate, then dashing back to help the mother undo the nude body of Wendy. They had just got her head free when Ding dong!!!  Yes the police had responded as usual with all possible haste and come to Wendy's aid. 

Now one policeman and one policewomen plus her mother and father were trying to retrieve poor Wendy from her mummified state.  Wendy was now thinking perhaps suicide might be an option!

Once she was undone sitting on the floor even more police and ambulance people had arrived to Wendy's embarrassment, then a flash of inspiration she explained to her assembled audience that she recently had joined the local Amateur Dramatic Society and a part was available in a coming play were a women is bound up as a mummy and she had decided to get the feel for the part while her parents were out but she had bound herself up a little too well! 

Everyone looked at Wendy and looked at each other, the crowd seemed to thin out a bit. Wendy was helped to her room by a female police officer, as Wendy started to dress the police officer said, “I have never seen you at the local dramatic society and I do not know of the play or the part you mentioned in the other room.” 

Wendy was so exhausted by all that had transpired that she owned up to the women PC ,  Then the officer said, “If I was you love I would remove that vibrator before it drives you mad, it makes quite a loud hum!” 



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