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Wendy's a Mummy!

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2004 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; clamps; fist; wrap; bandage; board; firsttime; cons; X

A little story for you most of the readers are complaining its only the males that get pushed to the limit, well just to disappoint them this is the story of Wendy's first time as a mummy and as I say at the end of the story "its all in the mind" 

Wendy's a Mummy

In one of my previous stories I mentioned Wendy, well to save you referring back to the story Wendy was a lady who dreamt of being mummified as in one of my stories.  She lives not far from me a matter of ten minutes by car.  We had discussed what each of us had done in the self bondage game and I realized she was serious about going a little further than most people, I explained I was well into mummification plus I enjoyed tormenting sexually my partner and a girl friend called Sue but not at the same time, 

It was decided she would visit my house where we both could discuss which way our bondage experiments would progress. The day arrived and after a coffee Wendy was keen to see what bits and pieces I had collected over the years, she explained she had very little in the way of bits as she examined a box that I kept a selection of nipple clamps in, marvelling at how intricate and detailed they were, I decided it would be a good starting point if we now both undressed and tried the various pieces on each other. 

When stripped she had a fair figure her tummy needed a bit of exercise but apart from that for a twenty eight year old she was in good shape. I suggested I try things on her so she could get the feel of things, I suggested she allowed me first to fit the collar then tie her hands behind her back bent upward and attached to one of the metal rings sown into the collar. This was soon achieved I then forced the elbows as close together as possible with the aid of leather straps, this enhanced her breast as her chest was forced out.  

I decided to let her get the feel of nipple clamps, lots of people write about them but have never tried them, even a cloths peg left on starts to hurt but is bearable but if a second cloths peg is applied over the first peg then it starts to bite. After a bit it feels as if they are griped with something like a needlepoint if then the breast is griped against the chest wall the pain really starts! This I demonstrated on Wendy one breast with two pegs and one with only one it also causes the nipples to redden and swell. If the breasts are not played with it is tolerable but her left breast I gripped it, squeezing it made her gasp when the single peg was removed there was no sudden pain as a lot claim but relief and just a sore nipple.  I then removed the two pegs from her right breast the nipple was flattened sore but bright red. 

I now fitted my best nipple clamps these are like a thick ring, the nipple is dragged through the centre the outer part can be rotated, this causes about twenty small points to grow in length pressing into the nipple and once the points make contact the clamp cannot be removed without damaging the nipple. I rotated the ring till the points had secured a good grip on the nipple they had not penetrated it but another turn and they would certainly would have! 

Wendy admitted these were a much more serious piece of equipment and did not want me to go any tighter at the moment as she felt it was just at her limit. I now placed cushions on the floor, as she had her arms tied behind her I still wanted her to be comfortable. She got down on all fours then I helped her to lie back supported by the cushions. Thank goodness she had shaved all her pubic hair off as I had suggested at our last meeting, I then applied four pegs to each side to let her feel what it is like to have on her lips on the entrance to her vagina, it is more for show than anything else as it does not add much to feeling sexy.  I now proceeded to massage her, passing over the clit pressing in as I progressed. 

She was soon approaching climax I now pressed a full tube of Vaseline into her to add that extra lubrication, now constantly massaging he all the time pressing a little further into her. Within minutes I was able to penetrate her up to the knuckle of my thumb it took a little longer before my pointed hand slid into her it was the first time she had been fisted. I now had the hand up to the wrist in her, there was a lot of lube squelching about but she had reached the stage were she wanted me to stop, yet wanted me to go on. Then she started to climax and push against me, with my left hand I concentrated on her clit driving her into seventh heaven she was now running in constant climax, I started to close my fingers of the hand inside her, I knew it was hurting her but with the clit being worked at the same time she was far from resisting. She complained a few times saying it was hurting, I replied as gently a I could sound, "Yes I know but you really don’t want me to stop now Do you?"   Her whole body was arched as each climax tore into her. She admitted after she had never reached this stage before, the whole of her body was covered in sweat; her eyes were rolling back in her head she was in a mixture of ecstasy and sexual pain. 

I continued to close the fingers of the hand eventually managing to make a fist. To achieve the fist had turned me on doing it, it really was an achievement on her first time. I am still massaging the clit, she is gasping, I now start to withdraw the closed fist she is almost screaming with ecstasy and pain, telling me to stop amongst the gasps and groans, but I am not letting her off the hook now. The closed fist withdrawal is something I now have to do for my own pleasure, and I know it is hurting her as the closed fist is slowly dragged down the vagina, her breaths now tend to sound like shrill squeaks she cannot talk her breaths are getting faster and faster, she started to scream as my fist appears. I really fisted the bitch. I knew it was good for her but it was even better for me. 

We both relaxed over a coffee she had to agree she had never had multiple orgasms before and we both agreed tomorrow Sunday we would try mummification. Sunday morning Wendy was here early just after nine, I had already explained how I wanted to mummify her. She agreed as we went upstairs, Wendy helped me set up the two trestles and place the body board across them, she was about the same size a me so no problem there. She striped off and lay back on the board, I started at the feet using masking tape, I placed padding between her feet and ankles then taped the feet together, then taped over the ankles and under the board securing her to the body board. I then taped above and below the knee joint, and then over the hips and pelvis then I wrapped her hands in cotton wool separating her fingers to help eliminate the sense of feeling and then taping around the wrist across the body to the other wrist then binding them to the board then above and below the breast. 

Now I place a foam pad under her neck to support the back of the neck and lightly bound the complete neck to the board then the last binding was to bind across the forehead and secure it to the board. Basically I had now eliminated all body movement, I asked her if she was comfortable and still wanted to go on? She replied she had waited years for this day. 

Now I started bandaging at the feet and worked my way up her body, I always use bandage as a plastic wrap make you so hot.  I soon reached her neck her whole body was now encased in bandage. I asked her if she still wanted to go on? Her reply was, “Oh get on with it make me a mummy!” 

I now placed a rubber snorkel mouthpiece into her mouth this rested on her teeth and under her lips; I then taped it in place.  I now squeezed Vaseline on to two eye shaped pads then pulling her eye lids back telling her at the same time this is the only unpleasant bit squeezed Vaseline into the eyes, then placing the pads on top of her eyes I then placed two ear plug's one in each ear then a thick pad over the ear now I wrapped the head in thick padding then starting at the neck I completely bandaged the head. 

She was now a mummy she could not hear or see anything and as she relaxed the sense of feeling would dissipate. Within a quarter of a hour she would have lost all account of time she would not know if she had been there a minute or a week and providing she totally relaxes she would drift in and out of sleep adding to the feeling of isolation and sensory depravation.  As once you sleep for a minute you do not know if you slept for a minute or a week and somehow your mind becomes separate.  I left her bound for two hours, there was a couple of mumbles from the mouthpiece she was probably dreaming.

Wendy unknown to herself had given up her body to a third party, there was now nothing she could do to resist anything I cared to do to her, I was the keeper of her body she was now mine to do with as I felt fit, which I had informed her previously once you take off your clothes and allow yourself to be tied up by someone else, you cease to be a human but a product to be dealt with! I am sure she did not appreciate the significance of what I had said. 

I am a firm believer in the secret is in eliminating movement if there is a little movement you will struggle to release yourself but if you are unable to move but bound firmly but not tightly you seem to accept it and relax and drift into Gromet’s world.

Well just over two hours passed I now started to unbind all the bandages, there was just the tape to hold her down.  I removed the eye pads not a flutter she was sound asleep.  I removed the ear pads just as I removed a bit of tape by her ears she awoke. As I removed the mouthpiece she asked, “What's wrong? Why are you not going to mummify me?” 

I explained she had been totally mummified for over two hours and that was long enough for the first time. As I cut her free she found it hard to believe two hours had passed.  I explained she had taken to it very well, where as others panic as their eyes are closed its all in the mind. 


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