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When the Power Goes Out

by Mummybondage11

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© Copyright 2008 - Mummybondage11 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; wrap; tape; toys; cons; X

The rain started falling in the evening when I was looking at some of my fetishes on the computer; it started as a couple drops to lightning. My roommate/girlfriend Ashley, she’s blonde, tall and likes to dress in the smallest things she can get away with. We're into the same fetishes, we like to tie up each other but she had the upper hand with her being stronger than me and I turned out being tied up all the time. When a bright flash came through the window and huge bang, I turned to look and it was the lightning.

"Damn", the power is out but Ashley was coming home soon, so I’ll get revenge from last night. I found a candle and I went back upstairs into the closet and grabbed the toy box we kept there. Pulling out are bright pink ball gag, leather cuffs and some other toys laying it on the bed. I was getting set to ambush her when she would walked into the bedroom.

I waited and waited, I had nothing to let me know what time it was. Getting tired of waiting in the dark I went to go get a drink. I walked in the kitchen and noticing down the hall on the hanger was Ashley’s coat. When my arms were pulled behind me and the leather straps buckled.

"U Bitch" I yelped, she replied by laughing. "So you had a surprise for me when I came home?"

She asked. "Maybe" like when a child was caught doing a naughty thing.

"That was very naughty of you, now what should I do to punish you" in a strict voice.

"But I’m really sorr...Mmph" the gag was forced behind my teeth and strapped on behind me.

We walked upstairs to the bedroom with her pulling me by my hard nipples.

When we walked in she gasped. "Just what were you planning to do to me, Olivia?"

My name is Olivia; I’m short and into the emo scene with band t-shirts and tight pants with black hair combed over. All I could do was mmph in the gag with a doggy face to try to make things better. On the bed was the huge clear pink vibrating butt plug she used on me last night, 6-inch vibrating dildo, nipple clamps, a couple rolls of Clingfilm.

"So you were going to mummify me were you?" with a big grin. "Mmph?" then she blindfolded me, and pushed me on the bed so I was laying there wondering what she was doing.

After a while which seemed forever and she started unbuckling my belt and pulled off my tight black jeans leaving me in just my t-shirt and soaking black thong. She turned me on to my stomach and pulled my tight black band shirt and bra up behind my arms. Feeling my newly shaved legs, she put a cuff on my left leg and she undid my left wrist and slid my shirt and bra off and quickly put it to my left leg and then took off my bra and shirt off the right wrist and fastened it to my right leg so I was in a hog-tie. She carefully put me back on my back so my hands were in front of me and my legs pushed up against my body and cut off my soaking thong "I’ll get you a new one" and leaving my ass totally exposed. I heard her open the closet and grab the toy box. She took awhile, leaving me there helpless.

When she said, "I’m going to work your muscles again so we can fit that huge juicy plug in". I moaned into the gag when she inserted the extra lubed strap-on in my ass and pumping it into me. She always enjoyed fucking me with the strap on hearing me moan in pleasure, I loved taking it from behind. When she finished, she lubed up that butt plug and started pushing it in my tight ass. I moaned while it crept up my hole slowly to the end. It felt like hours until the juicy plug was firmly stuck in my hole, to tell the truth I love the feeling of the juicy lubed up plugs firmly in my tight hole.

"So how does that feel?" she said laughing.

"mmph mmph" I replied.

She started sticking her tongue into my soaking pussy thrusting back in forth, sending me to the edge but she stopped leaving me there waiting for more and then she kissed me over the ball in my mouth. "Not yet, I’m not done with you."

She released my left leg and placed the cuff on my right wrist and took off the right cuff connecting from my right leg and placed it on my left leg. She stood me up off the bed and taking one roll of new Clingfilm she started wrapping my legs, starting from the ankles and wrapped all the way to my thighs and stopped. "I almost forgot the dildo" and she shoved it into my wet pussy as I moaned in the gag.

She added more layers and more to my legs and said, "I was reading on the internet that using a hairdryer makes it tighten even more, I’ll be right back". And left me there half wrapped with both holes plugged.

She plugged in the hairdryer and started going up and down my legs. I could feel it tighten and she turned it off. I tested my bindings and she uncuffed my right wrist and pulled them behind me again and cuffed them together. "Ok are you ready for the top half?" and I mmphed in the gag and she wrapped up to my breasts.

"Mmph?" wondering why she stopped and then she grabbed the vicious clover clamps with a short chain that connected them, they were quickly placed on my hard rock nipples and I MMPHed in pain. My lover left me to get use to the clamps while she took my arms and wrapped them together so my elbows touched, then she wrapped them to my back. Now I was wrapped from my feet to shoulders with a couple layers of the clear shiny film.

She took off the blindfold and stood back admiring her work. "So is this what you expected tonight would be?" she said with an evil laugh and big grin but with that pink ball I couldn’t respond and drool start to come out. Staring into my eyes, "Are you ready to be fully encased Hun?" I nodded.

She took the wrap again and two little tubes I had for her and wrapped my head with the tubes in my nose holes until I was fully enclosed. But she wasn’t done yet to my surprise and she took some rolls of red tape and wrapped me head to toe in red duct tape. She placed me back onto the bed and left me with the plugs inside me vibrating on full. I struggled as I was sent to orgasm countless times and letting me catch my breath I could hear her say playing with my wrapped up breasts, "You look so good in red tape, I'll keep you like this until tomorrow morning!"

She got off me and left the plugs on random vib, leaving me wanting to get her back but then another wave hit my wrapped up body and all thoughts of revenge was temporarily forgotten.



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